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  1. Yes, he is. Don't worry, the trailer got it's yearly hand wax and is ready to go.
  2. So I had to look up that carrier. Through a few buyouts that company became JLP transport and they hauled into the Dean Foods Dairy in Huntley,IL where lived when I was a young boy. They had a fleet of R-models with small sleepers and were always kept very nice. Always thought they had nice equipment.
  3. Nice to hear we have mutual friends!
  4. Our guys love them. Personally I prefer an M-Drive or an Endurant over the Ultrashift.
  5. It’s waiting for it’s turn to get it’s stripes
  6. Driver wasn’t hurt. Hit by a rock box with the usual suspect driving. Totaled out a very nice CH. now the battle begins.
  7. Mike, I think you will find someone that wants to see it saved. And, I agree, it’s gotta be about the rarest modern Mack around.
  8. We did a floor and a back wall 5 years ago. All parts bought through our local Malvo dealer
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