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  1. B Model Hood Length

    I was thinking that technically calling the "71" a set back axle was not correct. If a B71 & aB61 both having the same wheel base were side by side with axles centered with each other. Everything would be in the same place, ( cab, fuel tanks , fenders, steer axle ) other than the radiator would stick out farther, Correct??? Or is there still a difference?
  2. Is that nice looking babe in the black skirt standard equipment that comes with that red, white and blue mack???
  3. HOT

    Yeah , and what I heard , that minus 88 was not ever a record. I think they say the record was minus 93 F. The way the report on the radio went made it sound like that was ambient air temp. A couple years ago my buddy sent me a pict. of their temp. up west of Prudue Bay one morning,, -59 and windchill was -113.
  4. Like mine. It was originally yellow also. Have the same 3 stick transmissions and belt driven air compressor.
  5. HOT

    I heard on the radio today, in Vlad's part of the world ( maybe a tad further north) it was kinda cold. Broke thermometer at -88 F
  6. Crate engine suggestions

    HeavyGunner, I have heard good things about SUMMIT high performance engines. you can have it built to what you want power wise. I'm going to do something with the 302 in my F150, if I don't get my block rebuilt, I go with a SUMMIT engine.
  7. Oops. I had to take a call. Was wondering what things look like under the hood of that one Truck Stop hasn't been able to get a holt of. I know it is CUMMINS powered. And has the same hole in the bumper that mine has, lined up with notch in center of the crank shaft. It looks like the same wheel base as mine , which is longer than the wheel bases shown on the sales spec sheet.. That would be a dandy to get your hands on .
  8. Oh nice!!!! Truck Stop, do you happen to any picts of engine?
  9. B Model Hood Length

    All of the 70 and 80 series had long hoods. I'm not positive but I believe the CUMMINS was available in others? A few years ago I saw one with a 1673 CAT in it, I think it was a B73 but not sure ??? I think the B71 was CUMMINS powered only. I am thinking the B71 also was the only B with a set-back axle??
  10. I was looking thru some of my "stuff" , and came across more info the very helpful people at the Mack Museum sent me when I was looking into my B71.
  11. B Model Hood Length

    The MACK Museum sent me lots of interesting info on B71's and on "my" 71. Here is the measurements of the B71 from a sale brochure ( I hope it's readable ). I did some measuring on my B, Total hood length, ( next to center chrome strip ) is 53 inches , rear edge of the hood to front of radiator is 60 inches.
  12. looking for tri axle dump

    Both of those Brockway's look nice. They seem to have faired well on Pa.'s winter salty roads and humidity. I see they do not have the R model cab, I'm guessing early 70's trucks?? Huskies and Bulldogs,, both are classy dogs!
  13. Yes the stripe along side the silver is red. I am kinda hooked on that paint design, I don't think I have ever seen another exactly the same.. I did my B with blue cab & hood and black fenders. Was wondering what a Superliner would look like that way?? But with only fenders black on the Superdog,, that would leave a whole lot of blue... Thanks for the other ideas.
  14. I'm going to fix up my '82' superliner, that is when my work schedule allows me to work on it. Have some rust in the cab and doors to take care of. then minor fiberglass issues. I'm not sure if I want to paint 'er the same or go totally different. But I just can't think past the blue & silver that it is now. I do want to stay with blue cuz the interior is blue and in great shape.. Can you all help with some two tone paint designs on Superliners to give me ideas. Paint is down the road a ways yet, I might go for a different look, but ????? maybe keep 'er the same.