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  1. And yes we all do! Welcome to BMT. .....Hippy
  2. Try Watt's Truck Center. wwwWattsTruckCenter.com 1-888-304-6225 1-724-668-2201 .....Hippy
  3. ls this something else that l missed at Macungie?! .....Hippy
  4. 70mackMB

    I Swear

    Well, That's one way of keeping it hidden from the neighbors! .....Hippy
  5. The hood size is 4.25" tail to nose over the back. Ashtrays are 3.25" tail to nose. Are the 2" the ones used for the fender/bumper guide posts? A 2" size would work. .....Hippy
  6. I'm building a project and need one small chrome bull dog. The size l'm looking for would be about half of the one on an ash tray. Anyone that has or knows of something let me know. Thank you .....Hippy
  7. Is his drive tire mounted backwards? Or is that better on pavement vs dirt? .....Hippy
  8. 70mackMB

    B61T 36347

    Very nice! .....Hippy
  9. l hope l don't upset anyone but, that's some sad looking equipment. Don't the drivers know how to wash their trucks? lf the outside of the mixer barrels look like that whats the inside like? Concrete company l worked for we washed every night rain/snow or shine. .....Hippy
  10. Damn your hard on equipment!! .....Hippy
  11. Sorry l can't help with your question about your brakes. BUT, First post with a nice picture can't get any better than that! Welcome to BMT! .....Hippy
  12. Very good friend of mine had one just like that! He would haul his pool water from the brook a quarter mile away. Living on a hillside he'd drop it in the upper driveway and run a hose to the pool. Worked well till the landing gear folded up and it rolled over sideways. Ended up with the bottom against a tree! .....Hippy
  13. DOWN! Sure as shiitt if your like me you'll get hooked on something getting out. Hanging there in mid air trying to get loose! l'm damn good friends with a guy called Murphy. .....Hippy
  14. Pictures?! More the better! .....Hippy
  15. Looks like it's in the old Georgia-Pacific colors. Drove one of them good looking pups for GP 30 or so years ago. .....Hippy
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