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    I like old gas pumps, old cars & trucks, doing outdoor things and working in my shop, I was a logger, now in road construction

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  1. B MACK

    Highway Projects

    OH NO .. We had traffic control with stop signs and pilot cars on both jobs. And there were times when they said screw it and would run the red lights.. We have those drivers here in Montana that do not know how to drive also. Don't think it possible to get away from those brainless drivers.
  2. B MACK

    Highway Projects

    One outa town project had some asphalt milling. Another one had some brushing before the reconstruct.
  3. B MACK


    I think it pivots right up there at the cat walk, and swings up above the final drive . I've never seen one up close , I'm sure they do wonders..
  4. B MACK


    Some of our iron in the pit. And a shiny new D10 , I wish it was ours. I'd love to see what it feels like in a push..
  5. B MACK


    Here is our CAT 349 loading dirt. The " little " front shovel no idea where it is, just a cool photo..
  6. B MACK

    "We're Getting Soft"

    Yes, we are a bunch of little kids that can not be responsible for ourselves. Just because our parents, grandparents, and older generations could deal with a "polar vortex" ( which has been around forever, Stephanie on the weather channel said ) , we need these people to tell us not to go out doors. I have heard on 5 or 6 different news or weather casts they have said " This polar vortex has it colder in Chicago than the south pole.. Yeah it's cold in Chi town , but it's summer in the southern hemisphere. And all this Global Warming or Climate Change bullshit , are pushing and have been pushing for years, its just a cycle that runs billions of years. The coldest ambient temp in the lower 48 states was 70 below at Rogers pass , east of Lincoln , Montana in 1954. And the hottest recorded temp , in the world was 134 above at death valley , California in 1913...…. People need to read a little , or visit a geology museum and think for themselves. The world is billions of years old and modern man has only been here a few thousand ..
  7. B MACK

    Joining the gang

    That's too bad. It was a real top knoch place. I remember the driver 's showers, ( accessed past the fuel desk) were clesn , roomy and there was steam in the shower. But I haven't been there in dam near 40 years.
  8. B MACK

    5" or 6"?

    Post a pict so we can see your project. No matter if you go with 5" or 6" , or single or dual , it will look great.. Classic iron looks good !
  9. B MACK

    Joining the gang

    Hey Bob, That reminds me of a trip back in in late 80s. Things were nasty so I anchored my super dog down at Boom Town in Verdie. Excellent place back then , anyway ???
  10. B MACK

    5" or 6"?

    Hi there, I don't know an answer to your question, I will give you my opinion. Go with 5" , and not super tall if it's a B . Just my opinion.
  11. I'll throw my nickel's worth out there. I am currently driving a 2016 T880 for construction outfit in western Montana. It is a 4 axle tractor, I lowboy with it and pull belly dump singles or trains and side dumps. We have 6 new T880's , tractors and end dumps. All with ISX CUMMINS 's and 18 speeds. I do like this truck, it drives good , its comfortable . But it is NOT a T800. My own personal feeling is there are a few "little" things that make the 880 not handy for construction. 1) For me it is a bit of a pain getting up on the steer tire to check or add coolant, ( with the hood opened , the front of the fender is in the way to step on the top of the bumper) 2). The wider cab , I can't reach across to the center to clean the windshield with cleaner & paper towels . 3). They are not designed to have the windows down in the rain. If I am getting loaded with an excavator while it is raining, and run the window down only a couple inches the water runs right in and gets all the electric stuff in the door wet. Just some minor things, I prefer a T800 . But that's just me .
  12. B MACK

    Night time illumination devises

    There are a lot of light issues I bitch about. And you just hit on one of them. When people need to or should have their head lights on, they don't. It really pisses me off when it is dark and people are parked ( big trucks included, the new breed ) or like you said , they are backing to a dock or what ever and they leave their head lights on. And there are the ones that drive all day with their parking / marker lights on but not head lamps to help others see them.
  13. Fenders look great, hope your knee is heeled good. If a person had an overhead crane, all together would be great. When I put mine together , I did it separately too. Two people to hold in place and another to put bolts in. And with the extended nose on the B71, there were a few bolts that I almost had to stand on my head to get in.
  14. Before I start bitchin, I just have to ask if anyone else has this problem, or am I just getting old. I used to enjoy driving at night, the traffic was minimal so you could run your road lights , ( landing lights or day lighters ) and turn them off when meeting traffic of coarse. Most people did drive within their lights for stopping distance. Holy Crap, the lights now adays are a bitch. Those white or blue lights are so fricking bright , yeah you can see where you are going but the poor bugger coming at you can't see a dadburn thing. And then if you quickly blink your high beams , you really get blinded. I really hate nighttime driving anymore. The one thing these new lights do is let people drive faster than they should at night.
  15. B MACK

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    I also like that big wagon. Good chance it has a nice little 429 under that hood.

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