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  1. Old school. Didn't know he was 83 either. RIP sir. .....Hippy
  2. Still uses one of them repowered with a DT466 Don't forget he has an ex-Overnite MB too! .....Hippy
  3. Jim l think she needs to remove her top and turn it around. The field of stars should be to the viewers left. Let us know when she is ready to correct the mistake.😛 .....Hippy
  4. As of 7/1/20 the show is still on for 8/22 - 8/23 7am - 4pm. Feather Airport, Deering NH just off NH 202 3 miles south of Hillsboro NH. .....Hippy
  5. awww puppy turds How about these two?!!! .....Hippy
  6. Duel 10 inch chrome stacks up the side of the building wouldn't cost that much! .....Hippy
  7. They were using this truck for training new mixer drivers. Before they got into a front loader. But that was 17 +/- years ago when l worked for them. .....Hippy
  8. You sure your not driving my '99 Dodge 2500? .....Hippy
  9. They're MCs, MBs are much better looking! lol .....Hippy
  10. And that is a surprise to anyone? l'm driving a Volvo (NOT BY CHOICE) with an l-Drive. Clutch has been slipping for three months but the NH Mack dealership can not duplicate the problem they say. .....Hippy
  11. l would agree with you, l thought that it might be a GMC. .....Hippy
  12. Back when we had white on dark green plates with type of vehicle on them. Scenic-Commercial-Diesel-Trailer-Motorcycle .....Hippy
  13. And l understand we both like MBs too! lol .....Hippy
  14. l've tried both Chippewas and Carolinas made in the USA logger style boots. The Redwing sales man said that they were the cowboy boot of the Northeast! Never got much more than a year out of them before l rolled them over. The ones l get now are Redwing 1412 and they last almost three years with the wide flat heel. Made in the USA for about $300.00. .....Hippy https://www.redwingshoes.com/work/mens/soft-toe/supersole-2.0-01412.html?cgid=mens-work-soft-toe
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