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  1. I was planning to put the DE on the Registry for that very reason. Thanks, you're the first! Would you mind sending some location details (town and state or just state are fine) by private message please? HI Mike, nope, that's a new one for the Registry. Your first EG1S going by the list? Great find!
  2. We've just ticked over 100 entries, with 22 trucks entered since I last posted above. Of the new listings, there's the first EE1S, the first two examples of the EER1S (and the first entries from South Africa and Thailand as a result thanks to Johan Olivier and chuckshay), a third Canadian entry, the first EG1D thanks to Mike Harbison, the EG1S 'population' has more than doubled to 7, the first EMT1D has appeared, and five fire truck variants have been added (three Type 45S, one Type 75S and one Type 505S). A couple ownership changes have been recorded as well. Thanks to everyone who
  3. Thanks everyone, we're now on 87 trucks listed on the Registry and the updates from this thread are up to date. In many case I've added usernames as per this forum so if you would like to include your real name, please drop me a private message or send me an email at aircrewbooksATiinet.net.au Capt'n Hook, did you sell your 1937 EJ? Johan Olivier, thank you, your truck is the first South African entry on the Registry. Based on other listings, I would argue it's a 1948 though. Yoos Brothers Construction, thanks, Josh, nothing like multiple entries to kick things along. Any luck w
  4. Hi guys Yep, I'm back! I have no idea what has reignited my love for the Mack E, but I'd say it's the photos that have been popping up on Facebook. With work and raising a family, and getting out of trucks a few years ago for various reasons, things just fell over. Anyway, I've found my most up to date E Registry (with 78 entries as mentioned in my previous post on this thread) and will get to updating it. I've started asking around on Facebook whenever Es pop up so with luck we'll break the 100 barrier soon. Many thanks for continuing to post about your Es and my apologies for being
  5. Absolutely, James. Have got "sold" on what was your EH but will change ownership details when I know the new owner. Just let me know when you acquire the EG and it'll be a snap. Btw, we're up to 78 Es listed now. I added one I've mislaid the chassis number for but know the owner etc. Have got another four Australian ones to add and possibly at least another seven on top of that. That said, it'd be good to get to 100 entries just from BMT members.
  6. Thanks, Jonas, the seventh EQX1D to be added but the first west coaster. Hey James, good to hear you've got irons in the fire. Looking forward to hearing more. I've finally updated the registry. I discovered it was an older version - don't know where the most up to date one is - so I've gone back through to page four of this thread to "re-add" about 5-6 trucks that I've already posted as listed. Anyway, long story short, we're now up to 77 Es on the registry. I'll post details of the new additions (will include some repeats already mentioned on here) shortly - added 21 today but should hav
  7. Good shots, Max. Long time, no speak, Tim!
  8. Great to see you still floating about, Speed! You Eed up again? Where did your old girl end up?
  9. At least you've seen an EEU, Jim! I'm sure I knew they existed but... Any external differences between an EQU and EHU?
  10. One of the guys on the registry is missing one of the panels on his EHU. Are they the same as an EQU and I take it it's rare to find a truck with them? That would have been something to see.
  11. Way to go, Jonas. Ignore my message to you asking about its history with you. That's all ahead of you. LOL. I agree with Mike and yarnall about the low profiles. Avoid them but 22.5s will work nicely. With the engine number and also chassis number (which I need too please!) you'll be able to send off to the Mack Museum for build sheets and the like (be sure to give them a small donation for their trouble). It would be cool if her engine's the original. Beaut machine, you've done well and it sounds like she's found a great home.
  12. Hi Jonas, it might be worth asking Barry on here (and at Watt's Mack of course) as they may have a parts truck or two.
  13. Jonas, wow! You've made my week ... and a period sleeper too. Different front axle? I don't think I've seen an EQX with what appears to be a light axle but I'm certainly no expert. Phenomenal bit of gear, mate. Superb. Do you have the chassis number handy?
  14. G'day Chris Do you know Gavin Spence? He would be a good bloke to speak to to start off with as he owns a B615. He sold a lot of his stuff recently so no idea what he's up to but has a good network. He's pres of the Australian chapter of the ATHS.
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