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  1. I have experience with these Roush propane engines and let me tell you, they are junk. I do a lot of work for propane distributors and they buy them for tax credits. One of the 2017 F550’s just got a replacement engine at 40k miles. They get about 4 miles to a gallon which equates to 150 mile range. All the guys carry a spare 100lb tank just in case. It has 2 speeds, idle and floored. Another truck had a liquid line that feeds Roush’s rail blow off going down the highway. Driver couldn’t see and the whole area was blasted with propane. Lucky there was no fire. About the only good thing is cheap fuel.
  2. That thing must destroy tires. Or maybe at every turn you wait 3 min for all 45 lift axles to come up... What kind of weight are they allowed to run?
  3. BGarofalo

    CL charge air cooler

    I’ve been using Extruded tube CAC’s for my CL’s for a while. I use CGJ. https://www.cgj.com/2013/10/16/charge-air-cooler-design-differences/ Prices are reasonable and the fit has always been spot on.
  4. BGarofalo

    Neutral control?

    You have a neutral lockout. You have to pick a gear on transmission to operate winch correct? If the seals are swollen or damaged from an oily air system they can stick like that.
  5. BGarofalo

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    I live right down the road from where this happened. This was a stupid decision on the part of the bus driver. The emergency turn in the median is very large and I've seen many a cars do a uturn. I would never have expected a school bus to try that though. The company who operates the dump truck are notorious for being over weight and driving like maniacs. They cut in and out of traffic like race cars. So it was poor judgment on both ends here and a lot of kids are suffering for it. This accident really breaks my heart.
  6. BGarofalo

    Pictures of the Week

    That U model tanker is a neat peice of history. It's a single axle where the pump and hose reel are mounted on the truck. Then there is a large hose that runs from the tanker to the tractor. Can't do that anymore. They have a few macks hidden around that property.
  7. BGarofalo

    1993 DM630S Dayton to Hub Piloted on front

    Call conmet tech dept. they will need your bearing numbers and then they will cross to one of their hubs. Had to do it a few times and they have always came through.
  8. BGarofalo

    Mack CL713 daycab weights

    That's tough to answer because there are so many differant specs. I would just have the guy weigh it for you. My cl713 weighs a hefty 26,000lbs and it's a day cab tractor.
  9. BGarofalo

    Good MP8 Mechanic in northern NJ

    Where are you in northern NJ? East/west? What sort of issues are you having?
  10. BGarofalo

    broken wheels studs

    Worn hub as Hobert62 said. The pilot in the center of the hub is worn causing studs to fatigue and fail.
  11. Depends. Would you be able to make more money with a tri-axle and more capacity? If so that's the way I would go. If not then 10k for new rails is cheaper than buying a new truck.
  12. Sorry for the delay its just been madness at work. Passenger side near the front cover on the oil pan rail. Its a very light stamping so you will probly need to sand the paint down a bit. I have a video of the engine starting but I don't have a youtube account. After only a few spins of the air starter it came to life. The air starter must spin the motor over at 300 rpm! it is quite impressive actually.
  13. The engine serial number should be on the passenger side of the engine on the oil pan rail. You will see a flat area. I would have to agree with 41Chevy, I think the number built is wrong. The timeline with the engine build dates just doesn't line up. Aside from a few differences they are pretty much identical to an E9. I got it started last night. Ill try to post a video.
  14. What is the engine serial number on your engine? Is is painted the gold color originally? I'm curious as to why if there were only 142 of these engines they span 3 years. So the engine I just bought is number 113 and it was built in mid 1976? Amybody have a tip for me posting a picture? Keeps telling me error. Never had trouble before.

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