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  1. Scania Next Gen in USA

    The sleepers are TINY.. I don't know how they do it... much smaller than a Cruiseliner.
  2. Pictures of the Week

    Pic was so [email protected]@L I had to clean it up and repost it...
  3. Another GMC

    powered by a 4-71 ? my old neighbor ran International gassers, lived beneath mile marker 17 on the PA Pike... said he hear a 4-71 coming, he'd go in to eat lunch, and when he was coming back out Jimmy would be crawling past.
  4. I'm guessing it isn't an E-6....
  5. Trucker Trivia

    Looks like Yooper timber to me...
  6. 1986 Mack COE

    Did you sell it?
  7. Charlottesville

  8. LOVED it... I knew you were a fun guy!
  9. 1985 Mack COE

    Judging by the 4 inch exhaust, I'm guessing E6
  10. Want to build a competition pulling truck

    I don't understand the last sentence, but the image is very helpful.... you are a welcome asset here.... I think I like this idea so well because it looks like something a farmer would do.
  11. Want to build a competition pulling truck

    Amazing ... any pics of this? Do you have to plug the breather for this?
  12. Charlottesville

    There is no equivalency, and I made no such claim. Marxism is far and away more destructive.
  13. Why the natural gas revolution sputtered out

    Everyone around here with 20 acres thought they would become millionaires by 2020.. some because the developers told them they'd be. All I've seen is a hot-mess because of it.
  14. Charlottesville

    I'm sorry but come on... Do you get as upset when you see the Alt-Left waving the Hammer and Sickle? We were in a cold war with them that lasted 50 years.. and a few hot ones too. (My father, a Tet Offensive veteran saw the Left in full bloom in '68) The Neo-Marxist are driving their agenda far more effectively from the college campuses and the MSM than the trifling number of actual Neo-Nazis or so-called white supremacists ... I went to a Christian University and to see the hammer and sickle on a dorm wall was seen as edgy and cool... but by-God... a Swastika?? you'd be expelled... Yet Stalin alone was responsible for murdering over 60 million people in his own country. THINK THINK THINK check your bias, because it clearly exists. READ READ READ "Gulag Archipelago"
  15. Hartford Pulls

    Lady Butterfly.. that truck has been around for 20+ years.... at least. Sure has changed over the years.