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  1. I've turn the 1 off that's on the driver side of the still blows hot This reading is from the a.c. running while sitting still ..does it look right..i have no clue lol..also it cuts off and on ..i added 2 cans of 134a still off and on .thanks for the help
  2. I've turn the 1 off that's on the driver side of the still blows hot
  3. E7 motor rd series..if I let the truck idle it gets down to 40 degrees in it but if I drive it blows hot air ..where should I start looking..
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Still hot air coming in from somewhere guess I need to find the opening..
  6. Ok guys 2000 rd trying to turn the heat off so I can use the ac..I found 1 valve on the driverside of motor is there another..e7 400 thanks
  7. Around here there's 2 brothers that do them for 1250.00 most time 2 days tops..
  8. Thank you I just didn't won't to mess things up figured I would ask to make but loving mine so far ..
  9. Ok guys my truck has a fuller 8ll Trans..I have adjusted the clutch in my freightliner before but the mack is a little different so I thought I would ask before I do..the clutch is releasing at the top not much free pedal..I took the cover off butthe release bearing is different from my other it looks as if it rides on the cross shaft my other truck is just the bearing this truck has a cable with a couple different points looks like to adjust other is a rod either top or please guide me on this ..thanks in advance
  10. Thank you guys I got it fixed..I took the bottom coupler off the gear box and turned it to where I needed and works great..thanks for all the I have to replace a set of Orings on 1 of the injectors..
  11. Hummmm makes sense thinking about it ..guess I'm stuck with a out of line steering wheel..
  12. Ok guys I have a issue..I tried to remove the wheel with no I moved it on the first joint at the box ..the 1 on the top of the adapter..moved it about half inch to the left and now I can only turn the wheel about 6 inches in either direction not even enough to turn the truck much..I plan to put it back where it was at but why is this ..I didn't move the gear on the steering box ..just pick the shaftup and turn it to the left about half inch..
  13. Thank you for that
  14. This is what I'm worried about.. Do I remove the center plastic or do the big hard plastic come off ..