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  1. if you decide to part with it,maybe I can talk Mikey into getting it for me for xmas or my birthday.
  2. Crane work? That would be handy.
  3. I dont know if this will work or not, for some reason cant post pics in here anymore. A photographer friend and one of his models decided to do a calendar shot at my place. They turned out pretty nice. Anybody wanting to purchase one can contact me,they are 20 plus 5 postage. Selling these to help out with my cancer bills. https://m.facebook.com/groups/182129566444092/permalink/386783732645340/
  4. What do you have for a MB?
  5. Originally they were made for the Mack Jr.,those actually had Mack Jr.on the collar. After that they were used for ashtrays ,bumper guides,etc,
  6. Ok,you sent that to my old account. I had to make a new one when they"upgraded* this site awhile back i had trouble and had to start over
  7. Yes,serious collector in the upper midwest.
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