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  1. What would be the designation for a R model 6x6?
  2. I agree, somebody's eyes must be better than mine, I can't see the frame break from the pics. Not saying it isn't broke, just saying I can't see it.
  3. I've got a set of 65K rears under my truck. Never really have paid much attention to the details of it. The axles are physically bigger than the smaller ones, the trunnion mount is massive with lots of bracing, and it's on walking beams.
  4. Bed width is 10' overall width is 12' Tires are 215/75/17.5 Deck low height is around 33", raised height around 53", with a ride height of 43". Trailer tare 50,000 lb, combined tare around 75,000 lb.
  5. I've got around 100K worth, but need 100k more.
  6. I’d like to load test it at around 200,000 lb, but I haven’t came up with enough weights to do that yet.
  7. I just pulled it out of our warehouse and around the building. There is a learning curve to pulling it. It doesn’t track like a regular trailer at all. If you swing wide for a turn, you’ll likely end up in the far side ditch. To get it backed out of the building, it was kind of tight, so I had to put Dad to driving the truck, and I had to walk beside the trailer and manually steer it. Once in the clear, you put the trailer in automatic mode and it will steer with the truck.
  8. In that second video, was that a cold start? Looks cold outside, if it started that well cold, I'd say it's a good one. Haven't seen one of those manual backup alarms in years.
  9. The hard part will be getting them to feed. Leaves are slick and I know from experience that the pickup and feed rolls don't like slick stuff that isn't weaved together like a hay windrow. That being said, if you go slow enough and have a tight enough windrow, it may work without you having to stand in front of the pickup and force feed it with a rake. A hay roller will roll just about anything, if you can get it stuffed in the throat. You can watch youtube vids of people rolling all kinds of stuff besides hay.
  10. Finally got all the tires, hyd hoses, and air lines fixed. Got the big 5th wheel mounted and decided to take the trailer on it's maiden voyage around the block.
  11. I've never seen one like that either. On one hand, that's a lot of cylinders to do lifting, on the other, they are mounted at a real disadvantage that far back. Any tri-axle dumps I've ever seen had one big telescopic cylinder mounted at the front of the bed. I've seen 2 cylinder setups like the one pictured on tandem grain trucks, but never up that high on the frame . Starting out, those cylinders are going to almost be pointed straight back.
  12. When presented with the s/n off of my RD822sx, my local Mack dealer says my truck doesn’t exist. I’ve ordered from Watts several times, and they don’t have a problem with the s/n. I don’t think it’s so much of a problem with the corporate parts database, as it is just some awful dealers. How is it that Watts can look my s/n up but my local dealer (McMahon) can’t?
  13. Well the saga continues. Took my driveshafts to the driveshaft shop to get them fixed for the auxiliary. Driveshaft guy says he can't build my front shaft (too short at 19"). Says he will have to order a "yoke shaft", that is basically a really short slip joint/yoke combo. Since my truck originally has 1880 joints, and the biggest I can get for the auxiliary is 1810, I'm also going to have to have a shaft with 1880 on one end and 1810 on the other. Bottom line is, since we've got to order a bunch of new driveline parts and custom work to make it all fit, it's going to wind up costing me over $2,000 just to get the driveshafts fixed. I love this truck but everything on it is so darned expensive, because lots of parts are bigger than average, and hard to come by. Besides $2,000 driveshafts, I just got done doing all the wheel bearings and seals on the rears for around $2,000, and that is doing all the labor myself.
  14. On my RD822SX, under the Mack hood emblem, there are 2 holes. They are only on the driver’s side. I was wondering what was supposed to go there.
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