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  1. I have good used ones of both types if your in a bind.
  2. Can you clarify where you are measuring EGTS? Pre or post turbo makes a big difference in what is acceptable.
  3. I think the other side of the coin for this is sometimes it takes a bit of “flash” to attract drivers to a company. If you rely on hiring drivers to keep your trucks moving a few bucks for accessories may mean the difference between a truck parked making no money and a truck with wheels turning. Quality drivers are still tough to come by.
  4. Do you have the new or old style gauge cluster?
  5. SW80 is a 80,000 lbs suspension on beams. Its easily identifiable by the 8 spoke hubs.
  6. I was in the same boat looking for an air start tank for my RD. I went to the local propane company and picked through their used tanks until I found the size I needed. Just have to weld on some mounts.
  7. I bought one of my CL’s from them. At the time they would sell you whatever you wanted, but I haven’t been there in years. Very nice people to deal with.
  8. Ironically I was working on this exact model fifth wheel today for a no latch complaint. They can be a real bear to release without the tool or some leverage when on a bench. Make sure your cam plate bolts are not too tight to where it binds. Here is a troubleshooting guide for this hitch. http://literature1.safholland.com/sites/damedit/literature/XL-FW451-01_en-US.pdf
  9. You can sign me up for a R model kit. I second the motion for a CH/CL kit too.
  10. I am a die hard Mack guy but transmissions are definitely a weak point in Mack’s catalog. Seems like Mack transmissions need about 2x the amount of service and repairs over the life of the trans vs Eaton. That being said, I run all Mack transmissions and love them.
  11. I run Stertil Koni wireless lifts and love them. We don’t release brakes but we make sure to dump the air suspension and always chain up the loose axle so not to damage suspension. The lifts will find their “home” if they are not perfectly centered. I saw these on Craigslist and figured I’d pass it along. They are about half the price of new. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/hvo/d/newark-stertil-koni-mobile-columns/7142767474.html
  12. It’s a 98 as well. Dynoing a truck is a bit different then dynoing a car or pickup. With a truck you bring it up to max rpm and introduce a load until it brings the engine down. Simulates real world. Holding it at 2300 rpm and just watching boost build as load increases. It put out 832hp relatively smoke free.
  13. Here is one of my E9’s on the dyno. This is what I love about these engines. The more load you put on it they just keep pulling harder. I use this truck so a big goal is to keep the black smoke down. NJ is not friendly to “dirty” trucks. It’s a cell phone video so the sound is not great but you get the idea. IMG_4717.MOV
  14. Wrong trunion stand and axle caps for anything 58k or larger. A solid beam was an option for all camelback suspensions.
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