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  1. And if over open ocean, nothing to clean up, nor collateral damage to be concerned with. A win/win for certain.
  2. I've welded up spring leaves in the past myself on older trucks. Never really had problems with doing it although it is easy to purchase a single replacement leaf to install, (unless special). I've always replaced the center bolt while the spring is apart.
  3. I'm following now Fred; thanks. Never have been around the later E6 series engines so this is new to me.
  4. Fred; Is this the later block Glenn mentions that had the Allen socket screws installed? Wouldn't have a photo or snippet from a manual would you? I only have much older publications and literature. Photo from ebay of a 1986 EM6-300 engine block. This one appears to have the AMBAC pump mounting pattern and I've never seen a block with the two plugs at the top of the pump drive gear area? Thanks,
  5. Let's all go "Green":
  6. Hi Steve and thanks for your input. I left working on trucks in 1983 and technology was changing quickly. The 4V heads were brand new and I've not worked on a single one other than routine service, (LOF) etc. I have a good 300+ engine minus a good pump which is plain worn out. I would like to install this engine into another B61 I have but it would need to have the pump replaced, or rebuilt. Sheid Diesel whom is somewhat local to me makes injection lines and I'd probably go with those if I can get the pump upgraded. Thanks,
  7. Looking back through some of the postings of years ago, I do see where AMBAC was installed onto the 4 valve engines. Haven't seen this myself but maybe this was more common than I'd thought. I'd really like to swap one of my engines to the Robert Bosch pump if possible as parts are NLA for the AMBAC installed, and the governor is shot.
  8. Never seen any AMBAC on a 4V head myself. Back in 1983 when the 1984 trucks were being built and the four valve heads came out, all new trucks had Robert Bosch pumps installed I seen. I was doing a lot more shortening that stretching in those days as the dealer always ordered the trucks in very long for cutdown to customer spec. Usually the engine speed cable ran right to the injection pump arm directly but sometimes a pull type solenoid was incorporated and actuated the linkage. I'm referencing PTO throttle cable, not accelerator cable. I would like to see what it would take to install a Robert Bosch pump onto an engine that currently had an AMBAC installed as parts are getting scarce for the AMBAC style.
  9. I don't think the four valve E6 engine had an AMBAC, (American Bosch) injection system. I think they were all Robert Bosch by the time of the four valve head system.
  10. Now worries; Hope it does some good.
  11. You're in luck!!! Rob's Scrap Yard is open for business and pays "Pennies on the Dollar" for trucks like yours. Replace both front springs. These things tend to follow each other quite closely in service life so save yourself the future headache and address both sides while the the truck is down once.
  12. I've seen that toggle switch on the upper dash bad more than once.....
  13. They are a wear item. The black oily substance is lubrication applied to the sealing rings when the cylinders and shift mechanism were built, or rebuilt. It turns black with age. A kit from PAI is about $40.00 for the basic kit, and about $80.00 for the all inclusive of wear parts kit. I recommend the later and it is an easy repair to perform. Should take about 1/2 hour from start to finish and be sure to label your air lines to ease assembly and connections. Change the air filter cartridge too just as an annual measure.
  14. It really doesn't matter much whether the shutters are forward, or rearward of the coil; the scenario is to block airflow through the coil which removes heat. The early E6-350 engines did use a "tip turbine" type setup that preceded the air to air intercooling setups commonplace now. These used a combination of water, and air in the cooIer housing. I think in 1982 the air to air started being released and the hoods were lengthened to accommodate the cooling coil.
  15. I can't comment on a 90MPH road speed as it is asking/begging for problems and someone, or something to get hurt. 75MPH in a medium duty chassis on smooth interstate is plenty fast and easily attainable. The 1999 4900 Lo-Pro truck I purchased new was 240hp, Spicer 6+1 trans and I cannot remember the rear ratio. It would run about 77MPH fully loaded with four cars on the bed and stinger consistently on flat pavement. The truck was comfortable too with rear air suspension and air driver's seat.
  16. Anywhere over/above 220hp and those trucks perform well with a DT-466 engine. They also do pretty well on economy too.
  17. Sorry Brian to have missed you. Would have enjoyed visiting. I met a gent at the Wal-Mart to look at his vehicle for sale as it was a common place to meet. Next time I'm in the area I'll be sure to call. Rob
  18. Sounds like your steering gear is past worn out. Almost sounds like a shock load to the suspension causes the pitman shaft to jump a tooth in it's mesh with the mating gearset. Another shock load causes it to jump back. If this is the case you best cease operating the truck before somebody gets hurt, or worse.
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