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  1. 673 starter

    If you had your starter like i did i got a total rebuid kit for cheap and i replaced the seleniod my Bendix was good so i did it for less than 100.00$
  2. 4449 Daylight Special

    I was told some or a lot have separate generators that is powered by the wheels?
  3. 4449 Daylight Special

    When i was about 12 i rode a train from pa. down to around Tulsa and back again i will say i will always remember it as a great adventure. We have steamtown about 15 miles from my house just fantastic to see . there is a line in Jim thorp and the Strasburg railroad. Great places for rail buffs.
  4. Getting closer

    Can you see these kids that ride today trying to get used to a fool clutch and remember indian and Harley worked backwards? And kicking over a mag ign. sportster or a 441 victor.
  5. B Model with a Cat

    Boy would i like to have that engine but i would't be able to rebuild it money wise. I used to work on that style engines in 2 autocars for a local coal company
  6. Work boots

    I wore redwings for to many years to remember then they discontinued the kind i always bought so i tried something different from red wing cheaply made and i ended up going to chippawa boots i think they are ok
  7. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    When i was a kid i knew what an apple tree switch felt like and i was first in line at a paddling by a 3 ft. yardstick. I really got what i deserved and i didn't end up hating my mother and grandmother. Today i look back and they were just doing their best to get me on the right track in life, I do think those video games that is all over the place are a little over the top but in my youth i loved roadrunner and bugsbunny's elmer fud so maybe i'm full of crap?
  8. Getting closer

    My b model has a 75 mile an hour paint job, at dusk on a really foggy day it almost looks ok but i really don't want to paint it then i may have to wax it and i can't lay tools all over the truck and set on the fender to work on it.
  9. Never seen one like this before.

    Did someone do that or was it factory aftermarket? Pretty cool.
  10. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    When that aswipe Pelosi finnaly kicks the bucket i my falloff the wagon and drink to her farewell. I'm pretty laid back but some of these people??? just piss me off.
  11. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    I have guns always been involved in gun shooting sports. I had a gun when i was 12 years old along with a lot of my school mates never thought about using the firearm for anything other than hunting or target practice. I think in this case that kid should be made to pay for his sins soon jail is to good for him public hanging??? or public electric chair to send the message it just seams these kids have no morals anymore. Someones little bit-- is to good for this kid.
  12. Getting closer

    I had a 1934 vld Harley Davidson that ran and had most all the original parts.the guy i bought it from got it in the early 50's . Then the fun began 2500.00 dollar exact colors paint job 2000.00 for chrome and nickel plating ,hundreds for motor parts i saved money by doing the engine and trans in my shop. When i got done i didn't want to ride it anymore i was too scared i would wreck it so i sold it i should of left it ruff i used to ride it around the backroads.
  13. Getting closer

    My cousin is a judge for a bunch of car shows and i don't think i have the will to bring my mack to the level he expects to see on the cars he judges. A lot are trailer queens not really driven anywere. I don't care if it's not stock, trucks ended up takeing on their own personality after so many years of use and abuse. Any truck looks good to me.
  14. new way of living

    Within 2 days of getting this thing i got a voicemail saying my muffler was falling off??????