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  1. Common around here to be asked for fire extinguisher, fuses, and bulbs, or lamps. This is usually only when they are digging and don't find major flaws or infractions. Driver "attitude" has a lot to do with it.
  2. Rob

    Got Brass????

    This one is quite involved but no "Amphenol", or "Cannon" plugs involved. Lot of terminal strips however. I did find a couple of tight spots in the cable tray/chain when extending the boom which I will address later. The cable covers have long disintegrated from exposure as has a good portion of the jacket on the exposed 16/24 SOOW cable along with the others of various conductor counts. Having a rotating man basket, many of the wiring strands have long lost both their jacket, and insulation exposing the bare strand conductors. I've spent quite a bit of time facilitating repairs to these type
  3. Rob

    Got Brass????

    Sure. This one hasn't been too bad once deciding to wholesale gut and rewire rather than try to piecemeal repairs. It's a really nice lift.
  4. Fasser was the last name of the parties. They lived right off of I-91 in the general area. Never was there myself but "Kurt" went home often.
  5. First trip to near full extension. Quite windy so didn't want to go the last 12' or so. The peak of my building is almost 28' from the ground for reference. Very smooth and linear operation from either the ground station, or the basket after rewinding all six proportional control coils. I'm happy but now need to "gut" the original wiring harness(s) out of it and replace with new wire before something burns down. Everything electrical works, but a lot of insulation has been compromised or missing from exposure to the elements.
  6. They make masks look like that to treat or mitigate symptoms to the best of their ability two afflictions of Asian origination: One Hung Lo, and Ugh Fucking Lee Both terrible in their own right.
  7. Rode my manlift all the way up, down, and all around today with the freshly rewound coils, and restrung wiring in the engine compartment. All worked as supposed to now. Haven't begun to "tidy" anything up as of yet as wanted to prove all functions prior to possibly inducing additional failure points. All operations are very smooth in engagement and variable speed with the proportional controls working correctly. I should have the cylinder rebuild kits for the 8" bore main lift cylinder, and 3.5" slave leveling cylinder on Monday. I'll then pull the cylinders from the lift and send them in
  8. Mine stated: "Dyslexics Untie"!
  9. We have the same type excremental wastes of human flesh in our family, (in laws) also. Extreme hypochondriacs awaiting and anticipating the next plague; and ALWAYS suffering with something. The drama is overwhelming at times, but they don't much talk to me since one of our political conversements where they were challenging and taking liberties with their guaranteed rights under the constitution. They took exception when I informed them that it is that document which guarantees your type the right to breed, which is against everyone else's constitution. With that one I thought the mother in la
  10. I was in the Navy with a guy whom worked there a short while and was let go in 1983. His father worked there also and if I remember correctly they were preparing to shut down in that timeframe.
  11. I run Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 diesel oil in the Mack diesels, and Chevron Delo 400 30W in the Detroit Diesels which are two stroke. Never any problems with either over the years. Mobil Delvac 1300 is another good oil to consider.
  12. The ARD-238 didn't come out till the 1984 model year. Not saying it hasn't been changed over the years however. Neway parts of this series are not difficult to source but not through Mack.
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