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  1. can you post a pic,that link doesn't show up for me,,I have a '69 parts truck.
  2. Superdog

    Mack A40

    $1000,1500 tops if you get it running
  3. Someone was really proud of that once,I'd be proud to own it.
  4. Had a guy call me yesterday needing parts for an older Mack,(2002)because dealer said parts were NLA,wiring harness for ECM. Guess I'm going to have to start making room for CX's in the back yard,now.
  5. a '89 would have had a chrome,bobbed ear dog with 87931 patent #,you'll have to have someone smarter than me explain why the patent # was changed to a registration #,that happened within last 20 yrs.roughly?
  6. Art Robinson had a AC with an auxillary trans. It had been repowered with a 4 cyl. Cummins,and would run down the road 70 mph.
  7. Are you going to work it everyday,or just a toy? If its just going to be a hobby truck,chances are pretty good it will hold up fine.
  8. nothing B model is worthless
  9. I doubt if he brings more than a couple,since they are on call 24/7
  10. Here's his B67 rollback,it has a 237 and a quad,and his Superliner with a Cummins. He had a' '78 Superliner with a 60 in. Bentz sleeper,but its out east somewhere now. The trailer is his billboard in front of his shop,the "pickup"was one of his Dad's old wreckers,now Cummins powered,and another of his B61's,this one is a single axle,237 power if I remember right,he has another sleeper cab with a wrecker body,but only pic I have of it is really blurry
  11. this is his personal truck,it has a 300+ with a quad,and Neway air ride. Pic taken at my place last June.
  12. belongs to my buddy Mike Shaffer from Springfield,IL,,one of 5 working B's in his fleet.Pretty sure this one has a 250 hp 673C,they all have quads.
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