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  1. And what evidence exists for collusion between Trump and Russia? NONE! Yes, he is a businessman, and as such he was on the butt-kissing side of the equation trying to please those with the power to approve or deny his business deals as he negotiated to get his properties developed. As President, roles would be flipped and those foreign leaders would not have the same power over Trump. Yes, after the election and prior to inauguration (during the transition), Trump and representatives on his behalf met with foreign leaders and ambassadors...same as what occurred during the Obama transition, W Bush transition, Clinton transition, Bush transition, Reagan transition, Carter transition, etc., etc., etc... Nothing newsworthy or shady about any of that. If Putin REALLY wanted to affect the outcome of the election, don't you think he would've done so in favor of the candidate who gave him 20% of the Uranium production within the US? The candidate Putin had been buying for DECADES? It's time to get off this whole Russia thing, as there is nothing to substantiate the claims made by democrats. If anything, it is the democrats who are guilty of the accusations they are slinging.
  2. Those 59 people made the choice to live there. They knew the age and construction of the building in which they chose to reside, as well as when it was renovated and what was done...and if not, it is because they chose not to look into it. The government shouldn't be in the business of dictating what a private individual may or may not do with their own property, or who they may or may not allow to rent a space from them. If a building doesn't have sprinklers, it is a choice the person choosing to live there can make, and if enough people say "no way am I going to live in a tinder box, especially without sprinklers", then the owner of the building can either deal with a vacant building or make the necessary changes to make it suitable for people to choose to live there. People need to take responsibility for their own well being, rather than rely upon the government to make decisions for them.
  3. Nobody is denying that the number of "uninsured" dropped. It did so because the vast majority of folks like to think of themselves as "law abiding", and to be law abiding, you must abide by the law. The law says "you must buy insurance", so they did. Whether or not they could afford to use that insurance is another story, though. High premiums plus outrageous deductibles make in unaffordable to seek the care the insurance was supposed to they don't seek care, or end up paying out of pocket anyway because they haven't met the deductible. A lot of good paying the astronomical premium does... So along comes Trump, and with that the promise that you no longer will be forced to purchase a product you really can't people gradually start saying "fine...the ROI on that purchase sucked anyway" and canceling their worthless policies...and the "unemployed" begins to tick back up. Doesn't matter, though, because the people who are dropping coverage couldn't afford to use it anyway. That's why nobody cares about your claims that Obamacare was a success because of the drop in uninsured during Obama's 2nd term (when the penalties started hitting people). It also proves what an utter failure the program is when it can't even sustain itself when participation is allegedly mandatory.
  4. A higher percentage have coverage because they were told they HAD to buy it or face a huge penalty from the IRS. People in general WANT to comply with the law. However, that insurance policy they bought isn't worth the paper it is printed on for most, because the premiums are 2-3 times as high, eating up such a sizable chunk of their monthly budget that they simply can't afford to pay the ridiculous deductibles which again are 3-5 times what they used to be. Bottom line, that insurance policy they are paying an arm and a leg for in order to comply with an unconstitutional mandate won't ever pay out for anything other than the most catastrophic of claims. If that's all you were going to be insured for, you could have bought a policy like that for next to nothing before Obama and the Democrats forced this crap through. So you're faced with a "damned if you do/damned if you don't" situation, where you self-insure and pay the penalty and get gouged on any medical bills you may accrue since ER's tend to bill 340% more to uninsured people...or pay through the nose for insurance every month and declare bankruptcy when the hospital bills show up. Bend over, 'cuz either way you lose thanks to Obamacare.
  5. Big difference between a handful of nut jobs being soundly repudiated by others on the right vs the nut jobs being praised, promoted, and rewarded by others on the left. Peruse any "main stream" news source and you'll find "unbiased" journalists spouting the same crap this shooter wrote...which is why they aren't going to dig too deep into this guy's motivations.
  6. "...especially the right..." Now I know you're full of it. Read this shooter's facebook posts and his various letters to the editor that he has submitted over the years. They repeat the exact same load of crap you can hear on CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/etc. You don't think he's an extremist because you have a warped view of what is normal based upon the load of crap the media wants you to believe is the "main stream". Hillary isn't a crook despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Trump needs to be locked up despite zero evidence of any criminal acts. What do you expect from news networks that allow Clinton's political hacks to masquerade as "non-partisan, non-biased" reporters? But hey, keep buying the load of crap they're selling. The fact of the matter is, you aren't even remotely close to a "moderate".
