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  1. Glad u guys enjoyed. I never noticed the other truck spot before, will use it next time thanks Jojo. Ya that’s snow a bit early in my opinion
  2. Not sure if I should post this but I came across some cool old trucks. Might be a bit small for this crowd but very cool just the same.
  3. Curious if you got a chance to adjust your pump. Wondering how it worked out
  4. How much oil pressure is needed for jakes to function properly?
  5. I dumped the oil out of both boxes on my quad and need to know how much to put back in. Also what oil do u guys prefer?
  6. Thanks for the advice, I think that’s a great idea. I will try that
  7. Ok thanks. I will try that
  8. What pressure would you put on the coolant system I probably should also order some seals for the oil cooler. Are they hard to find Rob? Easy to change?
  9. So we put a clear jug over the vent hose and got no oil only steam. Down in the filler bung I found white cream, so water getting in for sure. I really watched the smoke last time we started it up and it is probably more white than blue. Does this mean it is burning antifreeze? Head gasket? Is there other places it could be leaking? I get what ur saying about it probably being fine, I’m gonna run it the way it is but I like the input so I have a better idea of the condition of the engine.
  10. I will follow up on ur suggestions as soon as I get a chance. It does run real nice and smooth. Thanks all for your input, we appreciate it.
  11. We haven’t been able to work it very hard, just a few real short trips. Would an oil analysis be accurate, not sure of last change or how long it sat but I think a long time.
  12. Smoke alot(blueish), especially when warming up after start.
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