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  1. Trailer brake lights sometimes hang up and stay on. Brake lights on the truck are off, though...only the trailer lights are staying on. Hit the brakes with 5-10 psi application and release quickly and the lights go out like they should. It's a little frustrating, because unless I'm driving at night I have no clue if the trailer brake lights are on or not...unless I'm on the brakes. They always come on when I apply the brakes. They just don't always shut off on the trailer. If the tractor brake lights were also doing that, I'd say it would likely be the switch on the pedal...but it is ONLY the trailer brake lights acting up. Is there another switch or relay or something I need to find? 2001 CH613.
  2. Perspective...

    SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't wake the baby!!! ...nevermind.
  3. Perspective...

    DAMN this kid is a heavy sleeper! Took him to his first truck & tractor pull tonight and he pretty much slept through it. He DID wake up once after overloading his a wardrobe change was in order...but overall, a good night.
  4. Perspective...

    Nah. He's just jealous the kid is the center of attention now instead of him. At least it isn't the violent aggression as is the case when I show the wife's dog even the slightest bit of attention...ol' Dozer lets her know I'm with him as he chases her off and takes her place under my hand. With the kid, though, he just nuzzles in and sniffs, looking at me begging for a scratch behind the ears. I usually oblige. He's always been a good and loyal dog...and very protective of his people. He's got a new people now.
  5. Perspective...

    2 weeks old already...
  6. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    Amazing how thin they used to be able to make quality wrenches. I've got a few in my tool box from my grandpa as well, and they'll likely outlast most of the thicker wrenches I've bought more recently. Then again, I'm not as likely to abuse grandpa's old tools the way I'd torture a tool I bought...
  7. Looting

    My wife has a 9mm. My smallest handgun is a .45...and smallest rifle is a .30-06...and my smallest shotgun is a 12 gauge. I just don't see the point in making pinholes when I can blow craters through my target. IF I have to shoot someone, I want 'em to know good & well they done been shot.
  8. Looting

    The only thing a looter is owed is a hot piece of lead at a high rate of speed. These "officials" wanted as many folks as possible to evacuate, but anybody who had worked hard for what they had would be hard pressed to abandon the fruits of their labor by evacuating knowing full well when the house likely survives the storm their belongings will disappear at the hands of these low-lifes before the homeowner is "allowed" to return. I know I wouldn't be inclined to evacuate under those circumstances. If I go, I'm either taking my stuff with me, or I'm not going farther than what allows me to keep an eye on things at home.
  9. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    So let's see some of all y'alls old tools you can't imagine life without...stuff they just don't make anymore that make your life easier because you happen to have one. My wife and I enjoy browsing antique shops. She looks at furniture and stuff for the house, and I can spend hours looking through piles of old tools. I need to know what sort of things I ought to be looking for beyond "that's pretty darned cool" or "I might be able to come up with a use for that"...
  10. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    I USED to carry a pair of fencing pliers...'til I found these. Actually these are my second pair. I'd been carrying the first pair (a little newer...1948) for probably 6-8 months and bought these for my dad (I usually try to find a new tool he doesn't have every year), but the screwdriver side of the handle on the 1922 pair doesn't stick out as far and more closely matches the length of the other handle, so it isn't quite as likely to poke holes in chair backs and such. Anyway, these are without a doubt more useful than fencing pliers. Jaws open wider, grip is stronger, and the "hammer" on fencing pliers is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. About the only thing I've ever found fencing pliers particularly useful for was as a seal puller, as the seal pullers you find at the parts store are rather flimsy. I suppose the pointy end is also useful to grab that piece of dunnage that is JUUUUUUUST out of your reach. Other than that, there are tools that perform better and are less hassle to have with you all of the time. Personally, I don't see why they would've quit making these. Most useful tool in my arsenal. Not sure which one I'll give my dad...or maybe I'll get the plates done (matching set of 1926 Illinois license plates) and I can give him those to run on the 1926 Model T that he inherited from his dad. Illinois lets you run "period" plates on an antique as long as you've got the "official" registration and plate in the car with you. Kind of leaning towards the 1948 pair right now, but I really bought the 1922 pair for him since I was already carrying the 1948 pair. The finish on the 1922 pair also looks a little nicer, but the 1948 pair has engravings detailing the features of the tool (as well as the original price the tool sold for at the time) which is kind of cool, too. I guess I've got a few months to figure all of that out.
  11. Adjustable jaw opens to 1-1/2", with flat surfaces to get a good grip on nuts and bolts. 10:1 gear reduction in the clamping force. It comes in real handy during pre-trips...snug up an air fitting here, loose bolt there...and with one handle that doubles as a screw driver, it is handy to pop light bulbs out for replacement as well. Has some wire cutters, too, as well as different shaped lower jaws that can be swapped around depending upon the needs of the job you're doing. I prefer the flat ones, though. Originally patented in 1916, this pair was manufactured in 1922.
  12. Here We Go Again

