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  1. LT-RV

    guy by the name of Pat Stump owned that LT.
  2. Power steering??AC?? are you getting soft in your old age,Tom??
  3. 12 speed PTO

    Friend of mine has one for sale.
  4. That truck sold at one of the ATHS convention auctions some years back,was purchased by Shroyer's in OH as I recall.
  5. 1936 Mack Jr

    our local Mack dealer had a Mack Jr. firetruck back in the late 70's,early 80's,lost track of it when they sold it. Can't be too many of them were made.
  6. I'm starting to feel a little better,sounds like several found safe homes instead of going to scrap.
  7. Thanks again Jim,that is truly sad. I was seriously considering having an auction,but after seeing this,that won't happen in my lifetime. I'll just sell my stuff privately as I can and the damn doctors can pound sand.
  8. I sure hope you left a 0 off the end of that price.
  9. Thanks Jim,hopefully they went to good homes. If you have anymore prices wrote down,would love to see what some of the rest brought.
  10. Thanks for posting those,wish I coulda been there,bargains for sure. Did you get price on the D and the H models ?
  11. B side window visors?

    I have one,can't remember if it's for right or left door.
  12. B side window visors?

    they used to make them for B models
  13. Anyone go to big auction today in NH that could share some pics & prices ?
  14. 1986 Mack COE

    I've never seen a cab like that,wonder if its been shortened or did Mack offer a short bunk MH cab?