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  1. I'm finally looking to put my b on the road how is gulfway anymore with their prices? The lady wouldn't give me a ballpark price and I hate going in blind mybe i'm being picky but I cut the money tree down two years ago so I have to watch how I piss away my money anymore,
  2. Still has the generator on it and with air conditioning strange combo of parts. I drove them r's and air would of been nice in them hot boxes.
  3. JoeH I had a97 and I had to replace both front fenders, the doors ,rockers, cab corners. I used the china crap panels I couldn't find any good ones near me, the fenders fit soso . The doors were another story the drivers fit pretty good but the other one drove me to fits. I used the truck for two more years and was happy to get rid of it. I had 118,000 miles on it and I changed the track bar twice, new ball joints, radiator, front axle seals, the headliner fell down had to get that fixed, two fuel pumps, two starters, rear spring hangers, gas tank straps, The cummins engine was great but the rest of the truck didn't impress me I had a 91 dodge cummins and I had better luck with that one. I used the trucks in my work and liked the 20 mile a gallon I got loaded with 3600 lbs on the flatbed. Now that I am retired I have a f150 ford to me it's a pisspoor excuse for a work truck but it drives pretty good.
  4. That pressure regulator is a good idea but with the small amount of fluid in the steering system will the restriction bring the oil temp up to high? If it has a return that sends back the excess oil to the tank and not trying to push all the flow through is that how it was done on the mopars? Yea I have lost some road feel in my truck it steers like a 60 caddy.
  5. I was going to do that kevin all did that in his camper. I started but I took the thing apart and made a new column used a lower shaft with the joints from a freightliner. I mounted my box out front of the axle like a modern truck. I'll get my cousin to take some pictures I haven't a clue how to do all that on the computer.
  6. I had a massey harris 22 the engine was shot so I put the iron duke and a 3 speed in the tractor that engine ran real good had a woodward govener on it. When I was young my cousin had a chevy 2 stationwagon with that engine she run the crap out of that car. didn't they use a head of a 283?
  7. When I did my old 673 I got a price from cook bro. 500.00 for the two gaskets wow! I got them from the gasket company out west for a lot less. I think it was Olson's . My engine had all the studs the same size if I can remember I painted the gaskets with aluminum paint when it gets hot the gaskets seal really good . never put the heads back on a 675 without painting them.
  8. The bears in my neighborhood play hell on the bird feeders and any garbage cans outside. I got a 150 plus big mouth dog that takes no crap from anything my bird feeder is the only one never gets tore up.
  9. I remember that marabell truck from driving by his place I think he had that truck for a long time If I remember right.
  10. davehummell

    Tire irons

    I used one like that and I changed at least 6 to 8 tires a week worked good use the tire lube. When it's 0 outside those tires get to be hell to change. you would be smart in getting the cheeta air tank for inflating the tire and maybe a cage for safety sake I lost a friend when he was adding air to an already Inflated tire . I just lost a coworker that I worked with one that always gave me a hand nice guy he got killed when a rolloff compactor slid down and got him sad loss. Let's be very carefull out there.
  11. Back in the early 70's Kaminsky's used two single axle acars. sarge the one driver would think nothing of hauling a u blade d-9 they had 250 cummins and he would sometimes run out of steam on hills. I saw him haul a 16 yard shovel bucket up 309 when I was working in yumulla's yard up in hazelton. Sarge's moto was if it fits i'll haul it. The rear was one of the biggest I ever saw on a single axle.
  12. Wasn't that outfit back in the 70's claming 850 out of 3406 engines they never said how bad it would be on fuel. I talked to a guy that had a souped up 3408 and he clamed 800 hp. he said it was a blast to drive but the truck was a killer on his wallet for fuel so he just took it to truck shows.
  13. When I worked in the big shop working on a mack fleet I had use of grease gun line coming down from the rafters on a reel same as the motor oil . the last job had the rollaround grease drum my battery grease gun is way quicker. I had Lincoln 's for years now I have a snapon I like it better I got it on a special paid the same as a dewalt.
  14. I too would like to get one of these for my b model.
  15. Down in Millville was a dinner that the guy was a lionel nut had a track up at the ceiling around the place and pretty nice trains on the walls plus the metal trucks and tractors baseball bats and all kinds of baseball stuff. it was never to long till your order of fresh made hamburgers and fries came. every time you went in there was something different to see. Four years ago the place burned down they got nothing out.
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