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  1. Here’s a pic of the new trucks. The Pete in it’s Stark stripes is a year old that we spec’d out, the KW we recently bought and it’s a year old, and the the other Pete is spec’d identical to the striped Pete except they moved tank placement on it. Look at how low the mirrors are on the KW compared to the Petes. I’ve used both in the last couple weeks and cannot get used to the mirrors on the KW. I also don’t understand Pete mounting the CB antennas on the roof. Doing what we do they keep getting whacked. .
  2. 3 of ours had PTOs. But ran blowers. So I can’t confirm if the pto would engage while in gear.
  3. the Mdrive never gave us an issue with reliability or performance.
  4. The IH's are older 9200's one is an 01' with an M11. The other is an 04' with a C12 that was puked when we got it. The guys running them, like them. We have a really good IH dealer, so parts have not been an issue. I like the aluminum cabs, but dislike the how the dashes but up. in the last week I have driven one of our Pete 567 with the X15 Cummins and Endurant trans and the KW T880 with X15 Cummins an 13 sp UltraShift. I should write a review.
  5. 3 Pete’s, 2 KW,s, 2 IH’s, 4 Mack’s in the every day trucking Fleet. The Mack’s are 05’ and older.
  6. Tried talking to them twice. They want to sell you either their cookie cutter fleet truck or their cookie cutter owner operator truck. We fall somewhere in between.
  7. 3 Pete’s and 2 KW’s . And 5 MP8’s out of the yard. If anyone is counting.
  8. I wouldn’t drive that to a dog fight, even if I knew both dogs.
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