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    Finally bought my first Mack a project B. Going to bring it back from the dead - one nut and bolt at a time. Looking forward to the helpful advice from other members along the way.

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    No Mack no more. Sold my B20.
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  1. Or maybe yours? Or not? 18_Satin_Sheets.wma 17_Almost_Persuaded.wma 15_Stand_By_Your_Man.wma 14_I_fall_To_Pieces.wma 13_Oklahoma_Hills.wma 12_He's_Got_You.wma 11_Walk_Across_Texas.wma
  2. If you can watch this video clip without laughing, then that means you are no longer alive... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecd9dPO8BhE
  3. grayhair

    Thank you President Tump

    Respectfully Sir, I disagree with you. I know we all appreciate Barry and Watts Truck Center for hosting this site. That said, he has chosen the Forums for the site. And the Odds and Ends Forum is the 2nd most popular of all of the Forums with over 91,000 posts. This particular post was placed where it belongs, in Odds and Ends. And the title contains the words "president and "Trump" so if one does not wish to read about politics then just don't click on it. I imagine that is why there are the different Forums, so you don't have to spend time in those which don't interest you.
  4. grayhair

    Thank you President Tump

    Sometimes, even though the apple falls near the tree, it can roll out into the sun and become rotten through and through and truly stink. Take the case of famous actor Henry Fonda. Henry Fonda enlisted in the United States Navy to fight in World War II, saying, "I don't want to be in a fake war in a studio." Previously, Stewart and he had helped raise funds for the defense of Britain. Fonda served for three years, initially as a Quartermaster 3rd Class on the destroyer USS Satterlee. He was later commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in Air Combat Intelligence in the Central Pacific and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Navy Presidential Unit Citation. Now consider his offspring that rolled way left, out into the sun, and turned putrid, namely Jane and Peter.
  5. grayhair

    Dog running hot but then cools quickly...

    Yes dog has a good life as an adored family member. Interesting how her English comprehension keeps growing. Understands and reacts appropriately to the following: Sit, heal, down, lay down, shake, high five, car, ride, load up, beach, rabbit, squirrel, cat, bacon, sausage, egg. And probably understands other words, more than we know she knows
  6. grayhair

    Dog running hot but then cools quickly...

    Dog is a seasoned traveler but has a worried look before pushing back from the gate..
  7. grayhair

    Gonna make some salsa

    No prob on the big tomato, https://www.facebook.com/TomatoFestTexas/ Can't help with the onion though.
  8. grayhair

    440 chrysler

    Agree wit '41. By the way, was it a Fram filter?
  9. Yeah, we're gonna need a STEERING COMMITTEE if it gets too long...
  10. Yeah, I know, not the kinda dog you waz expecting
  11. It could go wheely far...
  12. Yeah, Peppermill is cool. about 2 miles from the salt flats. Stayed there several times during Speed week at Bonneville. And yep Ocean Deck is still there, I think, At least it was several years ago. Don't know if it survived the recent several years hurricanes.
  13. grayhair

    Good Grief! BSA! WTH is going on?!

    For many years Boy Scouts helped boys develop into respectful, well-mannered, young men. And likewise Girl Scouts helped girls develop into well-mannered, respectful young women. It is a sad day indeed that the leaders of the BSA cave in to the demands of loony fringe groups. How many Dads will encourage their sons to become a Boy Scout? And how many Moms will encourage their young daughters to go on intramural camping trips? Tee BSA should have stood their ground against the gay activists, and, if unable to prevail, they should have disbanded the organization. Sad day indeed...
  14. And Jeez, I forgot to mention a couple of wild places in Phillly. (I was there in Philly until I got thrown out of Drexel University among other places.) The Trauma, and of course The Old Electric Factory, saw The Grateful Dead, The Who, Otis Reading, etc., etc. Absolutely crazy, jam packed joints in the late '60s.
  15. Some memorable places I frequented in the '60s and have fond memories. (Is that ridiculous or what? Who remembers places you had a beer or two 50+ years ago?) 6 West, Miami Springs, FL -- Place is long gone but back in the day was jam packed with stewardesses (before they were called flight attendants. Talk about eye candy...) Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- Revolving bar atop the high-rise hotel. Definitely classy back then. The Elbo Room, Ft. Lauderdale -- Famous place from the movie, Connie Francis, spring brake antics. Still there. (Google it if you don't know about its' history.) Mac's Famous Bar, Daytona Beach, FL -- Place burned years ago but it was a nice friendly place back in the day. Gracie's, Main St., Daytona Beach -- long, long gone. Used to be 5 cent draft beer. What's not to like? The Jade Tavern, Moorestown, NJ. -- Still there with a different name now. Of't told story, famous for refusing to serve a beer to Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1950. Manager grabbed a gun and chased him off the premises. Perhaps you also recall a few notables in your life with a memory or two to share. Sorry for the stupid post - ramblings of an old guy.

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