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  1. Nice. I live, when I am home, about 60 miles north of that museum. I have seen that car hauling wagon but never have taken a picture of it . Well done
  2. Sorry for the delaid response, thanks for the info and ideas. I have looked at all that , can not see anything out of the ordinary . It has not done that since last post???
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have looked at the pitman arm, the spines in and out of steering box , my first thought was that the center bolt on the spring broke, but again I see no movement. I will look everything over again and check out the steering box also. Thanks . Mike
  4. The KW t880 I drive is a construction truck, ( belly and side dumps, lowboy ) so we run on the hyway and off road , onsite. Every now and then after easing thru a mud hole or over a dirt berm the steering wheel will get 45 to 90 degree off of normal ( usually clockwise). I can see nothing bent or no movement in the front springs or axle . It drives and handles like normal , no slop. Then after driving it for ,sometime only a few loads or maybe a couple days it gets itself back to the normal position . Any ideas? Something in the steering box ?
  5. Hi all. I've been laying low lately. Had to update my old flip phone and got a " pain in the ass" touch screen smart phone. So I have goofed around looking at stuff. I am 59 years old. I have fallen timber, skidded logs and piled brush in the woods while in high school, ( and before). I've ran my own truck flat bedding over the road for 3 years then got back into logging, rigging my " 82 " Superliner up with 9 foot bunks. Hauled logs on some pretty narrow , steep , rough roads for 18 years , then said the hell with trying to deal with Plumcreek,( which is now Wyerhauser in Montana. Since then I've been in road construction running loader , dozer and trucks ( single dumps, truck& pup dumps , lowboys , side dumps, belly dump, belly trains. Between my log truck and all the construction trucks I have driven, I have dealt with pretty much every transmission out there. 5x4, 5x3 , 10 speed, 15 speed, 13, 18, super 10, Mack 12 speed I believe , even an automatic (I am not impressed with them). But what I am getting at is the videos I am seeing of these guys with shifters that are above their head when sitting in the seat. And the one's that have 3 shifters on the the floor, ( they say that it's a 13 speed) . Must be one for the gear box , one for the high / low side and one for the splitter. I've driven a set of sticks, and even now with the 18 speed if I can skip gears I do. All this bulls..t of putting 2 or 3 shifters in a modern truck is just to try to impress people. I'm there are others like me that don't like automatics but they don't like shifting all the time either. With the truck I drive now , pulling 2 belly dump trailers, ( 129,000 GVW) with an 18 speed very seldom do I split gears. Guess I am old and lazy......
  6. No Tommy, I do not have any other info on that dog picture other than Mack Truck Company in the lower corner? I never have investigated about it ?? I got my dog pict. from the daughters of the original owner of my truck, am not sure where he got it. Where did you get your dog picture?
  7. My buddy said they were in Sikeston, Mo. I am surprised they aren't all rusted , being in that country and further east too.
  8. A buddy was delivering a load the other day and went by where these " old dogs" were parked. I'm sure you guys have probably seems these trucks before, but I posted them anyway.
  9. It was not at a equipment place , so yes I am thinking it is in use for some activity? Hicrop10, not sure if you were thinking Castle, (which is a ghost town)or maybe Kalispell? But no ,it is in Billings, Montana. Looks like a nice straight, clean little truck.
  10. I saw this cute little B with winch and gin poles the other day. Not sure what model it is, I could not find a place to get my double belly dumps off the road.
  11. My brother inlaw sent me this yesterday. He was at work , in Boise, Id. , and a storm rolled in. Notice the boy and his puppy in the clouds.
  12. Thanks for that info. I finally took a few minutes today , and went to my truck shed. I had a long eared dog ( desk ornament ) that my dad got , from a 64 R model. My 55 B has long ears , and my 82 Superliner has the short ears. Oops , I should have wiped all the dust off the one still on the hood..
  13. Another good one is gone. The movie "Entrapment" was good. And I totally like the tattoo "Scotland Forever".
  14. Yes, exactly. The same with eastern Montana and western North Dakota, and all that oil. And eastern half of Montana was a inland sea. And go to the high desert at Berlin, Nevada and there is a dig site with a fossil of a prehistoric 25 - 30 feet long fish. So that high desert was once covered with water also.
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