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  1. No more Boy Scouts

    Next will be a new name. Gender Neutral Scouts of America.
  2. Mufflers

    I used the Donaldson mufflers on my CL. $80 bucks a piece right from the dealer. Louder than stock but by no means too loud. I would have to get the parts number from the shop.
  3. E9 air compressor, pushing oil out the intake

    A lot of guys silicone the compressor flange to the engine instead of using a gasket. If the silicone blocks the oil drain (or restricts) it causes the compressor crankcase to have too much oil in it and will subsequently push oil past the rings.
  4. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    I run .093 SS lines on my inline pump with no problems. Lines typically crack from poor clamps/insulators. Be careful not to overtorque the lines. Very clean looks great!
  5. In my experience e6 will always come up better. Both my e9's stay pretty consistent at 4.2 to 4.5 mpg regardless of load. If it's just a hobby truck then skip the fuel mileage and just go e9!!
  6. I had to be persuaded by a few friends to get the tanks painted. I've always been a fan of polished tanks but I thought it might be "too much" for the colors of the truck. I like it though. As far as my plans with the truck, I really don't have any. Drive it down to town to get coffees for the guys . Again thanks for the compliments! Its nice to be around guys who share the same passion.
  7. Well I made a bit more progress today. I got the tanks back from paint and mounted them to the truck. Still have to clean up all the aluminum pieces and get a good coat of paint on the frame. Little by little it's moving along.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Instead of polishing the tanks I've decided to paint them. They should be back Thursday so I'll get a few "mostly" finished pictures.
  9. Got my truck back from paint today. It was my first time using this shop and I'm very pleased with the results. Some of you may remember but I saved this truck from the scrap yard. It's a long process but it's coming together nice. Tomorrow I have a smoke test then I'm going to pull the tanks and have them painted to match the cab. The paint is all metal flake with a lot of pearl. I'll have more pictures tomorrow but here are a few teasers.
  10. Mack E9 fuel injection V-Pump

    That's what I mean. I have a vee pump and would like an inline. If you have an inline I'll trade my vee pump for your inline pump.
  11. Mack E9 fuel injection V-Pump

    If you have an inline pump available I'd be happy to trade with you. I prefer the inline pumps.
  12. Well I'll let you know in 2 weeks how one of mine comes out. I was in the same boat asking for references and getting quotes. I finally dropped it off for paint on Friday last week. I've seen some really bad paint jobs and wanted to make sure I didn't end up with one. Ultimately I made my decision after checking out his shop and seeing some of the tricks he's done. If your in philly the paint shop is not too far from you. The website is My truck should be ready in about 2 weeks so I'll give you an honest answer.
  13. I've noticed that the vin tags sometime have different information. My 2 Macks only have a vin and model. Others i've seen have a date also. I'm looking at a truck and there is other numbers on the tag that I'm not sure what they mean. Could somebody enlighten me? It says D567.
  14. As a component they are more expensive in its life cycle. It's a trade off for any costs it may save i.e.: tires,driver abuse, inexperienced drivers etc.. for example I install new xy shifters and harnesses every 250k miles in Eaton auto shifts. It will save you a tow. That's an additional $1700 that you would not have to put in a standard trans.
  15. 350 4V E6 engine tick

    I've seen e6 valve guides loosen and start moving up and down causing a ticking noise. Does it have an American Bosch aka (ambac) injection pump on it?