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  1. We are batching today, get up here with those Binders and back under the boot!
  2. We can help you with the Belt, but it would be a bit of a drive for us.
  3. When you can not respect a life in it’s most innocent stage, how can you respect life at all? My oldest son and I marched in DC 2019 at the March for Life, it was a wonderful experience. This year our family marched in Chicago for the same cause. How you treat the innocent and helpless is what matters most.
  4. That style of fuel tanks are on our mixers
  5. Looks like Arnold Ready has a few old gems.
  6. I remember going down there with my Dad when I was a kid. So long ago, that I don’t remember where they were, but I do remember the name.
  7. No offense to ours neighbors to the south, but the iron looks a bit tired down that way.
  8. Too sad to have it come to that.
  9. Any back story on Wolfmeier? Judging by these pics they do a little bit everything with some older iron.
  10. I know the guy that ended up with the eagle truck. He was trying to sell it the last I knew.
  11. He never called me back to set up a time to view it.
  12. I called about that bus spoke with the guy that owned. He was supposed to call me back when his schedule opened up. Never heard from him again.
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