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  1. Cmon Joe, ya can’t do that to us...
  2. Gday mate, you’ve got a handful of issues there. For starters there’s only three sensors that will bring on the red shutdown light. Low oil pressure, low coolant level or high coolant temp. There’s good quality solenoid’s and not so good. You need the right one for the job.
  3. Any results yet Gazza? Let us know what the problem was mate, maybe it’ll help future victims.
  4. When my pump failed like that, it still supplied enough fuel for idle/low power but that was all. PS, love my Qantum.
  5. Good chance it’s the gear on the transfer pump turning on the shaft, replace pump, don’t bother trying to repair it.
  6. Sounds like a viscous fan to me, the A/C pressure (if it had it) won't control it.
  7. I'm not sure, but you maybe better off just doing the hardware and not the software. I think I remember reading that the fuel delivery and timing works better with the bigger turbo and injectors.....like I said, I'm not sure.
  8. If/when one of my Etech's 'called it a day', I'd have a serious look at fitting a 14ltr Detroit (hope this comment dosen't get me kicked out of the forum lol), not sure if that's a practical idea or not.
  9. Just remove hose from the bottom and unscrew it, you'll probably need a filter wrench. Pay good attention to the seal when re-fitting it.
  10. Thanks for the sharing your findings with us, 👍
  11. I'm wondering which E7 you have Timberjack? What HP was it set at before and how are all your temps and fuel use affected?
  12. Did they build they're own cabins, or is it from another manufacturer? Looks familiar but I'm not sure.
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