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  1. No, I bought another sleeper after I bought truck, no sleeper went with it except the ugly Peterbilt sleeper that is on it.
  2. Rob, could you please help me out here with this R model. Have it turned up a little but for some reason I'm still not getting full power. Unhooked the valve on intake hoping that would work but feels no better. Hill's it fine, top end is 60 to 65 tops. 1985 E6 300 engine

  3. Looking for sleeper if you have one laying around you can part with ? It's for my 85" Magnum. Thank you

  4. Is your Superliner gone? I need sleeper for my 85 Magnum bad brother. Thank you

  5. Is the sleeper for this truck still around anywhere? need one bad for my Magnum project
  6. Could someone please tell me how I can get another 5 to 8 mph out of my Mack please. I have an R688ST with a E6 300 engine and a T2090 trans, 4.64 rears, fuel turned up a bit but still can only get this truck up to 65 mph no matter what I do (except downhill). Plenty of pulling power at 1600RPM , actually pulls unbelievable for a 300. If I am sitting still I can get it up to 1900 rpm to the floor, but going down the road in any gear it doesn't seem to go above 15 to 1600 rpm ?? Any help would be appreciated. I only want a 5 to 8 mph more. Thanks again.
  7. Have 1985 R688ST with a e6 300 and a T2090 trans, also has 4.64 reas. Has fuel turned up and pulls excellent at 1600 rpm, no complaints there . But my issue now is I can't get this truck to go more than 65 mph?? Any thoughts, ideas, or anything that may help me squeeze another 5 mph out of this thing now. Thank you
  8. Still have it? Or did it sell already? Thanks
  9. do you by some chance still have this truck for sale? thank you
  10. Is it still availible Now? If so whre is it and when can I see 610-248-2580 Dan
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