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  1. Why?, he's not taking the high road in one post and swatting hornets nests in another. Just another Leftist hypocrite... sorry, but you've never done your positions any favors.
  2. Why don't you take your own advice? Clearly you enjoy stirring the pot as much as anyone.... A call for riots - Page 2 - Odds and Ends - BigMackTrucks.com
  3. I like your style David Wild.
  4. I'm ignorant on the subject... why would a democrat be for deregulation? Sounds more republican to me.
  5. Another area of bi-paritisan agreement with you. Too many big vehicles. Everywhere in the world people haul twice the load with half the vehicle; and they often do it safely. You will routinely see BMW and Mercedes Benz wagons towing horse trailers..... in Germany for instance.
  6. Because David cares about not only what is affordable for him, but what is affordable for everyone.... most conservatives are like that.... its called being thoughtful.
  7. As long as you got yours...
  8. Thats what I just don't understand. This horsepower/torque thing; mechanical vs. electric. The torque/horsepower figures are exaggerated.????
  9. I'm sure you think LBJ's War on Poverty has been a success too. If you hope to gain credibility, you have to admit to failing, the ACA has mostly been a failure... Obama's own constituents betrayed him.
  10. No, I don't think so. They thought enough of her influence to fire her for pulling that stunt.
  11. The ACA is a failure. Everyone knows it. Only a fool attempts to defend it. It was good at first, but the loser millennials who loved Obama didn't buy insurance. My premiums have gone up 250% since 2014. I live in a strong market with lots of hospitals. It was a joke, many believe it was designed to fail. Do you need to be reminded an idiot like Trump won? He WON! We all were stunned. and it was because of Obamacare. .. this was evidenced in the 2010 Congressional "schlacking" the Dems took... who knew it could carryover and put Trump in the White House? If you can't see that Obamacare doesn't work, take a look at who's in the White House.
  12. Its not the 'exact' same thing. Griffin is a media figure well-associated with CNN. It gives credence to the notion of liberal-bias news. It was also done in the fashion of DAESH, while possibly not intentional, showed an incredibly horrific level of ignorance. The lynched Obamas were disgusting, and as far as I can gather, was limited to fundamentalist rednecks from the hills, not some well-known comedian associated with a major news network.
  13. My only complaint with the cabover was entry.... felt like a window washer scaling a skyscraper getting into my MH.
  14. Yeah, there on 85% of the trucks there. Roads are pretty rough of the main highways.
  15. In Brazil, 141's are a common sight to this day.