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  1. I finally, after all these years, saw with my own 2 eyes a good reason to have ape-hangers & those silly highway pegs mounted on the crash bars that have your legs sprawled out beyond what most would consider to be comfortable. I was on my way back from town and behind a Harley...wouldn't have seen the guy driving the bike except for his arms raised way up over his head & legs stretched way out to the sides. He had a BIG 'ol gal on the back.😬
  2. I'm so old school my cell phone is rotary dial.
  3. That's what my boy calls 'em...rest of us know them as fireflies or lightning bugs. Millions of them putting on one hell of a show last night behind the old scalehouse on the edge of town. Across the field. In the trees. Simply amazing to watch...rhythmic flashing in waves....rolling across the landscape. Never seen that many at once. Cell phone video doesn't even begin to do it justice...
  4. Got the pool ready, and figured I'd pull some of my old toys down from the attic for the boy to play with in there...had the old Fisher-Price Little People Offshore Cargo Base set that I used to play with in the tub as a kid. Found it up there in a box with the Airport & jet, as well as some of the cars, ambulance, a tractor, and other odds & ends. Sort of disappointed I can't find all of the people...know I had a bunch, but only found 3. Got to looking online, and if they weren't quite so....used....the few pieces I pulled down would sell for $400-$500...and I know there's still more up there. Crazy. Boy's been having fun playing with them, and we haven't even made it into the pool yet. I need to get back up in the attic & dig through some more boxes...got to find the people to man the boats.
  5. I've asked this question several times and have yet to receive a decent answer: If the vaccination works, and you've had yours, why does it matter whether or not someone else has been vaccinated? You're immune! If you're NOT immune after having been vaccinated, it isn't much of a vaccine, so why should anyone else have to take it?
  6. Working on my grandpa's 8n...no spark. Messed with it about 15 years ago...battery, oil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, condenser...still nothing. So, I moved it from grandpa's to my place where it's been sitting in the front yard. I've been wanting to get it running, but nothing is more motivating than a 3 year old who LOVES tractors nagging you to fix it. So, I tore back into it...pulled the distributor to recheck the points. They're correct. Still no spark. Pulled it again (no easy task...front mount, and it's got a loader, so there's extra stuff in the way) this time with my multi-meter. Showing 30 ohms resistance between the screw (that's SUPPOSED to be isolated) where the wire from the condenser connects to the points and the distributor housing with the points open. If it's grounding there, OF COURSE it won't be making any spark! So, I was going to get one of those rubber plug deals with the brass threads that squish into place when you tighten the screw...but being a front-mounted distributor, there's going to be some heat in there and I'm not sure how long that rubber deal would hold up. That and I found a breaker plate assembly for under $30. I was pretty stoked when it showed up at the post office in time to be picked up Saturday morning...wasn't expecting it 'til Monday, which would mean it'd be next weekend before I could do anything with it. This afternoon, pulled the distributor...again...removed the breaker plate assembly...inserted the new one....and cussed. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? I would've been better off if they'd just not drilled/tapped the hole at all rather than putting it a hair off like they did. This low-quality aftermarket part has me seriously considering that rubber thingamabobber.
  7. Wouldn't ya know it was the LAST outlet I changed. Everything is working again, plugged into the outlets where they belong, and my extension cords put away. Life is just about back to normal, except for the issue with the running lights on the wife's Harley. Bummer. There goes my excuse for calling in tomorrow...
