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    Finally bought my first Mack a project B. Going to bring it back from the dead - one nut and bolt at a time. Looking forward to the helpful advice from other members along the way.

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  1. Survey results (from 12 of my buddies) are in and it is unanimous. We all support the implementation of a new $.01 per gallon of fuel and $1.00 per tire federal excise tax provided however that the proceeds are used solely for the purpose of locating, acquiring, and crushing undesirable road trash as follows: Pontiac Azteks, Ford Aerostars, Ford Pinto station wagons Chevrolet Vegas Said taxing authority shall expire upon completion of this important public service endeavor.
  2. Glad there are LEGAL gun owners out there

    Unbelieveable. This chief of police is most certainly a friggin idiot! Kinda what you'd expect to find elected to office in this sanctuary city.
  3. Several months ago wife and I were visiting our daughter #2 and her hubby at their home in Corpus. We all went out for a birthday celebration party. Wife and I came back to the house early, about midnight and went to bed. I was sleepin' good but then was awoken later by noise of a door slamming when daughter finally came home. I rolled over and looked at the clock on the night stand. Clock said quarter 'till three. Inexplicably, that old song (from 1961) came roaring back into my brain and stuck there for several weeks. Quarter to Three was top of the charts in 1961. Turns out the saxophonist, Gene "Daddy G" Barge is still alive at 91 years old and the singer Gary US Bonds is still kicking too. I found an early version on YouTube and then a later one of those guys reunited about 5 years ago that I thought was a pretty cool video. Probably makes me a geezer if I like a song from 1961 but maybe you too can enjoy at least the revisited version. Old: Cool Revisited:
  4. Glad there are LEGAL gun owners out there

    Perp be extra stupid. Now he will miss out on years of appeals, and years of free medical and dental, weekly access to the prison law library, a state paid for sex change operation, and years of being somebodies prison sweetheart. Oh well...
  5. Maint1

    Haven't seen any posts from him in a while... ???
  6. Trump and Commerce

    In my under-educated and decidedly-proletarian point of view (to which I am so richly entitled,) anything that angers so many foreign dignitaries and elite dilettantes is probably a pretty good thing. Hell, if it works to our disadvantage Trump can unwind it as quickly as it was put into place. And start a trade war? Seriously? Trade war has been waged against us for years and finally now we fight back just a little. And the lobbyists should be delighted since now they are really needed in order to fight Trump's doings. They protest too much I think. We shall see...
  7. A new view for gun control

    I heard it reported that 38 states do not bother or ensure to report 100% of their felon convictions to the ATF or FBI for inclusion in the national background check database
  8. Somebody posted this on this site before. And I saved the photo because it seemed to me to be the best solution to the under-powered lawn tractors epidemic. just needs the mower deck reinstalled.
  9. old gear jammer

    U.S. code I think is 001 then the area code and number
  10. My old Deere lawn tractor with 18 hp Kawasaki engine and hydrostatic trans ran flawlessly for 30 years mowing 2 acres weekly. I finally gave it away 2 years ago when the front axle pivot shaft mount cracked where it was welded to the frame. Dealers wouldn't work on it because you'd have to remove just about everything from the frame to get to it. I worked on for several hours and busted knuckles and finally gave up on it. I didn't like the lighter construction of the new Deere mowers so we spent a little extra and got a Toro Timecutter 4250 with Toro's own 24 hp V2 engine. It's a zero turn and cut mowing time for our place from 3-1/2 hours to 1-1/2 hours. Way quicker. Bonus - wife actually likes driving it so I'm pleasantly retired from that task. Now, if only I could get her to like weed eating...
  11. Big guns moving

    When I was a little kid in the late '50s my Dad took my brother and me to the Philadelphia Navy yard and we were able to do a walk through tour of a battleship, a destroyer, and a submarine. The three things I remember: On the deck of the battleship was a huge projectile standing on end that was nearly as tall as I was --- the submarine was so much smaller inside than I could imagine. sleeping quarters was in hammocks, 4 or 5 hammocks above each other on both sides of a narrow aisle --- and they were getting ready to seal and weld the hatches shut and pump out the air and fill it with inert gas for long term storage or so we were told at the time. That was about 60 years ago but I'll never forget how small/tight the inside of that sub. No room for fat guys or really tall guys, only regular sized patriots... Sad to see all the navy relics gone from that yard. Both my grandfathers worked there during WWII, one an electrician, the other an accountant. 40,000 people worked there during the war.
  12. Big guns moving

    That Vulcan is one incredible weapon. Something GE invented that worked well. Hard to imagine 4 of those things firing at once. A 20 mm projectile at 100 rounds per second...
  13. Set of heavy duty cuff links and tie tack for a big, big man?
  14. Work boots

    i gave up on Red Wing several years when they discontinued my favorites.
  15. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Sound like a parenting problem. Parents that allowed a dangerous, ignorant malcontent to fester under their supervision. There's really no easy fix for bad genes and bad parenting. Kid must have a really low, low IQ. And add a stunning lack of understanding of "actions and consequences." Doesn't understand he will never drive a car again, never stroll down Main St. again, never go to a movie theater again, etc. Just be somebodies bit-h for the rest of his days. Obviously he didn't have any concept of consequences. Hard to ignore the parents role in this awful situation.