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  1. Not us. I’ve seen Berkley pulling your guy’s trailers before.
  2. We have a couple "modern" IH 9200's cheap power we bought when the 2012 Mack's were killing us.
  3. Arrived as promised. Thank you again. The problem now is that packages may come to you, from here.
  4. 1. B model fire truck at Hometown Christmas last weekend 2.#64 with a van trailer I bought 3. Berkley RD with a UPS trailer 4. #64 on a lowboy today 5. #53 and doing an overnight GenSet move for a customer to downtown Milwaukee.
  5. I don't care what I hear about you, you are all right! Enjoy the Grand Daughter. My mother has had some medical issues here as of late. We all realized how precious our time is here and to not take it for granted.
  6. They would look awfully nice in the yellow truck.
  7. Stark colors in an International stripe scheme, what’s not to love about it?
  8. 66DC75, I agree with your comment about the age of the Grain Truck.
  9. Well said! Shortage of people wanting to work for sub par wages.
  10. We have a painted one off of a Value-Liner mixer that was rolled. Bumper is in good condition and it is waiting for the proper truck to be put on.
  11. I have been inflicted with a bug for old IH’s. Small IH’s to exact. The grain truck is a 59’ 6 cylinder 4 sp and the yellow one is a 62’ with a V8 and a 4 sp and 4x4. Yellow had a drill rig on it since new until last weekend. Let’s see and hear what you guys have out there!
  12. Well the Pete we speced was in the fall of 17’ and we liked the X15 enough that we didn’t even ask about it on the one we ordered this spring. Told them, to send another just like the last one. You know, like we used to do with Mack.
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