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  1. What's absolutely ridiculous about them here, is, within spitting distance of the corner where they are standing, there are a dozen businesses with "help wanted" signs posted. I refuse to help those who won't help themselves. If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. - 2 Thessalonians 3:10 And before our friends on the left get all up in arms, it doesn't say "If anyone CAN not work," but rather "If anyone WILL not work". I have no problem helping those who are doing all they can & falling short...but if you're just being lazy & expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting for you, you're on your own.
  2. I was reading a thread about some guy who just got his CDL and starting with a company & was asking how much experience he needed to have before his wife could ride along with him. I had just taken my boy for his 1st ride (he was 6 months old at the time), and at one of our stops I put him on my lap. What does he do? One hand immediately on the wheel with the other reaching for the shifter & I was lucky enough to snap a pic. So I took that pic & turned it into a meme..."How much experience do I need before my mommy can ride with me?"😂
  3. Actually just had that conversation with the wife (and she's on board). As soon as he gets the hang of riding a bicycle without the training wheels, we'll be looking for a little 50cc dirt bike for him. Just wouldn't be practical to motorize the trike tractor. Would have to remove the pedals & replace with foot pegs. Also the rear axle would have to be replaced make it a powered axle...which means a differential or else the thing would only go straight (not much weight on the front wheel...especially when you're trying to pull something on gravel). The alternative would be to locate the motor on the front axle, because since the whole wheel assembly pivots around, it'd be impossible to have a shaft, chain, or belt driving it. That would cause issues with steering as we'd run into clearance issues when turning into the motor. ...although...mounting the motor on that trailer to push him around MIGHT work...still would need a new axle, but it could be a solid one...or do a pair of electric motors with a motorized pot to control wheel speeds independently dependent upon the angle of the trailer to the tractor so that the outside wheel would have more speed than the inside wheel...but that would take quite a bit of figuring to get it all correct. Yeah, I don't see it happening.
  4. ESPECIALLY the way 99% of the people wearing them wear them. Doesn't matter if it's the best mask in the world and it can filter out 100% of the virus, if it isn't being worn properly, it ain't doing a lick of good. I've just been at the point where I don't give a rip about your thoughts on whether or not I ought to be wearing a mask if you can't/won't/don't wear your own mask properly.
  5. As I was walking into Walmart last night, they had a greeter at the door telling unmasked people that they had masks available if you want one. Yeah...you're free to grab one out of a bulk package of 100 or so. NOT individually wrapped. So if you're dumb enough to grab one of theirs to use, you're taking a mask who knows how many disgusting shoppers have put thier paws on while grabbing one...and then placing it on your face. No thanks. Even if I were inclined to wear one, you're probably better off just not wearing one in that situation. Yet people were.🤢
  6. LOL...I got banned there. Apparently telling people the truth was considered "toxic".🤣
  7. Found it at one of the farm stores we have in town. Like I said, all I did was make a drawbar for it so I could push him around & eventually hook up trailers and such...after all, what good is a tractor if'n ya can't pull stuff with it?🤷‍♂️ https://tricamindustries.com/product/gck-31/
  8. The tractor was store bought...although I added a drawbar so I could push him around with a shovel handle with a hook in the end. He was only 1, and still a little ways off of being able to pedal it on his own. Only other modification was a bracket clamped around the steering wheel so I could pull him around with the stick, too, until he got the hang of steering it himself. And yeah, mirrors would be nice...but not very practical on a toy tractor. I'd probably spend more time fixing/replacing them than he would using 'em.
  9. He can already back it up better than most adults, too. This was his 1st attempt. Sure, it ain't much to look at right now...still figuring out what kind of trailer it'll be & how to get it there. For now, though, he's having fun pulling it around behind his little blue tractor...and that's really all that matters.
