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  1. This fall I drove up to the Harford truck show and today I got a card from the northeastern pa. chapter antique club with a picture of my truck going in the fair entrance I was touched that someone would take the time to do this for me. VERY COOL!
  2. That picture if real is just scary that could of been anyone of us driving trucks for a living.If the driver lived he had an angel riding on his shoulder that day.
  3. How about my newly installed etz 673 260 hp. what do you think the boost will be on this engine? I'm kind of interested to know.
  4. When I was running my shop I was subbing my work to a company that did powder coating on a large scale but gene would do anything a customer brought in. I had some parts done for my bikes I was working on. If done well it is tough to remove. I just was talking to gene's son about chrome powder coat for my hood mack letters and dogs. He said he wouldn't do it for me I wouldn't be happy it looks like aluminum shiny paint and potmetal if pitted looks like crap when done with that color.
  5. Larry do you think you are losing any thing with the stock air cleaner?
  6. Back when I was the mechanic and shop welder at Cleveland brothes I had one rod 7018 that is what cat called for back in the 70's
  7. The friends I keep in touch with are the ones that come running when I need help I try not to bug anyone very often. I have one cousin that constantly uses my wood working tools always brings them back in the same shape they were in when I lent them he has helped me when ever I called his son would winterize my boat in exchange for me working on his forklifts good trade. My other best two friends helped build my garage and a lot of excavating around on my property but I painted the one's dumptruck and dozer and machined a lot of parts for him the other one helped me last winter to redo the bathroom and put in new stairs I had bought a new 700.00 stihl saw that I was going to use but I gave him the saw for helping me he was delighted. Good friends are something that is very hard to come by and well worth the effort to keep.
  8. I would love to post some pictures on this site but I haven't a clue I have a smart phone? and a desk top computer and not a clue after that. Thank you
  9. I had a1200 4x4 stepside 345 v-8 a 65 1/2 ton with a 304 v-8 and a 9 foot stepside and a scout with a 345 v-8 all wheel drive and a 1965 cabover with a 220 10 speed. I guess I like cornbinders.
  10. I called watt's this morning and ordered that air cleaner for the b model and the cap. The guy that figured the shipping rates was not in yet they said he would call later ya right, about an hour or so mike called me back!!! He asked for my email and sent me the info on the order as soon as I got off the phone. I thought I would give them an ata boy . I will order from them again.
  11. I just bought two inside door handles and two window cranks and the pins and the spring chrome expandable spacers that hold the pins in I payed over 200.00 dollars one handle was almost 50.00 dollars.I bought them from a mack dealer. The first parts guy wanted the model and serial number had a fit when I said b model I told him same as a r model I had to get a different parts guy he knew just what I wanted.
  12. Hobert 62 I am just sliding a 3.90 rear under my truck air ride and with the 260 hp. engine it should do the speed limit on the highway I also have a direct duplex
  13. I didn't list it correctly I have 1200. in parts I am willing to take an offer for it I know I have put to much in it but I have rolled an air ride rear under the truck today and I would like to see someone get some use out of it just like my engine I have for sale it is under a tarp on the side of the garage I am out of room to put it under roof.
  14. I have pulled out my mack rear I put new drums, shoes,bearings, seals. I don't know the ratio but I topped out at 55 mph. springs and mounts 4 good drive tires on Dayton rims. Best offer I had 1200. in all the new parts the person before me instulled late model spyders so it has quick change shoes on it. I have around 500 miles on the brakes.
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