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  1. Pictures?! More the better! .....Hippy
  2. Looks like it's in the old Georgia-Pacific colors. Drove one of them good looking pups for GP 30 or so years ago. .....Hippy
  3. OK l need to ask, why the hell do they have aggie tires on the Macks? .....Hippy
  4. Nice R model but did you have to show it dragging an MB home?! .....Hippy
  5. Cop behind him doesn't understand why he can't drive it up on the portable scales! .....Hippy
  6. lf he is west bound he might be letting the brakes cool before getting to Keene. ha .....Hippy
  7. lf he only knew when he walked away from them. .....Hippy
  8. That's what l was thinking! lol .....Hippy
  9. Must have pulled a dump trailer with the pto handles by the door. .....Hippy
  10. What's that thing between the seats with the black knob? ls that how they shifted the transmission once-upon-a-time? lol .....Hippy
  11. OD your bring tears to me eyes! ( lt is St Paddy's weekend) and lf your buying l'm Irish! My MB's unit number is 11429 .....Hippy
  12. .....that Mack truck owners make way too much money! ha .....Hippy
  13. Oh Boy! l'd have to find another trailer but that would look good with our MB! .....Hippy
  14. A link to NHDOT info www.nh.gov/dot/media/nr2019/20190205-sullivan-truck-detour.htm Posted this yesterday but l guess it didn't work. .....Hippy
  15. l'm thinking they put the lift axle in the wrong spot! ha lf the lift axle is that far forward is it steerable? The company l'm with is adding another 3 axle tractor to the fleet soon. l've suggested it should have a pusher axle where we are empty half the time. .....Hippy
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