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  1. I guess that's why folks out there just go in the street...can't figure out which restroom they're supposed to use, and when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
  2. Rush Limbaugh nailed it with his Undeniable Truth of Life #24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.
  3. Factory hitches are notoriously weak. Buddy has a 1-ton dually...hitch is only rated for 5000#. Same with my 3/4-ton Suburban. My F250 didn't have a bumper hitch, and the one I installed is rated for 10K. Bottom line, that truck on that trailer likely exceeded the rating of that hitch by a lot...even if it were brand spanking new and NOT weakened by rust. He's lucky it failed during loading, and not going down the highway. THAT would've been ugly...
  4. I had no idea...slept right through it. The wife was complaining about how tired she was because she couldn't sleep with the storm and all...and I was like "What storm?" Sure, there were tree limbs littering the yard...damn sweetgum tree drops them every time the wind blows a little, so that really doesn't prove much. Hadn't really spent much time outside since the alleged storm rolled through because the ground is a little soggy and all, so when I got home from work tonight & drove around behind the house like I always do, the scenery was a little off. The old shed that's been slowly deteriorating finally bit the dust...no big deal, other than I'll have to clean it up. I'll have to take a walk around the property during daylight hours to see if there's anything else tore up. NWS was in town today surveying the damage elsewhere in town...said it was an EF1.
  5. Ranger's been back together for a week now. Took 3 weeks to find a transmission that would work...that 3L has a unique bolt pattern, so it HAD to come off a 3L truck. One a friend located for me was in AR and off a '98...so the tail housing & speedometer drive gear had to be swapped over since the '98 was electronic. Other than that, it bolted right up easy enough. It's nice to commute for $12/day in fuel again vs the $30/day it costs in the Suburban. Transmission will pay for itself pretty quick.
  6. That sounds like a nice problem to have. Sad to say I don't have that problem, and likely never will...which has more to do with monetary deficiencies than any overabundance of brains.
  7. I got to spend the entire day with my wife & kid, with absolutely nothing else on the agenda needing to get done. That was everything I could've asked for, since days off together are a rare commodity and when one of us DOES take a day off work, there is ALWAYS something we're trying to get done. The boy enjoyed ripping into his presents...didn't even wait to get some of them out from under the tree before he was going to town on 'em. The wife was a little upset that she had a couple presents under the tree and her gift for me hadn't arrived in time...so I didn't open a damn thing and couldn't be happier with how the day went. It's OK, though, because I didn't get around to putting hers together, so she got it in pieces. It's another thing on my "to-do" list...just wasn't worrying about any of that list on Christmas.
  8. Pretty sure he's a southpaw. Even managed to find a little 9" LH ball glove for him to grow into in the next year or three.
  9. It's what TSC had, and I didn't see any others.
  10. To Those commercials...used to be DeVry, then UTI, WyoTech took a turn, and now it seems to be UNOH every other commercial. Seems when one tech school starts advertising, the others all disappear.
  11. Oh, he's got my temper alright. Gets a little frustrated & things go flying. Doesn't talk yet, so no cussin'.
  12. Not too bad considering he's still a year or so below the "recommended" age...
  13. Key points omitted in the version of the story you selected: 1) Mark Galli, author of the op-ed, is leaving the publication. His views are NOT theirs. 2) Franklin Graham tweeted "My father knew @realDonaldTrump, believed in him & voted for him. He believed Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation," https://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/evangelical-publication-calls-for-trump-s-removal-from-office/article_69ab84e0-233f-11ea-8029-53dab061365a.html
  14. I replaced the auto-lock hubs on the Suburban with manual lockers. One of the auto-lockers was broke, and with open diffs, that meant no power to either front wheel. MUCH cheaper to buy & simpler to install...and more dependable. I lock 'em in, they're locked. It also gives me 2wd low for when traction is good but I want to gear down (like when backing a trailer). Only thing worse than auto-lock hubs are the constant-lock ones that turn the entire front-end drive train even when in 2wd, causing excessive & unnecessary wear & tear.
  15. Glad to see it doesn't just happen 'round here...
  16. Caught him wrenching on his truck the other day... ...then he caught me trying to record him.
  17. Got the Ranger tore down, and there was a silver lining to it all. I'd been hearing a ticking sound coming from the front left wheel. Just put new brakes/calipers/rotors/brake lines/wheel bearings/etc...on this summer, and it's only been back on the road since August. Been meaning to jack it up and investigate, but with so much other crap going on just haven't had time. It drove straight, no vibrations, handled well, and no obvious signs other than the slight "tick tick tick" as the wheel went around. Well, when I raised it up to pull the transmission, I took a look at that front wheel. I've never even seen that much play in a shopping cart wheel! The outer bearing race fell out of the rotor when I pulled it off the spindle. I'm surprised the entire wheel didn't come off...which would've been REALLY bad. So, the transmission going out probably saved me and the truck, because losing that wheel running the roads I commute on at the speeds I take them would've been quite ugly...total the truck and probably do some serious damage to me, too. Anyway, I'm a little jealous of my boy. I'm rolling around on the creeper, struggling to maneuver around in the tight quarters under the truck...and all he has to do is stoop over a little bit and walk. Being in the garage is nice because he can wander around and watch me work, rather than be contained in the bed of the truck. I don't need him wandering off while I'm elbow deep in a project. I'd upload a pic of him "helping" but they're all too large...only have 1.57MB available. If I find time here in the next few days I might see about making some room to do that...
