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  1. B77 -CL

    Nice white wheel...
  2. This one got me a "Talking To":

    1:43 is the best
  3. Mack Superliner in Brazil

    The exchange rate is 3~:1.... Listed for R450.00,00 That $133,000 and change...
  4. Stieger with a mack engine

    Should have had a 6V53.
  5. Mack Superliner in Brazil

    https://carro.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1004691497-mack-super-liner-_JM $133,000.00!
  6. Short Test Video:

    Roger on the black smoke.
  7. 350 2 valve

    The seller wants someone to buy it all.... so I was just prefacing that in effort to get an appraisal .... He sent a pic of the engine tag.. confirmed engine is original to the '87 truck... I know its not the stamp in the timing cover.... but it is a late air/water tip turbine!
  8. 350 2 valve

    Its not local, can you tell me where to have the seller look?.... and, what's that rig worth?... as pictured The 6 speed is already sold. I always forget which pump went with which engine.. the Maxidyne's had one and the 300+, 350's had another....

  10. 350 2 valve

    This is supposedly an '87 tip turbine DM.
  11. 350 2 valve

    Were all tip turbine's two valve? I've seen that set-up in hard nosed Macks into the late 80's... but the two valve was discontinued with the e6 or was it?
  12. Cigars..

    what kind of tobacco ?
  13. Attempted Carding

    I've never heard of such a thing.... seriously... this is something that happens??
  14. Hendrickson's for sale

    https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/hvo/d/1970-and-1971-hendrickson/6515523232.html #someonewithtime&$