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  1. Another advantage to being retired, I no longer have to pee in a cup to keep my job! I've never touched the stuff, but was tested more times than I can remember during my 28 years on the job. Even my Chief knew it was unnecessary for me to get "randomly" picked as often as I was. He told me one time to just consider myself as part of the "control group"!
  2. Engine 161, Low Country Firefighter Support Team, North Charleston, SC 1984 Mack CF688FC/Ward '79 LTD 1000/500 #1360 x-Joanna, SC x-FDNY
  3. Every time I go on a road trip, I swear that people already have these cars!
  4. Most of the time, I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, but when I do, and I suspect them, I answer "Clayton County Sheriff's Department"! All I hear is "CLICK"!
  5. I call my Jeep "Elizabeth Warren". It's white, but says it's a Cherokee!
  6. Amen! I was a volly in two FD's, career in another, always professional!
  7. Y'all should have seen Atlanta this past Tuesday. The early morning brought light rain and mid-30's temps. Atlanta shut down with a "severe weather warning". Schools were closed, people didn't go to work. By noon, the sky was blue, the roads were dry and the temp was 45......
  8. GA_Dave

    Navy News

    That's some pretty damn good flying right there! "While on patrol, the pilot sees a blip coming in on his six. He executes a 180 degree turn to his left and flies directly at the enemy. As he makes his first attack run, he fires and quickly banks to his left, then his right, then a left loop around to make his second pass on the target. He gets more hits on the second pass and flies straight ahead, then loops around to his right and makes a third pass to ensure the enemy is destroyed." That's his story, and he's sticking to it!
  9. I am a firm believer in Capitol Punishment..... ALL those B@$+ards at the Capitol should be punished!
  10. First off, you state that it is a telesquirt. That is a term often applied to several different brands of the same device, but the most common was the Telesqurt, built by the Snorkel Company. If this is an actual Telesqurt, they company no longer exists in it's original form, but is under ownership of Smeal Fire Apparatus of Snyder, NE and is part of their LTC (Ladder Tower Company) Division. They may be able to supply you with the needed part or point you in the right direction. http://www.smeal.com
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