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  1. The Tanzillo CH as seen in the Heights earlier this week.
  2. The Tanzillo RD. As seen tonight on the way home.
  3. Pretty much what FJH said. Few years ago I bought a sight unseen 82’ R model that the seller stated that he had an E7 installed into it and new frame rails 5 years prior. Get there to pick it up with the lowboy and low and behold it was not E7 but an old 2 valve motor. That’s when the renegotiating started. The cab was shot and I was essentially buying it for the frame and the engine.
  4. I don’t tweet or FaceBook so I’m lost on those references.
  5. Being busy working and raising a traditional family with my wife, I feel as though I may have missed something along the way. When and how have the republicans openly allowed racism into the party? Show me documented cases and I will not support them. My Mom and Dad thought me a long time ago that race doesn’t make the man (person) but that their character does. Maybe that’s why I have been blessed to work alongside so many races and nationalities through out the years. Skin color means nothing, moral character means everything.
  6. One of you guys get it bought and we will have you hauling mix in no time flat.
  7. Our mixer drivers are at $30 an hour. With health insurance, retirement program, uniforms, paid vacations and holidays. We are about $5 -10 an hour behind “union” shops, but they don’t have the perks we have. At least that’s what our guys tell me
  8. We had a guy not make it through training for a mixer driver because as he put it and I quote, “ I can make $930 on unemployment a week and not leave my house”. That’s $23.50 an hour for a 40 hour week. Now if you take a guy like this and give him a job and the others on assistance a job where they can support them selves and pay taxes like most of us do, can you imagine the amount of money that would flood the economy In the form of business and the treasury in the form of taxes? So maybe it is a poor argument to say to get off the aid and get a job, but I believe there would be an almost unimaginable wealth that would come over our great nation.
  9. I love hearing what those whose opinions differ from mine are thinking.
  10. Was just talking about this the other day. Wouldn’t we have benefited as a nation by having a unified nation wide approach? Like a prime time TV discussion led by Trump back in let’s say February? Instead all we get is political BS from news outlets and political hacks that have everyone going in different directions and then people wonder why there is some much anxiety and angst among us.
  11. I guess I’m blessed or maybe cursed? Never knew a noose was anything more than than a means of execution. I guess my rural Illinois heritage forgot to teach me the racist connotation.
  12. I was on the county board here for six years. One of the sillier things to come across was a $25000 quote to make the doors coming into the public safety building ada compliant. Now the under sheriff that presented the proposal was adamant that this was the only option. So it gets approved at committee, moves on to the full board where I present a $1500 option. Motion for $25000 is voted down, and the $1500 option approved. The under sheriff asked how I figured it out, real easy I called a commercial door company, duh! And then we spent $1.1mil on a 3600 sq ft animal control building. Tried my best to scale that down. Was told that I hated animals over that one. Love animals, hate gov’t employees who believe they are entitled to only the best, at the taxpayers expense.
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