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  1. I know we have discussed "HIGHWAT THRU HELL" before, I can't remember what forum we were on??? Last week I watched the episode where Jamie Davis went to the Yukon to retrieve a damaged van trailer. I have hauled lots of everything on a lowboy. Both ground bearing and nonground bearing detatchable type. My question is , " After Jamie disconnected the goose neck from the lowboy deck, What did he do with that goose neck that was hanging on the back of his truck still hooked into the 5th wheel, to be able to use that same truck to hook up to the van trailer to back it onto the lowboy ? If he had had a sissor neck trailer ,, no problem. Or did I miss something?
  2. Yes, it is really amazing . This Smollett issue with all the proof that it was a made up lie. And with all the time and resourses spent, not to mention the other REAL incidents that didn't get the time and man power to investigate. Now charges are dropped..... Then a few years back, the former FBI head went on for over 30 minutes saying what all Ms. Clinton did that was not proper and on and on,..... Then he says there is not enough there to indict her. So she gets off also. ….. But if some brain dead idiot runs into my over sized load , and one of my flags is not red or orange enough,, my ass will probably get hauled to jail.
  3. I watch it on The Weather Channel . I've always wondered if they work for the BC highway dept. you never even hear of payment for their towing or recues . The episode I saw last week showed the first time trying the big push block on Mighty Mo. I would not want that used on the back of my van trailer.
  4. B MACK

    Ice Roads

    Oops, I screwed up with my model letters, they have a few old g's but mostly 16 h's and newer 16 m's. The one my buddy runs now is a 16m. His old blade was a 16h , set up with a 20 foot mold board... Bout all I can do with a blade is put it on a lowboy, haul it up in the woods on a logging job, off load it and plow out a turn around so I head back to town. Haven't totally figured out the M's with the joy sticks yet..
  5. B MACK

    Ice Roads

    I should have said "notice the C500 Kenworths" . There are two 1000 HP C500's hooked to the front, and dozer if needed and the 16 blade is hooked to the rear , if they need some breaking help , the blade and ripper bar go down and the 16's tires are no longer on the ground.
  6. B MACK

    Ice Roads

    They have a few 14's , but mostly 16 h's and g's. Weight isn't a problem. The ice is thick. And the road is on land, over top of the tundra. Here is a drilling rig being moved to another site. 65 feet wide, 200+ feet high, and I think it's 2.3 million pounds. Notice the C500 Kenworth hooked to it. It's something the way they do things up there. Like a 345 excavator and D9 on the same trailer together..
  7. B MACK

    Ice Roads

    My buddy is up north, west of Dead Horse. He sent me some picts of the road building, A couple of the water trucks had trouble driving on the edge . They build the roads with ice chips and lake water and snow sometime.
  8. Here's a little LIMA at the mining museum at Butte
  9. I know we have hit on this topic many times, but with ALL the crazies that are falling for this global warming / climate change crap, I just had to "vent" again. Like other areas , Montana also is having a hell of a winter, in February. I have been looking at the weather page in our local paper and this is one . The record high's and low's show that we have had warmer periods and cooler periods thru out the record keeping. The earth is alive and changes constantly . Here in western Montana we are still digging out from Monday's storm and we are under another winter storm and blizzard warning now, Friday thru Sunday night, with -15 to -20 degree temps and 30 to 50 MPH winds thru Wednesday. . No worries ! Got wood for the stove , bacon for the iron skillet , and beer..
  10. B MACK

    14,000 rpm??

    I'm not sure if this is the same thing you are talking of. The company I work for has two RD MACKS dump trucks and they had a governor set up on the PTO. The engine speed was not affected dumping in a pile or while driving spreading the load. But the PTO would cut out if the RPM"s went above 1250. It was a real pain in the ass dumping loads with them.
  11. OH NO .. We had traffic control with stop signs and pilot cars on both jobs. And there were times when they said screw it and would run the red lights.. We have those drivers here in Montana that do not know how to drive also. Don't think it possible to get away from those brainless drivers.
  12. One outa town project had some asphalt milling. Another one had some brushing before the reconstruct.
  13. I think it pivots right up there at the cat walk, and swings up above the final drive . I've never seen one up close , I'm sure they do wonders..
  14. Some of our iron in the pit. And a shiny new D10 , I wish it was ours. I'd love to see what it feels like in a push..
  15. Here is our CAT 349 loading dirt. The " little " front shovel no idea where it is, just a cool photo..
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