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  1. underdog thanks for the photo's I really liked looking at them
  2. I think I looked at that truck over a year ago I could of had it for 8500. then but I didn't want to repair the floor and I didn't want another cummins. the guys name was jerry peters and he had a nice trucking company.
  3. I would like to add this little fact about northeastern pa. the coal mines were just as bad if not worse than slavery . It was normal back in the 40's and 50's for your dad to die young from black lung or die under ground happened every day. The coal companys owned you body and soul. then they got greedy and cut to close to the river and flooded the mines it was called the knox mine disaster. The unions came to the valley it helped some and others not so much. My girlfriend works in a union shop. the union protects the ones that should be fired.
  4. Make sure you check the ring were the seal rides. get some emory cloth sand paper and make it shiny clean you may have to get a sleave and seal combo. if you go to a good truck parts store ask about different seal options there are many. I always used libriplate motor assm. grease in the white tube on the bearings it stays put and it is thin enough to be washed out after a while from the oil. pay attention when you get to the axel nuts are they loose? I always try to figure out why a seal goes I am lazy and I don't want to do it again. I used to put a flat steel plate on the floor and spread some oil on it and slid the wheels out on it.
  5. those reamers are a real labor saver but you have to hold on to the drill sometimes it gets bound up. I always used good tapping fluid. If you can find it Castrol makes this black colored stuff that is the best I have ever used had to power tap 8-32 holes in hard stainless steel for a job I forget how many but it was the right stuff. That is a nice job on that truck.
  6. If that's kevin's I wish knew he had that truck I would of loved to check it out. That looks like joseph the dog by the truck his job is to pee on all your tires when you pull in his driveway.
  7. I have seen that mod. done on the draglink on many trucks. If it is done right the repair is just as good as the original part. I have done that more than once and I thought little about it. As far as the dot half of them wouldn't know what to look at and the other half would be to busy checking that your license plate light is working. Hobert I like what your doing to that truck now you need to add powersteering .
  8. I just removed my starter and remounted it on Monday I used a 12" and a 6" extention with a long 1/2 ratchet and a 15-16 6 point mac short socket. chances are my truck is the same as yours. Tight but very doable
  9. I have two aluminum stud pilot 10-20 wheels and tires. tires are dry rotted rims pretty nice best offer. 570-639-5414
  10. On Thursday I got out my motorcycle and went for a little ride it was pretty nice did 3 hour ride. The next day I got 5 inches of snow, and yesterday got 20 inches of snow. Now I got to go out and bust out a road so i can get hay out in the field
  11. I just got back in the house for a warmup my gloves are frozen stiff. Had to get the Kubota loader backhoe and get my driveway opened up,my barncats are snowed in up at the house and they can't get down to the barn so I will have to plow a rode down to it all my livestock are hiding in the barn and I got to get water out to them and the chickens. the snow is over my knees in back of the house and the dogs looked out the door and went back to the couch.
  12. I have a john deere 1023 oversized garden tractor and I started out the garage it's in and I could not push the snow I have I think I got at least 18 inches and it's snowing like mad still yet, Haven't seen a state plow truck on my road for 10 hours
  13. some years ago we opened up another yard to sell brick out of and at that time a lot was shipped by rail. At our location there was a private rail company to spot our cars and down the tracks was a VERY large salt storage yard that they took care of. I got to know the guys driving locos and after a time they showed me how to drive the alco I ended up spotting our cars and moving some of the salt cars that was a lot of fun. I live close to steamtown in Scranton and we went up on open house day got to go threw everthing up there, that big boy loco is so large I am surprised it stayed on the rails
  14. I was up to kevan all's place and he is putting a v-12 Detroit in a large john deere tractor, he said this is the second one he's done.
  15. It is a Sheppard power steering box off of a B61 Mack, and this box had one style pitman arm only. I guess it is somewhat hard to find a box like this.