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  1. For the most part that is accurate although I've seen a variant of Spicer transmissions utilizing the same moutings setup as Mack. All Fuller transmissions mount to the SAE flywheel housings from what I've seen over the years.
  2. Are you guys suggesting it won't buff right out?
  3. Rob


    I made 1/2 dozen of those a few years ago and used two. One in my B-673ST, and the other on my B-61ST. Don't know what I did with the balance but I'll let you know if I see them in the next few days. They are cork/neoprene which I cut from sheet and punched the holes. I have the tools to do this work but it's a slow process by hand..... Gray "Permatex" works very well against oil for a seal but it's hard to pry apart later.
  4. Not so much for me but maybe one of you guys would like a crack at it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAKE-OFFER-1957-Mack-B-Model-S-A-Truck-Gasoline-Engine-Not-Running/112985263187?hash=item1a4e724c53:g:XngAAOSwsc1a9Gc8
  5. Not too bad if you have a lot of time to work with them. I liked that truck but far too many projects already so didn't bite. My water wagon truck was a logger in a previous life from the same "Graham Bros." outfit. Here is a photo of the horn button I mentioned earlier. I took this this morning:
  6. Yes it is an 866 engine and original to the chassis. The truck does have a Mack transmission so the rear mounts are on the transmission. These holes shown are to secure mountings for my engine stand and are not used in the truck. This is why they were fully caked shut with grime. The sixes, and V8 engines used the same radiator in the RL700 series. The V8's used dual upper radiator hoses, and the six cylinder engines used a single upper hose. There was a blanking plate which bolted onto the unused top tank radiator port. I'll try to remember to snap you some photos tomorrow. I've been traveling and not working the shop for a few days. Rob
  7. Rob

    1960 Mack CL

    Yup. I remember that truck being in rough shape too. I was working a remote radar facility about eight years ago and looked at it. "Custom Built for Graham Bros." is engraved into my water wagon's horn button as that truck was originally built for them. The right rail has a slight buckle from the twist of going over but you had to look for it. Rob
  8. Rob

    Cleaning on the shop:

    Little over six minute video to waste your time:
  9. Rob

    Cleaning on the shop:

    Certainly does; especially when working on this big shit with only myself. If I wasn't so able to intermingle among all three of my personalities, I'd never get anything done.
  10. Rob

    Cleaning on the shop:

    Didn't get my engine cart/stand made today because "Momma" had to go to the foot doctor unexpectedly. We had a pretty good rain the other day and you all remember how she just loves to stomp in mud puddles and this was no exception. If you remember I graded the shop drive last month and although pretty flat, it's not perfect. Shortly after it stopped raining, "Momma" found this big ole puddle next to the house, removed her shoes and socks, and jumped right in. I swear those big old feet of hers, (I think they look like flippers with toes myself) got to causing the customary tidal wave as the water was displaced with each downward force of her foot until the puddle was nearly depleted when I heard a loud "yelp" for help. Seems she landed on something like a sharp rock with one of her last shock wave inducements to the earth. It was all red and swolled up the next morning so she called the doctor for an appointment. Got in this morning and not a minute too soon as that right club was really growing in size. I guess she got some kind of damage to a nerve or tendon which they gave her a shot right in the foot for to calm it down. I got out to the shop early afternoon and discovered the right mount needed to be about 1/4" shorter than the left as the flywheel housing for the starter nose was protruding into the area of the mounting surface these mounts bolt to. Easy enough to clamp it up in the band saw and remove the needed material for the adjustment but this leaves too little room for the bottom bolts to use a flat washer with. I'll probably modify a flat washer with a grinder to make a "flat", but the photos should show what I'm speaking of. Here is what I started with and these SAE holes have never had a bolt in them as the truck has a Mack transmission using rear mountings on it: Same mounting pad after a 5/8 X 11tpi tap is run through the holes to clean them out: Mounts fitted: Initially I made both mounts exact but if you look closely at the mount labeled "LT", it can be seen the proximity of the bolts to the horizontal plate. I had grabbed the left mount to shorten for the right side..... Oh well by the time it's blasted and painted nobody will know..... Rear photo of the engine with the mounts bolted on. They are very solid and vertical square tube will weld to these to be rigid.
  11. Made these brackets today to mount this engine into a cradle. Both sides fit well but are not finish welded up yet. I'll run for some 2X2X1/4 steel tube tomorrow to get some legs built up. These will weld to the bottom flat of the brackets shown in the photos. Here is a photo of the SAE flywheel housing pads: I made the mounts from this 6" section of beam: After jigging up and cutting them in my bandsaw, then laying out the holes and drilling by hand: Large 5/8"X11tpi bolt to test fit. After I discovered the hole alignment was good, I bolted them up solid. Tomorrow when I get the steel for the legs I'll weld everything up solid.
  12. My other RL797LST is all together and I'll grab photos from it too. Same engine and driveline in it too. Rob
  13. Good on ya Keith. Old fashioned lead weight static balance, (hard to dynamic those old nylon tires...... Thanks for rounding up the photos. I don't have anything on 22.5" rubber with Dayton hubs. I do have an R model w/24.5" rubber and the gap is the same vs. the 22" rubber they replaced.
  14. I can't say I've ever seen a set on a trailer but they sure don't hold up on a steer axle from several installs I've witnessed. I seen one pair cupped and chunked out so bad at 30K the selling dealer gave 100% refund towards a new set of Bridgestone steer tires. These were 295 R-22.5 tire size.
  15. You will see it but it's not obnoxious. Look at Freightrain's recent post of painting his wheels. Look at the front rims and compare to your split rims. No photos of the stainless trim rings but I've never seen them anywhere else so may be custom made. I don't know anyone that has been happy with Cooper Roadmaster tires long term. That is just my observation and I ran Cooper tires on everything for many years.

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