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  1. New R model visor,message me with email and I will send pics,still can't post pics on this site for some reason. $360 + shipping.
  2. B63 was built from 54 to 58 and was basically a heavier specd B61. The B53 was built from 62 to 66 and was originally design to be a dump or mixer chassis, it had a deeper channel frame,some did come with the lip extensions on the fenders,but not all.
  3. This one was from Kansas, went to Australia after over passed.
  4. Thats an old Herman bros.truck. They pulled alot of different style tankers,im betting its been very weii used.
  5. Made from 55 to 58,4 different models made,D20,D30,D42.D44. Only 832 total built.
  6. Last one of those blanks I saw sell brought almost 300
  7. NOS heater cover for 89 to 2000 CH. 100 obo. I cant post pics here but if you want to see some,message me your email.
  8. those rims,just like anything else,were just as safe as the person changing them. Those type,and all other tube type rims for that matter,got a bad rep from inexperience.
  9. Saves time and aggravation. Different scenario slightly but I sawed up some hoods this summer just to salvage what I could. Was supposed to get 4 hoods as part of a deal,2 R model,1 Superliner and 1 Valueliner, but in the process of moving them,his hired help managed to bust 3 of them up past the point of repair.
  10. First 4 or 5 years of production, the shells were bolted to the headlight panels,and in my experience of taking apart ones that have been sitting years,they are a PITA. The later shells just had the bolts along top holding it to the radiator support,1 each side behind the hood latch,and 2 big screws at bottom holding it to the shutters. My suggestion if the fenders aren't your concern,take a Sawzall or torch. I hate to see parts get wasted if fenders are savable,but too far away for me to worry and at least your trying to save something
  11. I've got right side Bulldogs used or new,Mack nameplate also.
  12. No such thing as a good export truck. They have enough of our old Macks.
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