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  1. From what I have studied and have been told the production years of the VMAC Generations are as follows: VMAC I - 1991-1995 ( These models had 2 ECMS, a vehicle control module and a FIC module) VMAC II - 1996-1997 ( This model was basically the VMAC 1 but streamlines into 1 ECM) VMAC III - 1998-2003 (E-TECH Unit Injector Engine) VMACIV - 2004-2007ish? Up until 1997 a full mechanical E7 was still available upon special order I believe. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. Vmac3 has a good explanation of this in one of my posts here:
  2. Upon inspection I found the plastic water trap in front of the cab is cracked. If water gets around this can it end up in the cab? I attached a picture
  3. Hey fellas, after a day or two of some heavy rain in Southern Illinois I went out to move my CH around the yard and found an uncomfortable amount of moisture in the passenger floorboard. No puddles of water on the floorboard but it is definitely soaked on the passenger side. It seems to be wet in the very front right corner of the truck as well near the firewall. This has me pretty concerned since the VMACII module is mounted right in front of the passenger seat on the firewall. Without doing any extensive searching it looks like the only place the water could be coming in from is the do
  4. What's the difference between the EM7 engines verses the straight E7 engines? I thought the EM7 designated that it was a mechanical engine (hence the "M") but our mechanical engine tag says it's a straight E7. What is the EM7 engine?
  5. I have never ran an Eaton 18-Spd and have always wondered how they perform compared to the Mack 18-Spds. Are their designs similar? Which ones last longer? Is one more heavy duty over the other? Which one do you like better? Also, could someone explain how the T318 and 2180 transmissions differ?
  6. I have heard rumors that the Mack T2130 transmissions are the same transmissions as the T2180's and that you can convert a 13-Speed Mack to a 18-Speed just by changing the shift knob in the cab. Is there any truth to this?
  7. Thank You very much VMAC3! I have been searching for this exact information for a week and nowhere on the web can I find any literature or history on the E7 engine. I have just purchased a 1997 CH613 Gold Dog Mack with the E7-400, T2130 13-SPD, and 3.78 Mack rears. The truck has 425,000 original miles. I believe that the engine is a VMAC2 but I have not ran the VIN or engine serial number to verify that yet. It is by far one of the nicest 23 year old trucks I have ever seen. I should preface this with we have owned a 1996 CH613 with the Full Mechanical E7 for over 20 years now. It
  8. Can someone please give me somewhat of a detailed history of the E7? I'm more concerned with the how the fuel system has changed over the years it was produced. (From full mechanical to full electronic controlled)
  9. Can anybody give me somewhat of a detailed history of the E7 engine? I'm more concerned about how the fuel system on the engine changed over time. I'm aware that a full mechanical engine was made and that a ECM controlled engine was made. However I've recently found another model for sale that uses the mechanical fuel injection pump but utilizes what looks like a electronic stepping motor to run the throttle. We have a full mechanical E7 in our fleet and we're convinced that it is the best engine to ever roll off of Macks assembly line. I would just like some history on how the E7 changed over
  10. How many total miles were on the truck/engine when you had the camshaft replaced?
  11. Not that I am aware of, the seller said that it did not have any egr garbage. I have not personally seen the truck, it is located about 600 miles away from me. The truck has 245,000 original miles.
  12. The truck has 245,000 original miles. It has been in the oil field industry in the south. Mack 18-speed with Mack Axles. Super clean and straight truck from what I can tell
  13. I am looking to buy a 2003 CH613. The seller claims that the truck has a 460 E-tech engine in it. I know virtually nothing about the electronic Mack engines and was wondering what issues (if any) you guys have had from these engines? Also how do these engines perform compared to the mechanical E7? We currently have a fleet of five trucks, only one of which is a Mack with a mechanical E7 in it and it will run circles around our 450hp Cats.
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