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  1. Got a deal cooking but I need a Mack chassis which can have an ELD installed without exception. Like to have an early compatible CH and wrecked would be fine. Needs to run but I'm open to condition. Don't need a lot of horsepower as work is mostly local to my area and not a paid by the hour position. Chassis is for a donor so open to a lot of options. Thanks,
  2. Honest mistake on the photo date. The building in the background is the James S. McDonnell Planetarium which was built in 1963. It is now part of the St. Louis Science Institute located in Forrest Park. One of my first jobs as a young boy was repairing grounds maintenance equipment in the park. I-64 was being punched through at the same timeframe the St. Louis Arch was being built. As a boy I well remember Fred Weber trucks and belly dump trailers. They had all kinds of equipment and were seemingly always a part of large projects such as highway, bridge, and levee type construction.
  3. Many of the smaller dealerships have long closed up shop in this area. Five I know of always owned their cars and trucks outright having no debt to Ford, GM, or Chrysler. We have yet to have an import nameplate marketed here. Two of the Ford dealerships, and one GM exited after the former(s) mandated they build new buildings and infrastructure to be able to market their products. The automakers are not interested in dealerships that may only sell a hundred cars a year.
  4. Exactly. They fit to cases without any adaption. The Mac Tools jack does look like the one the chinese have copied. There really is little comparison to the seals in the hydraulic jack section which is what you need to hold up.
  5. Agree. I've had my OTC since 2000 after purchasing another one repossessed from the Mac tools dealer which I didn't care for. I have the plate shown for Fuller, and Mack adapters for the TR72, T20, TR107 series and it's very stable to use. Been worth the money for me and it's done a couple dozen jobs over the years. Rolls very easily too. I had good service from that Walker jack that was given to me as a teenager. It was not worn out when I traded it to the Mac man for the replacment that I kept for a couple years before trading it in on the OTC. If the $$$ can be justified, it, (OTC) IS the one to have in my opinion.
  6. They can if you don't have a good floor. I changed a lot of Mack and Fuller transmissions with mine and never had problems but I built good adapters to bolt to the crossframe on top. Pull a tranny straight back, and drop it low before rolling it out from under the truck. Here is an OTC as I have now for sale in FL: https://cfl.craigslist.org/bfs/d/venus-heavy-duty-transmission-jack/7075289586.html Another type in Rochester, NY: https://rochester.craigslist.org/tls/d/fairport-mac-tools-transmission-jack/7071714511.html
  7. They"ll go double that but all mechanical so keep everything lubed up or it can be difficult. The main drawback is the width as not very stable with the trans up high in comparison to the later styles.
  8. I had one of these and changed a lot of clutches with it after making simple adapters: https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Walker-transmission-jack-no-44-unicradle-type-A/184166647689?hash=item2ae1300789:g:030AAOSw10FeQhfu https://www.ebay.com/itm/Walker-No-44-Automatic-Transmission-Jack/272645523671?epid=192872213&hash=item3f7af088d7:g:84IAAOSwmCVY~~3o
  9. I know a guy whom did have one of those. It took 17 stitches to close his forehead back up when it let go with a turbo 350 transmission on it. I'd look at ebay or craigslist for something used like Walker, Hein-Werner, OTC, Weaver, etc. before going with Harbor Freight myself. I have an OTC 5019 and use it often without a fault ever in the past 20 years.
  10. 100psi in the bags will make it ride like a brick. More like 35-45 would suffice but it does matter with bag selection. The double convoluted take up less space but higher pressure to carry the load. It may take some experimentation to achieve the ride quality you are looking for and ratings are online. I would double up your front shock absorbers on the steer axle to minimize the "porpoising" this modification causes.
  11. Dale was a nice guy and worked on high end boats professionally. I felt him harshly treated which limited his participation.
  12. Thanks for the photo. I have another of it but not that nice as it was still at their place before being in the show condition it is now. I also have a photo of my water wagon with that same style bunk on it but there is no dolly in my photo. You are correct in some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. I do hope Mary is still around and if you converse give her my best and relaying I do appreciate that truck and take good care of it. Thanks,
  13. Amazing how many people cannot fathom what it takes to prepare the food they eat.
  14. I've done that trick with broken spark plugs several times through the years to extract the broken pieces. Find a way to compress that valve spring opening the exhaust valve completely and providing a larger, (if possible) opening than the broken piece. Aiming/placing a high flow blow gun into the opening, (injector sleeve in this case) will usually send the broken piece sailing out the exhaust port but may take several iterations to get it out.
  15. Think about Caterpillar in those same sentiments. Whole blocks of factories and shops have been knocked down and jobs gone, sent to China. And that is just Peoria, and E. Peoria, IL.
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