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  1. grayhair

    Pictures of the Week

    If you can hang in there and make it to 65, then Medicare is a beautiful thing. Then, when you are on Medicare, you can get what is known as a Medicare Supplement policy to pick up where Medicare stops. There are a bunch of different supplement options. I like the high deducible supplements that are reasonable cost. I pay about $65. a month for a $2600. deductible. Basically makes sure you are covered if something crazy expensive happens to you the bills don't bankrupt you.
  2. With those old GMC busses it seemed like the steering must have been about 20 turns lock to lock. Drivers really had to work to earn their pay.
  3. grayhair

    Roto brake can?

    Sad state of affairs indeed. In other news, the global climate change joke's on us. China, India, N. Korea are not worried. Giggling, they prefer to leave the worrying to us.
  4. grayhair

    Do we all really want World War 3 ?

    I call BS on Carl Schuster. "fully independent intellectual property." I don't think so. The Chinese didn't suddenly, independently have a miraculous "vision" of projectiles propelled by plasma. Rail gun technology has been around for quite a few years. I dunno, I'm guessing at least 25 years. Here's an articlre from sevral years ago and it wasn't new then. https://www.wired.com/2014/04/electromagnetic-railgun-launcher
  5. Nice .ppt slide show. Hit down arrow to start, then runs automatically. Original has nice audio but it seems no longer works. Laponsko.pps
  6. grayhair

    Chevrolet Class 4/5/6 Silverado

    These new trucks sound awesome. Then again, I'd like to have my old trucks from back in the day, my 1967 C10, C40, and C60. The C40 had over 300K miles on its 2bbl 283 and still ran well when I sold it to the next guy. Those were spartan trucks to be sure but there was nothing on them that I couldn't fix.
  7. grayhair

    Trump's appointees

    Well said!
  8. A 3 cylinder, 6 piston, diesel or gas in a F150 and 37 mpg. Maybe someone already posted on this and I missed it...
  9. grayhair

    "BMT Investors" Bulletin Board

    Eventually he will be right. In the mean time the government will just print even more money (backed by nothing) and your money will thus be worth less towards the purchase of goods and services.
  10. grayhair

    Classed as yard art in Vermont

    He could make a fortune building and selling and installing these things. Could probably sell 6 or 8 8 of 'em just in my small subdivision.
  11. grayhair

    Trump and the auto/light truck industry

    I dunno. My 2010 Toyota Highlander with 135,000 miles on the clock isn't dead yet... Just drove it from Dallas, TX to Akron, OH, to Newark, to Atlantic City, to Winchester, VA, to DFW. 3,440 miles round trip in 10 days. Didn't use a drop of oil and got 25 mpg at speeds of 75- 82 mph fully loaded with cargo + wife + dog. Only maintenance since brand new has been oil changes, 1 set of brakes, one trans fluid change, and one alternator. I'd buy a GM vehicle if I thought it would do this, but I'm no longer a believer in GM (or Ford.)
  12. Duh, obviously GM needs to hire a furniture man to head the company and move their HQ to an old railroad station. Jeez.
  13. Whaa? An incompetent government agency? I'm stunned. Nonplussed, taken aback. Shocked I say. Whoda thunk?

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