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  1. How many total miles were on the truck/engine when you had the camshaft replaced?
  2. Not that I am aware of, the seller said that it did not have any egr garbage. I have not personally seen the truck, it is located about 600 miles away from me. The truck has 245,000 original miles.
  3. The truck has 245,000 original miles. It has been in the oil field industry in the south. Mack 18-speed with Mack Axles. Super clean and straight truck from what I can tell
  4. I am looking to buy a 2003 CH613. The seller claims that the truck has a 460 E-tech engine in it. I know virtually nothing about the electronic Mack engines and was wondering what issues (if any) you guys have had from these engines? Also how do these engines perform compared to the mechanical E7? We currently have a fleet of five trucks, only one of which is a Mack with a mechanical E7 in it and it will run circles around our 450hp Cats.
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