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  1. Road Closed

    I received a couple more picts of the snow in the Browning area, and want to share them so that you will see what things can be like in Montana. It seems that Montana hardly ever gets mentioned. But when Chicago or New York get a snow storm, sometimes only 8 inches , The Weather Channel and all the Network News cover it nonstop. The same with hurricane coverage in the Atlantic or the Gulf. Hell, on the Rockie Mountain front, it is normal for Browning to get 50 to 70 MPH winds . And when it blows at 90 MPH it's never reported on the national news.
  2. A new view for gun control

    And lets not forget cars and big trucks and the small rental vans. All of these have been used in mass killing attacks. we better ban these vehichles too . like the gun, these cars and trucks do this killing totally on their own, no one is behind the wheel just like the gun must go off by itself, without some one pulling the trigger. HA HA We have laws. we just need to enforce them!!!!!
  3. Road Closed

    I received some picts from a friend that is dealing with this natural mess. This is state Hwy. 464 north of Browning, Montana. US Hwy 89 north of Browning is the same. And other state and US Hwys in north central Montana are closed. Have been closed for the past 3 weeks , and were closed prier to that. Heavy Gunner has had posts of the same thing recently in the Havre area, more than 100 miles farther east. And the temp. has been below zero also.
  4. Weatherman is wrong again

    I'm glad HeavyGunner started this thread a few weeks ago!! We have been a bit warmer here on the west side of the hill, compared to Havre. But the past three mornings have been around minus 10 to minus 14 degrees. But anyway, whether you watch the news, the weather channel, discovery, the history channel, what ever. All these people contradict themselves. They briefly mention the last ice age then go right into the man made global warming. Like here in Glacier National Park in northwest Montana, the park rangers with their literature tell of how the park, ( the valleys and lakes ) was formed by glaciers. Yes, glaciers once covered the entire area, and when the glaciers advanced then melted and retreated they cut and carved out the valleys and everything that is now Glacier / Waterton Parks. The glacier were there and retreated at the end of an ice age , but now these people are up in arms and saying we are making the glaciers disappear now. Maybe we ( the earth) are still coming out of an ice age???? After the 2011 earth quake in Japan I heard it mentioned only one time ( the powers to be don't want this info out ) that that quake shook so hard that it shifted the Earth on it's axis. If you look up Ice Ages, one of the causes coming into or coming out of ice ages is a change or shift in the Earths axis.. The Earth is alive. Mt. Everest gets higher all the time, the plates move. Up lift. And Al Gore makes millions with his global warming crap , And everybody believes it..
  5. Weatherman is wrong again

    No . I'll have to look at Craigs list
  6. Weatherman is wrong again

    I agree with you totally. And I am not an expert either. But all people have to do is read or look up ice ages on their computer, or go to a museum of geography and the proof is there.... The earth has had 4 MAJOR Ice Ages , and things do happen in cycles. We are warming up now ,( sometimes getting cold) because we might be coming out of the last Ice Age ??? Yes eastern Montana used to be under water and was tropical. Look at all the dinosauers that have been found there. And if you go to the mining ghost town of Berlin, Nevada, up high in mountain dessert east of Hawthorne , the fossils of a prehistoric fish were uncovered years ago. This prehistoric FISH in the Nevada dessert was 50 or so feet in length. Our planet is alive and always changing..
  7. Weatherman is wrong again

    Yes, they have not been real exact here on the west side of the pass either. We did get the winter storm, snow and wind with the arctic air, but it seemed to be about 7 hours later than their first prediction. I heard Hwy 2 over your way was closed the end of last week and Hwy 89 south of Browning was closed today.
  8. Crate engine suggestions

    I've never dealt with Bradford. I've heard , yes they are really good and spendy?? Add Vance is suppose to be good also.
  9. Thanks for the input and the picts. I'm sure I will not get to the painting stage this year. But when it's repainted and shined up I'll let ya see.
  10. Got my wiring harness from Top O Hill also. It has been probably 8 or 10 years ago. All original looking cloth insulated wire with easy installation diagram. I think at that time , the one for my B71 was $798.00
  11. B Model Hood Length

    I was thinking that technically calling the "71" a set back axle was not correct. If a B71 & aB61 both having the same wheel base were side by side with axles centered with each other. Everything would be in the same place, ( cab, fuel tanks , fenders, steer axle ) other than the radiator would stick out farther, Correct??? Or is there still a difference?
  12. Is that nice looking babe in the black skirt standard equipment that comes with that red, white and blue mack???
  13. HOT

    Yeah , and what I heard , that minus 88 was not ever a record. I think they say the record was minus 93 F. The way the report on the radio went made it sound like that was ambient air temp. A couple years ago my buddy sent me a pict. of their temp. up west of Prudue Bay one morning,, -59 and windchill was -113.
  14. Like mine. It was originally yellow also. Have the same 3 stick transmissions and belt driven air compressor.
  15. HOT

    I heard on the radio today, in Vlad's part of the world ( maybe a tad further north) it was kinda cold. Broke thermometer at -88 F