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  1. Yea Perraults runs a tight ship, all the truck sport a really nice 360 camera system too
  2. Looking at purchasing a new GU next year, and would like feedback on disc brakes and collision avoidance system. I would love to hear from both owners and drivers on them. In Louisiana, the lawyers are on every other billboard for big truck wrecks, and im weighing plusses and minuses. Btw the truck will be both owner, and driver driven. Ive heard stories of the annoyances of collision avoidance systems, are they better now than in the past?
  3. If someone was replacing a high hour 04 AI motor with a reman or low hour running take out, what all would have to be modified/converted to use a ETECH in place of the AI (the AI has had the BMT egr cripple modifications done) Would the additional work be worth it? What issues other than injector fuel return would have to be tackled?
  4. The 14k front and 40k rears max, from what im reading, wont work for us.
  5. I don’t know, pretty sure the one I climbed all over on yesterday was brand new, but might be wrong
  6. What are the differences between a Granite and a Pinnacle(2021 year model)? Can a Pinnacle be built comparable to a Granite (say for Tri-axle dump application) Other than styling, is there certain options available on one model that are not available on the other?
  7. Ok, sounds like she is doing good, i thought she was getting a little too hot, but from the feedback, sounds like she is good. I still may try a slightly smaller turbo to keep the boost up more when she makes the 3-4 and 4-5 shifts, she drops down pretty low and takes a few seconds to build it back on those two, 5-6 isnt bad(smaller step) and your over 50 or so by then and backing out anyway.
  8. Ive got some questions, concerning the correlation between boost, egts, gear and load. The truck in question is a 2004 CV 713 with a AI300/Allison 4500/4.64 rears. We recently did the EGR cripple (E-Tech exhaust manifold/full 5 inch exhaust/427 hp injectors and S467 YTS turbo, Pyro and boost gauges. Im much happier with the power of the truck, especially the initial rollout from a dead stop. When she is loaded, I notice that when she hits top gear and speed levels out (60-65), the EGTs get up to 900ish @ 1400-1450 rpms. If I downshift a gear, rpm and boost both increase and EGTs go down to 700-750 range. At WOT it will drop to the high 600s. Is this indicative of the turbo being too large? When we tag the excavator along (82k gross), we stay below 50 and she runs in the 700s. I know i was told to keep egts below 4 digits would be a good goal, so I downshift, or back out of the throttle a tad when it exceeds 900. Am i being too cautious at 900? Would a different (smaller) turbo have better flow at a lower engine rpm and keep egts lower without downshifting?
  9. That is the number that i gave them, 419 M2 (400 hp), but apparently that number has been superseded, and they are saying they cant uprate it unless i buy the other number and install them first🙁. I hate to spend $1200 more and the time to change them, im going to try another dealer and see what they say, i think they are trying to sell injectors.
  10. She is going in soon to Capitol Mack to have the HP setting uprated, and i will ask them to turn off torque limiting if that can be done while programming (its a 4500 series allison, may have to stay on), correct speedometer error, and "allspeed" governor setting. My dealer is asking for what injector number i put in her, says Mack wont release the uprate file unless I put the correct injectors (it has K&S fuel reman 400 hp injectors). Funny they want to know which injectors, but not turbo. Seems like somewhere in this thread i saw something listing the different injectors and other parts by HP, Ill look around. BTW she is running much better, still the intermittent low power, but i was told to change the EUPs, original to the engine, 20 thousand something hours on them so probably due. Is anyone well versed in the correlation between turbo sizing and EGTs? At 60 MPH/1400 rpms, EGTs are 800ish empty, 900ish loaded at a steady state speed, but ask for more speed, boost climbs and EGTs drop (75-100 degrees). Im wondering if this means that the turbo is maybe too big at cruise? I know i was told to stay below 1000 in general, is 900 too hot?
  11. Pressure checked from turbo discharge to the inlet of the intake manifold to 35psi, one minor leak in a hose coupling was replaced. Under full throttle(while actually pulling)she will put up 40-45 lbs boost(gauge flutters above 30ish psi) and pyro around 800. But when not pulling good(stealth mode i call it), she wont build more than 15-20 psi, 300ish pyro. Release throttle and floor it once or twice, most of the time it will apply fuel, and goes to pulling. She is still set at 300A hp, waiting on Capitol Mack to get approval for 375A uprate. Btw, I forgot to reply to the replies calling for a heavier throttle foot.....i promise if i pushed it down any further i think it would go through the floor! At 83k @ 300hp its a long climb to 50. I found two grounds and cleaned them again, looking today for others. Also, is Hewitt pyro and boost instruments decent stuff?
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