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  1. Ok so, left to right standing. Barry is first, 2nd is Ricky, and l'm 4th........Hippy We had a great time and are thinking of doing it again next year.......
  2. And a set of CF pups with a FLC tractor. Which were headed to Buffalo NY after the show. Leaving late he may have had to wait for a good shot to the gate...........Hippy
  3. With the original "Bringing the Competition Home". Went to Frederick MD to get this ex-OVNT trailer with Rick's Ford this week. And the MB's first copulation! ..................Hippy
  4. Bob, We were there today and parked across Rt100 from the show at the fire station. lt cost $4.00 and it's a 5 min walk. Hope to see you there tomorrow. Hippy...........
  5. ff6cav, That's a fine looking truck your Dad has! Congratulations on the two new members of BMT. Hippy.....
  6. Ms Tracy! Please accept a great big hug for all that you have done for your grandmother. Fred and Nessa
  7. Good answer! lol Thank you, Hippy
  8. We will be there Fri and Sat. Don't know yet if Rick is taking his truck down. The MB is not going that far from home! lol ls there a time and place that BMT members meet up? This is our first time going to this show. Thanks, Hippy
  9. l think everyone and his brother is building trailers now! Who is buying them all?!!.....Hippy
  10. Mike, Nice looking Super M. A friend has a couple Farmalls and is busy with his club plowing up everyone's fields lately. He is on the local board of the Big Red Club. They have a weekend long show in Dublin, NH every year.......Hippy
  11. Bob and Jim, lt's now Central Auto Recyclers on Basin St off Hall St and there is still some old stuff in the yard. And Cohen Steel Supply is next door.......Hippy
  12. Looks like the picture was taken by the old Highway Hotel at exit 14 on 93
  13. Rowdy, ls this the Craftsman model you retired? We have a pair that we use to pull with, 18hp B&S and 3 speed HI/LO trans with 12" tires not cut (Turf Savers). This is the Stock class, 1,000lbs gross (tractor & driver) - 18hp max - 4mph max - any age tractor or driver. My wife has been class champion once, second once and third once. Not too bad for a $50.00 tractor off CL after draining the water out of the gas tank. As far as mine, l parked it, tired of getting my azz kicked by her and losing our bet. Having to do the dishes! lol ..........Hippy
  14. Jim, Very nice looking truck. Hippy
  15. Must have been a popular color then. CoPar and Penn Panzer mowers where almost the same color........Hippy