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  1. I was told there will be NO clam bake (buffet) on Friday night. Instead they are trying to get food trucks/vendors for Dutch Treat food service. I may only attend on Saturday.
  2. Thanks Rob and AMEN!!!!! Going back to my hole.....
  3. Bob, Sorry we did not connect and sorry you did not have a "swingin' time". If I knew you did not have a "pass" you could have borrowed the wifey's. My 3 cents on ATHS...I been to three (3) shows with the MH and NEVER ONCE did I need to show nor asked for the vehicle insurance or registration. Interesting! And don't get me started on the "show rules" and the number of "violations" I observed. And another thing, I never saw so many "service" dogs as in Reno (even in restaurants and supermarkets). On the positive side, lots of nice looking vehicles, most an "east coaster" would never see otherwise. Saw MHfred, Brocky, and 75T. Also Dave from Keystone Truck Museum. Make a note, Macungie is always Father's Day weekend (Thursday - Saturday). Many vehicles leave on Saturday afternoon so Friday and Saturday are the best days to attend. FYI, there is no spectator fee. Hope to see you at Watt's show in August. Take care!
  4. Randy, The wifey and I plan to attend. I have a question...will there be NIT?
  5. Hey everybody...keep the political stuff for another site. BMT is to discuss Mack and truck issues. A few jokes and personal items are okay but please keep the political (and any religious) discussion for another forum. You ask why many of the "old timers" are no longer here...think about it. As a few have mentioned to me in private "tired of the political BS on BMT". I know Barry does not want to censor any discussion, but this does not belong on BMT. Several other forums that I frequent will BAN such discussion and also many times the poster. We all have our opinions but this is not the place. End of rant! Have a good day and let me know when you want to discuss truck issues. I am gone....
  6. Wingate did not have scrapple during breakfast. All this talk about scrapple has my taste buds excited. Going to buy some scrapple this week, fry a batch (crispy on the outside), and spread with apple butter. Yum yum!
  7. Good looking decal. Let me know when they arrive and I will stop in and buy two (2) or more. And if you decide to offer a tee shirt....colors other than black.
  8. Firemack on BMT That tee shirt is an "old" item. Mack, Watt's, and others used to sell them. I don't think they are available anymore. I like the new Watt's tee shirt with COEs on the front and conventionals on the back. But I don't like black...nothing personal Al.
  9. Greg, Happy Birthday late. Hope it was a good one and many more!
  10. Nice pics but no Mack trucks, no wimmin seat covers, and no windfall wimmin. You and OD need to talk at Macungie and get some picture takin pointers! See you on Thursday.
  11. I will try some PB Blaster NO Spring Suspension - no ride valve
  12. It was replicated when I returned the truck to its normal parking spot. Trolley lever never touched. What spray lube to you suggest?
  13. Perhaps I am not clear in the explanation of the issue. The air pressure held great until Wednesday this week. The pressure (both needles) showed about 60psi. I started the truck, let the pressure build to 135, and the compressor cutout. I released the parking valve (yellow knob) and drove the truck about 50yards and stopped. I stopped, applied the parking valve, and shut the engine off. Two (2) hours later the green needle was 20psi and the red was 90psi. I did not blow the horn, disconnect the trailer air lines, drain the tanks, no nothing. After about two (2) hours I started the truck, let the air build to 135, and returned to the usual parking spot (applied brake and pulled yellow parking valve). 24 hours later both needles still showed 70psi. Again, why did the green needle drop to 20psi within two (2) hours and before/after it did not drop? Is the tread valve the issue? The yellow valve and the others were replaced about two (2) years ago. Perhaps I should just forget it and drive it fatter, dumber, and not happy!
  14. My concern (puzzlement) is why did the green pressure drop over 70psi in two (2) hours? I am pleased with the slow drop over a day or two when previously it would drop to zero within hours. And also pleased the pressure remains steady during driving rather than constantly cycling. It is the engineer in me...sorry!
  15. On my trip last Tuesday from PA to Lexington, the air pressure held a constant 120-125psi. On Saturday when I got in to drive from Lexington to OH the air pressure dropped to 60psi (both red and green needles about the same pressure) and again held steady 120-125 during the trip. On Monday I drove from OH to PA and again the pressure was about 60psi after sitting on Sunday and as before the pressure held steady during the trip to PA. Wednesday afternoon when I needed to move it to mow grass around and under the truck, the pressure had dropped to about 30psi. As before both the red and green needles read about the same pressure. Now for the puzzling part. After about two (2) hours I went to move the truck back to its usual parking spot. The red needle read about 90psi and the green needle read about 20psi. What the fluff is happening to the air? I didn't hear any audible air leakage. I always let the pressure build to 135psi before moving. Previous years the air would drain to zero after sitting a few hours or over night. Also during trips it would cycle every 15-30 minutes. I was getting confident this past week that the air pressure drop had mysteriously healed itself. I will see what happens when I drive to Macungie next week. I just checked and both needles are at 70 (after sitting 24 hours). What the hay!
  16. Hmmm, the plot thickness. Larry...did you show her the inside of your trailer?
  17. Is he the guy that was parked next to you? And along side I71 between Cincy and Columbus? If so, they can thank the "smooth" pavement. I am glad I have air ride on my trailer but things were still jarred about.
  18. Can't recommend Grand Rock. Sent print and they could not make the part from the print. Dropped off the part in person and they LOST the original. Glad to hear others had good luck but not me.
  19. Yea buddy! Gotta deliver those potato rolls while they are still fresh! 71 was the worst road from Cincy to Columbus (OH road tax dollars at work - NOT). I had "air ride" - my a$$ was about 6" off the seat! Got home and mowed the yard...finished in the dark...forecast for rain on Sunday. Leaving for PA on Monday morning. Great time at Lexington. Besides Freightrain...talked with David, maint1, Brocky, MHfred, and several others. Enjoy seeing the trucks but enjoy meeting and talking with the people. Saw mackdaddy in passing. Also met Hippy 70mackMB and his son. Larry - great timing leaving Lexington. I was about a half mile south of you when you entered I75. Saw what looked like a white/black B with black trailer. I put the hammer down and eventually caught up with you.
  20. A few more from Friday. Rain Friday AM then "decent" in the PM
  21. Stormy stopped by my truck on Wednesday morning. Time will tell if we make the print. Perhaps if there are not enough KWs, PBs, IHs, or Fliners stories we may make it. Lots of nice trucks. Between the rain down pours I try to take some pics of unique and different units. I heard last night over 800 on the grounds. Still have Friday and Saturday to go. Saturday's forecast is the best so far.
  22. I never attended any ATHS shows until York. I heard Baltimore was a "disappointment". I thought York was an excellent venue, better than Des Moines (my 2nd ATHS show). DM was spread out and seemed disorganized. Also the hotel shuttle service left a lot to be desired. Lexington KHP is huge but the layout of the show appears better than DM. You need to take a shuttle from the show area to the hotel shuttle pickup/dropoff spot. Otherwise a looonnngg walk.
  23. Practicing for old age? The mind is the first thing to go but I can't remember what is next.
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