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  1. fxfymn happy birthday....

    Happy birthday Carl. Hope you had a great day.
  2. Happy Birthday Leversole

    Happy birthday Les, have a great day.
  3. Yes it is. $1,500 OBO. Only showing partial kit in pic.
  4. Farmer 52....hits retirement age!!!

    Happy birthday Ken. Have a great day
  5. Happy Birthday mike69mackman

    Happy birthday Mike. Hope you have a great and safe day!
  6. Holy Smoke!!! Look Who Showed Up!!!

    Ken and JT. Thanks for properly identifying me. "The guy in the orange shirt" Denny
  7. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    Happy birthday Ron. Have a great day.
  8. When I bought my 1958 B 6, I also bought an original Mack rebuild kit for the engine in this truck, END 673. I have recently sold the truck and do no need this rebuild kit. It includes pistons, rods, liners, rings and bearings all in boxes and labeled. I will be glad to take pics and sent to anyone interested. I plan on going to Macungie and can take with me if sold. Denny 330.550.6020 PM
  9. Coolant Pressure Issue.

    Did you replace the two piece plastic expansion tank with the one piece metal expansion tank? Years ago Mack issued a service bulletin about problems with the plastic tanks.
  10. Philadelphia has some great historical sites. Independence Hall and Liberty Bell to mention two.
  11. Having spent my entire working career in funeral service, with the last 20 plus years owning my own funeral home, I have experienced several deaths due to improper support of a vehicle while being under it. Also, included in this is not properly supporting a dump bed while working on it. A friend of mine was killed when his bus came down on him. He was leaving for vacation and decided to check something under the bus while waiting for his wife. The bus was running and his dog was inside the bus. He crawled partially under the bus and his dog started running around trying to find him and hit the dump valve for the air. The bus came down on him and was found when his wife came out to leave for their trip. We can't be too careful when working on equipment.
  12. Hey You! Read This! Prayers Needed! 

    Sorry to hear the bad news. Will keep you in our prayers
  13. Happy birthday DCR! Ever wonder how you got that old? I do every  day! I'm always amazed how cheap retired fire trucks go for! An 87 Ford f 700 with 16000mi 3208 cat With a straight 6speed from a local retirement community's volunteer dept listed at 8700$ admittedly a non purpose built c/c,but not broken in at that mileage! Wouldn't hazard a guess at what it sold for new!Almost certainly could be had for any reasonable offer!