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  1. Those look like the 2 pieces behind the seats. The piece with the holes goes on top,the holes are where the passenger seat attaches to back of cab
  2. 115000 + 10% buyers premium. I don't know if they had a cap on the premium or not.
  3. Those ended u at Truck Wholesale in Wellsville. I tried to buy them before they got auctioned,they brought half what I'd offered him,but I couldn't get into the damn online auction to bid.
  4. Those are 300 Maxidynes,not a 300 plus,totally different engine
  5. Will trade for about anything Mack or feel free to make offer.
  6. Looks like a sister to mine,sounds like the same specs too,1078 main,1241 Spicer auxiliary, heavy frame.
  7. Hard to find either with the damn exporters buying them up right and left.
  8. They were actually painted that design before 1976,think it was 1970 when that design first appeared. Nothing in the serial number indicates that paint design, youd have to look up the line sheet.
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