    I can't believe the stupidity of some people when they start to panic. Heard reports of some places charging $20-$30 for a case of water...which they can do because enough people are dumb enough to pay it. Don't they realize there is this thing in their house called a "sink" , and that on this "sink" is a "faucet", and that if you turn a knob or lift a lever on said "faucet", that WATER will flow from it? Grab some old milk jugs, etc...clean 'em out and fill them up. Water situation solved, and you didn't have to fight anyone for it or pay an arm and a leg to someone trying to profit from your state of panic. Anyway, good luck to ya'll down's been pretty bad on some of the islands it has crossed paths with. Heard 95% of the buildings on Barbuda were destroyed. Granted, they weren't likely to have been built to anywhere NEAR the same standards as those in Florida, but it's still pretty serious. Keep your heads down & stay safe!
  13. Perspective...

    Well, REALLY not looking forward to getting this bill. Still don't have him home. They decided to go ahead & put him under the smurf lights today. Didn't get much time with them because I had to step out to handle business with the ferrier and run a couple more errands, and the time I WAS there, he was under the light. Good news is the cradle is ready for the kid. Bad news is he's still not here to sleep in it. Maybe tomorrow. On a positive note, we DID find some ear muff style hearing protectors for him to wear the next couple weekends at the fair. Will feel better about taking him to the grandstand events if I'm not worried about the noise and his tiny little ears.
  14. Perspective...

    Well, another night alone at the house. The little guy was doing MUCH better by the time I got there. They are "supplementing" his feeds him as much as he'll eat, then bottle feed a little more...and so I got to participate in a couple feedings and he's definitely got more of an appetite. Apparently, he coughed up a lot of stuff from his stomach...making room for more milk...and eating more also helps. Never needed the light, just more food intake. Already trying to roll onto his side to watch momma & poppa eat THEIR cold dinner. Don't think I've had a hot meal since he was born. Always one thing or another...visitors in the room, baby's feeding time, etc...pushes our dinner off for a bit. It's all good, though. We've got the ferrier coming out to the farm at 2:30 tomorrow, and hopefully the wife and kid will be with me when I head up that way to tend to that. Of course then we'll have to make the rounds at the antique stores where we've been acquiring a lot of the furniture we've got in the house. The people that run them have all been excited for us when the pregnancy was announced and as it has progressed...only seems right to introduce the little guy around town. Of course next weekend there is a truck & tractor pull and a crash-em-up derby to attend...he'll have an exciting first couple of weeks, arriving just in time for the district fair...heck, even Charlie Daniels is going to be there Wednesday night, but whether or not we can go to that depends on how late I work and how early of a start I'll need to get in the morning. Just gotta find some ear protection so we don't overwhelm his tender little ears. Our neighbor will have a couple cars in the crash-em-up derby...not really a fan of the "county fair" style of battle, but whatever. Always more fun to cheer on a friend, though, so we'll see. It'll be nice having the wife home on the weekends when I'm home for the next few months...I can pretty much count those weekends since we've been married with fingers left over. Only redeeming factor about her work schedule is that when she does eventually return to work, there are only 2 days one of us isn't going to hav the day off. Just got to find a babysitter for those 2 days by mid-December. Fun.
  15. Perspective...

    Well, today is the big day! Brought home the shirt the boy had on yesterday for the dogs to sniff on a bit...let 'em out last night when I got home from visiting at the hospital, fed them, and passed out on the couch. Woke up around 2 and said "Oh, $#!+" because I hadn't given Dozer his insulin I did that and then passed out again. Couple real long days...not just long hours, but highly eventful, too...just draining. Not to mention not sleeping too well with the wife & kid still held hostage at the hospital...some test she was supposed to have done at her scheduled doctors appointment on Wednesday that she never made it to because baby came instead. So, they tested baby and results take 48 hours...can't leave without those results. So I've been running back and forth taking care of things and getting as much time with them as I can...and delivered that load yesterday since they were looking for it. Got a few things left to take care of before I head back into town again, and don't plan on leaving without them again. Nurses there are all real nice, though...friendly & Update: In the middle of typing all of that my wife just called. Apparently he's a little jaundiced so while they are discharging mom, baby is going to be kept for a little while longer. Our friends had the same issue with their kid...goes under a blue light for a while that does something or other to help fix the problem. After seeing that with them a year ago and how their kid turned out, I'm not too concerned right now. I was just looking forward to getting the little guy home and now that's going to be delayed another day or two. He's also not really eating much, likely still has amneotic fluid in his stomach that doesn't really digest, but the wife says he was burping and coughed a bit up earlier and they sucked some out that he was struggling with getting up on his own. Hopefully he got rid of enough to make room in his stomach to start eating, because that'll also help with the jaundice. Anyway, got stuff to do 'round here before I head to town and that ain't gonna get done sitting here typing on my phone. REALLY not looking forward to getting this bill...but pretty sure it'll be worth it in the long run.