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  1. what did you come to Whited for? About 25 miles from me.
  2. Have a 2015 F-350 diesel dump and plow. Not a lot of miles yet but I love the way it goes. Tows my T750 Bobcat with ease.
  3. Sweden has 750 hp V-8's and if I have the winning powerball ticket this week so will I.
  4. Bottom plate . Side plate. What application?
  5. Talk about what? Strange dash arrangements? Light frame and suspension.
  6. Your creeping up on three years of work, I have been upset that it has been three months or more working on one of mine. Great job ,really looking awesome.
  7. Great looking car! Falcon pictures when the grandson visits.
  8. Coastlogger has four Superliners .
  9. Our 96 RD was doing this until we replaced all the fuel lines with new ones. Since then no leaks or hard starts.
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