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  1. Good MP8 Mechanic in northern NJ

    Where are you in northern NJ? East/west? What sort of issues are you having?
  2. broken wheels studs

    Worn hub as Hobert62 said. The pilot in the center of the hub is worn causing studs to fatigue and fail.
  3. Depends. Would you be able to make more money with a tri-axle and more capacity? If so that's the way I would go. If not then 10k for new rails is cheaper than buying a new truck.
  4. Sorry for the delay its just been madness at work. Passenger side near the front cover on the oil pan rail. Its a very light stamping so you will probly need to sand the paint down a bit. I have a video of the engine starting but I don't have a youtube account. After only a few spins of the air starter it came to life. The air starter must spin the motor over at 300 rpm! it is quite impressive actually.
  5. The engine serial number should be on the passenger side of the engine on the oil pan rail. You will see a flat area. I would have to agree with 41Chevy, I think the number built is wrong. The timeline with the engine build dates just doesn't line up. Aside from a few differences they are pretty much identical to an E9. I got it started last night. Ill try to post a video.
  6. What is the engine serial number on your engine? Is is painted the gold color originally? I'm curious as to why if there were only 142 of these engines they span 3 years. So the engine I just bought is number 113 and it was built in mid 1976? Amybody have a tip for me posting a picture? Keeps telling me error. Never had trouble before.
  7. I thought I'd share the new piece to my Mack collection. Maybe you guys have some more information on this engine model for me as well. I picked up this engine to add to my inventory and it is actually a bit more interesting than I anticipated. By the looks of it I don't believe it has ever been in a truck. As you can see in the picture it has a build date of 8/1976 and the engine serial number is 113. Now some of the parts on the engine are dated 4/1976. It has factory block off plates on the compressor and power steering holes. No pitting on the manifolds and it appears it never had a fan. Were these engines with that early of a build date put in trucks? What does the B stand for in the model number? Side note: its not letting me add images...
  8. I have an empty 25ft flatbed heading from northern nj to Indiana on the 16th of December if somebody needs something transported.
  9. I only use stemco guardian seals anymore. They last a long time. As far as torque here is a standard procedure.
  10. The New Reality of Wrenching

    I genuinely enjoy what I do working on trucks. But, every once in a while you take a step back and think "they don't pay me enough for this crap." I couldn't agree more on the European stuff. DAF engines from Paccar are terrible with service information. It's like the black market to get a torque spec. Just for future reference for you just about any machine can be deleted of its emissions equipment. I routinely have exporters come to me before loading stuff up on the boat to its new home. I just did a backhoe for a private customer heading back to South America because he said they can't get def fluid where he's from.
  11. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    If your leaking at the threads then it may just be return fuel. I have Scheid make all my lines for various trucks. They always fit well. I install the lines in sequence with tightening injectors. Especially if you have a new injector or a new line. By sequence I mean: 1. remove injector hold down cap and then re-install snug 2. install your line and snug your line nut to half torque 3. torque the injector cap 4. torque your line. Its the same procedure for any connector tube style injector.
  12. Typical Shop Work

    I never liked the design for the front cover/head/cam plate seal on the series 60. It seems like every one that rolls through the shop is at least damp in that area. I remember the days of doing engines on the ground and I dont miss it lol! I bought my first OTC revolver engine stand and loved it so much I bought a second one. The amount of time you save in handling is immense.
  13. Dog on our lawn.

    I use a mep005 as my generator too. They are very stout units but they certainly make some noise.
  14. Kenworth 963

    A buddy of mine works for Peterbilt and they recently sent him to a production facility for training. They had a 963 on the line being assembled. Said it makes the other trucks look like toys. It's funny to see the cab looks so small yet it's the same one on class 8 trucks. A double frame isn't good enough so they just stack another frame on top. Very cool trucks.
  15. hopping issue

    Just to clarify, does this happen unloaded only or does it happen while the truck has weight on it too?