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  1. ls that a steering wheel he's holding? .....Hippy
  2. That picture is enough to bring a tear to me eye. 😢 .....Hippy
  3. Good thing he lost the mudflap. https://cdllife.com/2019/chp-pulled-a-driver-in-for-a-mudflap-violation-but-found-something-way-worse/ .....Hippy
  4. HnL, lf you find it's the 5th wheel just replace it like Maddog said. The company l drive for deals with three different repair shops. lf there is a problem with a 5th wheel none of them will repair it. They just replace it due to liability and cost, so l was told. .....Hippy
  5. OH my! Our long lost grandson! .....Hippy
  6. Remember! No farms No farmers daughters!!😏 .....Hippy
  7. Hi Bob, lt sure would be nice to have a spare! .....Hippy
  8. Question! What is the proper way to park the wipers on a 359? l always kept them vertical in the center of the windshield. .....Hippy
  9. l was out there '78-'79 and they were not looking like that but had their original paint. We delivered Howard Johnson's to Arlington Tx then up to Amarillo to load IBP home. .....Hippy
  10. Road test wasn't long enough! l don't see it parked out in my driveway! lol Now that's what a real truck looks like. Very nice indeed. .....Hippy
  11. And yes we all do! Welcome to BMT. .....Hippy
  12. Try Watt's Truck Center. wwwWattsTruckCenter.com 1-888-304-6225 1-724-668-2201 .....Hippy
  13. ls this something else that l missed at Macungie?! .....Hippy
  14. 70mackMB

    I Swear

    Well, That's one way of keeping it hidden from the neighbors! .....Hippy
  15. The hood size is 4.25" tail to nose over the back. Ashtrays are 3.25" tail to nose. Are the 2" the ones used for the fender/bumper guide posts? A 2" size would work. .....Hippy
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