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  1. the Cruiseliners with the square grille and updated interior were built at Macungie
  2. Mike Gully,Gully Transportation,Quincy,IL
  3. check the buttons & springs in the transfer pump
  4. After several years of searching,finally scored a Western hood with radiator access door,fresh from CA via the ATHS relay system.
  5. wish they would,best lookig flaps Mack had
  6. frames good,could use a sanblasting,but no cracks or bad rust jacking between rails
  7. sorry,no,looking for a pair myself
  8. depends on how good you want,pm me
  9. its not going anywhere until the ground dries up enough to get something close enough to tug it out of its ruts,seems like it has to rain everyday.
  10. yep,a friend of mine is working on the brakes for me,has one thats hanging up,I've never messed much with wedge brakes but he seemed to think it wouldn't need much.
  11. I'll see if I can get my daughter to take a video,but not til I get the dual 4 in.straight pipes on it
  12. cab is real nice,interior needs some tlc
  13. yes it is then a local Co-op had it.,only showing 207k miles,I'm guessing its actual. EM6-300 with a 5 speed. Gonna need some TLC and a real good interior cleaning,but really solid.
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