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  1. mislabeled or modified one of the 2,definately not Mack rears
  2. somebody got some bargains
  3. 522 built from'53 to '58,I have 3 of them,there used to be a showroom restored green one with integral sleeper here in Iowa,it went to SC I think. Did this truck comeout of Mander's yard in Lakeville?
  4. That truck was in Des Moines,too.
  5. G models are cool trucks,don't get me wrong,I love mine,but F models drove better in my opinion,more comfortable too. F models were a helluva lot easier to get in and out of too.
  6. I have a photographer friend that stops by to take pics ,always brings models with him.
  7. Had the sign painter letter my G while he was here painting the green Superliner.
  8. I'll try to get the serial # off mine,I looked once but its lightly stampedand hard to read,but it was R686ST14something.
  9. Thats the one they were using to power the rock crusher where 57BCR works. Randy Griebl ended up with it,I tried to buy it off him. I have whats left of one,they were sent to the dealers as demonstrators for the new 300 series ENDT676 Maxidyne ine 1973,the had R and F models,not sure on a realistic build figure.
  10. Got the sign painter that originally lettered truck to do it again,32 years later.
  11. He was here at my place last year picking up a transmission.
  12. can't be terribly old,because thats a recent logo,just before the latest change a few years ago.
  13. I can't believe this truck has not gotten more press and recognition ,I never dreamed one of these would ever turn up.This is truly the holy grail of the Mack truck world. Jack Mack himself probably touched this truck when new.Owned by same family since new,sent to a realative in New mexico to be used in a mine to haul ore cars,then buried in same mine when no longer needed,present generation used metal detectors to find it and dig it up for restoration,using old original photos to rebuild the body.