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  1. I still find it a bit annoying when someone comes and asks for help but doesn’t tell us what solved their problem.....maybe it’s just me with the problem.
  2. For what it’s worth, I have 6 E-Techs, they all have either 3 or 4 batteries each. I’ve never been able to start one with just 2 N70’s in it.
  3. Not sure if it’s relevant, but I think I remember reading that the 12B(?) flash help accelerator issues...
  4. Transfer pump maybe. Check ya fuel pressure.
  5. How heavy? Has it always been the same? Which engine/trans?
  6. Mack CCRS, did you get it sorted? let us know if you did pls mate, could help others.
  7. Pump is on right hand side front, below A/C pump. Easy to swap, common problem.....love my Qantum, lol.
  8. Gday mate, you’ve got a handful of issues there. For starters there’s only three sensors that will bring on the red shutdown light. Low oil pressure, low coolant level or high coolant temp. There’s good quality solenoid’s and not so good. You need the right one for the job.
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