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  1. Any kind of "cold enrichment" type solenoid or transmitters in the system? If it's a consistent time before the symptom reveals it's appearance, the problem is usually something related to input sampling. Does the symptom show only after initial start and is gone till the next engine start several hours later, or if the engine is shut right off, will the symptom reappear again after restart?
  2. Rob

    Putin, the Internet and Vlad

    Ya'll need to chase good lookin women like "Momma" here: The photo was just after she got them new glasses going from the old "Cat Eyes" style, to this new fashionable pair
  3. Rob


    The ladder is/can be hydraulic optioned and swings up and clear. Friend of mine designed that right here in Peoria. It works well.
  4. Not very common then in the early years. My 1976 TS-442 manual does not make mention of the ETAZ673A, or/nor B series, but I do have a supplement for the engine dated 1979 given to me by the St. Louis Mack dealer whom alluded the engine was new for that time? The same manual makes mention of the ENDT-676, but the same series from 1975 does not? My 300+, (ETAZ673A) is a 1980 model and original to the chassis.
  5. Rob

    My, how times have changed:

    Price Drop and it's now more affordable. Better get it while it's hot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-BLACK-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-BOOK-ZINE-MACK-B-MORANT-PRIVATE-VINTAGE-CULTURE-Art/233129245532?hash=item364795fb5c:g:jWQAAOSwBqZb2PT1
  6. Maybe would should have some current politicians, and justices look into this book: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-BLACK-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-BOOK-ZINE-MACK-B-MORANT-PRIVATE-VINTAGE-CULTURE-Art/233123326208?hash=item36473ba900:g:jWQAAOSwBqZb2PT1 Seen it on ebay looking for a set of drive pins for a Mack flywheel and Spicer clutch after having it machined.
  7. Hard to say Joe. Back in those days "just in time" inventory wasn't the way everything was done with no stocking of parts so the engine could have been built and stored till a larger bulk shipment was sent to Mack Trucks for assembly, or the series truck was in line to be built? I've seen lot's of engines with casting dates one or two years prior to the actual installation into a chassis knowing the chassis from new. It was also fairly common to have a truck built in one year and titled as the following year much the same as they've done cars. They "used" to title trucks according to the year in which they sold, not built, as we've seen this in several iterations over the years.
  8. I have books with that transmission listed but have never seen one in person. It is basically a TRDL-107 with something slightly different giving only seven forward speeds. Looking in the parts breakdown for that trans, there is nothing listed that differs from the TRDL-107, or TRDL-1070. It appears all parts are interchangeable from the diagrams I have. It is possible something is not used in the seven speed variant however or the gearsets are arranged different on the shafts?
  9. But they have to be looked over as part of the "pretrip" every day. They run dry and don't last very well at all from a leak.....
  10. The ENDT-676 came out in 1976 IIRC for either the 1976 model year, or 1977 model year. Mack dealer brought a new one out to where I was working and I asked him if it ran hotter than the 237 engine as I thought it had an additional radiator. Nobody laughed as they thought the same thing till it was explained to us. The original ENDT-675 engines were 906 foot pounds torque and the ENDT-676 was a whopping 1080 foot pounds!! Both produced maximum torque right at 1200 rpm. Both engines were a significant step up in power from the T673C, and 673E series. It seems the END673E series engine was about 540 foot pounds at 1400rpm, and the T673C engine was 700 foot pounds at 1500rpm. Used to put a lot of duplex, and quadraplex transmissions replacing the TR-107 five speeds and recalibrate the governors as the driver's just didn't like the Maxidyne power layout. Was expensive on transmission maintenance behind those engines but I wasn't involved with the actual rebuilding, just replacing. I'd swap a trans and tack together the driveshaft, then pull it sending it into the driveline shop for finish work and balancing. The 200, and 300 series transmissions are after I finished working on trucks so have known hardly anything about them. Completely forgot the other conversion that was popular was a Fuller RT, or RTO-9509B with the "F" style top cover dependent upon axle ratio and tire size. This allowed placement of the shift handle further forward in the case. A small nine speed nowadays, but worked well in that application.
  11. I know I have a sliding 5th from a 79 Cruiseliner. I took it free from the cutoff last spring. Don't know anything about the 5th wheel itself but the slider tracks are bad from rust. It is currently buried on my scrap trailer but I need to unload the trailer until prices rebound a bit. The guy was using it till he junked the truck but I don't know about the sliding part. I'll get it off the trailer and give a look to ascertain if it's worth working with. I get to Lititz, PA every now and then for Gerhart's Mack Meet and will probably be there in October with my current water truck which may not be the same then.
  12. I've always kinda thought Mack dropped the ball on that one when in the design stage. The Maxidyne concept was more for the flat and off road scenario's I've always felt but why wouldn't human nature push it into other arenas? With the early ENDT-675 engines barely breaking into the 900 foot pounds of torque, the gearing step from forth to fifth gear, (direct) was far too coarse. Running into the bottom of a hill flat out and waiting so long to downshift really put the engine at a disadvantage in my opinion. Now city traffic, or vocational use they were great and performed well. Driver's liked dump trucking and P&D operations in cities as there was a lot less shifting involved but as stated into the hills, they lost favor fairly quickly. I like a triplex myself if not a Fuller due to the percentage ratio between the gearing. Quadraplex is nice for slow speed and probably the best for dump truck type work. Hard to beat an 18 speed Fuller nowadays however. JMO
  13. Rob

