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  1. Sussex county a few weeks ago ? At baseball stadium.
  2. I'm going to have my welder do this frame right. I am looking to shorten it to about 240 to 260 wheel Base as well while suspension is being replaced . Its 274 now and taking too many attempts to actually park the truck. Superliner turning radius isnt the best to begin with. I will send you pictures when complete. Thank you for your time and help.
  3. Perfect so I had the right idea then. I found neway suspension and mack rears so I'm guessing that I need to order 10.5 to slide over my 9 on my magnum. Is putting neway better to increase value or am I better of throwing the original Camelback suspension back on to make truck 100% original incase I want to let it go to a collector one day? It is the very first magnum that was ever made. Thank you for your time and help
  4. Smalls1184 do you have any pictures of the new rails you spiced in from the cab back? I'd like to see how you did. Someone put older freightliner air ride on my magnum and I'm not feeling it at all. Looks good, rides decent but it pains me to see it on there. I found a neway cut off that I am trying to get now so I can order rails from pgadams .
  5. Beautiful Trucks. EVERY ONE OF THEM. This is my 1985 magnum. This is actually number #1 the very first one ever built.
  6. Thank you I will continue to look for a decent cut off with neway for my superliner

    {1) drivers side Magnum drivers seat in decent condition.

    (2) Stock dual exhaust for 1985 superliner.

    (3) Hood/cowl welting for 1985 superliner magnum

    (4) cut off with newway suspension

    Thank you

  8. do you still have #6 built magnum cabover for sale? I actually have the very first magnum ever built now. so if you still have #6 please give me a call. My number is 484-656-5539 Daniel
  9. 484-656-5539 Daniel. will buy it for 35K if you ever want to sell just help me get it into the states, Thanks for your time.
  10. nice truck. would like to have one with E9 500 though.
  11. IF this truck is around and the owner wants to sell I WILL BUY IT. Cash in hand. 4846565539 Daniel
  12. August 2021: looking for a complete E9 superliner tractor. Completely restored will also work. Cash in hand for right truck. Serious about buying asap.
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