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  1. That line shaft lathe is older than my first lathe and i thought that one was ancient.Can you cut treads?
  2. If i made that truck i'd have to build a really big glass box to park that truck into. that is just too nice to get dirty driving it around.
  3. Isn't he a big anti gun nut if that's the case i can't consider him at all. I'm not a rabid gun rights activist but i have some guns and i do shoot in compation and i would like to continue doing that without jumping through hoops that some retarded ass in government jams down my throat.
  4. Years ago i bought the hf. motorcycle lift jack i use it to to brake jobs. I can't imagine how many jobs i did with this jack. Works really well to remove fuel tanks and battery boxes.
  5. We had a wooden tub for a bathtub until i was eight no indoor water the pump was out on the side of the house. Coal cook stove in kitchen and a parlor stove in the living room. I never want to go back to that basic of life style. As i set at the desk typing am setting were the coal stove set when i was young i lived in this house for almost 65 years and my grandfather's father owned the house before me.
  6. My aunt and gram and i had only a outhouse until i was ten years old i really like my indoor plumbing.
  7. I still remember the first time i herd a truck start with air was the crazyest thing i ever heard
  8. I refuse to listen to the news on the tv my girlfriend is addicted i say their as worthless as a 2 dollar hooker and as trustworthy as the rooster i had to dispatch if you turned your back he would drive those spers right in your leg or ankle.
  9. I like jay and his show about cars and motorcycles this coverage of the triumph almost makes me go get one. I really enjoy my spyder and i liked all the other bikes i had but this three cylinder job is cool. I was going to buy the six cylinder bmw when i went for my last bike but it was a little to heavy for me same as my hd dresser that i sold so i bought the rt 1200 very good bike. Now i'm an old fart and i really get alot of fun out of my spyder i have leg and feet problems so it helps me not to hold the bike up.
  10. I look at the meat and pork in the local supermarkets and i then go over to the guy i know and pay half as much. Thirty years ago me and my friend bob plumbed his store so when i go in he will take care of me. I raise chickens and i trade eggs for stuff. I have some angora goats and my girlfriend spins the cape wool into clothing she does that instead of giving Christmas presents.
  11. I used a otc jack like the one for sale was very stable with the triplex mounted on it plus i have a finished garage floor. Were i did work i bought a copy of the otc china made it worked good changed some 8 speed trans with it. Got it off cook brothers. I have used 5 or 6 different jacks through out the years and i like the otc style the best.
  12. I was referring to maximum pressure that is allowed in an air bag. I am running 15 lbs in the rear bags just enough to keep the truck setting at the right height. I installed a manual valve in the cab to change the air pressure in the back bags. i used to run about 40 lbs. in the brockway's lift axle. The right diameter bag will change the air pressure needed in the front. I was just going to take out the the short leafs and run all the long leafs.
  13. I took my buddy for a ride in my b and he said it did ride better with the air ride in the rear he say's i should put air bags in the front. He is good at getting me to do stuff i didn't know i needed. Anyone ever do this on a b 61? I figure you would have to remove a few leafs and get the right bag that will carry the weight you shouldn't run more than 100lbs in the bag i was told.
  14. Funny story on getting a pig Me and abby went over to the next farm and Gar raised white pigs we needed one for the market truck.In the bottom of the barn was about 50 150 lbs pigs we picked one out and i told ab don't screw this up make sure you shoot it right with the 22 pistol well he shot and the pig did a flip and landed back on his feet and took off we spent some time looking for that damn pig i shot it this time.
  15. How things change when i was little my gram and i would walk up to the neighbors and get a chicken for Sunday dinner she would kill it in the yard and we would be eating it for dinner. I have helped butcher cows hogs chickens not for the feint of heart. god only knows how many deer i cut up use to finish the cuts on the butcher block in the kitchen. For years we only eat deer meat made my own hamburg and sausage. I never buy meat at the grocery store use a guy i know for years he sells me what i want. This year i'm going to get out and fish a little harder for crappy and panfish fried up they are as good as any other fish.
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