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  1. GA_Dave

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    Someone should feed that horse, you can see his bones!
  2. GA_Dave

    My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Tanker 5, Middlefield, CT 2017 Mack Granite/4-Guys 1250/2700 #F-3069
  3. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Gibbs' Rule 39: “There is no such thing as coincidence.” Just like the lack of details (when and where) prevent any way to have an alibi. This entire debacle was nothing but a set up from the beginning. Delay after delay, additional accusers coming forward with no more evidence than the first one. It was all designed to push the confirmation vote until after the midterms. It FAILED! I hope it comes back to bite every one of the crooks involved right in the backside!
  4. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh! I just love happy endings!
  5. GA_Dave

    Presidential Alerts

    The "Emergency Broadcast System" was in place long before I was born, before most people alive today were born. This "new" system is the modern day equivalent of the EBS. Anyone with a little logic and reason can easily understand this, but therein lies the problem for many people. They cannot deal with logic and reason, just feelings and emotions. Those of us who understand these things can't help them. They cannot be taught, nor do they want to be. Since we are not allowed to shoot them, our only choice is to ignore them! If the system had been used today to congratulate Justice Kavanaugh on his confirmation into the Supreme Court, their heads would have literally exploded!
  6. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    If there are that many democrats in the US, why isn't she in the White House? Many of us conservatives are waiting for the democrats to try wiping us out of the country. She forgets who has the vast majority of the guns!
  7. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Flake - aptly named! The difference between Flake and McCain? McCain is dead! Enough about RINO's, here's the latest in the MeToo movement - Ginsburg claims she was fondled by Abe Lincoln and names Feinstein and Pelosi as witnesses!
  8. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    We are but a few hours away from October 1. There have been many delays, many accusations and many lies, yet not one shred of evidence, not one corroborating witness. This is a Nation founded on the Rule of Law - Ask yourself which side wants to follow that law and which side wishes to change that law. This is a Nation where Citizens have certain Constitutionally protected rights - Ask yourself which side wants to protect those rights and which side wants to remove those rights. Many years ago, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. There was no expiration date!
  9. GA_Dave

    "People should and do trust me" - Hillary Clinton

    “Hillary Clinton has not been tried, but there are those who want to drag her for the next three years. It will not stop until they find a reason to put her in jail. That would be a travesty.” Only for the other inmates!
  10. GA_Dave

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    I don't believe her as far as I can throw Rosie O'Donnell! She hasn't kept her story straight since day one, her so-called "witnesses" have denied any knowledge of said events. These are nothing short of baseless accusations designed to delay the confirmation hearing until it is too late before the midterms. I have yet to see any evidence that Judge Kavannaugh has done anything he has been accused of doing. Not one bit of proof. Not a single witness who corroborates her story. It doesn't matter how many women come forward with claims and accusations, until there is evidence or witnesses to prove them, it's all a bunch of hot air!
  11. GA_Dave

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    Back in my Army days on a Chaparral Missile crew, we sent our brand new LT. in search of a "launch rail stretcher". Kept him gone all day! Years later, at the firehouse, we sent the rookies to the truck to retrieve the "water hammer". Other favorites include getting them to "jump start" a roof saw (akin to push starting a stick shift car) by running as fast as they can, bent over so the blade of the circular saw contacts the ground to make it spin fast (usually video taped) or the game of dropping a quarter off his nose into a set of stacked nozzle tips shoved down the front of his pants (like a funnel). When he leans back to balance the quarter on his nose, a glass of ice water is dumped down the stacked tips!
  12. When the electric Dodge Challenger comes out, I "might" think about it!
  13. GA_Dave

    My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Rescue 3, Atlantic Beach, NC 2008 Mack MR/Hackney #08F09257
  14. GA_Dave


    I was there before the rain hit and photographed several rigs and talked with several friends and acquaintances. I saw many of the apparatus that were present and have seen photos of others that attended later on, many of which I have previously photographed. When the rain hit, I packed it in and headed south, my destination being Durham, NC for the night. Traffic through Maryland and much of Virginia was HORRIBLE, so I believe I made the correct decision. As for the few rigs I missed out on, there is always another year. The SPAAMFAA Muster was the last event of this road trip that began on July19th, taking me to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, plus the states I passed through to get there and back to Georgia. I put 3663 miles on the Challenger and photographed about 300 more fire apparatus.
  15. GA_Dave


    Hoping for good weather, doubtful we'll get it.

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