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  1. How many yards is the bucket ? Their running a shovel in Hazelton that will swing a 90 yard bucket of course the shovel is a walker.
  2. David I have to say every one of the many that was involved in that Russia fiasco should be sued and what money of the American tax payers had to give up on this face should be taken away from them either directly from their pockets or that and and retirement moneys and shifty money schemes they are so adapt at and prosecuted and never be allowed to run for any elected office if found to try weaseling back in put on death row. It just make my blood boil reading all the crap that the so called highly intelligent left have created to my country. Don't even get me started on this virus fiasco I know some believe it is as bad as the black plague but I am very skeptical.
  3. I am wondering about Gerharts get together if it is going to happen and I understand there is a brockway show up by Cortland Ny.is that going to happen?
  4. I got one for the old engine right from the injection shop that I had checking the injectors I think I paid around 30.00 dollars.
  5. I use my b model to bring home round bales for my goats. The farmer that I get the bales from request's that I use the mack he love's to check it out.
  6. My boss had a john deere lawn mower tractor and it had a pressure fed oil system Kawasaki engine it ran for years cutting a large lawn never used a drop of oil. Way better then it had to be for the mower was not that expensive. I have husky blower, chainsaw, pole saw they are over ten years old the saw is a pro model and it cut a lot of hard wood. But I have the pro model stihl climber saw that is just a rip roaring little saw that thinks it's twice as big as it is.
  7. 30 years ago I would help out a friend of mine he had a small car repair shop and if he took something in that stumped him I would get a call. He used napa parts almost exclusively the stuff was very good back then but the old story today the part quality has dropped to the point I shop anywhere but napa.
  8. 1958 F.W.D. I use to go to Bethlehem steel to work on a cat dozer they had. That was the longest building I ever saw it was back in 1974 or 75.
  9. I have a 1200 I budget restored and another for parts I just sold my 104 that I was made an offer for that I couldn't refuse.
  10. I bet that montgomery wards garden tractor would bring a good price from a collector these days. I don't think I ever saw one at any of the engine and tractor shows I was at.
  11. Sears was a one stop shop i have a reissue of an old sears catalog and it is amazing the verity of goods you could buy from them. Back in the day my gram said you didn't travel distances like we do now so you ordered your stuff from sears or Montgomery wards.
  12. My uncle Andy believed in everyone got involved I was to small and weak to throw the bales up on the trailer so I drove and god help me if I ran into a woodchuck hole and lost any bales off the trailer. A lot of good memory's were made on that dairy farm for a young lad.
  13. That's going to be too nice to drive around your going to have to get another one to bum around in.
  14. I always checked if the brake canisters were leaking anytime there was an air leak problem I had fittings made up I could block off the lines it really helped diagnosing air problems. the treadle valve placement was a real pain on some truck manufactures. I liked Mack you could take up the floors and get to things, the other trucks were made by people that never turned a wrench
  15. Looks in pretty good shape I drove one like that getting hay in I was 6 or 7 years old
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