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  1. This guy was interrelated to the family living across the street, (they are different, but not belligerant) is how he moved out here from Peoria. The cops got so tired of responding to his complaint's about me, one of them asked if there was something "I" could do to "smooth" relations. They by law have to devote time and resources to complaint filings. To this I responded I'd think about it. Telling all the neighbors about the air horn idea they agreed to not hear a thing and the plan was hatched. The rest is history. Never heard another word from him the rest of his days.
  2. I'm probably going to pour the finest scotch whiskey onto his grave actually. Strained through my kidneys of course.
  3. Yup. Don't see that type individual twice in a row. Took him just about 5.5 years to get the neighborhood alienated and feeling "best left alone", so not many are going to miss him. Disgruntled in life and hopefully his suffering is done.
  4. Seems my "shit-for-brains" next door neighbor met their expiration date today. Rescue squad showed up about 10:00 this morning with flashing lights but no siren. About 15 minutes later the meat wagon rolled up the same way. They rolled an empty gurney in, and rolled a covered corpse out. Remember this is the guy whom I told "I wouldn't piss down your throat if your lungs was on fire", and also the one whom received the air horn blast through the open bedroom window at 2:00a.m. The ass breath used to bitch about anything I did after 5:00pm to the cops till the air horn ordeal brought him round to a better train of thought.
  5. What, the repower to more modern, or the IH steering wheel? I think it looks great.
  6. I've temporarily put this trans thing on the back burner to clean on the shop and make ready to be rid of things going noplace..... Got lot's of that stuff too. Picked up a new, surplus Chelsea 5-P-1280 input gear for a PTO I have to power my wet kit I'm going to install onto the 1980 R model. This will run the PTO at 54% which is good for where I want the engine to run and output 15gpm or a little better when needed. The pump, valves, PTO, pressure relief, air shift kit, etc. are all new and I'll shorten/convert one of two bent wet kit tanks I have to work for me. I talked to Alumitank about a replacement tank or bulkheading one of my originals, but the flamer I was talking to on the phone hasn't responded to three emails, nor the same in phone calls. I bit my tongue and was nice to him too.....
  7. Those part numbers do ring a bell that is long buried in cold storage. The same larger bushings are used under the radiator support also. I've got to find the note where I jotted the part numbers down, but I believe the same bushings work for the cab mounting also.
  8. Golf course machine eh Jim? Looks like it would do a good job patching divots in the rain with those high flotation tires.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Mack-T675-Diesel-Engine-All-Complete-and-Run-Tested/123701675149?hash=item1ccd31c48d:g:wdMAAOSwCyVck5f7&frcectupt=true
  10. Rob

    L Cab on ebay:

    Once they're too rough to be run it's better they go for parts to support the greater good than be scrapped out.
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