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  1. 70mackMB

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    The 5th wheel on the tractor was moved forward to almost the cab. The dolly was slide into the frame to the pintle hook. Then the dolly's 5th wheel was slid forward and centered over the joint of the two sliders. It looks like the 5th wheel in the picture is not the correct one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqWevOT6XSc .....Hippy
  2. 70mackMB

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    Unit #3322 left fender has a large red sticker on it. Is that a liquor permit from Penn's PLCB? l had 4" high letters on my R model PLCB xxxxx just don't remember the sticker. We loaded out of Schmidt's in downtown Philly, l don't remember the house carrier but they sure bailed my ass out one Friday afternoon when l broke down near the Federal bank. .....Hippy
  3. 70mackMB

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    Hey you know not everyone carried a spare 5th wheel other than RDWY, Smith and OVNT and who else?! ..... Hippy
  4. 70mackMB

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    Looks like #3720 is an air tank over the spare and #3322 is a fuel tank. Both must have been a bitch to get in and out of. .....Hippy
  5. 70mackMB

    GPS said to go this way....

    Good Grief! l started an informative post and it's gone right into the toilet!! LOL!! .....Hippy
  6. 70mackMB

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    Welcome to BMT! l can not help you with info on Snuffy Smith U models. But l'm sure there will be someone who can. The '70 MB l have now is the second one l've owned. The first one was a '74 Smith Transfer tractor back around '89-'90 with the same specs as this OVNT tractor. Good luck with your search. .....Hippy
  7. 70mackMB

    100 years 11hr 11day 11month 1918

    God Bless all our Veterans and active duty service members. Thank you.
  8. 70mackMB

    GPS said to go this way....

    Couldn't read the 10 ton limit sign either!
  9. Welcome AC, nine years for your first post but a good one! .....Hippy
  10. 70mackMB

    Night time illumination devises

    l think we have touched all the bases about lights and no lights. Watch now that l have said this. Rain, fog, snow, road spray, dawn or dusk. The color of the car or pick-up that will NOT have it's lights on will be silver or lite gray. What ever color blends in perfectly with the road conditions. Remember, Wipers on Lights on. .....Hippy
  11. 70mackMB

    Night time illumination devises

    Well here in NH no one is writing tickets for failure to dim lights. Seems like everyone is going around with driving/fog/aux headlamps on in traffic. We have our own drivers and outside carriers that cant shut them or the head lights off while in the yard or backed up at the dock. l've always dimmed and turned the head lights off as soon as l set the brakes. One of our guys has a three foot LED light bar on the bumper of his jacked up 350 Ford. l've never seen him turn it off even in traffic, hell l put the high beams to him one morning when l met him. .....Hippy
  12. 70mackMB

    Idle problems!?

    l know of a fuel draw line that came apart on the inside. A small piece of rubber would drop down and act like a flapper valve. lt would do it every now and then, drove my friend nuts until he found it. .....Hippy
  13. 70mackMB

    Front Turn Signal Location

    Not only the front turn signals but many of the rear ones get lost in the tail/brake lights also. And where have the side turn signals gone on the larger trucks? Macks are the size of your thumb, Peterbilt and Kenworth are only two or three small LEDs, Volvos are no better, all recessed flush with the fender or "A" pillar. You can not even see them working looking at them on a sunny day. Some cars have more larger and brighter ones than trucks do! l find now when you do use a signal it's one of two things. The other driver ignores it or it's F@#& HIM he's not getting in front of me!!! Damn trucks! l've vented, Thank you. .....Hippy
  14. That sure was a hell of a line up!! .....Hippy
  15. The wife and l turned Baltimore/Washington twice a week many moons ago. The old '77 R model had a crawl thru 36" bunk on it. .....Hippy

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