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  1. how often to grease

    The trucks that i started PMing from new I greased at 12,000 miles with the best grease I could get from psc . They have 900,000 plus but it was mostly highway miles.
  2. Tell tom or jeff you don't want the old style stemco's they will leak. Try a national seal they work real well if your seal surface is just a little worn . Look at the paperwork in the seal box it should tell you all you need to know how to preload bearings and torque on nuts.
  3. Looting

    Back in the late 60's I lived in Baltimore and we had to get off the streets way before dark and you didn't have hubcaps or an antenna for very long and if they found your car locked they would smash your windows just to be pricks . I have little sympathy when read about their so called problems
  4. November 22

    I remember the day he got shot I think somehow the country was changed from that time on and not for the better.
  5. Mike I have to agree kevin has been a large help to me. I have walked through his property and he has a LOT of parts .
  6. On my engine there is a heat shield mounted onto those two studs
  7. HI, I found out I had a frozen brake shoe on the rear axle and when I got it tore down someone has changed the spider over to later shoes that has the pins and set bolts . I wonder why someone would do that? I know it was later as the abs pickup was still attached.My truck is a 58 b model
  8. This should be mandatory for snowflakes to watch

    I always looked forward to mike's show. It was refreshing to see real life work that suck just as bad as my days at work. I wanted to fix motorcycles for a living but my family wouldn't have it so I became a caterpillar mechanic and spent time fixing stuff broke down in coal breakers and landfills and on the side of innerstates and driving some really crappy trucks. But watching that show many times I thought good god boy am I lucky I'm not doing those jobs. How bout everyone else?
  9. I live about 1/2 hour from the nickelson bridge it is truly a wonder how they built the bridge back then. Once in a while steamtown runs an steam train over it. It is still used for freighttrains.
  10. glove compartment pushbutton

    I got one from kevin all
  11. glove compartment pushbutton

    HI, I just broke my glove compartment pushbutton assm. I need one. Does anyone have one to sell? It is for a 58 b model. Thank you, dave
  12. Allison 4500 RDS PTO rattle

    You better pull that pto and check the bearings in the pto REALLY close up. I had them go out and you won't like the outcome &&&.
  13. birthday present

    I ran a hardhat freightliner triaxle with one of those l10 engines it was about 325 or so hp. I was less than impressed. I drove a 3406 325hp and it ran rings around the l10. Years ago I had a 59 autocar with that 262 and a 4by4 and it did ok. It would be nice to keep that 262 in that truck. Nice birthday present.
  14. rims

    Hobert I got a steel plate and did away with the hole. Thank you for the offer.
  15. rims

    I will be at gebharts on sat. I will throw in two aluminum 10-20 bud rims plus tires. If any one can use them make me an offer any offer. Dave