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  1. Ward Trucking Altoona always used International but recently started buying/using Macks.
  2. craiglist scan

    try it works "reasonably good". on the first screen type in what you are looking for, then on the second screen in the upper right hand corner, change dropdown to "most recent". good luck! craigslist you an search within a 200 mile radius of a zip code.
  3. Happy Birthday Doug Maney

    Doug, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day!
  4. Happy Birthday mowerman

    Happy Birthday and many more. Have a swingin' day!
  5. It is just a fact of a filter plugs it becomes more efficient. I am not saying a new/clean filter is harmful. You can change it more often and incur added maintenance expense or use the restriction indicator to let you know when to change the air filer thus optimizing filter life and reducing maintenance cost.
  6. Filters become more efficient as they "catch" material. The pores get smaller and therefore stop more material. Have a working restriction indicator per MACKS.
  7. Happy Birthday Superdog!

    Happy Belated birthday Superdog! I do not log on often since many of the posts have no interest or do not relate to Mack or trucks. But I do log on for something worthwhile. To quote another ex-BMTer "tired of the political BS". I do not do FB nor any other social media, they are a total waste of time in my opinion.
  8. Happy Birthday Vlad

    Vlad, Happy Birthday and many more! Enjoy your day!
  9. power divider dash switch

    Contact info at the bottom of the main page or send him a private message. Best is to call the number listed, ask for Barry, and explain your issue. There is also a link to their site in the Market Place area of the forum.
  10. Mack Cab Over help

    Here is the only pic I could find of my shift linkage. I don't see that bracket on my MH. I will not have access to my MH for another couple weeks. What transmission do you have? Mine is a T2050 5 speed.
  11. power divider dash switch

    Have you tried contacting Barry at Watt's Truck Center (the sponsor of this forum)?

    Tom, Happy Birthday and many more! Enjoy your day.
  13. Happy Birthday mackdaddy

    Dan, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day!
  14. Happy Birthday gearhead204

    Rob, Happy Birthday and many more! Enjoy your day!
  15. Saw this at MATS today

    A few more of the Shell Starship. The windshield is about five (5) feet from the dash. Imagine washing the inside of the windshield. The Ford panel van was my favorite of the show.