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  1. Flatbed Annie and Sweetie Pie featured a sharp Superliner if I recall.
  2. Sure seems a lot of the "old timers" are gone:

    I agree... I've joined a few facebook groups and questions get pushed down quickly ... Facebook does seem better for photos, but these forums create a far better community.
  3. Navistar struggles to continue manufacturing in Brazil

    Why haven't North American truck builders had any measurable success in South America? There are minuscule numbers of 9800's there compared to European trucks.
  4. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Its tight to the frame rail.. damn near need a mirror to get a visual on it.. right?
  5. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Can you post a pic of the area on the oil pan rail where yours is stamped? I see a bumped out area near the front corner where my a/c compressor mounts, but I can feel or see any numbers there.
  6. Those Turkish BMCs

    Interesting that they named the truck "Faith"; perhaps a nod towards Turkey being a country at the confluence of Eastern and Western religions... never heard of BMC before today.
  7. Pictures of the Week

    Is that the same Mount Pilot Andy and Barney were always talking about?
  8. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Maybe the nomenclature changes once the after coolers become standard on all V8's... because the 735 1005 engine was not aftercooled and the 736 was... All 721-22's were intercooled correct?
  9. Brazilian Truckers "Breaking the Wing"

    The crime in the streets is terrible.. Muggings are common.... but bulletproof glass is only for special people even there.
  10. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Two filter set-up there... before the ESI engines were introduced.? I lifted this photo from the web purely as a reference for my truck... I assumed it is the same tag my truck should have had originally. This tag is on a 1983 RW721, and still called a 1005 at that time.
  11. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Interesting to see the shift in nomenclature from the 735, 736 1005's to the more common (numerous) 721, 722 E9's ... my truck is indeed a 736 and like yours, a 1980 as well.
  12. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Interesting to note here the F735 is the Model number for the 1005 cabover I presume, at 353 and 360 horsepower. My truck model number is RW736 @ the 400 horsepower rating.
  13. ETB1005 v8 engine

    The tag is missing on my engine's valve cover.... is there another place to look? It is just sort of a gray color... to my knowledge, it has never been painted either, and I've talked to the original owner.... According to the Mack Museum, my truck was originally destined to be a Maxidyne 1005 fitted with a 6 speed transmission, but at some point during the build Mack contacted the buyer and stated the need to upgrade to the 12 speed because the truck was going to be equipped with an intercooler and higher horsepower (a fact the original owner confirmed).... Perhaps one of the first chassis mounted intercoolers Mack utilized.... there are notes (I believe) on the original line ticket alluding to this alteration. Mine may well be an E9 after the fact and NOT one of the 142.
  14. ETB1005 v8 engine

    I have one of the 142 1005's in my Superliner according to the Mack Museum..... the 400's were the later models. My truck was ordered in 1979.... and for all intents and purposes, it looks just like an E9.
  15. Brazilian Truckers "Breaking the Wing"

    I'm thinking US-built van trailers would just split under a twist like that... (Excluding Great Dane of course)