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  1. I'd like to find a few of those original lug nut covers.. anybody have some?
  2. Anybody know if this was an option on Superliners? Or was this a one-off? Anybody have any other images of this paint job? Thanks
  3. (Asking for friend in Holland, not my truck) Looking for confirmation on the installation procedure for the thermostat install on E9. Bulletin shows installation tool, and has note on the bottom.. does the sleeve come out with the tool? Or Does it stay with teflon? Friend says it's not closing after opening.
  4. Hoping someone can provide a higher definition image of these SUuperliner designs... anyone? Anyone? Anyone??
  5. Normal might be too strong, but I've seen that passenger seat in several Macks over the years.
  6. 3 year bump.. I'm with you, I'd like to see some better pictures as well.
  7. I have only ever seen one.. does anyone have production numbers on E9 Cruiseliners?
  8. It is the M60. My father's involvement in Vietnam is almost entirely unknown to me, but I do know that he carried the M60. . . and that after being drafted, and subsequently sent to Alaska (Fort Greely?) to dig potatoes and haul trash, he volunteered to go to Vietnam to escape the cold and bleak boredom... the rest is mostly a mystery to me. I do know his older brother became a Marine reservist which I understood was the safe choice for him to make(?) while leaving his younger brother at home to help granddad farm... Dad drew the short straw. He was 19 when he left.
  9. I've tried and tried to get more photos of this old rig.. owner says he will, but never does.
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