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  1. Greetings Riccardo. The Euro styling never caught on too strong here.... but I love them.... can't tell you anything about the Ivecos in the USA either. Ron
  2. The title to this post constitutes "Click Bait"
  3. Looks like a heavy duty deck.
  4. Ch@

    Where do you go to enter the chat room?
  5. And TT racer Guy Martin loves the Scania V8!
  6. ~GEEEEEEEEZUS~ Why does it seem to me, a person admittedly ignorant of heavy hauling, that there are not enough axels, tires, brakes under that mega-dozer's transport...? When I see videos of things like this being moved in Australia, there are five times as many tires on the ground.
  7. I got mine....! Don't know when... UPS left them on the porch alongside a cardboard box and they didn't get noticed!!!!! Thank God they didn't get wet. Thanks so much, they are beautiful. Ron
  8. Still rather have a SCANIA!
  9. That right there is the Ten-year old me's dream truck.....
  10. How does it compare size-wise to the Komatsu 575?
  11. Is that true? Did United have no right to make him give up his seat? I've been working under the assumption that that very question will be at the heart of the lawsuit. I'm not a well-traveled farmer, but I have flown some, and if I was told to get off the plane I'd begrudgingly get off... even if the cows needed milked. There is no place on earth where I've felt I've had fewer rights than at an airport or around a plane. One other indictment I'd like to make is against the other wailing passengers who didn't offer to give up their seats for the doctor.
  12. I'm thinking your in-box is full.
  13. Really puts the compactness of the flathead into prospective, doesn't it?
  14. Title says it all. For my early Superliner... horn button would be great too.