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  1. I had it listed on here for sale quite awhile back,never got the right kind of interest. Not gonna sell it to just anyone with the money.
  2. Its mine. It was one of 12 built for UPS for mountain use.
  3. Only thing that would scare me is that damn lime box,if it was a spreader very long the frame,rears,brake components,etc.are gonna have major corrosion. I'd still buy it,but I'd offer 1200 or so,maybe less, I don't know where you are but scrap is in the toilet here. My scrap buyer is paying 50/ton,but is advising everyone to hold off .
  4. Oh,I guess I didn't see where he was from,yeah I'm not going thru that hassle.
  5. I've got one out in the weeds,probably needs boiled out,but it was good when taken out,I'd let it go for scrap value.
  6. Also I've found Cascade dishwasher soap works really well for flushing.
  7. Before you put the valve covers back on take a 2x4 and a hammer,turn the covers upside down and give them a rap or 2 at the bolt holes, they have a tendency to get sucked down from tightening and don't seal the best. I've only ever seen rubber gaskets for these.
  8. Had a damn coon eat through the shift boot in one of my trucks over the winter and it shredded the door panels and back panel. Looking for a decent replacement, preferably blue,but will settle for anything as long as it matches.
  9. There's plenty of B model cabs and sheet metal around,you dont have to knock one in the head to do what you want.
  10. As far as I've seen,it was just a small group of Western F models, FS758LST I believe was the exact model.
  11. Somebody correct me if I'm mistaken but I'm sure Mack has built it's own engine since the very 1st bus in 1900. I'm sure the guy was just misinformed or confused by the fact Mack was part of the International Motor Co.a partnership of Mack,Sauer,and Hewitt,at the time. On the subject of Macks with IH engines,I have 3 that have been repowered by RD450's,a B42,a EHU,and a H67.
  12. He made a correction in the original listing stating it was a 1960,and yes all the B77's had the supercharged Cummins. There was also a B773,they had the 335 Cummins.
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