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  1. EPIC soundtrack America was something then Now they'd chopper everything in...? Imagine running dozer in that weather without a cab!!!!
  2. Outbehindthebarn

    1985 E9 Superliner with flat top sleeper

    I google mapped the location... it'd be a costly adventure to get that truck home... apparently the market for E9's, even those in Superliner 1's, is remaining hard.
  3. Outbehindthebarn

    1969 International F210D

    i have no skill😧
  4. Outbehindthebarn

    Truck and trailer

    Was it originally a cummins? or was it re powered?
  5. Outbehindthebarn

    What is a Rubber Railway?

    Great point!
  6. What would a dual cut-out flat top crawl through Able body bunk be worth? It has complete interior and no real structural problems....
  7. Outbehindthebarn

    Brazilian Truckers Strike

    Friends down there tell me they are allowing livestock to die on the trailers.... reprehensible ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/in-brazil-a-truckers-strike-brings-latin-americas-largest-economy-to-a-halt/2018/05/25/fe3f06e6-6026-11e8-b656-236c6214ef01_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6e6d93ba13dd
  8. Outbehindthebarn

    Fairly large load

    What is a straw processing plant? And why would they need a boiler?
  9. You guys make me ever-so-grateful to have a farm... I'd never considered how much trouble it can be to park a truck on your own property
  10. Outbehindthebarn

    Waiting in line at the drive up:

    I ran a 3208 in an L8000 fuel peddler, used oil from new and 5 mpg... replaced with a 5.9 cummins @ 230hp in a FL70... what an improvement in every way imaginable
  11. Outbehindthebarn

    What is a Rubber Railway?

    That 10x6 is just plain weird looking. Just can't imagine what it'd feel like to run one. With those engine choices, and the pay-load, I'd think they'd be pretty slow movers.
  12. Outbehindthebarn

    B77 -CL

    Nice white wheel...
  13. Outbehindthebarn

    This one got me a "Talking To":

    1:43 is the best
  14. Outbehindthebarn

    Mack Superliner in Brazil

    The exchange rate is 3~:1.... Listed for R450.00,00 That $133,000 and change...

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