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  1. How To Add Photos To Your Post.

    Did you drive for Martin's Pastry Shoppe?
  2. HOF Parade

    At the local PA 4th of July parade, it is suggested NOT to throw candy but to have someone walk along and pass it out. However, the majority (if not all) just pitch the candy out the windows. I have seen kids look at the candy and if it does not meet with their liking, will leave it lay on the street. After the parade there is about a ton of candy squished on the pavement. I personally do not pass out candy (imagine how much you would need to buy) and no one seems to be upset. I do get a lot of "requests" to blow the air horn.
  3. HOF Parade

    Larry, Us "common folks" would not be allowed to be in the Saturday parade. It is for new and past enshrines, businesses, floats, queens, high school bands, and a few god forsaken rap "noise maker" dance/drill groups. There are usually several restored fire trucks and antique cars in the parade too. I never seen anyone at the Saturday parade with candy or other handouts. I bet if one tried, they would be arrested and ushered out of the parade. And I do not know how the Jeep club is able to get into the formal Saturday parade. I look forward to several "climbing" another Jeep's exciting...yawn!!! This year included the Dallas cheerleaders since Jim Jones was inducted. The cheerleaders were the highlight of the parade. Didn't get any pics but did shoot a video (too large to post here). However the Sunday before is a "pre-festival" or "kickoff" parade that almost anyone can get in. I never been to that one.
  4. HOF Parade

    Saw this on Saturday in the ProFootball Hall of Fame parade.
  5. Round Perlux lens

    Larry, Here is the Grote/PerLux link... The replacement lens is 09561. Check with Cross Truck.
  6. Big Muskie Bucket

    YouTube has some informational videos
  7. Happy Birthday Yarnall

    Mike, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day!
  8. Bringing this to the top. It is not too late to attend this show. On site registration is only $12 for one or more vehicles (includes one dash plaque). Drive or haul it, looking for trucks, pickups, fire apparatus, construction, and farm tractors. All brands are welcome! The MVFD will be providing entertainment Friday and Saturday evenings (6p-9p).
  9. Mike, I don't know the final prices or if they were bought by an on-site or internet bidder. However, if the trucks were in similar condition as most of the vehicles auctioned on Saturday, in my opinion nothing was a bargain. Nothing in the listing about condition, running, rust, drivetrain, completeness, etc. But as they say "one man's junk is another man's treasure."
  10. Was at Norwalk auction today. Lots of interesting vehicles but nothing to "write home" about. The trucks will be auctioned on Sunday. Lot 492R - B61T is currently at $1100 Lot 493R - B61LT is currently at $2100
  11. BC Vintage Truck Museum show and shine

    MH looks great!
  12. A couple friends and I are planning to attend the auction on Saturday. As for the low bids on the Macks...just like eBay...I am sure they will increase by the end of the auction.
  13. Farmer 52....hits retirement age!!!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I am now officially an "old fart". I been retired since 2012 but recently signed up for Medicare (now I feel old!). Anyway, worked outside around the farm and went to a stuff-it buff-it for dinner. Otherwise just another day.
  14. Happy Birthday mike69mackman

    Mike - Happy Birthday and many more. Hope you had a great day!
  15. Congrats Staxx and Mackvader

    Mike, Congrats on your win. Good luck with future races.