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  1. Tire repair shop in Farmington NH says their the "Best place in town to take a leak". .....Hippy
  2. Welcome to BMT Mike! And pictures too! (Someone will turn them l'm sure) Good way to start on here. .....Hippy
  3. I've met that truck on a narrow section of a state road locally. lt looks like one big SOB coming at ya lll tell you what! lol .....Hippy
  4. Ah Rich, l think that might be a grandchild of ours! lol lf l turn as hard as possible the MB's inside drive tires make an eleven or twelve foot circle. Great for U-turns on two lane roads. .....Hippy
  5. Thank you Bulldogboy! l totally missed this one. .....Hippy
  6. For our 3 trucks and 5 trailers we use the local agent for State Farm. All but one trailer are registered "Antique". .....Hippy
  7. Rob, My son installed one in a older Chevy Suburban 6.2 he had for a winter driver. Mounted it in the back and used the rear heater hoses to connect it into the coolant system. Says he was very happy with it, model D5WSC. Kept the 6.2 at 140 degrees at 10 below. .....Hippy
  8. Alex was the guy's name Eddie that taught you to drive? l got the same thing except it was for using the clutch to shift. lt was a '68(?) 4070 with a 290, 10 speed, single axle Ryder rental. Bemis Bag Pepperell Ma. to Long Island NY. loaded with potato bags. Sure would like to see him again. .....Hippy
  9. Take this picture and put it on the visor of the Volvo l drive. Just so l can remember what a real truck's cab looks like. .....Hippy
  10. Cole's Express and Cole Family Land Museum in Bangor Maine. https://obituaries.bangordailynews.com/obituary/galen-cole-1078239462
  11. Welcome Bigtow, Your first contribution could be several pictures. We always enjoy pictures. More the better! .....Hippy
  12. Parks it so the exhaust is aimed towards the neighbors for the cold starts. lol .....Hippy
  13. HG, You looking all the way across the yard at the roller? l think that might be a scarifier of some kind. .....Hippy
  14. 70mackMB


    l use to pick-up and deliver at Kingsbury Machine back when. .....Hippy
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on BMT. The featherless fowl is in the pellet grill smoker and should be ready to be carved at noon. .....Hippy
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