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  1. That's the one... He told me that he was paying something like $15,000 a year in property taxes... needed to get out of Illinois couldn't afford to live there.
  2. I talked to a guy from northern Illinois who had a steel dash r700 for sale with a 1673 cat in it. He said he'd ordered the 1693, but there was some issue getting it.. (CAT on strike or something?) and dealer asked him if the 1673 would suit him. I believe it was an R753.. it was blue with a good size sleeper on it. I'm sure someone on here knows the truck or the man???? Couldn't be many of those built!
  3. This one is a 1990. Was there some change (other than the VMAC) that occurred in the mid-90's?
  4. Looking at very clean low mileage CH613 with mechanical E7, Fuller trans, and Mack rears on Camelback. I've never drove or been around a Ch, just thought I'd ask for any thoughts or opinions on the model; short-comings, misgivings, strong points etc. It has the set back axle and is a day cab. Thanks in advance.
  5. What's it like down in ol' Venezuela? Hasn't been much in the news lately.
  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one to find the search function on this site to be as worthless as tits on a boar hog.
  7. My cushions (the foam at least) appeared to be glued to the metal backing... . . I'm not familiar with upholstery work, do you think the foam could be replaced?
  8. I was having a hard time finding anything new under $1000. The plate under the seat should be able to accommodate most any seat then?
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