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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on BMT. The featherless fowl is in the pellet grill smoker and should be ready to be carved at noon. .....Hippy
  2. Really looking forward to this one Jim. Anytime we went to tour the collection l always made sure to sign the guest/visitor book. Always interesting to read where people were from and they were from all over! .....Hippy
  3. And don't forget the fashionable footwear! .....Hippy
  4. Maybe out of hours on that damn ELD! lol .....Hippy
  5. A friend of mine drove one of those F models for Buster Brown. Tore up the pavement at 54 mph Manchester NH to Hartford CT to New Haven CT and back. .....Hippy
  6. I am rather good friends with one of the larger contributors to Hanks. My friend pulled all his images down after he started finding them all over social media virtually destroyed from their original shot. When Hanks was created, there wasnt Facebook or Instagram. Now when you follow some of the Facebook pages, the images that were marked with photographer credit were chopped out, pictures of screenshots of pictures, hell you couldnt even make out the logos on a few I've seen. I am one of the VERY fortunate ones to be able to still view the collections of a few of the contributors to Hanks on private Facevook pages. It seems with technology advances, most have forgotten how it used to be. The investment of film, cameras, getting negatives developed, and really all the contributors were asking for was to respect their work, and give credit where credit was due, but that hasnt been the case. So the pics are safe with their people, but may never be seen again but by a select few. ~Rick
  7. ls that a steering wheel he's holding? .....Hippy
  8. That picture is enough to bring a tear to me eye. 😢 .....Hippy
  9. Good thing he lost the mudflap. https://cdllife.com/2019/chp-pulled-a-driver-in-for-a-mudflap-violation-but-found-something-way-worse/ .....Hippy
  10. HnL, lf you find it's the 5th wheel just replace it like Maddog said. The company l drive for deals with three different repair shops. lf there is a problem with a 5th wheel none of them will repair it. They just replace it due to liability and cost, so l was told. .....Hippy
  11. OH my! Our long lost grandson! .....Hippy
  12. Remember! No farms No farmers daughters!!😏 .....Hippy
  13. Hi Bob, lt sure would be nice to have a spare! .....Hippy
  14. Question! What is the proper way to park the wipers on a 359? l always kept them vertical in the center of the windshield. .....Hippy
  15. l was out there '78-'79 and they were not looking like that but had their original paint. We delivered Howard Johnson's to Arlington Tx then up to Amarillo to load IBP home. .....Hippy
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