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  1. I am happy to see your son in the shop with you I didn't get that opportunity in my youth my step dad was all about sports and I was all about anything with an engine.
  2. Larry did you get the wrench out and back of the nut on the pump? I am thinking of letting a little more fuel in I have a pyrometer in the dash to watch.
  3. Larry after reading about your truck I slid in a rear out of a freightliner air ride I wish my truck was a little longer wheel base I think it would help. Is your tranny a 15 or 13 I ended up with a double over triplex and a 3.90 rear I could of lived with the 4.64 rear I had.
  4. You were lucky I went to two different injection repair shops and called all over the place and I found no help on my old 673 pump and injectors. I finally tracked down Keven All and I bought good parts from him. Your truck is looking very good.
  5. I wonder how much the wages were in the top floor offices? It seems ceo wages and stock options have a way of altering company's bottom line along with the retirements that were given out when the economy was more stable but now? Briggs use to be a good engine but my cousin and a very good friend both ran small engine repair shops and they agreed any Briggs didn't have the longevity like Honda or Kawasaki.
  6. Every 675 engines were I worked at years ago were mack gold. I found my local napa dealer had the early d.d. green on the shelf in spray bombs'.
  7. I had to put down my skippy two months ago. I had him for 14 years and he rode with me every ware all the parts places my truck dealer had treats for him. Really tough job for me to deal with. I know first hand the heart break.
  8. Larry I just looked at your video on facebook nice job. I was setting at my desk and I was reaching for the hot stick.
  9. I worked at a truck company and they had 37 f's and r's and one b for the yard. There were mack 675's torn apart every week never had to repair a maxi 5 speed and I never repaired any mack rears just changed springs and bushes for the suspensions. My boss clamed they got only 100,000 miles out of the mains and rods. I don't know but I changed a lot of bearings at that garage. One guy did coast to coast with a f model with a juced up 237 5 speed. That was so long ago I wish I could remember all the stuff bosso did to those engines to get more out of them. A year after I left the owner bought a
  10. I got lucky and ended up with a 260 hp. engine and I put a double over triplex behind it with a 3.90 rear it runs pretty good.
  11. I'm no expert but if you didn't use the intercooler I think you would loose some hp. I don't think you would have to redo the pump settings for a truck just for shows. I was hot to buy a 285hp. out of a r model but it turned out the engine was stiff from setting so I got a different engine I knew I would have fun running the second air intake. One of the easiest engine swaps I ever did was installing the later engine in my b.
  12. That 4300 look like the same model I had to keep running for my boss 350 cummins 13 sp. back in the dark ages the truck would of been a good one but it was run to death and put away wet by the time I got to it. If I remember they had a good size cab.
  13. That looks like me when I was told to back in a persons side yard with a dump trailer full meaning over weight load of rock dust bedding and the tandems sunk down over the axles on my trailer I used the 580 and the 930 to get the stuff out of the box so we could get the trailer out of the guys yard. I told the boss that it was going to sink but he knew better. I only made one load that day. The other triaxle driver was told watch out for the guys septic on another yard and the first time in he hit the lid and put the wheel in the tank. We had real beauty's back in the day too.
  14. There was a larger bore and stroke if I remember 103 or 107 per cylinder. I hauled a lot of tonnage with a 318 with the 13 speed.
  15. I had the pleasure of giving a Kenworth cabover with a 3408 a short spin I can't remember what trans but it was a real runner that was back in the mid 70's and I run a Kenworth cabover with a 380 external fuel lines Cummins 13 speed that was a good puller.
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