  18. My "friend" whos numbers I was running decided insurance was too expensive & leased his trucks onto another carrier...leaving me up a creek w/o a paddle at the end of August last year. With the input shaft seal leaking, it wouldn't pass an inspection to lease back on where I had been before (really didn't want to anyway because of their insistance on running THEIR peoplenet system and charging me for it & the access it would give them to info that goes with it which they have no reason to have), and because my "friend" was a little behind on paying me, I didn't have the resources to get my own numbers. So, it got parked. Hopefully next spring when the weather breaks I can tear into it. I had hoped to this year, but it didn't quit raining dang near August... Hell, he STILL owes me over $3K and hasn't taken my calls or responded to a text in over a year. His wife says she's sure he'll call "when he's ready". I THOUGHT he was a friend...was best man at my wedding. He's SUPPOSED to be my boy's Godfather. At this point, I couldn't care less about the money...sure, it'd be nice & would go a long way towards getting things fixed the way they need to be, but I'm getting by without it. It's only money. Losing a good friend of damn near 20 years sucks.
  19. Got it home. Neighbor has an uncluttered garage I can put my diesel/kerosene heater in to at least stay warm & dry. On the plus side, it SHOULD come out easy enough as it was just out a month ago doing the clutch & slave cylinder. Neighbor says his cousin just bought an old Ranger for parts, so if it's 2wd with the 183cid V6 and a 5-speed, I might have a transmission. Otherwise, he says "junk yards sell those for $50-$75 all day long"...just not sure about a junk yard transmission. But, if it gets me down the road for a few months until I can get a remanned (or tear into/fix this one), then it'd be worth it just in fuel savings alone vs commuting 100 miles/day in the F250 (which is OOS at the moment...timing cover gasket leaking antifreeze) or Suburban (having issues with that transmission, too...but that might be due to the tach signal coming from the ECM being anything but accurate & steady). Beyond that, I've got my bike back on the road (it sat for 5-1/2 years) and the wife's (that I've been riding) decided to dump all its oil onto my garage floor. Yeah, it's a Harley. Then there's the Mack...with no plates, no insurance, no batteries, and a leaking transmission input shaft seal. What good is having spare vehicles when they're all broke? Just got to get ahold of the neighbor again so I can get over there and get to work on it...
  20. Welp...there goes Christmas! On my way to work this morning and the transmission let go in the Ranger. Good news is the local auto parts stores can get remanned ones in for about $800. Bad news is that's $800 we just weren't looking to spend on a vehicle right now. I doubt the one off my '86 (4-banger 5-speed) will bolt up to the '92 (V-6 5-speed) as the slip yolks were different. Slip yolk is an easy fix if that's the ONLY issue...I'm afraid the bolt pattern on the blocks are different as well. Just the way this year has gone...2 steps forward followed by a kick in the teeth and 5 steps back. Sitting on the side of the interstate now waiting for the wife to bring the Suburban & draw-bar to tow it home. Fun times.
  21. Just been hectic. 50-60 hour work weeks with another hour commute each way, broke down vehicles to fix, floods closing bridges, not to mention my little guy is 2 now & likes to be the center of attention.
  22. Now that Thanksgiving is over, time to start thinking about Christmas...
  23. And something that really has me freaking out right now, Dozer was a diabetic, and so to control his blood sugar he was on a strict diet...fed at 9:00 AM and PM, with his insulin shot at 9:30 AM and PM. I had the calendar on my phone programmed to remind me at 9:00 and 9:30 AM and PM...recurring events every day at those times with push notifications indefinitely....been that way since he was diagnosed. Last night, I went in to delete those events on the calendar since I'd no longer need those reminders, and when I opened it up the last one showing on the calendar was for Wednesday morning. He passed shortly after noon. The Wednesday evening feeding & shot as well as every future occurrence was already absent from my calendar. I didn't delete them...so what happened? How did my phone know those events were no longer relevant? 😨
  24. . Never got to say goodbye. Night before, I had worked late & picked the kid up at the sitter looking forward to getting home and crawling into bed...but when I got home I found that the wife's dog had pushed the door open to the baby's room and messed in there...which really pissed me off (she knows better)...so I cleaned it up & put the boot to her. Ol' Dozer hated it when I gave her ANY attention (good OR bad) and so he tried getting between me & her growling and barking at me the whole time...so he got the boot, too, just enough to get him out of the way. I left both dogs outside & went to bed since the wife was going to be home soon. Next morning I gave him a little extra rub on the head and let him know we were OK, then left for work. He passed mid-day...never saw him again.
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