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  1. My brother inlaw sent me this yesterday. He was at work , in Boise, Id. , and a storm rolled in. Notice the boy and his puppy in the clouds.
  2. Thanks for that info. I finally took a few minutes today , and went to my truck shed. I had a long eared dog ( desk ornament ) that my dad got , from a 64 R model. My 55 B has long ears , and my 82 Superliner has the short ears. Oops , I should have wiped all the dust off the one still on the hood..
  3. Another good one is gone. The movie "Entrapment" was good. And I totally like the tattoo "Scotland Forever".
  4. Yes, exactly. The same with eastern Montana and western North Dakota, and all that oil. And eastern half of Montana was a inland sea. And go to the high desert at Berlin, Nevada and there is a dig site with a fossil of a prehistoric 25 - 30 feet long fish. So that high desert was once covered with water also.
  5. Today I was looking at the weather of a few places on my lap top. Kila,Montana ,East Glacier,Montana ,Death Valley, California , Dead Horse,Alaska . Amazing , most of the warmer temps. were years earlier than the colder ones. I'll be darned ..
  6. Yes , that deer/elk catcher does give it that look..
  7. Here is a real classy R that has been working on some of our jobs. I don't know any of the specs, but it is cool to see this trucks out there getting it done !!
  8. Thanks for the thoughts. It was down for a week cuz the shop was busy with other things so I was running a different tractor for a bit . This one is back at it again. This " Kenny" is ok, a regular T800 is better than the T880 , ( my thoughts anyway ) . But I would really enjoy being in my superliner..
  9. Yes is a side dump . Ground was solid and compacted and basicly level, I don't know why it flopped over that day? It went over very slow and was a soft landing. only broke mirror head and snapped the hood straps. And yes, the pride...
  10. The other week I was hauling some waste dirt and grass, ( hauled same stuff to the same dump site the day before). But this day my Kenworth laid down.
  11. The thing that really pisses me off is that all these associations cave in and kiss the left's ass. The NFL's bullshit of letting them "take a knee" and now saying that its ok . And NASCAR , not having any balls and caving in agreeing to get rid of the Confederate Flag. I am from the north and I do not have any problem with the " Stars and Bars " .And since when did NASCAR become so political ? I always thought the advertising on the cars was sponsors : Shell , Esso , Ford , Gateraide , etc. . To me , putting Black Lives Matter on a car is JUST political bullshit.. Wha
  12. I watched Tucker Carlson when I got home this evening. You talk about getting pissed off ! I can not believe this sh*t. Setting fire to a 200 year old church in DC . But what really pisses me off is the desicration and distruction of the war memorials . I have Uncles , Grandfathers and friends that served and some died. Those memorials are theirs. The small country of Syngapore ( excuse my spelling ), cained a little asshole from Ohio for spray painting something. The bullsh*t that is going on here now would never happen in that small country . They would have had thing
  13. Yes . It is a true tradgeity that a , yes black man, died from an aultrication with a police officer . I have yet to totally hear the "real" complete story. I have heard that the cop was a badge happy sort , there seems to be a few of them on police forces here and there. This incident in Minnesota happened on Monday, Only 2 or 3 days went by and the city was rioting and on fire. The officer has been charged with murder 5 days later. Protesting is one thing. But rioting and burning cars and buildings is bullsh*t . I am sure that 90 % of the assholes out there don't have a clue what the
  14. What is up with all of these people in office, Senators, Reps., Governors , Mayors, Judges... Some are letting bad ass cimminals outa jail , and at the same time closing gun shops to where you can't defend yourself.. Or they are trying to pick away more at the 2nd Amendment . And the latest one I have heard , in Michigan , it's illegal to buy paint or lumber to remodel your house while shut down do to the shutdown. Nor are you aloud to go out in a lake , by yourself in your boat fishing. That women is scarey..
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