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Community Answers

  1. My wife just updates the auction brochure she plans on handing out at the wake.
  2. Scrap here is about 4/100. I got out at 600 when I felt confident someone wanted it for more than scrap.
  3. VIN: G73lST1445 Sold for $1100 plus fees
  4. http://www.motleys.com/auction/264823/construction-equipment-trucks-auction/
  5. 8LL or RR13. Mack 13 is too fast for 3.87
  6. Forth and fifth are on the same fork. May be the fork or the rail it is connected to.
  7. CAT = $$$$$$$$$$$$ Don't use a Big Cam IV low flow.
  8. You may want to consider the wiring for mechanical vs computers.
  9. I believe it will work on all triple counter shaft transmissions with a hollow counter shaft.
  10. I have one from a 6sp 2 stick. Did you know they came in three different ratios? Call anytime. 919-932-3344
  11. Text me at 919-215-3344. I'll send you pictures.
  12. I may have a set of these. We changed a RW to aluminum a couple of years ago. MH tanks may be the same.
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