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  1. 4449 Daylight Special

    Modern engine is used for backup in case steam locomotive has issues. Also, the backup may be used in areas that do not allow the steam loco to power the train. Likely the Diesel unit is also used for "hotel power" for the cars. Love the sound of a steam loco working and the whistle....almost a mini woody. I watch many vids of locos (steam and Diesel) on the Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, PA. Vaguely remember the last steam locos passing thru Altoona when I was a young boy. Below is a nice vid of steam on the curve. Note: the locos on the back are pushers used to help the train over the mountain.
  2. Happy Birthday Vinny

    Vinny, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day....working on the U! Seems like yesterday you were only a young pup wet behind the ears but wait you are still a young pup. Hope you are doing well and hope to see you at a Mack show this summer.
  3. "We've gotten" Perhaps they need to take an English class. "worth everyone"...doesn't anyone proof read before pushing the SEND button? Nice looking truck/setup. BTW, where are the scantily clad women? Remember, pics or it didn't happen.
  4. New to site from eastern Ohio

    Welcome! Eastern OH is a LARGE area. Can you be more specific in your location? Thanks!
  5. Never seen one like this before.

    Backyard conversion. Kinze offered an 8V71 conversion for the 5020. Here is one in action...turn the volume up and cover your ears! JD 5020 John Deere did offer tractors with a Detroit engine factory installed JD 435 JD 8020
  6. Never seen one like this before.

    Definitely a 5010 or 5020 tractor. 5020 John Deere engine is 531ci 4.75x5.00. Seen several 6V conversions but never a Mack. One of....worth a lot of money....mmmm maybe not.
  7. Happy Birthday and many more. Hope you had an enjoyable day!
  8. Happy Birthday Barry

    Barry, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day! P.S. Thanks for all you do for BMT.
  9. I am the same with OE filters. I had an interesting experience when I worked at the Cat house many years ago. They rejected a batch of CAT branded oil filters, the filers later showed up repainted with another name on the filter. Since that day I will never use a non-OE filter (MOPAR for the Jeeps/Dodge, AC for the GMs, Mack for the Mack, and Deere for the John Deeres). Not because of potential warranty issues but I think the vehicle/engine OEs run quality checks on their filter suppliers. If no-OE filter, I will use a Donaldson, WIX/NAPA, Baldwin, or Purolator brand.
  10. Cool Ad For Freightrain

    I agree. Back in the mid 70s and early 80s who would have thunk these cars would be worth what they are today. Larry, the 70 Cuda convertible...the guy selling it talked me into buying it rather than a hard top that I wanted. At the time no one wanted a convertible. If I remember in 1980 I paid $3000 for it (base 383 4bbl, 4spd, manual top, AM radio, rallye wheels, and no other options). I flew to Salt Lake City, guy picked me up at the airport with the Cuda, drove to his place, paid for the car, and drove it to where I lived in Peoria. Sold it a couple years later for the same price. Each car has a story but at the time, either needed the money or something new caught my eye (pickups, SUVs, snowmobiles, garden tractors, farm tractors, wifey, etc.). The nicest car was the 1975 Cordoba (bought new) but I wish I still had either the 70 Cuda vert, 73 Cuda 340, or 74 Road Runner GTX.
  11. I would not trust Walmart filters either. The filter may be good quality today and lower quality tomorrow. Walmart seeks the cheapest supplier and buys a set quantity from them. Then when the contract expires, they may be supplied by another OE (i.e. cheapest bidder and it could be Fram). Stay with a known good quality filter brand (Mack, Donaldson, Baldwin, or WIX/NAPA). I say there is usually a reason why an item is cheaper. A quality filter goes hand in hand with a quality lubricant.
  12. new way of living

    The only time I have my cell phone turned on is if I am expecting a call or when I want to make a call. I have voice mail so if someone tries to contact me and the phone is not on, leave a message. As for "scam" calls, I get more scam calls on my cell phone than I do on the land line (land line has NOMOROBO). I have over 100 numbers in my cell phone blocked list and get at least one scam call a day. If I don't recognize a number I do not answer and it gets blocked if no message. I had my smart phone over a year and I can count on one hand the number of pics (1) and texts (3) that I did. Wifey is the same way, only turns the phone on if making a call. She wanted a smartphone so she could text. I told her she would have to learn how to text on her own. To this day I don't think she has sent one text message. My saying is: phones are for talking, cameras are for taking pictures, and computers are for internet/email. Wifey and I were at a nice restaurant on Saturday night. A group of high school students came in. Must have been a dance as they were all dressed in their best (as best as it gets these days), The guys were talking among themselves and the girls were all on their smartphones. Many adults are the same way, I see women in the grocery store talking on their phone while shopping. One thing (and there are many more) that bugs me, there was a lady the other day checking out and was talking on her phone. If I was the clerk I would have nicely asked the lady to put the phone down or step aside until she was done. As she walked out the door she was still babbling on the phone. What did we do without cell phones?
  13. Cool Ad For Freightrain

    Wish I had some of my early vehicles back: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner 383 4spd 1973 Plymouth Duster 340 auto 1970 Plymouth Super Bird 440+6 auto 1970 Plymouth Cuda Convert 383 4spd 1973 Plymouth Cuda 340 4spd w/ac 1974 Plymouth Road Runner GTX 440 auto w/ac 1975 Chevy Monza 2+2 with 4.3L V8 auto a/c POS 1976 Plymouth Volare 360 2bbl loaded with options but qualityless even my 1975 Chrysler Cordoba 360 with Corinthian leather bucket seats - nice ride still have my late brother's 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme 350 4bbl auto that is not running (43K miles)
  14. Pictures of the Week

    Tom, Don't make a special trip but the next time you go by, get the phone number then I can call for info and price. Thanks!