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  1. the dump has not been getting alot of use lately. what use it has gotten has been hauling manure to a guy reclaiming some land for farming, and the road in is, well, just let us say not well improved condition. it was this jostling that snapped one of the straps holding the drivers side fuel tank onto the truck. since then, we have started seeing a problem with crap clogging the fuel filters. it is hard to describe, kind of like dirt. i assume that the strap breaking stirred up sediment in the bottom of the fuel tank, and expected it to settle back down, but it really hasnt. so, am i right, and it is crap from the fuel tank? just drain the tank, clean it out with something, and fuel it back up? is it possible it is something else that got knocked loose? is it likely the tank needs to be replaced? thanx.
  2. well, one of the fuel tank straps snapped today. i need some help trying to determine what i need. the plaque on the tank is missing, so i dont know how big it is, although i seem to remember that it is about 40 gallons. since i am suspicious of the fuel gauge (it didnt work when i bought it, and while i "fixed it", i am not sure of the accuracy of the system), i tend to keep the tank pretty full. the truck is an R688T, with a "round" black tank with a step notched into it. it is 32 inches wide, and 24 inches in diameter. the strap appears to be about 44 inches long, not including the T shaped bolt on the top. i need a part number, either from mack or a reasonable aftermarket part. i assume i will need to replace the padding under the strap also, is that correct? should i replace the bolt on the top? is there a trick to doing this? thanx for any help . . . . stev
  3. get an iPhone. i understand you might be biased against it for various reasons, but there are several good reasons for you to go in that direction: 1) apple still provides security updates for older versions of the operating system. (this means you will be less vulnerable to problems) 2) apple still supports phones that came out three years ago with the current operating system. (you will get the latest features, if you find that they release something you are interested in. when apple introduces the new software, support is available at the same time for older phones. with android, you will likely wait on the order of six months for updates, if they ever become available. usually, vendors dont update everything, and they are more interested in getting the software on new phones, rather than updating the older phones. read this if you are interested: http://news.findlaw.com/apnews-lp/547b525438ee4680b233226f9310c05f ) 3) there are very few apps you are likely to want that are available on android and not available on apple. 4) something like 97 percent of all virus software is on android. is your phone where you really want to be dealing with this? 5) it just works. i have had the same iphone for almost three years. i have *had* to reboot it once (for various reasons, i have rebooted it more often than that, but it only has gotten scrod once). my neighbor has one of the motorola droid phones, and it hangs on him two or three times a week. 6) when you need help, any kid can help you. the problem with android is that because the various vendors put different skins (interfaces) on it, phones dont always behave the same. there are cheaper phones out there. there are different operating systems, like Black Berry or Windows, aside from andriod and IOS (apple). look around, if you find something you like, consider it. before you buy, i suggest you search the internet for comments about the phone. good luck.
  4. so, how are they handling selling the macks? i dont see them on any of the sites i frequent. also, did they have any twin screw tractors? i remember seeing a lot of singles . . . . not sure about twins, though . . . .
  5. ok, about a week or two ago, i was reading a thread, likely off the forum home page, so i dont know where it was rooted, and it discussed clutchless shifting (after using the clutch to get in first gear). i believe there was discussion about hitting 1500 RPM, and other details i am not clear on. i intended to go back and read it again, and see if it applied to my situation (1988 T2090 transmission), or if it was particular to some other combination. so, you think i can find it? think searching for 1500, or rpm, or shifting, or clutchless, causes me to find that thread? so, can someone point me to that thread, or even explain it to me here . . . .
  6. even with less than 8K miles, it is still an 18 year old truck. i dont know how it was kept, since there is no detail on the listing, but i would actually be concerned that it was not used enough. i think that were i asking that much, i would offer alot more detail on the listing . . . . personally, i am surprised someone bid 40K$ for it already. of course, what do i know . . . .maybe it is worth every penny . . . .
  7. this one is my current favorite. i would prefer dayton rears, but what can you do? http://www.truckpaper.com/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=3928727
  8. ahh, since it is in Mass, i assume it is rare because all the trucks up here seem to be made of gold, based on their prices.
  9. i bought this a few weeks ago: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mack-Trucks-Complete-Class-8-and-medium-service-manual-and-schematics-/140875973220?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&hash=item20ccdcc264&vxp=mtr i cannot comment on how the software looks, since it runs on windows, and i dont, but the manual files seem pretty complete, and the price is pretty reasonable. it uses a funny, but standard, file format. i was able to find a reader for it, but i would have preferred it were in one of the more mainstream formats.
  10. dont know anything about it. just ran across it. good luck . . . .
  11. thought someone might need this: http://worcester.craigslist.org/pts/3315436233.html "Used L Model Mack cab parts and . . . "
  12. i hadnt really looked closely at it. i noticed the tanks, but then just kept going back to the square filter . . . . . thanx.
  13. late 60's / early 70s? this is supposedly on a 1986 R model. i suppose it could be a western truck originally . . . . .
  14. attached is an image of an R Model with a square filter box, rather than the cylindrical style i am used to. is there some reason that these were ordered as opposed to the more traditional ones? thanx . . . .
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