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    I'm a simple man..a student working my way through life you could say, I like spending time with my family..especially my grandchildren. My work is my hobby, I do earthwork in the summer and plow snow during the winter months. Retirement isn't in the cards as of right now, even though I could start SS after January 2018, I still feel like I have a few years of productive living left in me.

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  1. I envy the people that have the time, money, installation and ambition to take on a project like this...you are doing a great job...I'm sure it must be satisfying to step back and admire your progress. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. Thank you, it's the pride of my fleet......wait, it IS my fleet, but it works everyday and does everything I expect of it. It's old and a little slow...just like me.
  3. Always best to use your local businesses when ever you can possibly afford too, local people doing business with local people as a truly Americana ring to it.
  4. How do you tell them apart?
  5. I would like to think you're wrong....but in this crazy dam upside down world we're living in you're probably more right than I know.
  6. Best of luck and prayers. Positive attitude is a big part of recovery for all of our ills.
  7. Although I don't know this man...I will pray for his speedy recovery....and that this disease is finally cured.
  8. That's a nice picture of that crack....er Mack, the tree rat on the skeet thrower was entertaining too...lol
  9. That's their desired end result......So far they're batting 1000.
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