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  1. Bumper cars at the loading dock

    I saw a “slower” version of this and the sad thing is the fact that he started out pretty straight and square with the dock.
  2. R model no, the rest yes. Of coarse this is my opinion.
  3. Well they look dumb flat side out.
  4. Dumb question here, why do they put the flat spot of the "D" to the outside?
  5. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Axle forward with small diameter fuel tanks, aluminum air tanks, and a decent wheelbase. What's not to love?
  6. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    We are currently running 5 2012-2014 CHU's with MP8's and M drives. Love the trucks but all the issues on the emission side of the motor equal down time. So we have 2 , 00' CH's that cover for the new trucks while they are down. Parts pricing is nuts, which every brand has that problem, but if you can take the unnecessary down time out of the pictur, I think you would be ahead of it with the glider.
  7. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Looks like it here, My brother and I were the holds out for Mack, but the dealers in our area have killed our Mack spirit.
  8. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Dad started with a 79' F model in 1986 and with the exception of a few off brands we have always ran Macks. If there was a Mack glider kit availed that is where we would be at. You can't spend $130K on a truck that WILL go down and be in the shop not making revenue. Bad freight rates, rising insurance cost, and government regulation just make it not work with trucks that don't RUN. Series 60 Detroits with Allisons here, set up so a driver can't kill them is the route we are looking at.
  9. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    Bad enough to walk away from Bulldogs, insult to injury to run Cats.
  10. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    The way we are thinking of handling this situation is by purchasing Pete gliders with Detroits in them.
  11. Dodge Market News

    Absolutely love my Ecodiesel. Hope they are around and even in better in 8 years when I'm due for a new truck again.
  12. Chicago R models

    I've seen that guy tunning around this season and I think to myself. his biggest problem is gonna be paying taxes at the end of the year.
  13. Chicago R models

    Pretty sure that's an old Harry W. Kuhn trailer.
  14. Chicago R models

    Thank you, everybody takes a lot of pride in their work here.