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  1. Whaa? An incompetent government agency? I'm stunned. Nonplussed, taken aback. Shocked I say. Whoda thunk?
  2. grayhair


    Some fine music to say the least. I kind of enjoyed this one. I stumbled across it on YouTube when I found the Beach Boys performance I posted. I knew of Carol KIng but didn't realize all the stuff she and her ex-husband Gerry Goffin created together including this one made famous by the Chiffons. A talented couple for sure. When Neil Sedaka co-wrote the song Oh Carol, this is who he was referring to. According to the interweb, "Neil Sedaka named this song for the songwriter Carole King. They went to Abraham Lincoln High in Brooklyn, New York along with Neil Diamond. Carol (as her birth name of Carol Klein, before she picked the stage-surname of "King") first came into Neil Sedaka's life as a member of the Linc-Tones, the first group that Sedaka hustled together out of high school. Despite what impression Neil might have left, they did not date."
  3. grayhair

    Ford Market News

    What a nitwit. "but I can’t allow us to get ahead of the process." What? A secret process? Need to "get the stakeholders up to speed..." Uh, yeah, they being so dense and uninformed that is really his priority? Could maybe do the right thing, like step down...
  4. grayhair

    "BMT Investors" Bulletin Board

    $6.00 could happen.
  5. grayhair


    Incredible they can still do this 50 years later... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDZgl7H-coQ
  6. grayhair

    Ford Market News

    My grandparents despised Henry Ford because of something to do with WWII. I never asked them why, but this might explain it at least in part.
  7. grayhair

    General Motors News

    Geez, what's next? A 3 cylinder engine with twin turbos and a 24 speed transmission that gets 23.5 mpg? Just keep it. Not for me.
  8. So how much rehearsal do you think was required to get this perfect??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AXkfhqvO44
  9. grayhair

    Help in the apple orchard.

    In the old days these Winfall ladies picked apples in the day time and had other employment as entertainers at night (or so I've been told.)
  10. grayhair

    Help in the apple orchard.

    Reminds me of the small community in Russia that had an aggressive bear problem. The citizens of the community worried for the welfare of their children with this crazy bear running wild through the town. So the community fathers decide to call in a bear removal expert to help with the problem. Next day the expert arrives with his faithful dog and his trusty rifle. The dog quickly locates the bear and chases him high up a tree in the town square. The expert grins and says "OK, we got him now." The town's people are not so sure. How will he get the bear? The expert hands his rifle and the dog's leash to one of the bystanders and explains, "I will climb the tree and tickle the bear under his armpits until he falls out of the tree. When he hits the ground, the dog will rip off his testicles and the bear will bleed to death." The bystander holding the gun and the dog's leash says "So what is the gun for?" The expert says "If I fall out of the tree first, shoot the dog."
  11. grayhair

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Y'all will of course note that Jeff Flake's info wasn't posted. Libs value his support of the resistance movement. Kinda like a stupid version of McCain. I hear he regularly shines Chucky Schumer's shoes just to curry favor.
  12. grayhair

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    I don't believe her story, zero, zip. More like growing up in fancy prep school and country club life, followed by fancy degrees from Stanford and USC, and now realizes that she is not famous any isn't going to be. But wait, here is my last chance at a being on TV, on The View, MSNBC, a book deal, more TV interviews, a movie with screenplay royalties, I can be famous. I can be SOMEBODY. This is my chance. Anonymity my ass. She actually got what she wanted. Watch for her TV appearances and a book deal. My two cents.
  13. grayhair

    Dog had a tough day

    Sophia is my wife's service dog so is allowed on the plane. Wife buys a first class ticket for wider seating space and dog curls up at her feet without intruding into someone else's foot space. Wouldn't be possible in coach. Interesting to see dog go through TSA checkpoints. Dog has to stay put and watch while wife goes through. TSA requires the dog to then go through the metal detector on her own unescorted which she does and joins up with my wife on other side
  14. grayhair

    Dog had a tough day

    Thanks. Yes, Sophia is a real sweetheart. A real member of our family. Smart too. Incredible how much English language she understands. I may have posted before, one of my favorite photos of her - looking out of airplane window before takeoff, wondering what's next.
  15. grayhair

    Dog had a tough day

    Dog had a tough day --- at the beach in Atlantic City. Relaxing in her room at the Resorts Hotel and Casino before going downstairs to try her luck with the slots...

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