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  1. Hi Brad, I sent you a PM Cheers,Pat
  2. I have found a lot of info on the LA times website..but you are right..you have to do a lot of sifting through, and if it is a common name it makes it that much more difficult. I tracked down relatives of a truck company owner through an obituary on there. I had a look at the online archive of California..no specific info. Did you try the digital collection at USC? Cheers,Pat
  3. You might consider getting on to the L.A. times archive site...I think they are offering one week of free searches. Cheers,Pat
  4. Looking in my 1946 directory there is no Ross in the Long Beach or LA area. There is a J.H. Robinson listed in Corpus Christie,Texas, 1500 North Broadway If you want to give them a call the number is 6631...lol The business seems to be confined to numerous cities in Texas They had 75 units as of 1946 Cheers,Pat
  5. AZ, Very tasteful change to the LTL. Itch put a lot of effort into that truck so it is nice to see it in a clean dry home. I remember Itchy telling me what he had to go through restoring the fuel tanks...it took about six tanks to make two good ones..carefully cutting them in half to mate one good end with another good front..then having to convince his fabricator to weld them together! Cheers,Pat
  6. Matt, Very nice job on that cab...I binge read the entire thread last night. Cheers,Pat
  7. Mmmm When she gets tired of using her hands to polish she can always use her elbows
  8. AZ, I was looking at the LTL in your album..did you buy Itchy's LTL from California?

    1. AZB755V8



      I was in Sturgis for the Bike Rally the last two weeks. Yes, I bought Itchy's LTL several years ago. It is a great truck but needed some TLC as it sat out the last few years he had it. I took the cab off and striped it  it down to bare metal  to repair some issues for new paint. Had some stuff chromed and ceramic coated this time around. 

  9. No,sorry I don't have a aluminum front mount..yours is the second I have heard of breaking in the last few years..no rear cab mount either. I recon the rear cab mount in aluminum is the rarest piece to find.
  10. Just a bump up. I have retrieved two sets of stanchions from my storage. There is the odd stress crack..but it is aluminum and can be fixed..best offer gets them. Parts are in British Columbia but can be shipped from the U.S.
  11. Nice work on that R model.....check out my LT Cheers,Pat
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