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  1. Tanker 324, Providence FD, Weddington, NC 2003 AutoCar Xpeditor/Red Diamond 500/3000
  2. Can you add any info about your fire engine? Where is it from? What company built it? It appears to be an older, 1920's era, American LaFrance body remounted on that chassis.
  3. Crash 3, Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Cheektowaga, NY 1988 AutoCar/American Eagle 1000/1000/150F/350DC 4x4
  4. Tanker 88-9, Selbyville, DE 2001 AutoCar/4-Guys 1500/3500
  5. Tanker 905, Mardela Springs, MD 1989 AutoCar/4-Guys 1000/3000
  6. That pic is at least 20 years old, but it is still in service at Reynolds as their parade rig. I would say that it still looks just as good.
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