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  1. That tube goes to the intake manifold on rear of driver side. It is feed for A/C intake, that will cause you to loose turbo pressure, causing low power. Need top replace hose.
  2. Truck came from factory with AC-400 ASET engine- 400 hp. 10 speed fuller trans, 3.90 eaton rears. Can't tell wheel base.
  3. That's the right place, somebody welded a wheel lug on it.
  4. Mack old # is 509GC284AP1 new #25091974 for standard, 509GC284AP2 for .002 oversize both are in the mack warehouse, try your mack dealer. Other brands should have them too.
  5. The stop light switch is located on the engine firewall left of the rear valve cover, it is mounted in a small manifold with an air line coming to it. The mack # is 1MR3544P2 or the new # is 25158791.
  6. Shows no pattern, I would just go half torque in a x pattern first round and than final torque.
  7. My old TS442 service manual shows 60lbs torque on exhaust bolts.
  8. they must be pricing the whole filter assy, don't know which you have but if it the one with the drain hose from the filter to the bottom of block you un screw the housing and replace the filter inside, up to 97or 98 the part # of the filter inside is 57GC2134A new #85136709, the price should be around 18.00. The oil filters are 485gb3191C /21939324 on the E7, The Etech engine oil filter 185GB3236 / 21939298 but it will work on E7 engine too, just filters better, the are around 12.00 a piece, should be around 42.00. and cheaper it you go with the old oil filters.
  9. I looked up the 10qk 365 and 370 and I was wrong, they show1.749 pin just like the 10qk36 pin. Back in the day I thought they had a top pad with a small pin but I can't find it.
  10. Top pads have a smaller pin in them the one's I know are 10365 and 10qk370 one is thick and one is thin rubber, I wonder if you move the wear pad in the top of the housing it could use these?
  11. The one we worked on 25 years ago used the 10qk36b bottom pad, it also had a wear pad to keep the button on the top from wearing the axle housing part #11QK277
  12. If it's the old push mack style clutch you adjust the free travel with the outside linkage. They had a spacer that was bolted in between the pressure plate and the flywheel that if it was slipping and had free travel you could take out and it would put more pressure on the clutch disc. Some time it would work and sometime not. Are you slipping or just need to adjust free travel.
  13. This truck is a CL 713 The upper are the one on the Hood and goes from front and straight back, the lower attach to the splash fenders and go down.
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