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  1. Certainly brings back memories..... Glad you got it sorted. It IS a lot of work at times and is unbelievable something can be that tight to get apart.
  2. I have great admiration for the family undertaking this project myself and have many years in the industry. Hoping our posting etiquette has not alienated the participation being looked forward to.
  3. The largest problem when remachining vee belt drives is the depth of the the belt riding in the pulley, (sheave) increases where the belt rides. This exacerbates the aforementioned problem as there is little power or torque absorbtion if the belt is bottomed in the groove which will happen if the angled sides are trued to linearity in many cases.
  4. I'll check a couple of them tonight and post up. Be about 19 hours or so however so someone may beat me to it.
  5. Rob

    Easter Project:

    Paul; The name was coined after the inventors name; "Oscar Zerk". It was similar to the grease fitting invented by the Alemite Corp. but the "zerk" locked onto the fitting for a positive hold. I was in the navy with a guy from down under and he spoke of "Shaggin his Sheila" fairly often.... Found this: Why is it called a Zerk fitting? The design, named after Oscar Zerk, used a fitting much smaller than the Alemite pin-type and did not lock the hose coupler or hand gun and fitting together. Instead, the seal between them was maintained by the pr
  6. Really wasn't any rhyme or reason but both were common in the 70's with the 13 speeds. Wasn't far into the 1980's when that style was replaced with the 4900 valve.
  7. Last one of those I had had brownish/red ink in the writing and didn't say "Eaton" anyplace. Only "Fuller".
  8. Rob

    Junkyard Dog

    This was mine back in the stock car racing days. I took these photos to send to a gent whom did purchase the truck and he drove it to S. Carolina from central IL. It was the original 318 engine with 340 "J" heads and ran very well. 1969 Dodge D350:
  9. The trailer I haul lawnmowers on for delivery and pickup has worn it's suspension plum in, and out. I purchased new hangers, bushings, and bolts that have grease zerks to allow a longer life. The originals supplied with the trailer were nylon and most are gone. With my shop gantry on the rear, and skid loader in the front, I lifted the trailer to chest level: \ Some of the wear: Everyplace that pivots or moves was worn out. Some shown here in the equalizers: New hardware installed:
  10. These folks have helped me in the past with automotive applications. I don't know about heavy trucks: https://marchperformance.com/tech-support
  11. Rob

    Junkyard Dog

    Proof there are butcher's outside of the meat and poultry industries.
  12. A set of calipers easily confirms the measurements between belts. Best not mix brands on the same sheaves, (pulleys, drives, etc.) and stay as close to same dimensions as possible. There used to be available a set of "master" blocks for checking wear in the sheaves of "vee" belt drives also but I've not seen any in years. These you would slip into the groove and use a round wire feeler gauge to check for wear in the angled section of the drive. Many times new belts installed onto worn out drives shorten the life of the belts considerably.
  13. Remember to use your safety cage when inflating tires to remain safe:
  14. Though it won't help if modified post up the number, or photo the tag from the injection pump to decode the pump's original application.
  15. I had these folks do my 68 Plymouth upper and both lower dash pads and they look new. Don't know if they do large trucks or not. http://www.justdashes.com/
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