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  1. Hello gents, aside from contacting my dealer directly, could anyone point me in the right direction of where I could get a VMACII 427 ECU file? I have all of the service hardware & software needed to install the program but I am missing the actual file itself to load into the truck.
  2. Does anyone here know of a reliable source from where I can download and/or purchase the V-MACIII Service Software? Also, does this software work with V-MACII?
  3. Yes it has a gray plug on the back of the pump. That very well could be a possibility
  4. Update on the situation: I re-installed my Blixxton and changed my fuel filters and I have absolutely no change in the situation. At maximum, my boost pressure is 29psi where as before it was pushing 33psi sometimes 34. The condition that I experienced at the intersection a while back doesn't support that it has a boost leak however I'm not ruling out that possibility, that's what I'm going to look for next actually. That day, I very clearly felt the throttle go to about half throttle and suddenly back to about 95% throttle without my foot ever coming off of the accelerator. This has me thinking it is a issue inside the electronic system of the fuel control. I did verify that my throttle pedal position sensor is working correctly. That's about all that my tooling will do unfortunately, I can't read any other ECM data regarding fuel control. I wish I had an actual VMAC2 reader to help the situation, my local mack dealer doesn't have one anymore
  5. Where is the torque limit switch located?
  6. Hello Gents, I have a 1997 CH with a E7-400 VMAC2. I have a Blixxton module on it. When I first installed the module the boost pressure would build up to 34psi. A little while ago I was taking off from an intersection and I had the truck at full throttle. I suddenly felt the engine go to about half throttle ( with the the pedal still all the way to the floor) and right to back to full throttle again except now it will not build over 28 psi of boost. My first thought was my Blixxton module went bad and caused something to go screwy. There was also absolutely no difference in performance between the 3 different settings on the module where as before there was a significant difference. With my Blixxton module still under warranty, I sent it in for a warranty claim. A few weeks later I received my original Blixxton module back with a test result showing that it was functioning as it it should. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there is now a mechanical issue with the fuel rack inside the pump or if there is an electronic issue somewhere. The truck is not showing any active codes. I was going to plug into it sometime soon and see if the throttle pedal position sensor is working properly. Does anyone else have any thoughts?
  7. On the title it lists the VIN Number as: DM685S9399
  8. Can someone tell me what were the production years of the Maxidyne 237 & the E6. I'm looking at a 1972 DM model and the owner doesn't know what engine it has. I'm to figure out by year possibly
  9. When were the Maxidyne 237's and E6's produced? I'm looking at a 1972 DM and the owner doesn't know what engine it has.
  10. Hey Joey, I'm curious what tools do I need to change the governor setting from Min-Max to All Speed? What's the difference between the two settings?
  11. I'm running one of these as well, from a factory 400 the maximum setting is definitely noticable but not significant. The blixxton module seems to help with maximum fuel rack position rather than quicker response.
  12. How would I go about doing that?
  13. Is there anything that can be done to improve the throttle response on a VMAC2 engine? The truck has tons of power but it just seems like it takes a long time to build boost as compared to other engines I've ran. I know mack programmed these engines so they wouldn't smoke but I was just curious to know if there's anything that can be done to open up the throttle sooner?
  14. From what I have studied and have been told the production years of the VMAC Generations are as follows: VMAC I - 1991-1995 ( These models had 2 ECMS, a vehicle control module and a FIC module) VMAC II - 1996-1997 ( This model was basically the VMAC 1 but streamlines into 1 ECM) VMAC III - 1998-2003 (E-TECH Unit Injector Engine) VMACIV - 2004-2007ish? Up until 1997 a full mechanical E7 was still available upon special order I believe. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. Vmac3 has a good explanation of this in one of my posts here:
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