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  1. Why in hell would a website allow a thread like this to be posted and then give you a 10 like maximum? ....control???
  2. So sad to hear of your loss, I for one am convinced that we have a definite appointment with death and there really is no way to know when it is....and there is also no escaping it. It's the only way I can rationalize how I, and many of the people around me survived to be at the age I'm now at (61) and have watched many of my closest friends die a much younger death. Take care and stay safe out there.
  3. Dare I say He may be taking offense for the hildabeast blaming him for her epic loss? ........ Did I type that out loud?
  4. Lookin' good! It really is a blessing to see these dinosaurs brought back to life. You guys are doing a top shelf job on this one.
  5. That's not a pretty picture.
  6. Sorry that had to happen but......If he's alright, which it sounds like he is. I agree with whoever it was that said he is better off with total destruction than partial. He can be in a new truck in a few days. opposed to waiting months just to own a mechanics nightmare.
  7. Anything remarkable that you can think of, leading up to this issue? Sounds like pump issues maybe,but more info would be much help. this engine electronic? or mechanical?
  8. Thanks Ill try em
  9. I have an E6 with a jake, the activation sensor/switch on the back of the fuel pump is leaking oil out between the brass and the insulation in the center. Mack wants $175.00 for a replacement, does anyone know of an aftermarket outlet for this part? Macks price is a bit least by my standards.
  10. Ain't that the truth.......Anyone that will look at this photo and say that the one that the media spread around was taken at anytime near the time this one was is either a knowing liar or a left wing there was a difference. I don't Blame President Trump for calling them out on it, I don't like people pizzin up my back and telling me it's raining either.
  11. You two are doing a great job on that unit, It takes a lot of time and patience to make the kind of headway you are doing. It helps if you have a well equipped shop...which you obviously do. I'm anxious to see the finished product.....I like instant
  12. I agree, He's got four years rather we like it or not...Trump didn't get where he is today by being stupid, I believe he'll learn at a fast enough rate to keep ahead of the detractors, and in four years we'll find ourselves in a better place. I'll also admit I've been wrong before. I didn't vote for Trumps predecessor either time, However I did believe he could possibly be a decent commander-n-chief.....only because he was popular among the masses and I was missing something.......I couldn't have been more wrong.
  13. I do believe you have hit the proverbial nail on the head.
  14. I might add that it's important to America that President Trump remain resolute in this endeavor....and it can't hurt our cause if we do the same.
  15. I believe I understand what you are trying to say...But it is time America put it's people 1st. The global community needs to ween themselves off of US tax dollars supporting their causes ahead of our own countries needs. That, at least to me is what I heard President Trump say in his address. These events can and will be spun to suit the narrative off the author, I personally don't really care what the world thinks about that. Sadly enough, the liberal mantra has been allowed to become thoroughly entrenched in American culture.....America voted this past November to turn away from it, nobody said it would be easy. When you have Half of the American/illegal and legal immigrants in line with the socialist's is it any wonder that they are kicking and screaming about losing their movement? After all up until 9:00 pm EST this past Novrmber 8th they believed they had ALL or most of this countries people behind them.....I blame our politicians and the alt- left wing media for that, as we know now that wasn't the case. these people are frantic and they won't go quietly. Anyone that believed they would was not dealing with reality. JMHO