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  1. The blue & white 1972 Chevy pickup and the 1978 Dodge "Little Red Express", both in the third group, are very nice! The 1972 Chevy, IMHO, was the best looking they ever made.
  2. Engine B85, Vintage FD 1963 Mack B-85F 750/500 #1483 x-Schoharie, NY
  3. Engine 27, Vintage FD 2051 Mack L-85 750/200 #85LS-1549
  4. Engine 3, Vintage FD 1952 Mack 505A 500/500 #1020 x-Palo Alto, CA
  5. The other four were antiques operated by the "Vintage Fire Department" out of Mooresville, NC. Engine 2, Vintage FD 1948 Mack 45E 500/300 #45S-1426 x-Verona, NY
  6. I recently attended the annual fire apparatus festival at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC (June 22nd). Just under 100 apparatus were on hand, including five Macks. Ladder 45, Cleveland Community FD, Rowan County, NC 1978 Mack CF611FAP 0/0/75' Aerialscope #1996 x-Westbury, NY x-FDNY L-54
  7. I'm not sure which one 1958 F.W.D. missed, but there were 13 open cab CF pumpers and one aerial. Here is the list:
  8. You didn't even mention that classic C Model Mack fire engine in the last pic!
  9. I have talked with several employees of that VW plant and they are happy with the working conditions, pay and benefits that VW is providing. They do not want the union! The UAW has been trying to force their way in since right after the plant opened.
  10. A recent find..... Engine 1133, Wharton, TX 1951 Mack 85LS 750/200 #1553
  11. I would never use it if we did have it. It would not be practical for me. My chosen destinations are too specific to not have a car to get me there. Besides, I enjoy the sightseeing while I travel.
  12. That Duster is Sublime!
  13. Another advantage to being retired, I no longer have to pee in a cup to keep my job! I've never touched the stuff, but was tested more times than I can remember during my 28 years on the job. Even my Chief knew it was unnecessary for me to get "randomly" picked as often as I was. He told me one time to just consider myself as part of the "control group"!
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