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  1. GA_Dave


    I was there before the rain hit and photographed several rigs and talked with several friends and acquaintances. I saw many of the apparatus that were present and have seen photos of others that attended later on, many of which I have previously photographed. When the rain hit, I packed it in and headed south, my destination being Durham, NC for the night. Traffic through Maryland and much of Virginia was HORRIBLE, so I believe I made the correct decision. As for the few rigs I missed out on, there is always another year. The SPAAMFAA Muster was the last event of this road trip that began on July19th, taking me to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, plus the states I passed through to get there and back to Georgia. I put 3663 miles on the Challenger and photographed about 300 more fire apparatus.
  2. GA_Dave


    Hoping for good weather, doubtful we'll get it.
  3. GA_Dave

    Artificial Intelligence

    Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, that was the nickname given to a blonde female police officer in the city where I was a firefighter after she dyed her hair red!
  4. GA_Dave

    My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    I previously posted this 1989 Mack MC688FC/Swab Wagon Company heavy rescue in it's original home, the Goodwilll Fire Company in Pottstown, PA. Here is a recent shot in it's current home, the Altamahaw-Ossipee FD in Burlington, NC. It carries Mack #1064 and Swab #4740.
  5. GA_Dave

    My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Engine 5, Middlesex, NC 1988 Mack R/E.E.I. 1500/1000 R686FC-1072/#8562
  6. GA_Dave

    Lost and Not Found

    Sad indeed. Sorry to hear it.
  7. GA_Dave

    Boston Ladder Failure

    I can't say exactly what happened as I was not there, but looking at the photos I have found, I have my suspicions. The position of the base section is the biggest clue. The angle of elevation of the base section is much lower than it would have been to get the bucket to the rooftop. There are only two possible ways for that section's elevation to lower, either hydraulic failure or operator error. With the aerial elevated to where the bucket was higher than the roof, the weight of each aerial section above the base section keeps them in alignment. If the bucket is lowered to just rest on the roof, the sections should maintain their alignment. The manufacturer does not recommend this practice, instead, one should maintain a small gap between the bucket and roof and let personnel embark/disembark without the aerial making contact. If downward force was applied to the aerial and the bucket made contact with the roof with enough force, the pictured results could happen. A hydraulic failure with contact from a short distance away should not cause this to happen and the story reports that the bucket was only a short distance above the roof when the failure occurred. The investigation will be enlightening!
  8. GA_Dave

    America's youth

    Not really. A very small percentage of the population threw a tantrum because they are not getting their way. We're keeping our guns!
  9. GA_Dave

    Saw this at MATS today

    The second shot is a much better angle.......
  10. GA_Dave

    2018 Jeep MOAB Concept Vehicles

    They need to bring back the Forward Control!
  11. GA_Dave

    Glad there are LEGAL gun owners out there

    Not surprising how the mainstream media has all but swept this school shooting under the rug! Meanwhile, they keep telling us to listen to high school children tell us that those under age 21 are too immature to own a gun.....
  12. GA_Dave


    Perhaps it's because mosquitoes don't care for the smell of a dog's ass!
  13. GA_Dave

    My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Tanker 13, Spring Ridge VFD, Gilchrist County, FL 1982 Mack DM/KME A/S-32R-9 600/5000 #DM4 925-1920/KM-213
  14. GA_Dave

    A new view for gun control

    Not even close to being true! The US already has laws to address the issue of guns and those who are deemed "nut cases" by a Court of Law. It is our US Constitution and Bill of Rights that require the DUE PROCESS it takes for these people to be adjudicated as mentally incompetent, before any right to keep and bear arms can be taken away. Is the NRA a powerful lobby? Sure they are, but don't buy into the liberal media's vision of the "evil NRA". The NRA is the oldest and most powerful CIVIL RIGHTS organization in the US.
  15. GA_Dave

    Big guns moving

    I don't mean to sound stupid, but if these guns are off the USS New Jersey, what guns are on the USS New Jersey?

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