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  1. Damn car died on us thankfully in my one cousins driveway last night had to go get the backhoe and give it a tow so i have the thing tore apart right now when my other cousin comes over later i'll get some photo's up
  2. We are still in the red? Every one i know is had it with the nonsense the local small store i go to yesterday the lady's threw their masks and said enough is enough. I was up near the n.y. border and i got to eat in a restaurant for the first time in a long time. That wolf governor is a real panda to the whiny the sky is falling set about ruined the state.
  3. If we can ever get to go to any truck shows i just bought a 1931 model a ford coupe i'm going to throw on the trailer and bring along just for the heck of it. pictures tomorrow if i remember how.
  4. Last time i was in a truck stop i felt like i was the foreigner.
  5. Cat tail foundry is Amish i seam to recall and it has a very good reputation. The neighbor lady's from across the hill use to show up to my girlfriends sisters farm at a regular time and watch their soaps it was something to see a halve dozen Amish lady's going at those soap shows all sprawled out in Stattler's living room .
  6. quite the pile of crap we got for the younger generation looking at all that is going on. I don't condone what those cops did but if that black guy didn't break the law he would be still kicking but i think there is a lot more unspoken about the leading up to the guys arrest. As for all the vandals in a perfect world we could go to their homes and trash and burn them down to the ground and load them on a leaky barge and let them take a little boat trip out in the atlantic in the winter large swells. About that so called girl i hope she is sterile so it stops at her. " Bufford t Justas said when i get home i'm going to punch your momma in the mouth cause you couldn't of come from my loins"
  7. remember if there is ware on the ends of your gears and ware in the pump housing you will loose pressure as a bypass in the flow of oil and it will show up worse as the oil thins out.
  8. Those big bang cannons you used to see for sale in magazines use a formulation on the same order water their mix and an ignition source and you get a pretty loud bang. I had one and shortly after i couldn't find it and no one had any idea what happened to it?
  9. joe biden has the integrity of a tick that is laying in wait in my back yard to latch onto one of my dogs.
  10. Kevin will sell every part off that truck I don't think anything in his yard gets cut up for scrap iron.Just down from Albany NY.
  11. I like the big Muskie model i never saw one like that.I have a book about the largest drags and straight front shovels and in it is info on the muskie and other behemoths that dug the coal.
  12. good b model steering box, nice aluminum battery box for two batterys, good rear single axle 470 ratio new drums and shoes seals 4 good 11/22.5 tires dayton rims and one new maxi. parts off my 673 end good pump and injectors, right and left square style fuel tanks make me an offer i can't refuse
  13. Call over to cooks and ask for tom or jeff they will fix you up with a seal and sleeve there has got to be some one near you that you could borrow a stemco sleeve installer just to drive the ring on.
  14. I had an air compressor stop making air intermittingly was the valves in the compressor head sticking and not sealing i looked for repair parts but non was available so exchange unite was installed.
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