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  1. Greenwood Delaware Seagrave

    Town of Barnstead, NH FD runs green trucks. They have a slogan on every one. "It's not easy being green". .....Hippy
  2. Tire air pressure

    OK, Thank you for commenting. Ricky went to the FMCSA site and couldn't get a good answer. .....Hippy
  3. Tire air pressure

    The question is. How much can the air pressure vary between duel tires and be legal? .....Hippy
  4. LOL! l remember going to Spag's way back when. What an adventure that was. And don't forget to get your display number for large items in the storage trailers! .....Hippy
  5. Pictures of the Week

    Other Dog, You need one of these bird feeders for some entertainment with those tree rats! .....Hippy
  6. Happy Birthday Vlad

    Have a Happy Birthday Vlad! .....Hippy
  7. Listen to Mark Robinson tell it like it is! .....Hippy
  8. 1996 rd688sx E7350

    Did you contact State Line Truck Service over in Fitzwilliam by any chance? www.statelinetruckservice.com .....Hippy
  9. Looking for a Box Truck

    OMG! What a thing of beauty! ha .....Hippy
  10. old sears craftsman snow blower

    We have three silver and black 18hp B&S - 3spd hi/lo garden tractors. Two for pulling in the stock class and one for mowing. Both pullers were picked up for $50.00 each off CL several years ago. The Mrs. does very well with hers, (one 1st, one 2nd, and two 5th place championships) plus more ribbons and awards than Ricky and l put together! ha .....Hippy
  11. old sears craftsman snow blower

    I don't think the Sears number is as easy to put a date to it as the motor. lf it's the original motor it may have the date stamped on it. .....Hippy
  12. Take a set of automotive battery jumper cables, using only one cable. Go from the frame to the cab to check for a bad ground. I drove an Ottawa yard tractor with an air ride cab. All most every time you backed under a trailer, the cab would squat down and lose ground thru the cab hinges. We installed a large ground cable near the cab hinges and it solved the problem. .....Hippy
  13. Maxidyne/Maxitorque clarification

    LOL! l must have been speed shifting the one l drove, l only lit a cigarette. Couldn't drive one now l quit smoking 15 years ago. .....Hippy
  14. 1978 R model

    First truck was a '77 R600. 300+, 10spd RR, manual steering, 34,000lb camel backs, 36" crawl thru, (1) 4" straight pipe exhaust. Back when it was fun to turn NH to MD twice a week! haha .....Hippy
  15. Other Dog

    The center of gravity must be a fine line with those heels! What a problem to having to walk around bent over like that all day. .....Hippy