  8. So Wednesday night, if lightning DIDN'T strike the house, it didn't miss by much. "BOOM" was gone and the house was dark before the flash of light was gone. Yeah. Close. BOTH kids immediately start bawling. I walk to the back window & look out, and see the street light is still on...so there's power to the neighborhood. I walk outside with a flashlight expecting to see my new antenna is toasted, but the plastic parts on the antennas aren't melted, the insulation on the cable to the ground rod didn't appear to have been heated up. I looked up at the power meter, and it was still on...so there's power to the house. Head back inside & into the boys room and open the closet (where the breaker box is). There's a wicked bad burnt plastic smell in that closet. The 200A main, along with half the single-pole breakers and a couple of the double-pole breakers are tripped. I start resetting breakers, and things start coming back on. One breaker won't reset...it's the one for the master bath, along with the outlets for my alarm clock, and the bottle warmer in the kitchen. Even with the breaker reset, the TV, freezer, and 3 outlets in the mother-in-law's room (SHOULD be the baby's room...😡) are still dead. Grabbed my 10/3 extension cord for my MIG welder and used it to plug the freezer into an outlet in the kitchen that had juice. Wife had me grab the fire extinguishers out of the Mack & F250 (both been parked & OOS in the driveway) to have in the house if we needed them. I found myself up in the attic checking for smoke/smoldering/fire. Stayed up for about 2 more hours...figured at that point if the house was still standing, we were in the clear. STRANGEST thing? The wife's Harley out in the garage. We had an extension cord running over to the bikes, and a pair of battery chargers keeping 'em juiced up over the winter. Now, her parking/marker lights won't shut off. Pulled the side cover to disconnect the battery, and found it's the positive terminal. To get at the ground, you've got to pull the seat & possibly more...but there was a 30A fuse there. Pulled it and the lights shut off...good enough. Picked up another breaker after work Thursday to swap out the bad one...but by the time I went to do the swap it was working just fine...so the new one is laying in the bottom of the box as a spare. Reset the breaker and the bathroom was still dead...then I remembered we had this issue a while back. Reset the ground-fault outlet in the bathroom and the circuit started working again. Today I'm swapping receptacles on the still dead (freezer/TV) circuit. Meanwhile, the TV is plugged into the bathroom with another extension cord. HOPING to get things working normally again. If not, I'm stumped & might have to call a guy. If nothing else, it'll give me a reason to call in tomorrow. Left the Mack there if they needed to load my truck for Monday...and I took off in the 1-ton with some stuff for a customer a few hours away. When I got back, the Mack was gone, and they had loaded the Kenworthless. I hate that truck. It's not spec'd for what we do...it's big, cumbersome, not very maneuverable, visibility sucks, and it gets stuck on a paved lot if it's not perfectly smooth and you don't lock in the power divider...but it's air-ride and has pneumatic doors for loading, so all of the lazy guys prefer it. Mack handles the job with ease, and I just prefer to use a truck that's spec'd right. Sure, you COULD frame a house with a sledge hammer...but a framing hammer works better. Anyway, 2 outlets down, 3 to go. Boy wants to go outside. Girl fell asleep while feeding...so she'll be OK for a bit.
  9. Had my own little project this weekend. My grandpa built a steel push cart when I was a kid. This past summer when I was up there helping clean out the old place, I was surprised to see it still there, buried in the weeds between the house and what's left of the shed. I pushed my boy around on it a bit (he calls it his race car) and decided it was going home with us. 25 or 30 years sitting outside sure hadn't done it any favors, but a little TLC (sandblast, paint, grease) had it looking & working like new. I welded a nut on the rear, so I could use the same push-stick I had made for his little pedal tractor to push him on this, too. Fast forward to this weekend. Last time I pushed him around on it, his foot (which BARELY reaches the foot pad) slipped off & went under the seat. Not good...especially for what I had in mind. So, 1st things 1st, I added a floor pan to keep his feet from dangling. Next up, pushing this thing wears me out, especially if we're going "fast". So, I had to come up with a better...easier way...to push him around. That was actually pretty easy. Mower deck bracket seems pretty stout, so I replaced the pin with a grade 5 bolt & welded up a hitch for the front of the tractor. Push bar bolts right in. Hooks up easy enough to the rear of the push cart. And we're ready to have a little fun! We used to just ride it down the hill my grandpa lived on. Long, straight hill, smooth asphalt pavement, and (back then) almost no traffic. I don't have ANY of that around here, so it's gotta be pushed around for the kiddo to have any fun with it. Now daddy can keep pushing for as long as he wants to ride.
  10. Damn. I still remember the phone call when my wife told me ol' Dozer had passed. At least I didn't have to watch it happen, though...and it was unexpected & quick, not violent & messy. He was lethargic & having trouble breathing, so the wife took him to the vet. He collapsed within 20 minutes of getting there & just like that he was gone. Last time I saw him, I was on my way out the door heading to work, just like I had every other day since he retired from trucking to babysit the wife's dog. I can't imagine seeing that situation unfolding knowing what was about to happen and not being able to do a damn thing to stop it. That's not something I care to ever see.
  11. Not the sort of thread I wanted to see tonight (or any other night for that matter).😕
  12. The entire time I've had a land line, it's had a fax machine hooked up to it. It probably rings a dozen times per day...NOBODY that I know uses that number to try to reach me, unless they're sending me a fax. Very rarely does it actually print off an incoming fax. I chuckle thinking about whoever it is on the other end, probably wearing some sort of head set, when that fax machine starts screaming in their ear.😂
  13. I've set mine in the past to block any incoming call from a number NOT in my contact list...allows me to take calls from family & friends, but people who don't know me can't get through. Some days I strongly consider doing that again, but these days I just keep the ringer off. When I notice I missed a call from someone I know, I call them back...otherwise I ignore it. Oh yeah...and my voicemail box hasn't been set up since Verizon changed it. Before that, the box was full & wouldn't accept any new messages because I never checked it.
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