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  1. My buddy said they were in Sikeston, Mo. I am surprised they aren't all rusted , being in that country and further east too.
  2. A buddy was delivering a load the other day and went by where these " old dogs" were parked. I'm sure you guys have probably seems these trucks before, but I posted them anyway.
  3. It was not at a equipment place , so yes I am thinking it is in use for some activity? Hicrop10, not sure if you were thinking Castle, (which is a ghost town)or maybe Kalispell? But no ,it is in Billings, Montana. Looks like a nice straight, clean little truck.
  4. I saw this cute little B with winch and gin poles the other day. Not sure what model it is, I could not find a place to get my double belly dumps off the road.
  5. My brother inlaw sent me this yesterday. He was at work , in Boise, Id. , and a storm rolled in. Notice the boy and his puppy in the clouds.
  6. Thanks for that info. I finally took a few minutes today , and went to my truck shed. I had a long eared dog ( desk ornament ) that my dad got , from a 64 R model. My 55 B has long ears , and my 82 Superliner has the short ears. Oops , I should have wiped all the dust off the one still on the hood..
  7. Another good one is gone. The movie "Entrapment" was good. And I totally like the tattoo "Scotland Forever".
  8. Yes, exactly. The same with eastern Montana and western North Dakota, and all that oil. And eastern half of Montana was a inland sea. And go to the high desert at Berlin, Nevada and there is a dig site with a fossil of a prehistoric 25 - 30 feet long fish. So that high desert was once covered with water also.
  9. Today I was looking at the weather of a few places on my lap top. Kila,Montana ,East Glacier,Montana ,Death Valley, California , Dead Horse,Alaska . Amazing , most of the warmer temps. were years earlier than the colder ones. I'll be darned ..
  10. Here is a real classy R that has been working on some of our jobs. I don't know any of the specs, but it is cool to see this trucks out there getting it done !!
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. It was down for a week cuz the shop was busy with other things so I was running a different tractor for a bit . This one is back at it again. This " Kenny" is ok, a regular T800 is better than the T880 , ( my thoughts anyway ) . But I would really enjoy being in my superliner..
  12. Yes is a side dump . Ground was solid and compacted and basicly level, I don't know why it flopped over that day? It went over very slow and was a soft landing. only broke mirror head and snapped the hood straps. And yes, the pride...
  13. The other week I was hauling some waste dirt and grass, ( hauled same stuff to the same dump site the day before). But this day my Kenworth laid down.
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