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  1. Hello all, Can someone recommend an alternating flasher for my 1956 B85? I want to flash a couple of fender mounted red Unity lights as well as two matching lights on the back of the truck. The truck is positive ground. Thanks! Robb
  2. Thanks for the advice. We actually got plug wires and a couple of new coils from him. We did discuss the electronic ignition and I’m sure we’ll switch at some point in the future. Had we not already bought the new plug wires, we probably would have switched it over then. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Mike, I appreciate the reply!
  4. Thanks, I will check that as well. Robb
  5. Thanks. Carb was rebuilt and the gentleman we got it from always used non-ethanol and we're doing the same. I appreciate the information though. If he hadn't made me aware, I probably wouldn't have thought of that. Robb
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help. It starts, runs and idles well but it's not running real smooth at higher RPM's. We are replacing all of the plugs and installing a new set of spark plug wires, which it needs anyway. Thanks again and I appreciate y'all sharing your knowledge. Robb
  7. Thanks, what plugs do you prefer?
  8. I recently acquired a 1956 B85 and we need to replace the spark plugs. I've heard that both sides take the same plug and I've also heard the opposite. Can someone confirm which it true. The service information I have doesn't mention using 2 different ones but I'd like to be sure. Thanks! Robb
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