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  1. Matt; Get me the dimensions of your spindles, or your original drum numbers as I have contacts down south whom visit/overnight with me fairly often and they have parts many times. Once this Covid drama train finally ceases riding the rails and we get back to the god given right to attend trucks shows, I'll start traveling out east again and could throw them into whatever I'm driving or riding. Far too much work expended in that chassis to give up now as shiny polished wheels would really set it off nicely. Don't prematurely rule out mackaholic's post as freight through Fastenal
  2. There are three or four different water pumps used with the B series on 673 engines. Most differences were porting for coolant flow but if your original engine did not have an oil cooler it's water pump will not work with the ENDT-675 series without extensive modifications to the oil cooler pack front housing. You need to acquire a later version water pump. I have one with a bad casting at the shop and can get you a part number if needed to research. The correct pump is a direct fit for installing the later engine into the earlier chassis. I have an E6-350 in my B-61 using a water pump or
  3. Matt; Both of my trucks have 15"X3.5" drums which are too small for your application. One is a FA-505 axle, the other a FA-517. Sorry I can't make it work for you. Rob
  4. That and the "scrapping frenzy" that went on a few years ago when prices were up has really depleted used and rebuildable parts available to keep older trucks operational.
  5. When I had the heads off my turbocharged 711 engine I had the machine shop install new seals and I think they came from Perfect Circle; but it's been quite some time since and I could be incorrect.
  6. Looks like 15"X3.5" but could be something else. Just seen your text by expanding the window and you have 16"X4" shoes. That gives me something to go by. I have access to older books covering the B series for parts in the aftermarket, but they are not mine so need to travel for access. I should be able to look tomorrow as I'll be out to the shop.
  7. Can't hardly beat that into some people; till they live the dream themselves.
  8. Matt; What size front brakes are you running on the truck? I have a couple B's on Budd hubs but they may be heavier than a FA-507, or FA-5071 axles as both were end dump trucks in a former life.
  9. I very well knew what you meant but you will tire rather quickly at making less than a "living wage". If you have no, or limited experience in this business you would be well served securing employment with an employer for a period of time to get your feet wet; then make your decision. A small entity will usually allow you to see how the administrative functions of a business works. No experience in running a small corporation, or a sole proprietorship can yield both rewards, and/or nightmares. A small business class at the local community college can also be a large benefit. If you don't
  10. You wanting older, simple, and economical to keep maintained? Get yourself an older R686 series and install a Detroit Diesel 6V-92TA under the hood, and a Mack T2090 or Fuller behind it if the original engine is bad. Don't try to run the std TR-107 series or six speed TRD-107 series as the Detroit's don't have the torque band to fit. Fix it with a hammer, pliers, and RTV for the most part. Very easy to bump horsepower to what is considered acceptable levels with this engine when tuned correctly and they are damned reliable. Parts are well supported by many aftermarket vendors also. You
  11. I've used these guys over a dozen times through the years with great service and turnaround times: http://www.waterpumpkit.com/ Cost is usually just over a hundred but I've never had a problem with their work. I had sent one in for my 64 B-61 and the casting was bad. They had one charging me $10.00 for it. I'm sending the water pump from my 57 Hobart Bros. welder to them later this week as it's taken to leaking from the weep hole.
  12. Trying to remember the name that truck had when one of the prior owner's restored it a while back. It was "Little" something. Lot of money put into it then also but a cute little truck and I hope it serves you well. Rob
  13. Really pleased to hear positive on the RoadMaster series of tires. Up to this point I'd really heard little about them and what was related was negative. I always had good service with their automotive tires and really would like to reinvigorate my relationship with my prior wholesaler. You run them on the steers and drives? Getting ready to bring my B-61 back out and it needs the 10.00R-22 radial tires replaced citing age. They are actually new and have never been out of the shop having just about 24 feet on them, but right at 20 years old now.
  14. You really should replace that ground cable right from the starter motor housing to a clean and bare spot on the frame, then paint over the connection to keep it corrosion free. Even better yet run directly to the negative battery terminal via a "flag" terminal, or direct termination. Inrush current on a cold start can top 1200A until the engine gets to spinning and then decays rapidly. However this inrush current needs the least resistant path, (electrically) for efficient electron flow. This is where heavy gauge cable, (2/0AWG minimum) is a large player. If this cable is missing or compromis
  15. This truck has always had a "tall" stance as do my RL700 series trucks. Glad to hear your favorable review of the Cooper Roadmaster series of tires. A couple of parties I know whom ran them were not happy with their service; but as with any story, the "whole" story is not revealed. I sold and installed Cooper tires for many years when in business. I never had tire problems but those were in automotive tire sizes. I purchased "Automann" branded aluminum ball seat "Budd" rims from the local truck supply place as they say they have sold many and none returned. Just about half the price
  16. Thanks again. We'll get together sometime but I'll be through there during the normal working hours and my son has no place close to park a large truck overnight so will be a quick visit. I'll run those current General tires out on the drives where if one explodes it will be contained within the fender as they are quite stout. Sectioned far too many R model hoods over the years from a steer tire shredding to run these. As mentioned tires look good, but are several years aged, so not wanting to run them on the steer axle. Finding the ball seat rims is getting difficult too..... Rob
  17. Thanks Brad. Ordered a pair of these to be installed. https://commercial.firestone.com/en/truck-and-bus/product/fs820 Going to install new aluminum Budd rims and chrome bumper at the same time so when the truck comes out of repaint, (red) should "stand tall". Need to get to Rockford area shortly for a new farm tractor transfer. What days are you around as I may stop in. Need to visit grand daughters as this Covid bullshit has kept us sidelined. Thanks, Rob
  18. I'm wanting to install new 11R-24.5 tires on my 1980 R model with 12K front axle to put the truck back into service. The current tires look good, (General Ameri-Steel) but are far too old to run. I always ran 14ply Firestone tires in the past on my rollback trucks and never had problems, but a couple tire places have stated the 16ply ratings are better? They certainly will carry more weight, but I'm not certain that is needed in this application which is grain hauling and lighter lowboy work being all local. I'm asking for opinions and experience in this arena and really will not be overw
  19. ARD 244-6, or ARD 238-6 from the looks of it. Depends on year but the 244 suspension was common in the early 1980's where the 238 was a later improvement to the 244. Tag was aluminum and usually riveted to left front hanger but didn't remain too long before corroding away.
  20. Post up photos from the side and rear of the suspension and we'll get a start on identifying it. 40K on a tandem without a tag installed is asking for trouble operated on the roadways.
  21. Happy new years guys and gals. Hope 2021 is a bit better than 2020 for all.
  22. Nice to see the subject spoken of correctly: I am doing well; thanks for asking. Rob
  23. https://d33wjekvz3zs1a.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Trump-2020-ad.mp4?_=1
  24. 1973 RL797LST: 1974 RL797LST: 1978 RL755LST: I kinda favor the Western trucks but do like the R795S quite well also:
  25. I've seen it on an aircraft carrier and it's not pretty what it did to the side of an A6 Intruder and an aircraft tug. Amazing and through sheer afterburning power the F/A-18A was able to get back off the deck and survive. I can only imagine how a human being would fare. I've parted several cables over the years winching equipment and vehicles. You ALWAYS watch the cable and when it starts unraveling, (you can see this) get off the power. A watchful eye and head on a swivel will help keep you alive.
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