  7. What planet are you on? NOBODY on the right claims to support neo-nazis or any other hate group, and those groups are roundly and uniformly condemned by conservatives everywhere. The ONLY people who think those extremists have ANYTHING to do with conservatism are fools like you too stupid to think for yourself. Even Kennedy was assassinated by a socialist, so this is nothing new! The left defends crap like "Shakespeare in the park" with depictions of a Trump assassination. The left spawns comedians who think it's funny to take pictures with a decapitated head made to look like the president...and then cry about how "intolerant" people are when they don't think it's funny. The left writes books and makes movies about killing Bush, and they are applauded for it. Can you imagine the outrage if any of those sorts of thing had been aimed at Obama? The left had to infiltrate T.E.A. Party rallies to make it appear racist or violent, and those leftists were quickly shut down and asked to leave, because that sort of behavior is not and never has been considered "acceptable" by ANYONE on the right. When was the last time a speaker on the left was shouted down or threatened for having the audacity to speak in public? It doesn't happen because if we don't like what somebody on the left has to say, we don't listen to them. If you're a conservative speaker, on the other hand, those on the left who disagree don't think you ought to be able to speak. Constitutional rights seem to only apply to those on the left, and if you don't agree with them you shouldn't even be allowed to live.
  8. Nobody has posted about the Bernie supporter who shot up the GOP softball practice yesterday morning... Funny how these violent politically motivated attacks always seem to come from the "tolerant" left...can't win at the ballot box so they pick up a gun. Then, their buddies try to use the instance to push for MORE gun control. Personally? I think those 2 capitol police officers on security detail for the majority whip controlled their guns quite well...rifle vs pistols and the pistols won. I'm not really a fan of cops, but glad they were there since nobody else was armed. Good guy with a gun remains the single best way to stop a bad guy with a gun.
  9. I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation... So why didn't you holler like you usually do? Musta been incognito off the clock and without a radio or somethin'...
  10. Golf carts don't do well in crashes...
  11. Amazing the effect of a change in LEADERSHIP can have. Trump has made it clear that Muslims need to step up to help fight the radical elements within their ranks and they are doing just that.
  12. I won't put a camera anywhere it might see something I cannot. Jury will have a difficult time understanding how you could miss that car right there in plain view on the monitor in front of them when you're trying to explain the extent of your blind spots. Lower windshield, near the center of the driver's side glass seems to work...where the only thing the camera blocks is my view of the hood. Anything the camera can see, I can see better.
  13. Glad I'm not the ONLY one that has happened to. I used to know every phone # I needed, too, back when I had to rotary dial 'em at my parents or grandparents home. (My family held off on the whole touch tone thing as long as the phone company let them...our first push-button phone made the clicks, sending the same pulses up the line as a rotary. Always fun after cub was a den mother...when a kid would have to use the phone to call and be picked up. They'd stare at that dial and couldn't figure out how to dial...but I digress...) Got my first cell phone back in '01, and haven't been able to remember a phone number since then. Hell, I don't even know my WIFE'S phone number without having to look it up...
  14. Electrical issues can be a mother. I was having an issue with my cab marker lights, trailer lights, etc...couldn't find where the problem was. Then, decided to swap out that fuse box on the fire wall under the hood. When I did that, I found a few corroded contacts in the plugs to the box. Sucked cutting brand new wires on the brand new harness to splice in jumpers around the harness plugs...but all of my lights work now. When you said jiggling the wires seemed to help, it definitely sounds like it could be electrical in nature, especially since it doesn't seem as though you've got a dead cylinder. Might try zapping the temp on the exhaust manifold again if/when it throws the unit pump code...if the temp on that cylinder is off from the others while the code is active, and normal when the code is inactive, then I'd focus my attention on the wiring to that unit pump. Unplug every connection to make sure the contacts aren't corroded. I hate electrical issues. If all else fails, take it to Mack and see what they say.