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    Finally bought my first Mack a project B. Going to bring it back from the dead - one nut and bolt at a time. Looking forward to the helpful advice from other members along the way.

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  1. What is wrong with people today?

    Fortnately the good people of Tennessee are willing to execute this kind of scum following a conviction. I am amazed by the people who argue that a piece of human excrement like this can be rehabilitated. You would think the states that don't have the death penalty could find something better to do with the taxpayers money rather than feed, cloth, provide dental and medical for 30 or 40 years for homocide convicts.
  2. sat night

    Nickel draft at a place on Main St., Daytona Beach, FL, in the early '70's. I think the name of it was Gracie's. Pretty tough place, several fights would break out every night and the dump was well known to the cops. Nonetheless, cheap beer and shoot pool, what's not to like?
  3. Diesel Car & Light Truck News

    So really there are two questions for the U.S. consumer: a) Did you buy a Dodge? - and b ) Have you learned anything?
  4. Veterans Day

    My heart-felt thanks to all who served in the U.S armed forces. Here is a favorite WWII video montage. Besides the video, the sound is well done too.
  5. Back in he late '60s I was working as an inside salesman at an electronic component distributor in Buffalo. The puchasing department from the local steel mill would call me occasionally and order a pallet of "D" cells. (That is one hell of a lot of batteries!) One day I asked the buyer what in the heck do you do with all of those batteries. He explained it as follows: For a time the union electricians would never do any work at all. They would just sit in the cafeteria for their entire shift. When questioned by management they all said they couldn't do anything because the batteries in their flashlights were dead. Management revised the job standard procedures such that each electrician was required to draw 2 new D cells from stores upon punching in. So every man, every shift, punch in and draw two new batteries. Unbelieveable. Back then, one of those electricians who worked day shift at Roblin Steel in Buffalo would go home at 5:00, eat dinner, and then go to his night time job as an electrician on the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. Each night he rode a train that went from Buffalo to Erie, PA, and back again to Buffalo. He was quite a bit older than me. The story was that during those round trips he slept in the caboose. Slept in the caboose 5 nights a week for 20 years and nobody ever woke him up over all that time. Just drawing a pay check working a position that the union required. You gotta love it.
  6. Microsoft Outlook Email

    ms live mail stopped working on me.
  7. Yep, them old days are gone forever...
  8. $1200 Autocar

    That Scarab looks pretty nice. I bet that thing can move out, tired engines or not!
  9. $1200 Autocar

    Yeah and the Ritz Laguna Nigel is gonna have cable TV so I can watch "Ice Road Truckers." (No not really...) But at least I can have carrot ginger soup, truffle chimichurri, and morita glazed pork belly with my Christmas dinner. And of course the Candied Pomegranate with my desser. So with a 20% tip and if you stiff the valet, a famiy of 4 could eat dinner for about $600.00. Yikes! Raya_Christmas_2017 (1).pdf
  10. $1200 Autocar

    Yo, '41, how about a photo of that Scarab boat?
  11. There is a lot to disagree with in these writings. A lot of old news. Tyson, Sanderson Farms, and Perdue chickens are already 100% antibiotic free. And Pilgrim's Pride, #2 in the industry, is in the process of phasing out antibiotics. These writings would have the reader believe the U.S. is oblivious to the risks of antibiotic use in poultry production. Nothing could be further from the truth. Want facts? Go to the IPPE trade show held every Jamuary in Atlanta and interview the executives and scientists from all of the major producers. (I don't think the author has bothered to do this.) And you gotta love the author's effort to connect U.S. poultry production to the global warming claims. I have personally been in at least 50 different poultry plants and seen every operation from the cage dumpers, to evisceration, to the raw product tray packing , batter and breaded cooked products, frozen and out the door. And, I am completely comfortable with the entire process, humanitarian, clean, safe and IMHO nutritous. Want something to worry about? Try Fukushima leaking and poluting the Pacific Ocean, or maybe the world's largest pork producer, Smithfield Foods U.S. plants sold to a Chinese company in 2015.
  12. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    I was in Vegas last week but escaped to home on Thursday while I still had money in my wallet left over... Too bad this piece of excrement is dead already. Would have been better to string him up right there on the strip so the relatives of the victims and the survivors could stone him to death. (Those snowflakes that think this is too barbaric could simply throw flowers at him and sing to him until he is dispatched.) IMHO.
  13. Notifications

    I dunno... My screen looks like this. I think the "bell" icon is notifications that someone quoted you or replied to one of your posts. The envelope icon is to initiate or review your PMs. I guess other peoples screens look different from mine for reasons I don't really understand. Hope this helps.