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  1. 70mackMB

    First F model

    l don't know how long they were used but this one ran like a raped ape, it would fly! .....Hippy
  2. 70mackMB

    New Fad for Cars?

    lf she would like too wear them over to the house, l'll help her make a pair of Daisy Duke's shorts out of 'em! .....Hippy
  3. 70mackMB

    First F model

    I know of one F model that had an Allis Chalmers in it. Came out of the mid west somewhere. Guy in Milford NH owned it around '78-'79. .....Hippy
  4. 70mackMB

    ATHS Hudson Mohawk

    Ricky is going with his CF doubles, leaving Sat morning. .....Hippy
  5. 70mackMB

    Holiday from down under

    Welcome back, The show to see would be Macungie, Pa in mid June put on by the ATCA. ATHS's national show will be May 30 - June 1 in Reno, NV. Have a good time! .....Hippy
  6. 70mackMB

    1974 Brockway E361T Wrecker

    Jim, How many do you think the 'ol girl dragged off of Rt 101 and Temple Mt? .....Hippy
  7. It doesn't go fast enough to activate an elog into motion mode! Thanks everyone for commenting .....Hippy
  8. So we are thinking of going to negative ground on the (1970) MB. What would be the best short or long version to accomplish this? Thank you for your time and info. .....Hippy
  9. 70mackMB

    Coca-Cola Buys Moxie

    My mother was moved to a nursing home from NH to PA years ago. If my brother or l went down for a visit and didn't bring a case of Moxie with us. Boy! Were we on her shit list l'll tell ya! lol .....Hippy
  10. 70mackMB

    Coca-Cola Buys Moxie

    LOL! The taste of New England and the Official tonic (soda/pop) of the State of Maine.
  11. Yup! Ricky had his CF Freightliner with the doubles there. And my half size COE MB was there too! .....Hippy
  12. 70mackMB


    Gees Jim, Getting a little ruff on the equipment there. .....Hippy
  13. 70mackMB

    1971 Brockway N457

    All of the CF stuff that Rick shows has the wedge brakes. Parts are available but get them as you can. When we went to the show in Lexington KY he brought the info on how to adjust them. Just encase the DOT didn't know how too! ha .....Hippy
  14. 70mackMB

    Just for a laugh!

    Sent to me today for a chuckle!
  15. 70mackMB

    CAT D6

    Saw this nice little unit playing in the dirt and mud today at the Concord NH Rockbusters Show. .....Hippy

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