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  1. The one I'm talking about Geske and Sons had. It's the one Mike was talking about.
  2. When I first got my CDL I ran with the truck Ranchhopper is talking about. It kept up, or didn't pull away from my 84' ex-Plote R model 300,6 sp, 4.17 rears.
  3. I have always been partial to the 4200/4300's
  4. That would have been my brother, north bound and down for Arlington Heights!
  5. Our axle forward Granites get around great
  6. They could turn on a dime and pick up change.
  7. We had an 89', 300hp with a 2060 behind it with 5.02 rears on taper leaf. It was just a nice running truck. We sold it when the economy took a dump, along with the 85' Value-Liner. Wish we had them now.
  8. Personally, I believe that the RB was the most under utilized truck in the Mack line up.
  9. Drivers door has a small "notch" in the bottom of it to fit into the the cut out in the rocker panel. Passenger door has no holes for the mirror bracket, because it is mounted to the cab. I think both of those things can be dealt with quite easily.
  10. My experience is, the lack of wanting to work to provide for yourself has no boundaries. Race, creed, sexual orientation, does not define who will show up everyday, and on time. We have given many people a chance over the years and some are still working with us, and a lot of them couldn't make the grade. The age group I'm personally the most upset with Is the 45-60. Too young to retire, been doing it to long(burned out), too old to start a new career. There is so much talent to be had, but they are so hung up on the crappy Economy of the late 2000's early 20teens. We all suffered through it, get over it. Yeah, you can't go to your cabin on the weekend, nor afford all the other toys you had (you couldn't afford them then either). I could tell you story after story about people not giving a damn about they work or live their life.
  11. Our mixers are stickers, but the road trucks are hand lettered and pin stripped by Ed Covarrubias
  12. We have some Harry W. Kuhn B model pics hanging up in lunch room at work. I should get them scanned and posted.
  13. I gave up on MATS a few years ago. We were in the market to buy multiple flatbeds and went to MATS to see multiple manufactures and discuss our custom trailers. Spoke to a couple different reps, exchanged ideas, specs, concerns and contact information all to never hear from any of them. I think the reps get burned out talking to tire kickers who want to see shiney trinkets. The reps the truck manufacturers have out there are just as bad. They seem to only know the basics at best.
  14. We had an 01' Impala that we had bought for an extra car. My kids named it the "Business Car". Bought it with 90K miles, put 40k miles on it over 4 years doing nothing but routine maintenance. We sold it to a guy I work with, and he's put 30k miles on it and just had to do the trans. All together a damn good car.
  15. That was awesome. Had a lot of miles with my Dad growing up. Running forklifts, tarping, strapping, and fixing on trucks was cool Shit and Dad showed us how to do it. What am I saying, Dad still shows us how to get it done. The bonus was that he always had a hole in the wall hot dog joint that he knew he could park a truck at. I'm bringing my boys up the same way, I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.