  10. Ok, so today's project is to build a trailer for him to pull behind his pedal tractor. Got an old frame from a David Bradley walk-behind tractor...not the actual tractor, but the frame for the seat cart you'd hook up behind it so that you could ride. Wheels were rotted off, and it doesn't have a seat anymore...and the front hitch has been cut off. So, we'll get the welder out and extend the tongue a bit and add a hitch. Then, we'll cut some bushings to make the 1" hub no-flat wheels I pulled off a 2-wheeled wheel barrow that was in the dumpster at the farm (that saved me $80 not having to buy some pneumatic tires from TSC...only place I've found with wheels with a large enough hub) to fit on the 7/8" axle. I'm still thinking on how to remove the seat pedastal and rig up a lever system that would simultaneously apply the brakes and push a rod up through the frame where that pedastal is now to raise a dump bed. He likes dump trucks...so I figure we'll build him one. Unfortunately the poly tub on that wheelbarrow was a little huge...and the farmhand who helped dig it out wanted the tub for a planter...so we may just fabricate something out of sheet metal...another weekend. Today is just getting the frame ready and able to be pulled. I think I'm going to have to start welding left-handed, though. The boy is a southpaw, and I think it'll be easier for him to learn if he's helping hold with his left hand. I'm pretty ambedextrose on most things...can do pretty much anything with either hand, just a lot better and a lot faster right handed. Point of all of these projects is to teach him life skills...so whatever works best for him.
  11. He won't be 4 for another month or so, but he loves to help me when I'm working on stuff. He doesn't like to wear the dark helmet, so when I need to weld something, he gets to be a handful because he wants to be there with me but I can't have him watching...until now. Bought a pair of the soft goggles that come with a #5 lense for oxy/acetylene cutting & welding. Bought the #10 lense to put in them...so now he's got his own welding goggles. Wife's dog will tear up anything she can reach if she's left alone...ESPECIALLY if there's a storm, guns going off, or fireworks. Those plastic kennels? Destroys them and escapes. Those collapseable wire ones, same story. Wife bought a damn cage...1/2" square tube & 3/8" round tube...double sliding latch...HEAVY DUTY. It holds her, but she spills the water and chews the bowl. Yes....stainless steel bowl has teeth marks. Anyway, bent a couple 3/8" steel rods & welded them into circles...one the bowl slips through, the other slightly smaller the bowl sets inside. Used 1/2" square tube to make a base, then added 4 uprights at the mid points to hold the 2 rings...top (larger) ring about an inch above the lower (smaller) ring. Base bolts to the floor of the cage with some J-hooks. Bowl is protected by the large ring, but it doesn't interfere with the dog's ability to drink. My boy was on my lap with his hand on the electrode as we were welding it all together. Need to find some kid-sized welding gloves...and his face could probably use a little more protection. If I do my job as a dad correctly, he'll be the only person in his kindergarten class that can weld, back a trailer, and back a hay wagon. Now that he can reach the pedals on his little tractor, we'll build a trailer for him to pull. Probably have a wagon by next summer with a hitch welded onto the handle so he can pull it around, too. Anyway, that's the goal I've set...got a year (or 2 if we hold him back...he's really small for his age)...I think it's doable.
  12. How ours ended... Moments later... I had seen somebody swimming in the pond earlier & chuckled, not paying much attention to him. Apparently, others had been watching him (instead of the fireworks) and noticed he'd disappeared. Cops on the banks, firefighters in the water, search & rescue boats being launched...I had the kids, so we couldn't stick around. Seeing the news this morning, kinda glad we didn't. https://www.kfvs12.com//app/2021/07/05/man-drowns-lake-jackson-city-park/
  13. I finally, after all these years, saw with my own 2 eyes a good reason to have ape-hangers & those silly highway pegs mounted on the crash bars that have your legs sprawled out beyond what most would consider to be comfortable. I was on my way back from town and behind a Harley...wouldn't have seen the guy driving the bike except for his arms raised way up over his head & legs stretched way out to the sides. He had a BIG 'ol gal on the back.😬
  14. I'm so old school my cell phone is rotary dial.
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