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  1. Couple pics from my son's wedding Sat.
  2. Superdog

    Maxidyne gearing

    ENDT676 came out in '73,followed by the ETAZ673A "300 +" in 1975
  3. Superdog

    NOS ENDT866 V8 engine tags

  4. Superdog

    Old Service Bulletin Binder

  5. I've got 3 864's that are runners,(B815,R615,&F715)and 2 more I'm not sure of,(B615 & F715),plus a twin turbo in the barn for a R719 I have that was repowered by a 237
  6. Superdog

    Old Service Bulletin Binder

    Very good for age,stamped 1927 on inside cover,bulletins up in the late 30's,lots of info and diagrams.
  7. Superdog

    NOS ENDT866 V8 engine tags

    $25 shipped in USA
  8. Superdog

    NOS in box Bulldog Ashtray

    NOS large Bulldog ashtray
  9. Superdog


    new and used,both styles
  10. there were some Western F models built with Big Al engines,this one sold on Ebay a few years ago 72 FS A-C 475 4.bmp 72 FS A-C 475 3 (2).bmp 72 FS A-C 475 1.bmp 72 FS A-C 475 2.bmp 72 FS A-C 475.bmp
  11. did they have the twin turbo V8 in '63? I thought it came later,'66 or so.. Maybe this was a test truck for the engine??
  12. never made one as far as they records go anyway.
  13. I have a EQ factory desel that they had so many problems with,Mack sent them a new gas engine to repower it.,I don't think they ever used the 672 in the EQ wasn't it 510 ?
  14. Superdog

    Superliner wanted

    got a 88 with no engine,had a E9-500,Neway with a 36" bunk in Iowa.

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