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  1. So let me get this straight. We have a leftie mod who has appointed another leftie mod, and they have in turn reinstated several left wing wackjob shitstirrers to the site? Am I following this right?
  2. I would be curious how many lost their life from riding on the back? I would venture not very damn many.
  3. Somebody's ass is gonna be in a crack
  4. Can the square fuel tanks on this unit be swapped out for the round ones? They are in rough shape and I have spare round ones.
  5. They are fun to poke fun at, but they vote, and that's no fun at all.
  6. You can't have concise debate with hardcore libs.
  7. Might be some leftie mods trolling us.
  8. Yep. Any way you twist it, what she did was a crime and would have gotten any of us locked up.
  9. I think you have me confused with someone else, but nice melt nonetheless.
  10. Having to unfook everything the idiot that had the truck before you did is SOP around my place. It usually takes a minute. Some of the stupid things they do are quite ingenious and difficult to spot without serious scrutinization.
  11. All mine have a slave cylinder on the passenger side.
  12. I'm going to RA all you unwoke white debils
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