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  1. HA! Someone bumped this one. Rick picked up the CF '93 Freightshaker in Evansville IN in January and has been working on it since then. lt was used by CF to pull triples from the mid-west to CA. The '90 LN7000 Ford was a CF local truck he got from Black Creek NC back in 2010. And drove it home on Easter weekend at 48 mph!! We got the '70 MB Mack and a '58 Phalen 15T single axle low bed from Bluefield VA in Feb '15 and came home at 52 mph. He has one CF pup trailer as of this moment. We are headed to Peachbottom PA in the morning to get another CF trailer. Two weeks from now it's off to VT for a CF dolly and a look-a-like OVNT trailer for the MB. 41chevy...... Rick says the one in your post is For Sale in GA................ Hippy
  2. My Ol' Man used them in his propane bbq grill. l still have a couple coffee cans full of them. They worked real good for what l remember...... Hippy
  3. l turned one around in Durham NC a long time ago. l was driving a KW COE in the left lane at a merge. She came on from the ramp as l moved to the right. Caught her left rear with my bumper and turned her sideways across in front of me. The first time l saw her was when she came out the left side of the truck going backwards in the left lane. l remember saying " Damn that's pretty neat lady!" with her looking up at me doing 55 mph door to door. l got a $25.00 ticket for Failure to Yield, the local cop was the one that said she was in my blind spot....... Hippy
  4. Funny how l have the same problem....But l was thinking of a sign at the end of the driveway. " FREE CLEAN FILL WANTED" ....Hippy
  5. No tattle tail speedo in it now. lt did have one but someone cut the mount for it off. The hole for the cable is still there by the shifters. We are looking for one to replace it...... Hippy
  6. Bob, Rick and l were thinking of you using JB Wield where the cable pulled out of the drive pin. l need to get into the MB's because it stopped working also.......... Hippy
  7. When l was doing freight l had a customer that had one of these little guys. Started and ran as it should but was always working at it's weight limit....... Hippy
  8. Thinking it's not going to snow again, we moved them around the yard.
  9. Pays about the same as a load of dispatcher brains. At least you don't have to tarp either one....... Hippy
  10. l kinda like the one in the top right corner of page 63.........Hippy
  11. WOW! Oh and if the cop stops ya just tell him it's an RV. Remember, No Special Licence Required with an RV! lol Hippy
  12. The wheel on my MB is alot closer than l remember too! Come to think of it...... Hippy
  13. I'll stick with the old school stuff. Not impressed with the late model show trucks. And what's with the "itie-bitie-titie-commitie" from Hooters? Hippy
  14. A sugar maple you say...........Maybe he knows this is NH Maple Weekend! Hippy
  15. Just looking around YouTube and found this one...Even has some real music with it! Hippy