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  1. A city counsel acts fast

    It seems it will take the kind of insanity we are seeing with these factions WAY overstepping the rights of American to get the average joes attention...but when they do, we get President Trumps and what ever else it takes to hold this country together and American.
  2. Pictures of the Week

    Thanks for all the pics other dog, I no longer have a like button nor a blue heart on my screen? your 'like' count will suffer for it, but do keep the pics coming...I'll figure it out eventually.
  3. Pictures of the Week

    I think if you look a little closer she was doing what is rapidly becoming one of the more dangerous forms of driver neglect on the highways and byways all across America these days.........playing with her....................................................... cellphone.
  4. A call for riots

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a's probably a duck.
  5. Pictures of the Week

    Thanks for taking the time to upload the pictures, I enjoyed looking at them, lots of history there.
  6. Since the fifth wheel hinge on a tractor is generally ahead of center of the bogies ( to put the desired weight on the steering axle) which places the back end of the fifth well well ahead of the rear axle, which still leaves ample amounts of exposed frame..... why is this even a consideration? just asking. I don't understand your concern....but don't take it personally, I don't understand many things in life. Lol
  7. Down the road pictures

    This gets a BIG thumbs up from me!
  8. Down the road pictures

    Thanks for the pics Vlad! Always nice to see what other parts of the planet look like, stay safe.
  9. Return of the Swamp Queen!

    Why in hell would a website allow a thread like this to be posted and then give you a 10 like maximum? ....control???
  10. Life is Short

    So sad to hear of your loss, I for one am convinced that we have a definite appointment with death and there really is no way to know when it is....and there is also no escaping it. It's the only way I can rationalize how I, and many of the people around me survived to be at the age I'm now at (61) and have watched many of my closest friends die a much younger death. Take care and stay safe out there.
  11. Where's Vlad?

    Dare I say He may be taking offense for the hildabeast blaming him for her epic loss? ........ Did I type that out loud?
  12. Great day!

    Lookin' good! It really is a blessing to see these dinosaurs brought back to life. You guys are doing a top shelf job on this one.
  13. Oh-no!

    That's not a pretty picture.
  14. Oh-no!

    Sorry that had to happen but......If he's alright, which it sounds like he is. I agree with whoever it was that said he is better off with total destruction than partial. He can be in a new truck in a few days. opposed to waiting months just to own a mechanics nightmare.
  15. !?!? What happened!

    Anything remarkable that you can think of, leading up to this issue? Sounds like pump issues maybe,but more info would be much help. this engine electronic? or mechanical?