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  1. Moparmike

    Mph trip and hour meter not working how to

    Yes so a replacement is the only fix I guess dang lol truck killing me
  2. 2001 rd 688s tech and speed works great but nothing else works no mph trip or hour meter is there away to check repair this ..really need mileage if possible..thanks for the help
  3. I hope so I changed the 3rd relay it had a black burn spot on it..put electric grease on all them .ran 11hrs yesterday no problem so far working it today so far its good.. Thanks for all you guys help
  4. The 4 relays are the only thing I've found in here with big hot wires that run back out the truck
  5. Took passengers side dash off looked everywhere cant find this relay mack said chrome like a ford cant find it ..1 on driver side firewall but they said that's not it..anybody have a picture just for reference that may help me thanks
  6. The 4 power relays are they the relays in need to be looking at
  7. Yes blower motor stops when it shuts down..where can I find this relay at 2001 rd 688s E7 Thank you guys for your response
  8. Install a new sensor on front of engine and in ball housing..would that stop the heater and cruiser from working if so I'll replace them again could have got a bad set
  9. Also cruise control is not working now was working..I cant idle the truck up once air pressure builds but could before
  10. 2001 rd just did inframe less then 1000 miles on it..someone replaced the original engine with a 99 e7 427 same engine from factory just different year put new vecm had mack reprogram it to specs truck runs fine then will shut down red x comes on heater blower everything shuts down wait a few minutes starts right back up run 15 min or less shut down no codes what so ever..please help I'm so deep in this truck and not able to run it ..first did it last week ran bout 12hrs no problem then started this Thanks in advance
  11. Moparmike

    Need computer best reasonable price

    Anybody know if I can delete codes are the codes are from my truck
  12. Moparmike

    Need computer best reasonable price

    Ok guys put the vecm my buddy has in truck runs great .does the vecm store codes from the previous truck..soon as I started the truck it has 3 codes 1/3 5/5 7/ 2 ..the lighting volt seems to stay on ..can I have the codes cleared and hopefully the light goes out ..drove it about 80 miles home no problem..thank In advance
  13. Moparmike

    Need computer best reasonable price

    Friend has a vecu but the last number is a 3 instead of 5 will that make a big difference..its a 1999 EU 427 vecu out a ch I think he said
  14. Moparmike

    Need computer best reasonable price

    Yes 2001 rd the computer I need is on the passenger side dash bolted to a cover
  15. Moparmike

    Need computer best reasonable price

    Mackpro I've found a company that has a ecm same numbers same engine would I still need a reflash or it would be hit or miss..also what's the average cost of a reflash on the ecm.. Also hi tech in Texas said they would repair what's wrong on my ecm and send it back its 750.00 Thanks for all the help. I've had this truck 6 mths been in the shop all 6 except for 1 week new inframe and clutch now 30 miles down the road ecm goes out ..

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