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  1. Flying the unfriendly skies

    ...and that mirrors some of my concerns about ELD's and the back doors into my truck's ECM that they will open. Right now, there is no way in except for physically plugging in. The system I'd PREFER to use does not "connect" has a printer for a roadside inspection, and a USB key to transfer data to the office. However, the carrier is insisting upon PeopleNet and nobody is willing to put their money where their mouth is to back up their claims that it is "secure". I want a clause in the contract stating IF their system is hacked and my ECM is tampered with, the carrier will be responsible for ALL damages, repairs, and expenses incurred as a result. So far, they are unwilling to do so, which speaks volumes given the unlikeliness of me specifically being the target of a hacker.
  2. Perhaps we ought to eliminate... Armed citizen stopped the attack. God Bless Texas!
  3. Perhaps we ought to eliminate...

    ..."safe work zones" for criminals? A month ago, a church in Nashville. Today, one in Texas and another outside a church in California. Between churches, schools, malls, and movie theaters, you'd think at SOME point common sense would win the day and we'd do away with the "gun free" zones. Criminals do not obey the law, and we see the result when good people are unable to defend against .
  4. Sad story.

    @ $9.50/bu, $8000 worth of beans would be 842 bushels, and you aren't hauling that legally in a 3-axle straight truck. A 5-axle t/t the most I ever hauled was 850-860.
  5. lets go astros

    See, now this year I'm absolutely torn. I'm a National League fan through and through...was a big Cub fan up until the strike, and when they weren't in it anymore would cheer on whoever was representing the league...BUT I hate Calif***ya and everything that comes from that wretched liberal hellhole. My wife is from Texas, we got married in Texas, and that's likely where we'll end up someday (if anyone ever buys this house we're in...but then who in their right mind moves TO Illinois?). LOVE Texas. Can't stand the American League...just ain't right that not everyone who plays the field gets to bat and somebody gets to bat without having to play the field. So, I can't really cheer on either from Calif***ya and the other in the American League.
  6. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Dammit! If it were a 2-stack and 4.17 rears, it would be spec'd identical to mine...just a little older. Wanna trade? Only 130K on a ReMack motor in mine...came off the line June of 2000, so "officially" a 2001. Same 240" wheel base, 2180B trans in mine, and 38K rears on air ride. 'Course trading would only really benefit me if I were running my own numbers. Company is requiring ELD's without regard to truck age if I stay with them. Need to talk to an attorney, because they are requiring "compatability" with their peoplenet system, and want to charge me $12/week for the priviledge of helping to reduce the workload in the office doing paperwork. Way I figure, if it benefits you, you should pay...and federal leasing regs prohibit making the purchase of ANY product or service from or through the carrier a condition of entering into the contract. Bad enough it'll tie my hands (I've already told 'em I won't shut down a stones throw from home, no matter WHAT that stupid box says)...but to make me have to pay for it too crosses the line. Shit...just noticed it's just a 350. MIne is a 460P, and I don't think I'd want to give up 135hp making that trade.
  7. Odd problem...

