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  1. I've tried and tried to get more photos of this old rig.. owner says he will, but never does.
  2. I like them.. and I'm even partial to the TD volvo engine and transmission.. smooth, efficient, and strong.
  3. Loads and Loads of 'em working hard grossing 74 metric tonne in Brazil.
  4. I've never seen an N14 (or an E model Cat) in a Mack, but there were a number built with the Cummins ISX. I've seen a CL Mack with a 60 series in it as well.
  5. Were these ever used as engine air intakes on V8 Superliners?
  6. Even better!... but I have serious doubts about getting a VISA as an American to Iran.
  7. What year was Hayward closed? And what was the production # of trucks produced there from its beginnings? Its curious to me that there were Macks being built there, but today you don't see ANY Macks in California.. or very few. I remember talking to a guy from the Bay are who bought a brand new Superliner in '81(?) He owned it for 35 years.. even he said he had the only one around..
  8. What does screw #4 do? I'm guessing screws # 3 hold down the baseplate.
  9. When I was a kid in the early 80's, every R-model a local garbage dump/roll off company had would smoke like that, every shift, every stop light, every hill... Vogel disposal... I credit that company and that smoke for my fixations on Mack!
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