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  1. Hard to find either with the damn exporters buying them up right and left.
  2. They were actually painted that design before 1976,think it was 1970 when that design first appeared. Nothing in the serial number indicates that paint design, youd have to look up the line sheet.
  3. I dont suppose you know a way to ship the engine out of Canada without costing an arm and a leg? I need a good one for my B20.
  4. Thanks for not letting the damn exporters get ahold of it.
  5. Those front wheels are old Alcoas,the first tubeless aluminum wheels they made just had the 5 holes and they used the conventional budd studs,not hub pilot. They are a little had to find,but not impossible, I have a few .
  6. I never have fit in,been wide awake my whole life,so it ain't over for this one.
  7. Ok,wonder why he just didnt say,fire and nice ?fewer letters to type. Bet he uses the new math I heard about,too.
  8. Your phone camera sure made me look skinny and old.
  9. Good thing I guess,just hope it all dont disappear before I get back to work
  10. Nice shape 75 shipped
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