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  1. No, she’s not rollin coal or any smoke and replaced all injectors but haven’t checked fuel pressure at EUPs.
  2. Hi guys, my 470 CX Vision won’t go past 20 Psi on boost, I pressure tested the system and found a leaking waste gate and hoses so replaced these items as well as Orings on one EUP that was leaking and changed these......anyway all of this made no difference...any ideas? Thanks
  3. After all that I found the power relay not seated correctly....all good thanks guys.
  4. My 98 CH tipper has been static in the yard for 6 months but always fired when we needed to move it. Went to fire it the other day after I check fuses for no brake lights, then I check the fuse box under bonnet and blew the dust off with air and went to start and it fired straight away and run for a few minutes then slowly shutdown like out of fuel, started a few more times then would not fire. Checked tanks and they were half full, then cracked line to filters and pressurised tank and fuel came out. Primed it and would not become rigid so changed primer and and also found plastic holding retu
  5. This is for the radiator flush but I need one for engine internal.....somebody said use diesel to flush the engine?
  6. Thanks mate, also whats the best way to flush the coolant out of the motor?
  7. My 94 Elite E7 454 did a head gasket and started to miss in one cylinder ..... I changed out head gaskets but its still missing on one cylinder..... only things I can think of are damaged ring or bore and no or lack of compression but don't have a guage or tool to remove injector to check it out....anyone know of a way to remove injectors without special tool?
  8. Hi Guys, it was the suspension ride height adjustment for the air bags so once it was adjusted as per the book was all good thanks
  9. also you guys call a truck with a 5th wheel a tractor (we call a semi or prime mover) and you call a truck ( we call a rigid or truck with a bin carting gravel) is this right?
  10. yes has the two and both are ok, it only locks when a qtr of a way through a turn every 40 to 50 turns and usually with a load though will occasionally do it empty...pulling tri axle grain trailer
  11. The model is M110, this is what is cast on the outside of the case, you cannot see anywhere else really on the box as the CLR in on the inside of the rails.
  12. Thanks guys can only try these things, I did replace all of the UJ's and have just put on new ride height levers as suggested by J Hancock and adjusted as the others were bent...have a few more jobs on her and will let you know once I test drive her.
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