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  1. Musings

    I wholeheartedly agree! This morning on yahoo news, there was a headline story about the democrats all patting themselves on the back for their brilliant political strategy in causing the shutdown. Now they are all whining about evil Trump and the GOP being to blame for the shutdown. Liberalism truly IS a mental disorder!
  2. Merry Christmas All:

    Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  4. What is wrong with people today?

    Years ago, these types of people, for the most part, were kept under lock and key and we didn't have anywhere near as many problems. We also had the death penalty, and not 20-30 years after conviction either. Yes, occasionally a truly innocent person was executed, but not that often. Under today's system, far more innocent people die from repeat offenders, than were mistakenly executed back then.
  5. Chevrolet Camaro Thread

    No thanks. I'll keep my Challenger!
  6. 1970 Mack R-685F

    Thanks for confirming, Mike. I thought it was.
  7. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Engine 921, Hopewell Township FD, Aliquippa, PA 1977 Mack CF 1500/750 #CF611F15-1889
  8. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Truck 87, East End FD, Mercer, PA 1987 Mack CF/Baker/Saulsbury 0/0/95' Aerialscope #CF688FAPS-1165 x-Lebanon, PA x-Jericho, NY
  9. 1970 Mack R-685F

    This one might have been original to Rockville, MD.
  10. Perspective...

  11. 1975 hemi powered duster, Lenos Garage

    Mopar or NO car!
  12. Charlottesville

    Do you actually believe anything that comes from the Department of Homeland Scrutiny? Nice of her to violate his right to privacy under the HIPAA laws!
  13. Charlottesville

    Moments before that shot was taken, that Challenger was struck on the rear bumper by someone who jumped off the curb as it passed. It was going slowly when this happened, then rapidly sped up after the hit. I have seen video of this happening. The video is not clear enough to determine if the object used was a bat or a stick. Note in the above photo that the brake lights are on. I am NOT convinced that this was an intentional act, but rather a reaction to the person striking his car. Challengers are not cheap cars and every owner I have ever met treats theirs as their baby. Try semi-automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons are highly controlled and extremely expensive, requiring a Class 3 Federal Firearms License and an expensive tax stamp to possess one. Most owners would never take one to such an event. As for the guns that were present, they would not have been "menacing" to anyone if those other people had never shown up!
  14. Air Force News

    I have never watched A-10's do touch and go's, but I would likely enjoy it. Back in 1979-1981, I was serving in the US Army at Fort Hood, TX. My MOS was 16P, Short Range Air Defense Artillery. I was a gunner on a Chaparral Missile system. My job was to shoot down enemy aircraft, however, the US was not at war at that time. Still, we trained. Since we were short of enemy aircraft to work with, we used what was available, friendly aircraft. For those unfamiliar with Fort Hood, it is one of the largest Army bases in the US, with a very large "impact" area, used by all branches for live fire training, aircraft included. Fort Hood was also home to the First Air Cavalry (Cobra attack helicopters). It was rare to not see something flying over Fort Hood! The variety of "targets" was spectacular - T-38's, F-4's, A-7's, A-10's, F-105's, F-14's, OV-1B's, OV-10's, UH-1's, AH-1's, CH-47's, OH-58's, C-130's and even an occasional C-5! Using a dummy missile with a live IR seeker section, we were able to acquire and track targets as they flew over or went through their attack runs. Of all the aircraft we saw, we all agreed that one presented the most challenge to us. That one was the A-10. While not as fast as some of the others, it was far more agile, zigzagging to the point of being almost impossible to get missile lock on it. None of the others making attack runs were difficult for us to track. I was always happy that those planes were on our side!
  15. Maxwell Klingers wish was just granted

    Obviously you don't understand the difference between a cross dresser and a transgender, or for that matter, reality and a TV comedy show. Klinger didn't believe he was a women, he was dressing that way in order to get kicked out of the Army, which was the actual policy in the 1950's. The comedy part was that his superiors saw right through his ploy and ignored him, regardless of how much he pushed the idea.