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  1. I’m waiting for the heads to come back as sent them away again for magnafluxing.
  2. Thanks Paul, mine has another tap just out of the block which I turned off.
  3. 0024” the lowest on a head and 0028” the highest on the other head though 002” between liners. But yes there is a injector with a heavy carbon build up I haven’t seen before though came out with minimum fuss, but this wouldn’t create a pressure build up through the water galleries though.
  4. Liner protrusion is all good with .002 across all and heads are fine ….except for pulled inlet valves. So next anyone.
  5. No cracks in the heads via dye test…..though 2 X inlet valves are pulled…where do measure liners with a slide guage ? Up on the very top of where the fire rings sit?
  6. Thanks Vmac3 …….and I’ve now removed the heads and they look ok so now I will magnaflux before going any further…I have inadvertently chipped a couple of the liners removing the heads but the fire rings cover it so what do you guys think?
  7. Joey, yes, same result with comp bypassed….so will pull heads or tomorrow and let you know. Thanks mate
  8. Ok Joey tried your trick and yes I brought it up to 180F and only then it was producing large bubbles every few seconds but I didn’t bypass the compressor because I didn’t have a hose so will try again tomorrow with comp bypassed. The comp head is a reconditioned I put on the other week so I think I’m shit out of luck. what odds have with you guys being 1. Head gasket. 2. Dropped liner ?
  9. Thanks guys and Joey yes your right of course no belt no movement so will try this today. FJH and Mackpro this is a Etech on a CX Vision so only has a single thermostat no EGR and pancake oil cooler.
  10. Joey was going to do this but thought you couldn’t keep coolant in it since the top radiator hose was gone and expelling it all. I don’t know how you did it. Anyway it’s still doing it and I’m out of ideas so I put a manual override switch for the Horton in which I hope should do the trick until the problem becomes worse and raises it head but I’m not pulling it down if they’re is nothing internal showing. Will keep you updated guys.
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