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  1. I passed it on to my Dad thinking he would be all over it, but he wasn’t.
  2. Our new Pete’s with the 15 liter Cummins have been great also.
  3. Ours are baffled. We can haul 52k in the tank which like 4650 gals. The tank pictured is a 5000 gal, when loaded is about 6-8 inches down from the lid. It pulls decent, but our 6200 baffled tank pulls better.
  4. We haul liquid fertilizer in them. It’s an old food grade tank that we stripped the outer skin and insulation off of to cut weight.
  5. I was running one of the Pete’s this weekend.
  6. Sir, would you still have, or know how to purchase a LH and a RH Windshield for a 1978 Mack COE? Thank You 281-830-7206

  7. The cowl on the front of the cabs are different, making it not work.
  8. Oh, and fun with electricity. Cant beat it. I have gotten more comfortable with it since I have been working with the ready mix plants.
  9. Agree on having the right spec’d truck. We got guys that borderline fight for the truck with the arm rest on the right side of the seat. 🤦🏻
  10. Wilbur that posts here. Lean,Mean, tonnage machine
  11. Mack powered OshKosh front loads are a thing
  12. We had this happen at Ritchie Bros while we were there picking up a truck. We drained the air and we aired it up off one of the other trucks and she came to life.
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