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  1. That is a Wagner "Power Amplfier" brake chamber. Not really worth working with citing cost. They are a series of sealing rings internally but the inner bore of the shell is a working part and corrodes. New sealing rings do not hold up long and the aluminum piston the rings seal to this bore scar through usage. They are 20 cubic inch rated as are the Bendix "Rotochamber" used on the B series Mack trucks, (up to about 40K rated suspensions). Both of these types brake chambers are much better served with modern replacement by Type "20" service chambers. Most anything but the 34K, (SWDL56) rear suspension in a B series will take larger, (Type 24/24) spring and service chamber brake cans, but the setup with aluminum brake spiders is limited to Type 20 per space constraints. One could fabricate offset mounts and use offset slack adjusters to install larger chambers, but until I read where that is legal to do, I'll stick with what I know will pass inspection. Far too many $$$ at stake and an enforcement officer's discretion of how many of those you are going to be pried free of to be questionable. On steer axle most tractors, and tandem trucks, "most" used Type 16, with single axle trucks using type 12 service chambers. That is no hard and fast rule, just what I've seen through the years of working with them. The above mentioned only relates to the B series. Rob
  2. First set of Mack housings I've ever seen a tag on but newer than my exposure relates to. Rear suspensions with that cap over the trunion bar are usually bronze bushed, greaseable, and heavier than 38K rating. Probably 44K as referenced earlier.
  3. Mack housings do not have stainless tags I know of. Rockwell, (Meritor) axles do. Are these not Mack drop in from the top differential carriers? If they are front loading differentials the tag contains the information needed.
  4. I'm old and like round headlamps so my vote goes to the 84. On top of that you can still get parts over the counter if running daily. Thanks for posting.
  5. Yes it is, basically. Most dielectric grease in virtually non conducting but will disallow corrosion to freeze bulbs in their sockets.
  6. Back in those days I was so poor I made "Momma's ring. That's right. a 16 penny nail bent around a railroad spike I'd picked up alongside the track by the house and spray painted it gold. Shoulda seen the look on her face when I gave it to her. Thought she was gonna crown me king for sure right then and there!!! I actually did that before giving her the "real" ring. It too had to be smallerized to fit but since then it's been biggerized three separate times over the years. Swear the damned thing looks like it should be in her nose rather than around the finger. Congratulations on the engagement but I think you probably knew that already. Next time you get in the area yell at me. Phone number is the same but new phone has a ringer I can actually hear now.
  7. I looked at making a rollback car hauler out of one of those several years ago for local use. IIRC the truck was a 1979 and had a 24' box. Trouble was, I couldn't keep my feet warm as they were right against the front cab panel when driving. It was winter and I can only imagine they would have been hot in the summer. The heater unit didn't seem to matter much on the feet and a really sloppy shifter apparatus so I didn't make the purchase. Sure was easy to get in and out of however.
  8. Nice older photo. Does the truck still exist in that condition?
  9. On conversions and such I've done, (usually spoke to Budd, or unimount) I've taken the wheel end apart and physically ensure what I have before ordering parts. Far too many times through the years parts or assemblies get swapped for one reason or another and the line set ticket is then in error. It's an honest mistake but does happen. Those guys at Global are pretty good about taking parts back if you cannot use them, but that doesn't help you much.
  10. Great to hear. Knew there had been an occurance but didn't follow up. Don't know how I'd fare without my tools. Kind of a part of life for me and would be lost without them.
  11. You can cut the later and longer cab roof down. If you have a headliner it is easy to hide the seam via lap weld. If not you can do what is referred to as "hammer weld" the panel back together after three inches+ is removed. This is basically a "butt" weld of the two sheets. I've don't both over the years and a lap weld is much faster.
  12. Those are the cabs I remember seeing a lot of in the early 1980's. Never knew why they had two or three different names on the same looking cab to me. Never really worked on any except clutches, brakes and routine maintenance tasks on my own Mid-Liners. Had no idea whom would service the IVECO, or Magirus branded truck in truth but never really asked either. Thanks for the link back. Informative for sure.
  13. We used a product manufactured in Canada on radar installations and modifications. It really held up well and was impervious to moisture intrusion very long term. I think the manufacturer was "Jet" but I'll see if I can round up a tub to get more information.
  14. I'm thinking it was an actual advertisement in a magazine. It wasn't a Hollywood actor I recognize and certainly would have either one of those two. I used to watch The Partidge Family show as a kid so knew the characters quite well. Susan Dey is still very pretty to this day and is originally from about 20 miles distant from me.
  15. Rob

    Where is Billy T

    Did someone cite you as a problem? I don't think so. Cross yourself off the list and let your beltloop out a notch. Nothing wrong with talking about trucks. To the best of my knowledge that is what the site was set up for. From your join date it appears you came around as many of the original troupe were departing. Read back through the amount of site benefactors whom no longer participate; many of whom I remain in contact with. I'm not shooting from the hip here as something that did work, doesn't any longer. Maybe you really should do some deep thinking on this. Undesirables is a generic term. I wager you probably realize that but are looking to prompt conversation. I don't like partisan politics. I prefer to do and support what is best for the masses. Best,
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