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  1. Man I got so wrapped up in cleaning my shop today I forgot to snap a couple photos for you. I'll be back out tomorrow and try to remember.
  2. White with Dozer

    I think the rubber doughnet got hard and inflexible as it aged. That one I had was stiff and rode just as bad as 44k Camelback or Hendrickson suspension bobtail on a short tractor. Mine had a 6-71 Detroit Diesel, (220hp) and RT-910 trans on 4.11 Rockwell rears. Ran good without a trailer but different story altogether when it had about 40k behind it. It did however stop very good then.....
  3. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    I was there several times in the mid to late 1980's and B series parts were easy to get. Bob was always cordial to talk with. I was in the Navy then. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  4. It's amazing, (even to me) how much crap I've stuffed into that building in 10 years since closing the business. I'm not to the 50% point yet either. Think I needed to retire sooner than I did..... This all started to categorize, locate, and place items from one truck together rather than being scattered as they are now. I've got two 2nd story storage areas stuffed full of parts too I haven't got to yet along with the back 1/2 of the building. Sweeping the floor I'm finding concrete that hasn't seen the light of day for years. Damned slow going for sure but I'll get there.
  5. I do too and have been looking for my borescope camera since Christmas. It's really in a safe place.
  6. White with Dozer

    I had a 69 Diamond Reo C609, (I think) with no front brakes. A real "treat" to drive bobtail in the rain. No front brakes coupled with not being able to keep the tandems on the ground made for an interesting combination.
  7. White with Dozer

    Bit doughnut with a hole in the middle and an encircling arm that articulated, or rocked.
  8. Here is a photo of the "Velcro" I use:
  9. More cleaning on the other side of the shop brings this out from the darkness: And then with a little more cleaning, this comes forth: Suspect I'm going to busy for a while.....
  10. What style do you need? First photo is from a 1973, and 1974 is the same. The second photo is my R-795S with elevated cab. Third is my 78 RL-755LST.
  11. Not anymore for sure. Most know my place from the trucks sitting around. Thanks,
  12. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    I paid $730.00 and shipping to have my radiator shell plated back in 2003, or 2004 and the shell I'd sent was very much nicer than a brand new one. I fought with FedEx for almost six months over that claim as it was run over with a forklift in their dock facility and we settled at #1250.00 so I could get another done. So far, I haven't.
  13. Understand. Wasn't the aluminum framed truck you busted up a while back having the correct rear cab mount? I want to be sure we're comparing apples to apples. I can photo a rear mount on one of my RL-797LST's today when out to the shop. Do you have the parts that actually bolt to the frame, or is this mount one piece? I'm trying to figure out "why" your original mount is gone unless converting to air ride, or back to rubber in the past. Also, what are you inner frame dimensions and frame rail height?
  14. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    ^^^^^ What he said. You can have one chromed but it will be expensive. I had one done and FedEx destroyed in with a forklift in their warehouse.
  15. craiglist scan

    I use but it doesn't grab everything.