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  1. grayhair

    Dog had a tough day

    Dog had a tough day --- at the beach in Atlantic City. Relaxing in her room at the Resorts Hotel and Casino before going downstairs to try her luck with the slots...
  2. Ah, the need for speed is relative. The guy that owns this truck would love to make 30 mph...
  3. And other lobsters will come to the memorial commenting that we need legislation so that "this never happens again." Another way to look at it, at least the lobsters got to run round for awhile rather than be dumped into boiling water. If you have any PETA friends, have them over for a beer and to watch some movies like these: https://youtu.be/wF8K-szhnWg and https://youtu.be/P_NlW1qKIxg
  4. grayhair

    Pictures of the Week

    What? Omarosa who?
  5. grayhair

    Ford Market News

    I think the real strategy is soon to be hatched at the "cathedral of knowledge" railroad station. Inept management led to bankruptcy at GM. Improbable as it may seem, a few more missteps and Ford could fail.
  6. grayhair

    It's not even safe fo eat Cheerios

    Poisonous barley? I wonder if it is making its way into the beers of the world yet? That'll help control world population growth...
  7. grayhair

    They knew over 100 years ago

    Ah yes, but we are so much smarter now. Rather than burning tons of coal we are instead producing tons of radioactive waste some of which will remain radioactive for 300 000 years. Of course that doesn't matter either what with Fukushima still gradually poisoning the ocean 7 years after the original debacle. Because there are people greedy enough (GE) and stupid enough (GE) to build nuclear reactors on geological faults our fate is pretty much sealed. Somebody please correct me and say it ain't so.
  8. grayhair

    It's not even safe fo eat Cheerios

    I like his early Browning Humpback Auto 5 shotgun. I've had mine for close to 50 years now and I have no intention of ever letting it go. Here a photo from the web of Mr. Browning and his invention, one of many.
  9. grayhair

    It's not even safe fo eat Cheerios

    Besides glyphosate, the grains themselves are not good for you either. The grains used today in commercial food production have a very different genetic makeup than the grains from a thousand years ago. If interested to learn the damage they can do to your body, read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, cardiologist. Very revealing about the role of today's grains in weight gain, celiac, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, crohn's, and a dozen other things frequently mis-diagnosed. Another interesting book although not authored by a cardiologist: Eat Bacon, Don't Jog.
  10. grayhair

    new way of living

    For those of you that find cell phone to be an annoyance, maybe you would enjoy it just a little bit if you change your ring tone from whatever it is now to a favorite song. While killing time in the hospital last year I figured out how to download some music and then added the songs to my saved files and can them make any of them to be my ring tone. (An accomplishment for a tech-challenged geezer like me.) So, my phone doesn't "ring" anymore. Instead when I have an incoming call it plays Faded Love by Bob Wills, or The Duke of Earl, or Waltz Across Texas. When you answer the call the music stops of course. You are just substituting music for the typical "ring." Easy enough to change from one song to another when you get tired of hearing it. If you need help with this, ask your children...
  11. grayhair

    Nikola Motors news

    I remain a skeptic. Designing and building battery-powered electric trucks is one thing. However, hydrogen powered is something entirely different. Obtaining the necessary federal and local permits and actually building hundreds of hydrogen generating and hydrogen refueling stations will be much more difficult in my opinion. Ask BP or Exxon about the difficult permitting process for new refineries. I think not much difference for permitting for hydrogen generation plants. Storing liquid hydrogen in tanks at 10,000 PSI. (First at the dispensing station and then a 10,000 PSI tank under the drivers seat. Uh oh...) There is some stubborn science about generating, storing and transporting liquid hydrogen.. Here is an article from 12 years ago that reveals some of the same hurdles that remain today. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a926/4199381/ Perhaps the generating, transporting, and storage hurdles will be overcome. But for now, I remain skeptical.
  12. grayhair

    Nikola Motors news

    A year and three mnths later and I'm still not seeing these fueling stations they are hyping.
  13. grayhair

    1948 ford f1

    Nice looking project. I understand the "keep it all Ford" thing. But to me, its begging for a Cadillac motor. Maybe a 472, plentiful, cheap, and 550 lb-ft. in stock form and a little bit less weight than the Ford 460. "Fordillac" was a popular thing back in the day. Thanks for posting.
  14. Duh, no kidding, really? I dunno... Buy Chrysler, sell Chrysler. Split into separate business units to become more nimble. Next step several years from now will be combining business units for synergies, etc., etc. I appreciate seeing the article KSC, but as for Daimler's business, I say much ado about not a damn thing. IMHO.

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