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  1. You can buy a new one and have the same amount of downtime with it waiting a sensor that is on national back order. Build a motor, re-rail, re-box it and make some money. We are in the process of re-railing a mixer. Worth it.
  2. They were trying to make me pay for it and I told them to cram. Truck could sit there till they got sick of looking at it. All of sudden truck was ready with no charge. Even after that it was having issues and they claimed they couldn’t find anything. Traded it off about 2 months later for the 2500 with the 6.4 Hemi. I’m on The second 6.4 now and love it.
  3. Took my Eco in for something, anyways was getting 25mpg beating around local and after the visit was getting 20. Of coarse they said they didn’t do anything. Then the egr issues started. Traded it for a 6.4 hemi.
  4. Let me look. Sold it a fella I know. Waiting on pick up
  5. I’ve heard good things about those lil Chevy diesels. I had a Ram EcoDiesel and was not impressed .
  6. Forrest Gump is a fictional character, but Joe Biden is a lot like him. Always in the back ground of these big events through out history, except Forrest made better choices.
  7. I’ve only have one thing that I base the bulk of my political decisions on, how do you treat the unborn, the voiceless, the most vulnerable amongst us ? I VOTE in favor of LIFE, every time. The same can not be said about Joe Biden
  8. You didn’t have to come to this page on this site. If your response to a differing opinion is to call people “inbred”, please move on.
  9. Video. Enjoy IMG_0177.mov
  10. 318 Detroit, 13 sp riding on Hendrickson Extended leaf. Aluminum everything and in damn nice shape
  11. We took the. IH 4300, Freightliner cabover, and the Freightliner Conventional.
  12. We went, but didn’t take any pictures. Lunch was great!
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