    Turned out to just be the relay in the box on the firewall under the hood. I hate electrical problems.
  8. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    I was under the impression those were illegal. Seem to remember some trick with a string on an M1 Garand running between your finger, the action, and the trigger that would cause the action to pull the trigger for you for follow-up shots as fast as it would cycle and load the next round, until you released the string or the clip ejected. Also seem to remember seeing where M1 Garands that had the string on them were deemed to be "fully automatic" by the ATF and therefore illegal. That was probably 15 years ago, though, so maybe I'm just not remembering right. Those bump stocks work in a similar manner. Sure, the trigger has to be pulled 1 time for each shot, but the gun isn't supposed to be pulling its own trigger.
  9. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    If the 2nd Amendment is primarily to protect against a tyranical government, then why would you think our founders WOULDN'T want the good citizens to have access to the same weapons that the tyrant would have to use against them? The Minutemen didn't show up at Lexington and Concord carrying knives and swords. They had guns similar to that of the British army, because if they didn't, they wouldn't have stood a chance. Standing up to a tyrant with weapons at the government's disposal carrying nothing but handguns and single shot rifles today would be the equivalent of the Minutemen carrying knives and swords. What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" don't you understand? A law abiding citizen could have a nuclear arsenal in their basement and it wouldn't concern me...because they are law abiding and as such would never use those weapons against innocent civilians. I would rather a criminal not have even a bb gun, because they do not respect the law or the rights of others and that bb gun will likely be used against innocent civilians. The problem lies within the heart and mind of an evil person, not the tool he might choose to use.
  10. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    Best video I've seen so far is the guy standing there looking towards the hotel to see where the shots were coming from, sipping his beer, as those around him are taking cover and urging him to do the same. Then, he calmly flipped the bird to the gunman before finally taking cover. I'm guessing he'd either "been there, done that, wore out the t-shirt" fighting with the military overseas or he was just too drunk to care. Apparently the newspaper that ran that article is trying to track him down to get more info.
  11. Try not to laugh

    Perhaps "difficult" tasks are that way for a reason? Not everybody SHOULD be pulling a trailer around behind them, no matter how much they'd LIKE to. Besides, it's fun laughing at people who spent big bucks on high dollar toys who lack the most basic skills needed to enjoy them.
  12. name only

    The South attempted the same maneuver here in the 1860's, calling the federal government out for the gross breech of contract that was occurring under the Constitution at the time. Lincoln, instead of allowing the South to depart in the same peaceful manner in which they came to form their own government for their own newly formed country, declared war to "save the union" and many lives were lost as a result of that aggression by Lincoln in his effort to retain power. Those in power tend to abuse that power, and don't take kindly to folks saying "you've crossed the line, so we'll just part ways peacefully". It doesn't matter which part of the world you're talking about or even which century...some things never change. The powerful don't care how many lives are lost or destroyed, so long as they keep their power.
  13. NFL What a disgrace !

    No it ain't. That now unemployed SF QB started it all last year...long before Hitlery lost.
  14. NFL What a disgrace !

    If I were a coach or team owner and a player decided to sit during the national anthem, I'd assume they enjoy sitting and that's exactly what they'd be doing a lot of during the game. If you want to play, show respect to the nation you live in where opportunities such as the one you have been enjoying are possible. If you want to protest against police brutality, do it some other time...on your own time...and when you aren't wearing my uniform. Make sure you've got your facts straight, too. Anyone who assaults and attempts to murder a cop is probably going to get shot. Doesn't matter what color you are, try to murder a cop and the cop is probably going to do his best to neutralize (i.e. KILL) the threat. The "gentle giant" in Ferguson had just robbed a convenience store, tossing the clerk around like a rag doll...and then beat the hell out of a cop INSIDE the cop car as he tried to take that officer's gun, and was shot in the process. This latest on in St. Louis was a known felon and drug dealer leading police on a dangerous high speed chase, not only using the car as a weapon but also waving a gun around inside the car as he was fleeing. Bottom line, you assaut the police and present yourself as a threat to not only the officers but to the general public, well, you're probably not going to like the outcome. I may not like the police, but I will defend the ability of ANYBODY to remove a threat to their safety. Try to kill someone...ANYONE...and I will defend their right to end yours instead.
  15. Trailer brake lights sometimes hang up and stay on. Brake lights on the truck are off, though...only the trailer lights are staying on. Hit the brakes with 5-10 psi application and release quickly and the lights go out like they should. It's a little frustrating, because unless I'm driving at night I have no clue if the trailer brake lights are on or not...unless I'm on the brakes. They always come on when I apply the brakes. They just don't always shut off on the trailer. If the tractor brake lights were also doing that, I'd say it would likely be the switch on the pedal...but it is ONLY the trailer brake lights acting up. Is there another switch or relay or something I need to find? 2001 CH613.