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    Hi Joe, yes I would like to have it for my 80 R-612 which has a 300+ engine. I'll PM you an email address to keep the spammers from loading me up. Thanks, Rob
  14. Rob

    Needed: Mack TRDL725 Unishift Transmission

    A 67 series, most likely, yes. However, it could also be a triplex, or quadraplex too as a duplex wasn't the only option.
  15. Rob

    The Best of AOC for now

    I think she'd be a lot more attractive if she's learn to keep her effn mouth shut till she knew what to talk about, and what's a waste of time. Long term she'll probably be one of those that rides the hills and valleys ultimately throwing in the towel frustrated as nuthin moves fast enough; or is caught up in some unsavory activity becoming the media's next circus act. She already has the start on the circus act part.
  16. Rob

    CB Disgust

    I'll have to see if any I have still work. Haven't been turned on since 2005 when exiting the hauling market.
  17. Rob

    12 speed selector rebuild.

    I rely pretty heavily upon PAI for a lot of things but my local representative is a big help too calling me when he knows someone with an older Mack has something for sale. I've never had a problem with quality issues from their parts either.
  18. Rob

    12 speed selector rebuild.

    Don't know about clearance for a newer truck but the TRDL-107, and TRDL-1070 in my trucks were easy to get at as the cabs are raised from the frames quite a bit. The 10, and 12 speeds are very similar to rebuild but you have one more cylinder to contend with. I'd rebuild the selector at the same time as it's a maintenance item and will probably start leaking once it gets full air pressure against it too. The PAI kits are just as good as OEM at considerable less cost.....
  19. Rob


    I typically email photos to myself then use the desktop computer to upload as I couldn't get my cell phones to work in this application.
  20. Rob

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    Never was an ENDT-676 engine rated at 237hp. That was an ENDT-675 series. I believe all of the ENDT-676 series were good to build additional performance into but some of the ENDT-675 would give problems. Main saddle cracking from block twist was one problem. The ENDT-676 series was Mack's first foray into intercooling to up horsepower ratings with the first ones being about 1977. I remember them new but was just starting to venture into a short tenure of being a truck "mechanic". I ceased that type work full time in 1984 so anything later is just passing knowledge to me. Never was around the four valve E6 series as example. Never have worked on one.
  21. Rob

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    I can see that being advantageous these days but back when that engine/trans combination was a staple on the roadways, it was what it was and accepted. Back then 300hp was a real "hot rod" too. Used to be install AMBAC ADB 155M 169-7 injectors, (which you should have if original) and recalibrate the pump to APE 6BB 110T 6718 +15% and get just shy of 350hp reliably out of an ENDT-676 engine often. If you go with the later water cooled intercooler you could even get a bit more but be careful as the bottom end was stressed at those power levels in the ENDT, or E6 variants. A driver with a cautious foot would have no problems but a real "seat jockey" and the engine wouldn't last.
  22. Company I worked for in 1978 had an R model dump truck with the 864V8 with twin turbochargers. I worked on it a bit but it was repowered shortly after I started as it didn't run consistent and the engine sold to someone for parts. It never blew up, just was getting dragged back to the shop for something and then parts weren't supported very well with extended wait times.
  23. Rob

    Needed: Mack TRDL725 Unishift Transmission

    I would agree. The flat top bolt on cover access plate is common to the TR-67 series where the TR-72 series does not have this flat plate. Circled in yellow: TRD-7225 "Unishift": TRD-67 "Duplex" as I don't have a "Unishift" photo: The smaller transmission was common in the single axle tractors in those days. "Monoshift" was the term when behind a gasoline engine, "Unishift" when behind a diesel from what I've seen and read. Photos are from my 1965 B series service manual.
  24. Rob

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    An inexpensive cold water only pressure washer at about 1500psi does a good job of cleaning radiators from the backside without folding over the fins. That is a very often neglected area to keep clean. I like a nine speed behind a "Maxidyne" myself with the rpm's turned up. It seems to still allow you to have the low end "grunt", but not be forced to downshift to keep the rpm's up. In the ENDT days of the Maxidyne, this allowed you to stay with traffic better too. I've never had an engine with a Jacobs brake myself.
  25. Rob

    Chinese Truck Tires

    I have 11RX24.5 Kumho's on my R-612. Had the truck up to almost triple digits and they are smooth and have worn fine. Still have plenty of tread but going to change them citing age. If for some reason I don't go with the Triangle brand, I would most likely go with another set of these. https://www.otrusa.com/product/11r22-5-16pr-kumho-kma03-tl/ https://www.otrusa.com/product/11r24-5-16pr-kumho-kma03-tl/

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