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  1. I've seen several this summer on 93 & 89 in NH. They have been out of Canada hauling lumber south and logs back home. There is an International pulling a belt trailer around the Concord/Manchester area. .....Hippy hippy
  2. That looks like it would be about a '68 +/-. My first driving job was plowing for a contractor for the state of NH. lt was a six wheel dump with a gas motor. l remember it said "Much l do" across the hood. Lived in Mass but had to have a NH license to work for the state. So.....l had two, one from Mass (Class 3?) and the second from NH (Light commercial) with a Mass address on it! Try that today! .....Hippy
  3. l always had the dogs looking out on the mudflaps. That way they could keep an eye out for Smokey Bear! .....Hippy
  4. I knew of an F model here in NH that had an Allis in it. Bought it in the mid west somewhere. lt ran like a raped ape l remember that! .....Hippy
  5. Company l drive for will NOT rebuild a 5th wheel, they replace it with a new one. .....Hippy
  6. Ok Ok it didn't work. lt should be Linus with a sign that says "Some of yall never backed up a trailer with your dad yelling at you and it shows". There l fixed it! ha .....Hippy
  7. Friend of ours stopped on his way home from Michigan with his new purchase. '88 MH613 - E6 4v 350 w/Jake - Mack 9 spd - 44,000 New Way air ride on 11R 24.5 rubber. .....Hippy
  8. Might have been some warmth coming off the chips. .....Hippy
  9. You don't see the Uniroyal airfoils much anymore. .....Hippy
  10. Saw this oversize sports car today in Twin Mt. NH parked in front of his repair shop. .....Hippy
  11. NAPA -- Not All Parts Available .....Hippy
  12. I'm thinking there were two(?). l had the wide one because when l needed an exhaust pipe it had to be ordered. The elbow/pipe from under the cab to the vertical muffler was a bit longer than what was in stock. And when l replaced the mirror arms they were shorter than what they had. The one in the picture looks like what l had with the short arms. l was dealing with Liberty International in Manchester. .....Hippy
  13. l had one with a 6V92, 9 spd, and a 15" lift axle. Sure made a great freight peddling tractor. This one even looks like a 90" cab. .....Hippy
  14. Welcome zeeksta.That's what we all like, pictures on the first post! Old girl looks good! .....Hippy
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