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  1. Nice to see the subject spoken of correctly: I am doing well; thanks for asking. Rob
  2. https://d33wjekvz3zs1a.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Trump-2020-ad.mp4?_=1
  3. 1973 RL797LST: 1974 RL797LST: 1978 RL755LST: I kinda favor the Western trucks but do like the R795S quite well also:
  4. I've seen it on an aircraft carrier and it's not pretty what it did to the side of an A6 Intruder and an aircraft tug. Amazing and through sheer afterburning power the F/A-18A was able to get back off the deck and survive. I can only imagine how a human being would fare. I've parted several cables over the years winching equipment and vehicles. You ALWAYS watch the cable and when it starts unraveling, (you can see this) get off the power. A watchful eye and head on a swivel will help keep you alive.
  5. This inundating 1/2" of snow received this morning is already gone and life is back to normal.
  6. Almost got a photo of a very photogenic 4900 Western Star for you yesterday. It is white and a local grain hauler usually pulling a belt trailer. There is a very nice black one too which belongs to a friend locally which is very meticulously maintained. Got him a home built and dyno proven 730hp Detroit under the hood of that one.
  7. We go 1/2 inch this morning in central Illinois and it's just below freezing. Going to warm to about mid 40's however so won't hang around long.
  8. Most of the 56 Chevy cars looked almost new. Most were red with a white top and red interior but many were yellow with a white top. I only rode i a couple of red ones myself. The dashboard layout was different from those marketed in the USA when new. I also don't know what engines were installed but probably wasn't a 235ci GM engine. There was always a line of them off to the sides of the American Consulate building, and down by the dock area which wasn't far from the Consulate building. That area had a lot of tourists too as the "Attaturk" memorial was right down there. In Izmir, I didn't get
  9. If you are having to change the filter/drier/cartridge often your compressor is suspect as this is not normal. I had three AD-9 series on trucks and serviced them every fall going into the winter months using only genuine "Bendix" remanufactured elements/kits. Never had any problems.
  10. I was surprised at the number of 56 Chevrolet cars, (taxi cabs) and Mack R models in Istanbul, and Izmir, Turkey back when I was there in 85, 86, and 87.
  11. I find it amazing I still have enough brain cells functioning to remember so many of these of the trucks, and some of the names. By admission I remember the Mack brand more than anything, but I left living in the area after grandpa retired from Monsanto, and many relatives retired from Busch, with most leaving the metropolitan area. The thread has been really rewarding to me as much of what's posted I can still directly relate to. Thx.
  12. I think so too. Then the coat tail riders will come out in full force along with the late night lawyers on the airwaves on how you deserve or are entitled to "significant" compensation because you used, or didn't use this or that particular product during the pandemic causing you grief and suffering. Never have really had any medical problems so this ordeal really has not affected me at all; personally. Other's I know have been significantly impacted and I'm keeping one family afloat as this is typed. Hate to see people fall when it really is no fault of theirs.
  13. Exactly. It's a numbers game and most insured folks just pay it without much forethought. I survey every three calendar years for rates but haven't needed to switch in many years on my shop policy. Personal autos, every three years someone else has them almost guaranteed.
  14. When this joke does end, the finger pointing will begin. Hopefully something positive will come out of it for the American people as a whole.
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