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    I'm a simple man..a student working my way through life you could say, I like spending time with my family..especially my grandchildren. My work is my hobby, I do earthwork in the summer and plow snow during the winter months. Retirement isn't in the cards as of right now, even though I could start SS after January 2018, I still feel like I have a few years of productive living left in me.

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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Yessir, she's a beauty!
  2. That's their desired end result......So far they're batting 1000.
  3. Well that's an easy one....No.
  4. Pictures of the Week

  5. Where's Vlad?

    Good God man! seek help, there has to be SOME miracle treatment that would allow you to enjoy both! If not, I understand, in certain cases we have to remember what our priorities are.
  6. Funny that this is how things are in America today......I've talked to more than a few VFW's and they ALL had one thing in common, they said that if you weren't a believer BEFORE the shooting started, you dam sure were AFTER. The problem with todays politicians is, IMHO the fact that most never held gainful employment in the country which they are making these judgments on....nor ever served in the military. Both should be prerequisite before anyone be voted into public office. I myself never entered the military, I graduated from HS the same year the Vietnam war ended....the military was not a popular place to be at that time, I've regretted ever since.
  7. Clear coat B61?

    In my opinion, if you like low maintenance paint...clear coat it. If washing and polishing is your thing don't bother.
  8. Nice bit of American history, thanks for posting that up...along with the link to the photos. I wonder if anyone in that room during the development of the model T had even an inkling of what they were actually doing to the life style of American people, and really the world at the time they were doing it? I believe up to that point in time the vast majority of the US population never venture beyond twenty miles from their birth place during their entire lifetime.
  9. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    It would appear these wacko's are no longer content just causing a few deaths and injuries...they now are going for body count.......I, for one wondered how long it would take for them to target large ( sports games, NASCAR, concert) type events and when they become more available use other means of mass germs or dirty bombs, it's coming... at least in my opinion, I hope I'm dead wrong.
  10. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    Nice, classy...nothing more needs saying, IMHO
  11. NFL What a disgrace !

    Thank God wait, America elected obama...I wasn't in that camp, he has been wonderful for race relations, they are now worse than 1960's levels...maybe beyond that. I can't remember beyond the 60's. I can only hope I live long enough to see this trend reversed and things back to the levels BEFORE he came to be the CAC.
  12. What needs to be done to it besides airing up the front tires? ......and why are they both flat? Just asking because $5000.00 seems ridiculously low for a classic such as this.
  13. NFL What a disgrace !

    If these jocks want to protest this country....make em find another nation to use for their sport.
  14. NFL What a disgrace !

    I'm sorry to see he now has apologized to the Steelers for making the rest look bad. Turns out he now believes he made a mistake doing what the rest of America respected him for doing. This country has been turned on it's ear by the left. obama said he would 'fundamentally' change America....looks like he did. I'm not buying into it, I love the America I grew up respecting...and will die doing the same thing.
  15. Anyone here from coastal Texas???

    Unbelievable storm, it's hard for someone like myself to wrap my head around this much rain and no place for it to go, I live in Maine, well inland and nearly at the foot of Mtn. Katadin. 500 feet or so above sea level it could rain 20 feet here in 24 hours and the mud puddles would be gone in a day. I offer my prayers to the people in harms way of this thing. I also see the globalists are starting to blame it on climate change.....they are of course right, the climate is constantly changing, and this isn't the first or the worst storm to hit America by any stretch of the imagination, but they conveniently omit that in their rant. Noaa has had on their home page as of late that this is the 2nd hottest season on record....the HOTTEST was 1934...again, they neglected to offer this on the subject.