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  1. Timothy Maikshilo

    2015 Superliner

    Jim it goes as good as it looks too!
  2. Timothy Maikshilo

    2015 Superliner

    Here is our 2015 Superliner with the new “hammer mill” crusher. This truck is driven by a first class operator. Tim Butcher has pulled some mighty loads with his Superliner.
  3. Timothy Maikshilo

    Happy Birthday Timothy Maikshilo

    Thanks Guys! Sorry been away....Very busy here working for Fulton Hogan and seeing a lot of the south island.
  4. Timothy Maikshilo

    Pictures of the Week

    Tom great pics. Glad you and Ed could get together for a cuppa and enjoy some good weather.
  5. Timothy Maikshilo

    Pics From the Last Week

    No sunny and 75 degree's but winter is coming soon to the land of the long white cloud. Than is will get a bit frosty here 32 for a low and during the day about 50 to 55 we may have a bit of work in American Samoa this coming winter.
  6. Timothy Maikshilo

    Pics From the Last Week

    Great pics! Don't miss the snow!
  7. Timothy Maikshilo

    How they have fun in Quebec

    Billy T I believe it is a R686 350 12 speed with 44's
  8. Timothy Maikshilo

    89 superliner E6 300 nine speed

    Like Jim said! This one is worth saving, good find!
  9. Vlad, Thank you for all the great pictures. Quite an interesting thread too!
  10. Awesome shot Jim, and what injury? Hope you are ok?
  11. Timothy Maikshilo

    How about some Macks from Vermont?

    Sonny Sloan still has it and runs it on occasion.
  12. Timothy Maikshilo

    Mrs Mack to the rescue

    Great video Pauly Boy! Well, when we come in December, we'll clean the cob webs out of the old R model!
  13. Timothy Maikshilo

    Asphalt Milling with a Brockway 155

    Nice to see an old dog getting it done!
  14. Timothy Maikshilo

    C27 CAT

    Well she maybe an expensive date but she puts out....770,000 Square yards on interstate 95 in Maine the last three months with her 12 foot drum :0
  15. Timothy Maikshilo

    New work truck

    Thankfully it wasn't me who crashed that truck! I would not have wanted to be on that call with the CEO! Jim, I will get the mechanics to make me a proper one this week

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