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  1. You can but, with the Mack trans case being aluminum most people mount them with a bracket to help take up some of the weight. We have them both ways and to date, I have not seen a Mack case crack.
  2. We ran a Biko and a Jiffy stick boom for awhile. Our main thing is the Princeton forks on the back of the trailer. Block company we haul for used to run a bunch of Steelmasters and a handful of Palfinger knuckle booms. Now they are switching to Moffetts.
  3. The trailer behind the R model is an old Harry W. Kuhn trailer, the one behind the CH is an old Doetch trailer. My uncle worked for Kuhn right up until the end, Dad worked their for a few seasons in the late eighties.
  4. Don’t get much more Chicagoland than Mack’s pulling frameless HilBilts
  5. My Dad bought some B models from Manatts back in the late 90’s. We got a tour of the place in Brooklyn IA, very impressive operation to say the least. At least it impressed teenager me!
  6. We have had 5 kids and they come faster each time! Congrats
  7. Vanderhaags or Adleman should have them used
  8. You can. I could get you a serial number off our 94’ RD and have a GOOD parts person check that they will swap over. Ones off a CH should also. By the time you buy new hubs, races, bearings, studs, wheel seals, drums and rims, I bet you would have about $2000 in it.
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