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  1. Sorry for the late reply. The engine is about 6 inch longer than the gasser. Other than that its pretty close. I also found the 673 from a b is very close to the steering box. There would be no way to install a R model engine unless the oil filters were remove mounted. The A 50 frame is about 6 inches narrower than the B frame. Morgan
  2. Thanks for the article. I think the 673 is pretty close to the original engine in size. I guess I will have to get the tape measure out and get started.
  3. I'be got my self in a project that I know little about. Someone else has removed the 431 gas engine and trans from this truck. The engine is pretty much junk. Add in the fact parts are almost non-existent for this engine. Has anyone here had any luck installing a "B" model 673?
  4. For sale budd hubs and brake drums for a 44,000 lbs. rear axle. If interested PM me here, I will get a hold of you. $100.00 dollars.I have the hubs off and ready to be picked up, saved the wheel bearings also. Need to make room for new building. Fred p.s. 5 hole budd not for sale, It's just holding it up for now.
  5. Sold thank Turnbow!
  6. I have a Tulsa Winch that I have no idea the size or capacity. I know its not a super large one I think its around 25,000 # but I have no idea. Condition is really unknown but appears all there. If you want pictures pm me. or numbers off the thing tell me what you need to know. $500 Fred
  7. I have a cut-off from b61, I believe it to be a 44,000 pound unit. The axles are the two piece design. Has low gears in the 6.50 range. If you are looking for hubs to convert to budd wheels here it is. $750.00 pm me here Fred
  8. I have a spare cab that is from a b61 mixer truck. It's from a diesel truck and has a few interior nick nacks left. No doors and roof is beat up, but otherwise no rust some cracks in floor where seat is bolted. Will provide pictures if any interest pm me ask for Fred $1000 or best offer
  9. I have a spare cab that I am wanting to sell. No rust but lots of dents and the like. Has a "sunken" floor so it is for a B70 or B80 series truck. It is the B style cab. Pictures available on request if any interest. Cab shell only no doors, or glass. Any interior stuff left inside is bonus for you. $300. ask for Fred pm me if interested
  10. Freightrain are going to Des Moines this year? I could take it with me. Morgan
  11. I have a Jacobs brake that I removed from a 237, I would figure It needs o ring kit or rebuild. $650.00 O.B.O. Morgan
  12. Yes I did, John Jones did the work for me. dead pedal problem?
  13. Got the truck all together, and worked all the little bugs out and just drove it on our first road trip. The result, It runs great, the power is right there when you split shift, has a narrow power band but hits hard at 1600 to 2100. Drops like a rock under 1550. Uses so much less fuel than before and the old duplex seem to be much happier shifting than before. It also starts scary fast, I rebuilt the polarity switch and starter, that 24 volts twirls the 675 like nothing. Fred
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