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  1. I have a pair for sale $1000.00 or best
  2. Nice work on that R model.....check out my LT Cheers,Pat
  3. Broken Trunions

    Jake, You might give Norm Taunton a call for a trunion. He is in California...209-745-2716 Cheers, Pat
  4. Mack Lt Story

    Recently, I had a visit with a elderly fellow down in the Nevada desert. He had restored a Mack LT a number of years ago (a duplicate to the LT's he had back in the fifties) and he had a number of surplus parts left after the resto. We agreed to meet early one Saturday and go over his pile of LT stuff...mostly suspension parts. I ended up buying all the (unbroken) parts. Some of this stuff was still bolted together, so I got busy with my ratchet. A few hours later, Roy's wife appeared and said she had made us lunch.I was more than happy to drop the wrenches after a few hours in the hot Nevada sun. Over sandwiches and iced tea Roy recalled how he (and his father) had operated a logging concern in the Oroville, California area many years ago. The company had a number of LTL and LTH Macks...three of which were purchased new. When Roy mentioned the new Macks, his wife said "did I tell you I found some papers that belong to those Macks you had in Oroville?" Roy shrugged and said "maybe Pat would like to have a look at them" After a short search, a couple of envelopes were produced. One was marked 1953, the other 1955. These were the multi page documents specifying every component that would go onto a LT...same thing you would get a copy of from the Mack museum. I looked at the 1953 paper first and noted it was ordered with a 275 Cummins...each page was stamped with "Mack of San Francisco" in big red print with date of delivery below that. I then opened the papers marked 1955 and scanned down the page, my eyes settled on the serial number, LTH2D1194D . I leafed through the rest of the pages and stopped on the last page when it struck me....I looked at the serial number looked familiar....because it was for my truck at home. I sat there for a second, stunned. I looked up at Roy and said "Roy, the truck I have sitting in my driveway, purchased new 51 years ago" Roy laughed and said "I guess those papers belong to you" and "would you like to see pictures of your truck when it was new ?" Ahhh..ya ...I think so....LOL What are the freaking odds?
  5. Here is a shot of the Mack LT train............The Duesenburg of diesels !
  6. B 61 Tilt Hoods

    Here is thier factory brochure.... Cheers, Pat