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  1. Mike, Congrats on your win. Good luck with future races.
  2. Gregg - The Roll Hauler has OH Historical plates so I am not concerned about driving as long as I have a CDL. As for the trailer, it costs about $35 per year for license. Somewhere I remember hearing to be classified as a RV or travel trailer, it must have a bathroom. Not sure if a port-a-potty or a bucket qualifies as a "bathroom". When I lived in Illinois (70s-80s), a pickup truck with a topper could be licensed as a RV. Brocky - my point is it seems each state has different criteria and again who you talk to. For years I was told I needed a DOT number but eventually I talked to a person that gave me the FMCA exemption paragraph number for non-commercial non-revenue vehicles. As for the lights, the unit must have operating lights (headlights, brake, tail, turn, etc.) per the manufacture date but the PADOT officer specifically stated it cannot be operated during non-daylight hours. Again...who you talk to. Our Chapter was also told not to bypass a weigh station. There is no way the officers in the station can see if you have a Historical/Antique plate on your vehicle. Vehicle weight (over weight) is still a regulation with any vehicle. IIRC, the weight limit for a single axle tractor and single axle trailer is 52K lbs. According to the PA Turnpike, my setup is a Class 4 (19,001-30,000). My MH and trailer are registered in OH (my permanent residence) but operated almost exclusively in PA. So my question is "Do I go by OH or PA regs when operating"? I drove the unit to Iowa in May and never got stopped/questioned. And I passed many DOT vehicles.
  3. So the confusion continues. Recently the ATCA Keystone Chapter (central PA) had a PADOT officer speak. He told us you need a CDL if the vehicle combination weighs over 26,001. Also was told trophies, prizes, etc. do count as compensation. If your vehicle is licensed as an Antique, you can do anything you want as long as it does not involve any compensation. Also, cannot be operated during nondaylight hours. Gregg - motor home operators do not need a CDL because the vehicle is licensed as a RV. Ohio (where I am licensed) requires a medical card in order to maintain a CDL. No medical CDL. My CDL expires in July so off to the CVS minute clinic to get my physical. Again, the confusion continues and often comes down to who you talk to.
  4. Winchester 2013
  5. Guy in orange shirt is DCR Denny. Denny was in the funeral business but I bet he still has connections. fxfymn Carl is not in the picture. Back in Black Albert showed up after this picture was taken and had to go pee.
  6. Ron, Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day! Missed seeing you at Macungie. Just wasn't the same without you.
  7. Happy Birthday and many more! Enjoy your day!
  8. Keep this in mind...just because it shows WIX, Baldwin, etc. on the "can" does not necessarily mean the filter was manufactured in their facility. Filter manufacturers often produce filters for other filter companies. During my professional career I have toured several filter OEs and it was interesting to see their competitor's filters going down the assembly line. It depends on filter substrate, quantity, process, etc. I always buy OE branded filters (Mack, Delco, MOPAR, JD, CAT, etc.) since they likely have a quality control process to keep the filter manufacturers "honest". Otherwise it is like the "fox watching the hen house". I am not saying the filters are defective but why take the chance. The engine OEs have primary suppliers and secondary suppliers.
  9. I just bought filters at Watt's. I bought them separately since I do not use a coolant "filter". The secondary fuel filter (pn 25501624) is green. The oil filters are black (pn 21939298). Barry said the primary fuel filter w/water separator (old pn 483GB465 new pn 25505088) is on back order. Not sure if it will be red or ??? The Centrimax II rotor kit has 57GC2134A on the box and 85136709 on the label. The Centrimax II filter shows pn 236GB244B on the canister. Ron - I had one hell of a time removing the spin on fuel and oil filters. I thought they were seized. What do you think is the reason for the difference in how easily the filters are removed?
  10. I will plan to attend the "inspection" at the nunnery. That is if I can get my chauffer, mike69mackman, to stop too (which should not be a difficult task). Perhaps one of these years he and I will not "fight" over the same "nun". P.S. Make sure we do not get a nun that is PG!
  11. Bringing this thread to the top. Dates are June 16-17. I am planning to arrive after lunch on Thursday (15th). Many show up on Thursday and most leave on Saturday afternoon. Friday night is the "family reunion" foodfest. Reserve your wrist bands so you can get in the line early. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not be "mudcungie". Safe travels. Who is planning to be at the show?
  12. My MH on an advertising banner...where is my royalty check?! Do you have a pic of the banner? I saw you in the building on Friday but you were talking to several other people. I passed your truck several times during the show but never saw you sitting there. Glad I was able to meet you on Thursday. Keep "plugging away" at your weight loss and improving health.
  13. Mike, Nice to meet and talk with you and your son at the show. Sorry I missed the group photo...raining and was "hiding" in the horse arena. Take care! Enjoyed the show. Back home in OH, uneventful trip, best kind. 1600 miles RT and averaged 7mpg running 65-70mph.
  14. Greg, Thanks! Makes sense about a larger pan. Do you know if the same pan fits both the E6 and E7? I do not remember specifics about the oil pan when the E7 was developed. I looked in my parts book and it lists only one pan. I checked some other E7 spec sheets and they all show 33.5 qts. capacity. Perhaps it was a dealer installed item or installed by Martin's.
  15. I just changed the oil and filters (2 spin-on + 1 centri-max) in my 1992 EM7-300. The spec sheet shows 33.5 qts including filters but I added 13+ gallons (52 qts) to get to the FULL mark on the dipstick. I use Shell Rotella Triple-Protection/T4 15W-40. Mack recommends SAE50 synthetic lube in the transmission and either 75W-90 or 80W-90 synthetic in the axles. Capacity is typically about five (5) gallons per component. (click on the E6/E7 filter kits BUTTON at top of page)