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  1. The thing that really pisses me off is that all these associations cave in and kiss the left's ass. The NFL's bullshit of letting them "take a knee" and now saying that its ok . And NASCAR , not having any balls and caving in agreeing to get rid of the Confederate Flag. I am from the north and I do not have any problem with the " Stars and Bars " .And since when did NASCAR become so political ? I always thought the advertising on the cars was sponsors : Shell , Esso , Ford , Gateraide , etc. . To me , putting Black Lives Matter on a car is JUST political bullshit.. What would they do if the KKK was to sponsor a car ? I saw an interview with Bubba Wallace in which he was wearing a " I can't breath " tee shirt , but if a republican wears a Make America Great tee shirt they are called on that right away.
  2. I watched Tucker Carlson when I got home this evening. You talk about getting pissed off ! I can not believe this sh*t. Setting fire to a 200 year old church in DC . But what really pisses me off is the desicration and distruction of the war memorials . I have Uncles , Grandfathers and friends that served and some died. Those memorials are theirs. The small country of Syngapore ( excuse my spelling ), cained a little asshole from Ohio for spray painting something. The bullsh*t that is going on here now would never happen in that small country . They would have had things under control 6 nights ago.
  3. Yes . It is a true tradgeity that a , yes black man, died from an aultrication with a police officer . I have yet to totally hear the "real" complete story. I have heard that the cop was a badge happy sort , there seems to be a few of them on police forces here and there. This incident in Minnesota happened on Monday, Only 2 or 3 days went by and the city was rioting and on fire. The officer has been charged with murder 5 days later. Protesting is one thing. But rioting and burning cars and buildings is bullsh*t . I am sure that 90 % of the assholes out there don't have a clue what they are protesting for , or even know who George Floyd was. Whether the " RIOTERS" not protesters are white , black, brown, yellow or what ever , they should be told , Stop , Go home or you will be STOPPED..... But all of these Democratic , Liberal Mayors and Governors do not have any balls to take control . A curfue has been put in effect , and the "so called Protesters " are still on the street. Who the f... is in charge ? Burning cars and buildings , throwing bricks and other things and looting is NOT protesting . It's a f...ing crime . All this sh*t would stop if they got on a loud speaker and said GO home or you will be SHOT …. We kiss ass to any body that has or is doing things against the law. Whats going on is bullsh*t ! What about the innocent people that own the stores that are destroyed ….. I totally believe in the 1st amendment , 2nd one very much also, but this is way beyond freedom of speech .
  4. What is up with all of these people in office, Senators, Reps., Governors , Mayors, Judges... Some are letting bad ass cimminals outa jail , and at the same time closing gun shops to where you can't defend yourself.. Or they are trying to pick away more at the 2nd Amendment . And the latest one I have heard , in Michigan , it's illegal to buy paint or lumber to remodel your house while shut down do to the shutdown. Nor are you aloud to go out in a lake , by yourself in your boat fishing. That women is scarey..
  5. Happy Birthday Bob. Hope that you are virus free, and snow free in western Nevada.
  6. This unlucky fella had a cross wind get him on south bound I-15 in northern Montana last week. Winds were 50 - 60 MPH with gusts 75 - 85 . One station just east of Marias pass had gusts recorded at 106 MPH. I don't believe the driver got hurt in this roll over.
  7. I remember some of those mentioned , Jubitz in Oregon, Boomtown in Nevada , Sapp Bros. in Neb. , Petros in Amarrillo , Tx. , Rip Griffins east of Albuquerque , N. M. , A couple real wild ones ,( when I was over the roading in the "80's) , were the 76 in Ontario , Ca. and Zimmers on Peck road Whittier, Ca. .. One that I really remember , I got caught in a blizzard in Wyoming and shut down for a day and a half at the little city itself , Little America near Green River , Wyo. . That was a cool place.
  8. B MACK


    And another thing is , if the illegals are arrested or detained then the liberals and other groups protest that these peoples civil rights have been violated . The way I see it, If you are NOT here legally, , , You have no rights , in this country!
  9. B MACK


    Add another 7) he said the hell with U S being the world police, and told NATO we're not paying as much as we have had in the past and that others need to antiy up, and pay their share. And watching the hearings in Adams' Intel hearings S_ _ _ Show , it was all 2nd ,3rd , or 4th hand information. And the one " witness" said that he had told people that he believed that the Biden thing was a conflict of interest . And that was when he was there during Barrack O's term.. I guess it's ok to be V P and have your son get 80+ thousand a day . But it's wrong for our President to want to investigate what went on there. That's a high crime and mistimener, .. They say that that would be for personal gain. What would President Thrump gain.... money. He is not taking a wage !
  10. B MACK

    half dog ??

    It warmed up the other day and a little snow melt made some slime. We were hauling on that slime, and this mud glob ended up on my mirror. It kinda looks like a MACK half dog .. Sort a ..
  11. Sorry Swishy, I've seen them but never really been around them. From what I've been told , and understand it is super easy to load equipment on, because of the nice gradual incline. No change of angle with ramps on detatchables. I've heard they are a pain in the ass in muddy or icy conditions with the build up. Not sure just how they lock in place.
  12. Sorry I do not. There was so much cool "stuff" to check out, I over looked zeroing in on the JD
  13. Guess maybe he figures the ford is tough enough to not need to be inside a shop.. HA HA .. Thanks guys for the ideas of the year .
  14. I visited with the farmer who's letting us stage our stuff on his property, and he showed me around at some of his "stuff". Does any one know the year of these Ford and Chevy cab overs ?
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