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  1. Can anybody tell me where to find this fuse I don't have a diagram for this truck Ac stop working yesterday and it's 78 at 715 am Freon is in system been working great just stop going down the road 1 wire connection was coming out sometime so I'm thinking it's blown a fuse Going to put in a new connector to fix that issue Also my truck has a bunch out metal looking fuses not regular fuse how can I check these fuses
  2. I'll travel 3 hrs for great service Please inbox me your contact information 🙂 Thank you sir
  3. Any of you guys know of any good mechanics in the Raleigh to Greenville north Carolina area I had 2 good mechanics and both has passed on Thanks Mack rd 688 Mack rd690s
  4. Yeah I put a new switch something So replace wire from switch to relay I think it's 3 wires I believe
  5. Ok guys key switch turns everything on but will not start truck Got new switch something If I hook to the the wires on firewall truck cracks runs Any help is appreciated Thank you in advance
  6. Ok guys got this code replaced sensor and light still on Can someone guide me in the right direction for this Just popped on few days ago while at work Truck really don't seem to pull the same and kinda hard starting Replaced filters no luck What am I missing That's the only code I have Thanks in advance
  7. Got the new hose from pai 140 to my door Thank you for your help guys
  8. Took front wheels off looked at drums They have holes that are way bigger then the stud Centered them best I could put wheels back on bounce is not completely gone but it better I think I'm going to get so.e new drums new tires balanced and hopefully it's gone completely Thanks guys for your help
  9. Ok guys funny y shape water hose mack came up with got a hole in it mack says they don't have any and there almost 400 when they do Any body come up with a better solution to this crazy piping Small hose runs from thermostat housing to large water hose under oil cooler it spit right where they put the small hose into the large hose ..any help would be appreciated
  10. Ok guys dump truck 425/65/22.5 steer tires Truck has a bad bounce from 30 til bout 50 then it kinda settled down But it is not comfortable driving bouncing inside Had a alignment down it was out plan to put on new steers next week Was going to Tru and balance tires thats on it but I'm just going to replace Any thing I should be looking for King pins are good It's a stiff bounce like from side to side not back to front Thanks for any help
  11. Does anyone have the part number for national seal wheel seal I got a seal from mack stemco brand leak same day I put it on and cost 77.00 dollars I have replaced 1 before but can't remember or find the part number Need to order 1 in the am so I can be ready Monday The stemco was hard to get over the mounting area then wouldn't turn once it was on so I know it was going to fail but mack had closed and I was trying to work Thank you for your help
  12. 25162529 25170833 25014582 Those are the numbers I need I keep coming up with different numbers but not sure if they the same or what
  13. Where are you guys getting your torque rods mack want 1100 for 3 I think that's crazy high 2000 rd688
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