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  1. Ok...had to pull the thing down. We've got stations in several different directions, so I tried 3 antennas linked together aimed the 3 main directions to get all of the channels. We get them all now, but every time a train goes by ABC & PBS (40-45 miles N/NE) and NBC (30 miles E/SE) blank out. I tried making the coax to get the lengths I needed, but realized I screwed up AFTER it was up and I was only getting CBS & FOX (12 miles W). So today, I was back up on that ladder pulling the thing down to swap the cables out for some pre-fabbed store-bought ones. Since I wanted to make sure it
  2. I could've used one of those when I put up my TV antenna...🤦‍♂️ ...4 rungs up on the ladder placed at the edge of the roof, straddling the peak, reaching over the edge with arms fully extended while balancing a 10' pipe with the antenna pre-installed to set it in place & secure it to the union at the top of the pole coming up from the ground. The union is so I'd be able to adjust the direction the antenna is pointed, rather than be stuck with wherever the pipe wanted to tighten down. Also made it a *little* easier to get the top pole in place. So yeah, I'd say I got
  3. Trump in the Senate couldn't replace Pelosi. She's in the House.
  4. There are too many irregularities that have yet to be explained for me to believe the "official" outcome of the election is in any way legitimate...the biggest one being how Biden underperformed with every "important" demographic group in pretty much every precinct EXCEPT for a handful of urban districts in "key" swing states...in which he overperformed by *just* enough to eek out an electoral college victory. Add to that the whole foreign interference/hacking/tabulation software issues with the electronic voting machines, the "under-the-table" ballots counted when counting was allegedly suppo
  5. I like being on roads where there is nowhere to stop. Crossed the Chester bridge one day a year or so ago heading into Illinois, and DOT was sitting in that little welcome center. Pulled out behind the line of cars behind me, hit his lights & started passing...so I slowed down to let him by before approaching traffic got to us. He pulled in right behind me...so I stopped. Right there blocking the road, halfway up the hill, with a rock wall on both sides of the road & zero shoulder. He had to get out of his car & deal with me right there while we were blocking traffic on the narrow
  6. I tend to stick to those 2-lane windy roads whenever possible, especially when the weather turns ugly. Too much stupid on the interstates...whether it's the 15 mph white knuckler or the 90 mph superhero...all leading to the inevitable pileups we see in the news every time the snow flies. Get caught behind one, you've got nowhere to go...just sit there hoping traffic behind you decides to stop...waiting until it's cleared so you can get going again. At least a 2-lane you can usually find a place to turn around, other routes you can take...side roads around, etc... Hell, even those 2-lane r
  7. It's the best.🤦‍♂️
  8. Pair of singles. Worst part was the farm hand (with the side-by-side) trying to "help"...told him several times "I got this...just stay back and let me do my job." It'd work for about 5 seconds before he'd be right back in there grabbing & tugging on the chains as I was trying to get them on the tires. Took 10 times as long as it should have.
  9. Critters gotta eat, and it's my job it there. A good truck sure helps...R-model w/20K steer & 46K Mack drives on Camelback, with a steerable & liftable tag axle when needed on the road. Unfortunately, just a power divider...not full lockers. Proper tools are important, too. Only had 6 chains on the truck...chained up all 4 on the front drive & the outside 2 on the rear. 1st attempt was a chain fail...front right inside popped off, slicked up the ice, and the chains on the outsides had nothing to grip...forward momentum stopped & I had to back down for another try...grossing 61,
  10. FINALLY winding down...my 3 brothers have hit the road (with their 10 kids in tow...4, 4, & 2) leaving just my wife, me, & our 2 kiddos at my mom & dad's. Let's just say it was a rowdy. Mom made her caramel pecan rolls, then we loaded up & went Christmas carolling outside grandma's (great grandma to the kids) window at the memory care assisted living place she's at these days. She'll be 99 in February & tested positive for China virus a couple weeks ago...never had any symptoms, though, but my question is...how do you get someone to quarantine in their room if they can't re
  11. So with a 2000 gpm pump, and only a 500 gallon tank, that gives 'em about 15 seconds to get the truck hooked up to a water source before you're pumping air? Seems like a bigger tank would've been better...but then I'm just a truck driver with no experience on or around fire trucks. Not like you have to worry about DOT running you across the portables on your way to a fire...
  12. I had a car pull out in front of me leaving town. I'm barely back up to speed (car pulling away) when we meet a statey going to other way. He flips around & lights me up. 2-lane road, no shoulder...but 1-1/2 miles up the road is a big gravel lot at an intersection...so I puton my 4-ways to indicate "I see you back there and will be stopping", reduce my speed (in case he wanted around me to get the car...I know...not likely), and proceeded up to the safe place to stop. He wrote me for 62 in a 55. I asked about the car speeding off & easily pulling away from me ahead of me. He said "I ha
  13. Over the years I've found going out of my way to make their job easier never buys me an ounce of good favor, so I quit trying. I'll be professional, but if they don't ask for something I don't offer it up, and even if they DO ask, if the regs say I'm not required to have something I'll say I don't have it. There's a big green book that gives us the rules we have to play by. Your job is to know the rules & how to bend them in your favor. Their job is to catch you breaking the rules. I've found a lot of the time they don't know the rules...they find something they THINK looks wrong, and they
  14. Back when my truck was still new-to-me, I was having issues with barrel nuts breaking and I hadn't figured out why. Before leaving the shipper, I did a quick walk-around and everything looked good. Tight on time (and close...but legal...on weight) I knew I had to run the big road & get past the scales before fueling. I pulled onto the scale and sat there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for the green light. It came on, and I was gone...to jump off at the next exit & grab some fuel. While fueling, I did another walk-around...and found 8 broken barrel nuts on a drive wheel...FACI
  15. Exactly the point I was making.
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