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  1. Can you still get the AMI 370 file? I thought I read it was no longer available.
  2. Maxidyne, I’ll agree that 300hp is adequate when it’s just the loaded truck, but when we are tagging the excavator, we are around 82k, and then them 300 horses are dragging ass.
  3. Daytona Marine (DME-900) was what was in our Shrimpboat
  4. who built it? Whats it rated for? What model? Idk which i love better, the ally transmission or the mack its in!!!
  5. The 04 Allison dump i have was a mixer in its first life, good specs for a dump......double frame, 502 ratio, 52 camelback on bronze, 23k(?22 maybe) front, dual steering, heavy double frame and low miles (60k i think when i bought it), makes a hell for stout tandem for sure (but i need more than 300 HP)
  6. MK 51105a-5 $331+tax MK 41112M2-5 $315 +tax M-132 direct fit muffler $127 +tax these prices are delivered to the baton rouge Truck Pro
  7. Drivetrain is in excellent shape, 157k, conservatively operated and well maintained for 110k of that, will the 375 file and injectors eliminate the 4-6 seconds of lag on initial takeoff? I really want to get that gone, makes pulling out in some situations really sketchy!
  8. Yes I can post the quoted prices, truck pro quoted them, they are higher that listed here, but I’ll pay to play, they said 2-3 week delivery after ordering My granite has been updated to 12B, is that all I need to be ok with exhaust, manifold, turbo and injectors? Or do I need to try to get them to set it to a higher HP as well?
  9. Ok, so ive been saving my nickles to do the 5 inch exhaust(my local truck pro can get them, has already quoted), exhaust manifold, K&S injectors and 400 turbo, but i just read something that concerns me, if my local dealer has the "Grey Motor Amnesia", does that mean that installing the parts wont help? Or just that it would run better if it had the dealer tune it after? Just curious, if there was a way to convince the engine brain that the engine had boost, say 10 lbs or some low number like that, by fooling the boost sensor/manifold pressure sensor electronically, would that allow more fueling earlier? Maybe allow the actual boost to build quicker, minimizing the low end lag? Maybe a resistor or something in the circuit? Im not interested in rolling coal, just thinking aloud
  10. Hey we both have the same issue, sometimes my 04/300/Allison does the exact same thing! Sometimes from a dead stop, almost instant boost, good power...sometimes normal power, then sometimes won’t build good boost through first/second maybe into third before you hear the motor pitch deepen(more fuel)followed by rise in boost and normal power.
  11. So if I read and am understanding correct, all of the ccrs motors, from the 300 to the 460 use the same EUP p.n.?
  12. Had the same issues when hot(above 90) and grossing 81, pulled rad and had it rodded out, stays on lower end of green now
  13. I had to go to three different dealers before i finally found one who would update my 04 AI from 9B to 12B, and it took that shop almost half a day to actually get it to work, they had to flash it (called it that i believe) several times before it "took". Sounds like we are chasing the same intermittent low power issue
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