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    Finally bought my first Mack a project B. Going to bring it back from the dead - one nut and bolt at a time. Looking forward to the helpful advice from other members along the way.

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  1. TATRA Buggyra Racing - Dakar 2018

    Never seen anything like that before. Crazy....
  2. New to site from eastern Ohio

  3. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Thanks for the info!!! We have 2 of them so I started the online process to get the replacements...
  4. Didja miss this movie back in the day?

    And of course this classic...
  5. Didja miss this movie back in the day?

    Yep, good movie alright. But by my count Costner got about 13 or 14 shots with his revolver without reloading...
  6. Wow, that's some history indeed! I think you can rightly take the door slamming reception as a badge of honor my friend.
  7. Many had to sign this oath of Allegiance in order to escape the crown. My ancestors did sign in order to escape to the "colonies." You can read the oath here. It's kinda hard to read from this copy but the meaning is abundantly clear. You basically promised your very existence to the King. Oath of Allegiance and passengers lists Rotterdam to Philadelphia 1763.docx
  8. Yeah, I once had Renaults on my fruit trees, had to spray fungicide to get rid of them.
  9. Tesla Electric Truck News

    We don't need no stinking Tesla truck. Afterall, Nikola will have his 300 strategically placed hydrogen refueling stations opening up in just a couple more weeks.
  10. Flying the unfriendly skies

    Oh yeah, here's one more thing to dislike about United...
  11. Flying the unfriendly skies

    I don't know if the luggage was ever recovered, but I have it on very good authority, the Dr. is doing well, back to normal, his new teeth are good, and the settlement was in the low to mid 7 figures kind of money. Good for him! As for me, it has been over 30 years since I last flew United and there is no way i will ever do so again.
  12. So many funny scenes...
  13. Old stuff just taking up space on my hard drive. Corny? Or timeless classics? You decide. Faded Love - Bob Wills and Texas Playboys Walking the Floor Over You - Ernest Tubb Your Cheating Heart - Hank Williams 04 orig Faded Love.wma 10 Walking The Floor.wma 08 Your Cheating Heart.wma
  14. Yeah but they helped us against the Brits when we needed it and then later they gave us a nice statue too!
  15. What is wrong with people today?

    Fortnately the good people of Tennessee are willing to execute this kind of scum following a conviction. I am amazed by the people who argue that a piece of human excrement like this can be rehabilitated. You would think the states that don't have the death penalty could find something better to do with the taxpayers money rather than feed, cloth, provide dental and medical for 30 or 40 years for homocide convicts.