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  1. Pictures of the Week

    OD, Next time that happens to you throw your load chains on the ground. Toss them under the tires laid out in a "S" pattern and ease up on them. Works somewhat like tire chains in a pinch. .....Hippy
  2. New Member with a 1961 B95F

    Welcome fyrmedic1! Nice looking B. .....Hippy
  3. GMC

    l know exactly where that is! l just went by it Friday cutting thru the woods. .....Hippy
  4. Congratulations to the two of you! Are we all invited to the big event? lol l don't think the 'ol MB will make it that far. .....Hippy
  5. Congratulations to the two of you! Are we all invited for the big event? lol l don't think the ol' MB will make it that far. .....Hippy
  6. lll go 3 for 3. The 4070 is what l learnt to drive trailer on in 1972. Had a shinny 290 with a 10 spd RR. We delivered paper potato bags from Pepperell Ma to Riverhead LI NY and surrounding towns. Thank you Eddie for your time and patience. .....Hippy
  7. It's all about ELDs

    http://thefederalist.com/2018/01/11/3-reasons-truckings-new-driver-surveillance-rule-will-hurt-truckers/#disqus_thread Some of the comments are really something! ............Hippy
  8. Looks like a bit of a pull up thru that ledge cut. What is that strange looking thing to the right of the tree? Nice pictures Paul, don't stop posting them their great! .......Hippy
  9. Its cold here.

    48* below freezing (-16*) here this morning at 0700. That just makes it sound colder. .........Hippy
  10. truck accident caused by elogs

    Frame style dump trailers are not to difficult to repair if they have gone over gently. A twisted frame can be saved with two large front end loaders. Raise the tub and block it up at a 45' angle, remove the piston, 1st loader puts down pressure on the tub over the tailgate to hold the trailer in place. 2nd loader comes in from the side over the 5th wheel plate on the high side of the twist. Chain from the 5th wheel pin to the bucket, roll the bucket back beyond what looks as if the frame is straight. Release the tension and check the frame, you may have to shorten the chain and twist it again. lf it looks correct put the piston back in and run the tub up and down a few times to see how it dumps. We did this several times back in the early 70's when l worked at a trailer shop. ............Hippy
  11. Chicago R models

    There are some great videos on YouTube of trains moving snow. ..........Hippy
  12. 1941 GMC Tractor Trailer

    The trailer is a Lapeer. Designed by Sidney Winn of Lapeer Trailer Co. of Lapeer Mi. (info from Bill Semple in the New England Chapter ATCA "Hudson Horn"). There is a Youtube video of something similar - Scarab Mechanical Horse. .............Hippy
  13. Thank you but could you preheat it first with the low temps lately. ...........Hippy
  14. Little winger in NH

    lf you can't get it to open. Click on the Snapchat link then look at the very lower left of your screen. Click on that one and the short video should play. Anything beyond this non technical info from me that works is only $hit luck. .........Hippy
  15. Little winger in NH

    Winging back the driveway after Mondays storm. .............Hippy Snapchat-765419811 (1).mp4