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  1. Really just need a door or two lol hopefully somewhat close but thanks
  2. Hi guys looking for a r model passenger door Doesn't have to be perfect but a complete 1 would be nice but not a deal breaker Thanks in advance Central IL here
  3. It's a frac tank used to hold water and fluids in gas storage fields and oil fields
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! Here's another 1 of mine!!! 98 E7 400 18speed
  5. Thanks 1980 6 speed air shift 300 in it Bought from local Township very low miles runs like new
  6. I live south of Chicago but I figured this is as good as place an any to post 1 of my macks let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place thanks
  7. I had an 1985 359 with a factory 475 and it started and ran great had power for days! sold it last year to a local farmer he loves it!!!
  8. I'll round up some pics of the ones I have and used to have. I'll just have to find out where to post em lol thanks for the warm welcome
  9. Hello everyone been enjoying all the pictures and all the important info on this site for a while thought it was time to join!!! Can't wait to join in the conversations!! And share some pictures of my macks!!
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