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  1. Rustproofing formula needed- new vehicle

    Fluid Film works well. They have a spray applicator you can purchase. Fluid Film also works for many other things. Hippy.......
  2. 1986 Mack COE

    It even comes with a playhouse! Hippy.......
  3. Some of the advertisements for this auction are saying it is in Weare NH. That is were Jeff's yard/garage is. The auction IS in Henniker (The only one on earth!) just off of NH Rt 202 & 9. Hippy.........
  4. 1957 autocar free

    l'm thinking what would that look like with an older 60" Peterbilt flattop sleeper on it? Anyone photoshop one on there to see? Hippy............
  5. I'm going with the outside width of the sidewalls for the flaps and fenders. And those tires you have on the drives are the BEST mud and snow tread going! Bandag Winterdeeps. aka around here as Wicked Deeps. Hippy........
  6. FWD Don't Look!

    https://nh.craigslist.org/hvd/d/1962-fwd-firetruck-custom/6250755606.html No connection what so ever. Hippy.......
  7. Still looking for USPS MR tractor

    Of the thousands of MBs that were used for everything. Where the hell are they all?! Hippy.........
  8. How does this come apart?

    The solid shaft should break loose at the yoke housing. There will be a small keyed shaft inside of it (pencil shaft?) The one on the MB is longer to reach over the transmission. We had to spend some time and speak to it often to get it to come loose. Then it was into the vice to get the other end off...........Hippy
  9. When l bought our R model someone had installed the non dog type pole just forward of the turn signal light. They put them on so high they looked like goal posts! lt looked like the Bulldog on the hood had gotten a swift kick in the ass and was going for an extra three points!.............Hippy
  10. Holy Smoke!!! Look Who Showed Up!!!

    Ok so, left to right standing. Barry is first, 2nd is Ricky, and l'm 4th........Hippy We had a great time and are thinking of doing it again next year.......
  11. Reversed, Bringing the Competition Home

    And a set of CF pups with a FLC tractor. Which were headed to Buffalo NY after the show. Leaving late he may have had to wait for a good shot to the gate...........Hippy
  12. With the original "Bringing the Competition Home". Went to Frederick MD to get this ex-OVNT trailer with Rick's Ford this week. And the MB's first copulation! ..................Hippy
  13. Bob, We were there today and parked across Rt100 from the show at the fire station. lt cost $4.00 and it's a 5 min walk. Hope to see you there tomorrow. Hippy...........
  14. 1963 C85 Pumper

    ff6cav, That's a fine looking truck your Dad has! Congratulations on the two new members of BMT. Hippy.....
  15. Ms Tracy! Please accept a great big hug for all that you have done for your grandmother. Fred and Nessa