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  1. Happy Birthday guys!
  2. No issues logging on to BMT. I am using WIN8.1 and IE11. FWIW, I am just tired of seeing all the political BS and personal bashing. I was at MATS and saw Maint1 (Dave), Doug Maney, and Rene (Netherlands). Never made it outside to see the show trucks. Most of the show trucks are a POS in my opinion, easy to "modify" a truck but DIFFICULT to keep in original condition. Lots of nice older trucks displayed throughout the show compliments of ATHS members.
  3. Paul, Is this place north of Akron (just north of 303) on Route 8 near Boston Heights?
  4. The 2017 show will be held on Friday and Saturday July 21 & 22 at the Morrison's Cove Memorial Park in Martinsburg, PA. This year's show will be held in conjunction with the Martinsburg Volunteer Fire Department's 125th Anniversary celebration. The MVFD will be selling ox roast sandwiches and other food/drink items starting each day at 11am. They will provide entertainment each night starting at 7pm. The Roaring Spring Lions club will be selling their all-you-can-eat pancake and sausage breakfast on Saturday 7am-10am. Plan to attend and support some local organizations. For more information and registration form please go to the Keystone Chapter's website and click on "2017 MARTINSBURG, PA SHOW INFORMATION" button. The Chapter is seeking any fire related equipment to help make the MVFD celebration as huge success.
  5. good tire (255/70R22.5) and hub piloted 10-bolt wheel (8.25x22.5) to use as a spare for my trailer. prefer something within 100 miles of Altoona, PA. Reply here or send me an email (rollhauler at outlook dot com). Thanks!
  6. A group of guys from south central PA are planning to convoy to the national ATHS show in Des Moines, IA. The plan is to leave the Altoona, PA area on Tuesday morning May 23rd (O dark 30) via Route 22. Quick stop at Watt's to meet Tim Hoover and then on to New Stanton. Travel west on I-70 and stop at London, OH (exit 79). Then continue west on I-70 to Indy then I-74 west to Danville, IL where we will overnight at the Sleep Inn. On Wednesday we will continue west on I-74 to I-80 west to Des Moines. We will leave Des Moines on Sunday morning (28th) and return on the same route with stop for the night at Richmond, IN (New Paris OH Fairfield Inn). Then return home on Monday. I will be leaving Tuesday morning from my residence in Canton, OH and driving I-77 south to Route 30 west to I-71 and south to Columbus OH. I will be meeting the PA group in London, OH (exit 79). If anyone is interested in being part of our convoy, send an email to rollhauler at outlook dot com and put "Des Moines Convoy" in the subject. I saw in WoT another group is planning a convoy from MD via Route 30. Route 30 would be an interesting route but will take forever with mountains, two lane highway, and small towns.
  7. Tom, Sorry for your loss. It could have been worse but that does not make it any easier to handle. Good luck with the insurance settlement.
  8. Thoughts and prayers going your way!
  9. I visited the local (10 miles away) used truck dealer and measured several Rs and RDs. The door width varies from 31-3/4" near the bottom to 32" near the middle. The overall height is about 53-1/2". Distance from the lower mirror bracket to bottom of the door is about 29-1/2". The depth is about 5" inside to outside door skin (4-7/8" from inside the skin). I hope this answers your question. If you need more information, send me a PM, and I will help as best I can.
  10. It is too damn bad you cannot get a straight answer. I was told and have seen many times, there are no dumb questions. But I see there are some knowledgeable with smart ass answers and getting tired of seeing the BS! As the saying goes "everyone likes a little but no one likes a smart ass." I will be out and about this week and will find an R and measure the door. Perhaps it would be easier for you to find a R and measure it yourself considering the BS replies you are getting. Is there any other information you want concerning the door?
  11. Any Mack dealer or truck parts outlet should be able to match your existing strap. I don't think there is anything "special" about the Mack tank straps.
  12. "Back in the day" I had fleets use a vampire/suction pump and clean tubing if not at an oil change. The sample bottle attached to the pump and the UO was drawn into the bottle with the pump. You need two (2) bottles, one to purge the line (about 1/2 bottle) and the second (clean/new) for the actual sample. Remember to use the tubing only ONCE and then trash.
  13. When I changed the oil in 2012 I had access to Chevron at my friend's farm in OH and it was "priced right". Personally I prefer Rotella but I think either one is a good oil.
  14. I did not realize the PS pump is connected to the air compressor.
  15. As far as I know, either horn (Hadley or Grover) could be spec'd/ordered. The "standard" horn may have been Hadley (rectangular).