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  1. storkmack

    Peterbilt Model 567 Walk-Around

    No Anthems, and we are pleased with the Pete thus far. X15 with an Endurant trans. I wish I could post pictures, it really is a nice looking truck.
  2. storkmack

    Peterbilt Model 567 Walk-Around

    Our second 567 is on order....
  3. storkmack

    General Motors News

    When the pickup box rusts out, I will diffently be looking at a flatbed for the Power Chevy. That’s what my kids call my work truck.
  4. storkmack

    General Motors News

    I gave up on diesel pick ups for this very reason. The 6.0 chevys just run and run. I’m currently running an 03’ 2500 2wd regular cab and I love it.
  5. storkmack

    Chicago R models

    If I could upload pictures, I would post it.
  6. storkmack

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    You have a point. I normally tackle my day in 20 minute increments and forget what had happened in the previous 20, so all should be OK.
  7. storkmack

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Your lucky I don’t get around.
  8. storkmack

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Retire?... then who can we depend on to bring in sand?
  9. storkmack

    The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage

    Watching the full length filled in a few holes in the process. Very interesting, Thank you!
  10. We were going to spec this engine in our Pete. The reason we did not, was that we didnt want the first year in the market for it. We went X15 with the Endurant and the weight savings was not anything to get excitied about.
  11. I'm still giggling. and all that fancy stuff doesnt make them come in on time, or for that mattter every work day!
  12. storkmack

    Daseke's buys Builders Transportation

    And the Big get Bigger
  13. Our new Pete has the Endurant. Will report on it once we get it on the road.
  14. storkmack

    Chicago R models

    Didn’t miss us by much! Wonderful, time and what great people!
  15. storkmack

    The New International Truck Line Up

    I’m kinda digging those HX’s.

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