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  1. Let me know which ones you end up needing. I have a whole pallet of good take off Jakes.
  2. You can try Jimmy over in PA. He has a lot of stuff but he is not always the cheapest on price. Sometimes he doesn't like to remove 1 hub if it’s still on an axle. 570-876-0303.
  3. I just picked up a set of 80k rears for one of my trucks and I was really surprised to see them almost 9ft wide. I initially thought somebody just had wide spacers in it but I see you have the flags out on this one too. I guess they were factory that wide? I love this truck by the way. It’s just mean looking.
  4. This truck was very well done. A lot of time and money to get it looking like that.
  5. That was an interesting truck. The guy that was working there said he thought the truck was heading to Colorado. I’ve seen some home built transfer case mounts that are pretty scary. The mount in that truck looked beautiful. Factory looking I guess... lol
  6. Top notch photos! There were some really beautiful trucks at the show.
  7. I have both the standard interior cl and the red premium version and I prefer the vinyl floor standard version. I can tell you I never liked the center switch panel either so I redid mine to make it a bit more functional. The interior is only as good as it’s taken care of.
  8. I’ve been following the progress for a few years and was so excited to see its maiden voyage. Now I just need to talk the wife into going out west for a train ride....
  9. Wrong wire plugged into the reverse switch. Unplug the reverse switch and try backing up again.
  10. I’m looking for a 65k cutoff on beams. If anybody has one let me know. Thanks!
  11. That’s what I was looking for. Thanks so much! I purchased a RD822sx and couldn't remember the frame options.
  12. I remember someone had posted a chart that had various Mack models and the frame options and RBM rating. I can’t seem to find it again. Anybody have a link to it by chance?
  13. I get this complaint all the time at the shop. Typically seized anchor pins are the culprit. Anything that is putting resistance on the brake shoe from freely moving can cause this issue. In my experience rarely is the brake chamber at fault for this complaint. Back off the slack, remove the drum and remove the main spring. Try to swing the shoes over center. The shoes should swing smoothly with little resistance and the anchor pins should rotate in the bushings. Even though brake shoe kits come with new anchor pins/bushings seems like most shops just throw them in the scrap pile cause they don’t want to spend the time to replace them.
  14. I can’t help but laugh. Your telling me I’m wrong and your reasoning is because ‘a guy told you so years ago.’ It fits very well with the last post about “not believing everything you read.” I’m just trying to get the correct information out there. There are people here that are looking for an answer (me included) and I’d hate to see bad information be spread.
  15. Do you have any information on this? I disagree with parts of this statement. A type 30 roto-chamber has the same force as a standard type 30 brake chamber. Area of diaphragm in sq/in times pressure. I was under the impression the main reason behind roto chambers is packaging. Roto chambers use an elongated diaphragm which “rolls” on its self while traveling the length of its stroke. This allows a smaller overall diameter while still having a large surface are of the diaphragm. Now back to your statement, they may have more force for use on heavier axles but not do to it being a stronger chamber. It’s due to the fact that you can fit a type 36 or 50 chamber on the steer. To sum it up a t30 roto has the same force as a t30 standard. A t36 roto has the same force as a t36 standard. It’s physical size that is the difference.
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