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  1. I think a lot of them have to be set ups - folks are too far removed from the food chain with too much time on their hands!
  2. Thanks - I really, really wanted to correct the little shaver, but that looked like so much fun, I just could not bring myself to do it!
  3. I agree - I place no trust whatsoever that I will have any sort of retirement left when I get to that age. I am vested in a Teamsters joke of a retirement, social security, and I have a IRA. I bet they all get raided and spent by someone else before I can touch them in 20 years. I plan to work until I die. That is what my Grandparents and everyone before them did. There are worse things in life. Farmers are supposed to live poor and die rich, that way your kids and the church you leave it to get a nice gift. My sons just gave me a three disc set of Clint's movies: Fist full of dollars,
  4. Happy Birthday! By the way Jim, that photo Hat posted is NOT Terry Bradshaw.
  5. I am impressed with anyone with rails laid in his yard! Now you need to go buy a Kershaw and wash the grass out of the ballast!
  6. Fight that attraction! Spend your time and money on a MACK!
  7. Mike - I am not going to make it up, but "shade tree" Tommy that you met when we were by your place is coming up Saturday. I will have him look you up and buy you a lemonade! I had a guy come by yesterday from Iowa and buy some loader forks. He saw my Macks and he said: "you know, there is a guy up by me with a whole farm full of Macks" I knew right off who he was talking about!
  8. I like the color - do you always drive it with the hood up? I am not used to these new trucks.............
  9. Olivetroad


    We are going to see it this weekend. The blushing bride gave me a book that Dinesh D’Souza wrote on Christianity that was excellent.
  10. Hey! Those Carolina Davids know how to read a calendar! I forgot when it was selling..........
  11. I am not allowed any equipment in my driveway. The rule is that everything has to be behind the board fence surrounding the house yard before nightfall. If not, the blushing bride heads to a hotel with a spa until it is moved. I wonder what the superliner brought?
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