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  1. davehummell

    1969 White Freightliner T7464 COE

    I have to say there is something about the sound of a v8 or v12 Detroit sort of like a shovelhead harley or my old velocet thruxton very much there own sound.
  2. davehummell

    1957 Mack LRVSW

    Now that is cool thanks for showing it
  3. davehummell

    1952 GMC 900

    That may not be a mack but i find it more interesting because it is a truck you don't see over and over.
  4. Dave imagine one of today's "three week wonders" having to deal with that situation! My " hotshot tractor" a GMC 7000 puked a throw out bearing 150 miles from the house, the customer let me drop the trailer but I was out of hours.I parked on a hill at a Hardees and slept til morning,caught it in gear and drove it home without the clutch that was no problem but timing it at a couple lights and a stop sign was fun! All because the throw out bearing had no grease fitting. The one I installed did!

  5. davehummell

    really nice day

    Here i set was going to go motorcycling with friends and woke up at 3:30 with a swelled up right wrist,crap! I was cutting wood on Monday so i could cleanup the mess after the tree guys got done and sh-t happens. I was told this morning i'm an old fart get used to the aches and pains. Its my right one so i can't even work a fishing rod.
  6. To me the drivers door looks narrow? I have found the mack cabs hold together but we justabout went broke trying to keep the trucks on the road because of problems with the pollution controls. We had an older acar with a cummins and i liked that frontloader over the macks. We were rearload only until the owners got a frontloader soon every thing was frontload what a time saver.
  7. davehummell

    Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    I liked how the fenders swung out of the way on the two triaxels i drove. If i had too much fun on wed. night that 318 really got my head pounding on Thursday.
  8. davehummell

    Mack B61 replacement piston

    Call kevin All he will most likely have a used one in his collection of parts 1-607-434-1063 he is in ny. up by Albany.
  9. davehummell

    B-Model Visors

    who ever own's that b should be mighty proud. Nothing against anyone else's truck but i like this truck sadly it makes mine look like crap.
  10. davehummell

    1983 Mack RD-612SX

    We called the forklifts buggys i took care of prinstons and moffits i guess i'm a trader i spec. them with Kubota engines never had any engine problems
  11. davehummell

    1983 Mack RD-612SX

    Back in the days the company i worked for had macks with block booms then we moved up to hiab rolling base cranes then onto the rear mounted forklifts it. Each and every setup had there good and bad points but i think the forklifts were the best for our type of work.
  12. davehummell

    almost over

    I looked at the date and said screw it and went for a 153 mile ride on my spyder it was great
  13. davehummell

    Pictures of the Week

    Yesser that little shady going on's in the garden of eden has ruined us guys to a life of servitude to that one thing we couldn't live without in our misspent youth.
  14. davehummell

    B 53 power steering box

    All the info you need is on that box chances are it is a ross or sheppard box right around the output shaft housing should be numbers. You got to clean that box up to see them. Once you find the numbers do a search on the web you will find your info.
  15. davehummell

    Pictures of the Week

    That is the Bermuda triangle once you get in there that's the end of life as you knew it.

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