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  1. B MACK

    Night time illumination devises

    There are a lot of light issues I bitch about. And you just hit on one of them. When people need to or should have their head lights on, they don't. It really pisses me off when it is dark and people are parked ( big trucks included, the new breed ) or like you said , they are backing to a dock or what ever and they leave their head lights on. And there are the ones that drive all day with their parking / marker lights on but not head lamps to help others see them.
  2. Fenders look great, hope your knee is heeled good. If a person had an overhead crane, all together would be great. When I put mine together , I did it separately too. Two people to hold in place and another to put bolts in. And with the extended nose on the B71, there were a few bolts that I almost had to stand on my head to get in.
  3. Before I start bitchin, I just have to ask if anyone else has this problem, or am I just getting old. I used to enjoy driving at night, the traffic was minimal so you could run your road lights , ( landing lights or day lighters ) and turn them off when meeting traffic of coarse. Most people did drive within their lights for stopping distance. Holy Crap, the lights now adays are a bitch. Those white or blue lights are so fricking bright , yeah you can see where you are going but the poor bugger coming at you can't see a dadburn thing. And then if you quickly blink your high beams , you really get blinded. I really hate nighttime driving anymore. The one thing these new lights do is let people drive faster than they should at night.
  4. B MACK

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    I also like that big wagon. Good chance it has a nice little 429 under that hood.
  5. B MACK

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    The construction outfit I work for put me in a new T880 a few years ago. It was brand new , it drives nice, the ISX CUMMINS does ok ( could always have more power ), it has long wheel base and turns pretty sharp. Have had some faults show up quite often ( always with the regen shit ) . I don't mind it , it's new, but it is NOT a T800. The 800 is a lot better truck for construction over this 880. And looks a hell of a lot better.
  6. B MACK

    Help in the apple orchard.

    A buddy sent me photos of his apple picking crew. The next day he sent other photos of the new crew.
  7. I'm not sure of the history . I saw the vin, stamp on right front frame rail, it is a B 73. No license plate on the B, so I am thinking it may be just used around the rodeo grounds? I didn't look at the A car real close . I was thinking it was a county truck, but it does not have an exempt license plate. I could see thru opening of the hood that the power was a NH Cummins.
  8. I came across this B 73 and Autocar that are still being used by the county .
  9. B MACK

    New power in the F150

    Sorry. been working outa town and coverage is not the greatest.. No, she is all original. The past 20 some years they have been using more salt and other shit , so that 95 is in the garage a lot. Unless it is clear roads. I run the old 83 diesel then, it has all those holes in the fenders you speak of,,,, and in the door , back corner of cab. you know …
  10. B MACK

    New power in the F150

    Decided to fix the oil burner in my "95" ford.
  11. B MACK

    Macks and Petes

    I am working outa town again , saw these in my travels. The old B has been parked here in the grass at least 15 years that I know of.
  12. B MACK

    Giant Macks in the Artic

    I just stumbled upon a really cool video of big heavy duty Macks hauling to the DEW line in 1956, Sorry , I was not able to down load it to post it. Look up " Artic Convoy with Giant Mack Trucks ".
  13. B MACK

    Can drivers read ?

    I have to ask, Are truck drivers blind or do they just not understand detour signs ? The hyway project I am working on has a bridge closed. And the local detour has a 10 ton bridge. There is a truck detour that goes on another hyway route , and by-passes the torn up road construction, That detour adds maybe 15 minutes and 10 miles, but brings you to the exact same place as the road under construction. There have been countless company freight trucks and owner operators and 3 and 4 axle lowboys and cattle trucks going right past the detour signs and over the little 10 ton bridge, Why take the chance? Are these drivers afraid to deviate from their GPS route?
  14. B MACK

    operating on the edge

    We were just hauling rip rap for erosion control for a hyway project. But they crush a lot of RR ballast, it is some of the hardest rock around.
  15. B MACK

    operating on the edge

    There is a trail the excavator is on, but not much wider than the tracks. Pulling outa the bottom with 28 tons in a side dump, we get rolling in low then can shift to 1st and over in the 18 speed. then it's no shifting.

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