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  1. davehummell

    What kids heard at the farm

    Until I was 10 years old the house I lived in had just a sink with a hand dug well with cold water only no bathroom. Everyone used a metal washtub for bathing. Out back of the house was the outhouse we used it all year long spiders and snakes you just got used to it I didn't know any better. In the summer the well would go dry and down the road was a little pond we would fetch water from I bet that water was sanitized? We never new any different and most of the kids I was in school with didn't have it much better. We lived threw it fine and dandy. I don't ever remember going to a dr. Gram had a cure for most of the ailments we got. My mother did take me to see about my crooked back and my hands but back then the dr.? said just live with it there was no money for stuff like that. Sure is different today for the youngsters.
  2. davehummell

    Should not be a quiet passing

    I am so sick and tired of the news shows???? I will not watch any of them what a bunch of assholes wasting everyones time. This is my rant for the week.
  3. davehummell

    What kids heard at the farm

    That doesn't sound like my trips to the dairy farm my uncle Andy worked on. I was about 7 or 8 and he had me driving the tractors at hay time..In the winter they used two draft horses and I was told to be very careful of their feet so I couldn't go in their stable without Andy. Never get in the sillo it had poison gas. And stay away from the bulls they took no crap from anything. Every thing else was ok even the bottling plant I could go in and grab a little bottle of milk. Every kid should have the experience that I did at that farm that was 50 some years ago and I never forgot the stuff I got to do there.
  4. davehummell

    Jury awards $101 million in truck accident lawsuit

    You think that is a crazy amount maybe it is but what about that guy trying to return home from church. Pattersons lawyer with suck up a lot of the settlement if it is ever handed out ? Now I can tell you from my own personal experience no money is worth what you lose after getting injured. I had to retire early over screwing up my back at work now I have to watch what I do every day it puts me right down for at least two weeks I can't do anything and every time it goes that way it takes longer for me to get back on my feet. i'm not looking for sympathy just you have to think about what it would mean to you if you got injured on the job or any place else. every one has to make a living.
  5. davehummell

    brockway tractor and trailer

    On Monday I was going down rt.11 into Berwick pa. and just when I got to the town the road was being paved and as I was just going around the paver I saw a really nice Brockway tractor and period correct van trailer backed in a driveway on the right side. I was on my way to mainville to get in some practice with my sharps long range rifle and I was running close on time and on the way back I forgot and went home a different way this coming week I will be going back down and I will look for it. I got a soft spot for brocks and that one was very nice. Anyone know about this rig? If I find it I will get some pictures and name.
  6. davehummell

    Thank you President Tump

    I had an old honda 750 those japs really know how to make them reliable. I had a 63 sportster xlch mag ignition no battery I rode that for over 9 years and up to me getting a spyder that was the bike I liked the best.
  7. Sometimes as you get older powersteering is a good option. I live in fear over my back going out on me again every time it gets longer to recover. And now I just got over tennitise in my right wrist now I got it in my left wrist. The first time I took my truck down the road by the time I got it backed in the garage I was layed up for days. So for an old crippled up fart the powersteering is really needed.
  8. AZB775V8 Have you walked through his yard of trucks and parts very interesting. Last time I was up there he was putting a hopped up v12 Detroit in a john deere tractor talk about making custom parts.
  9. davehummell

    1970 Marmon COE

    But think about when you crawl up to change those wiperblades on that "ugly front end" it would be like setting on a nice comfy bench with foot rests!
  10. Truck shop there is two models an early one and a latter one if i remember you want the latter one but it is a real bastard to git it mounted with the engine in place before i took on this project i spent some time with kevin all he did the change over several times.
  11. davehummell

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    I just saw two yesterday a triaxle and a longnose tractor hauling a lowboy with equipment on it. Nice to see something different. Back in the dark ages my boss bought a ford conventional with a cummins a 350 maybe it was 35 years ago but i liked driving that truck.
  12. I found a steering box off a mack fire truck and mounted it in front of the axle about where a freightliner or pete is mounted. I got a air compressor off a later motor 675? and a vaine pump that fit on the pump. I had to make an extention on the oil dipstick. I modified the adapter plate between the pump and compressor. I then got a steering colum off an old r model and used the spine for the steering wheel so I could use a latter wheel. I cut the spline off and welded it on a dom tube after some lathe work i made a shaft that i could slip a yoke on that i took off a volvo conventional i had to modify that too. I then made a new outer steering colum out of dom so i could use the spring preload tensioner like mack did. I made a bracket that i mounted the oil tank on between the injector pump and the inner fender. I have no idea what the pump was on but it ran the wrong direction so i took it apart and reversed the vaine center housing, I got a nice heavy front bumper and made brackets to mount it so i could spread out the extra stain on the front frame end. The bumper ended sticking out about 5 inches more then the one that was on it, i then covered the spread with a sheet of aluminum plate. that stock steering box assm. is damn heavy so if you go about removing it be real carefull i did it buy my self and i had my hands full. I don't think this job is for the faint of hart U need a lathe milling machine stick mig tig welder torches and a plasma band saws another words a complete machine shop right next to the truck it helps. In the end i can use 2 fingers to steer it setting on the road. It was quite a pain in the butt to do but i enjoyed doing it. If i can talk my cousin into showing me how to put some pictures on this sight i will be more than happy to show the setup. I know one thing i can do fabwork way better than i can spell. I hope you can get some ideas to help you out. Happy welding. O mack did have a b model power steering set up they sharred it with brockways I saw one on a brocky up in n y.
  13. davehummell

    Type 30 Chambers on 1978 R

    Check if someone put a long stroke or if standard stroke you don't really want to mix them together. long stroke has square boss around air fitting holes. Watch how you cut the rod off length is very important, always run the nut down the threads and then cut it to length.
  14. davehummell

    Latest progress

    Looking very nice. I had a garage like that 20 years ago all nice and clean and plenty of room I give it 6 months it will be like mine no room.
  15. davehummell

    1970 Marmon COE

    Weren't they made in Utah by the mormins? I was told that when I was working on a guys cabover back in the 70's

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