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  1. There will be a big auction Wednesday in Milton for the the estate of Harold Fleming...there are a few old Diamond T's Some KW conventional and cabovers, lots of parts, engines transmissions, etc... more details here http://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/2788308.html
  2. I was out riding the motorcycle today..here and there, no real destination, got some work done at the shop, a relaxing, no agenda day...heading back to the shop I come to an intersection...do I turn right, about a quater mile to the shop, or go straight ahead to the tractor show, a quarter mile ahead? The tractor show is also the Shortway Chapter of ATCA's annual show...wasnt planning on going this year, but what the hey, might go check it out...As I round the corner, a light blue ex-Martins MH single with a short trailer pulls out! Hey, that's Ken!!!! I pulled along side and waved, and signaled to meet at the truck stop down the road 'cause I figured he was going to get on I-80 to go home! Had a mini reunion at the truck stop...timing is everything!
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  4. I would like the time and money to build a B-9...what is a B-9 you ask? Imagine a big radiator B615 with a twin turbo max HP E-9! Shoving that engine into a B would be awesome!
  5. My B has a transplanted motor from a later truck and the primary and secondary fuel filters are both on the drivers side,. Is this correct? I ask because the line comes from the tank, thru the primary filter, across the top of the motor to the pump on the injector, then back across the top of the engine to the secondary, then back across the top into the fuel injector...looks like a lot of wasted line and potential blockage area (from the old hose). Just wondering where the stock filters would be. I will be changing the filters because of a loss of power/max rpm problem I have occasionally...dont think it is the filter because though they have been in there 3 or 4 years, they dont have that much fuel thru them. Thanks
  6. Thanks all! May try the stoddard solvent...Can you imagine what 60 year old grease would do to the white interior of the ol' ladys kenmore quiet wash II?!?!?!?
  7. Forgetting everything about health and environmental issues...what makes the best degreaser for a parts washer? Diesel? MEK? Something even better?
  8. Looking for info on E models... Which are the bigger models? Where there any E model tandem tractors? Would they all be gas engines or some deisel? Most interested in diesel tractors...which models shoudl I be researching? EE? EQ? Etc Thanks!
  9. What an awesome place! ANyone know if there is anyplace like that around PA?
  10. Had a brainstorm and decided to see if the stuff would work on my grilldensor.....It sure does! It is NAPA aluminum brightener
  11. Cool R Model haulin corn...didn't see anyone around to ask about it...
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