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  1. How about that steering box??! .. Not mounted on the axle like US Superliner 1's. They actually did manage to fit that frame mount box on those early frames. Very interesting. And I mistakenly thought that the "V8" emblem never appeared on the Superliners. I thought those were dropped with the R700's?
  2. I see a tip turbine scoop... so.. its probably a 285 now and could be a 300 with minor adjustments.
  3. Maxidyne sounds an awful lot like a certain banned TeamsterGrrrrl... Am I the only one to notice this?
  4. Was this also true for the Western Superliner's?
  5. This one is a 1990. Was there some change (other than the VMAC) that occurred in the mid-90's?
  6. Looking at very clean low mileage CH613 with mechanical E7, Fuller trans, and Mack rears on Camelback. I've never drove or been around a Ch, just thought I'd ask for any thoughts or opinions on the model; short-comings, misgivings, strong points etc. It has the set back axle and is a day cab. Thanks in advance.
  7. What's it like down in ol' Venezuela? Hasn't been much in the news lately.
  8. Glad to know I'm not the only one to find the search function on this site to be as worthless as tits on a boar hog.
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