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    I shoot 300 yards with black powder rifles in compation raise chickens for eggs to sell raise goats for fun ride my quad and ride my canam spyder fish off my boat when I can keep improving my b model
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  1. The show was great really nice weather a good turn out of trucks.
  2. I'm going to try to make it, I hope it's as big as last year.
  3. Kein trucking brought in the new caterpillar equipment and every one had the exhaust taped shut but I can't recall any of the local company's doing anything to the exhaust. I hauled some equipment and never thought about taping the exhaust closed.
  4. I spent many a mile in F's and R's 237 and 5 speeds in the 70's and I never liked the 5 speed transmission. When I got in a 10 speed road ranger WOW and when I got to drive a 13 speed teamed up with a 350 Cummins I really liked that setup.
  5. I own a restored car so I joined several sites that pertain to my car brand and for the most part the one has been very good very few idiots. Now the other site I posted a valid answer to someone's problem and I was heckled over my spelling. I just look at the posts now and I most likely will never offer to give advise on there again. At my age I'm more worried about staying mobile then my spelling. This site I like and have enjoyed being here.
  6. Boy does those pictures remind me of the amount of time and trial fitting ,making parts up to put power steering on my b model. I love looking at other people's ingenuity. Nice job Oldspwr
  7. As a last resort maybe look up a little machine shop and with luck they can make a new one.
  8. I mounted a power steering box on my B model it was from a Mack fire truck and I adapted two steering shafts and ujoints. I own a job shop machine shop and I used most of my machinery and welders to do the job. I ended up with lots of time in it but about 600.00 in parts. I have been driving the truck for about four years and it works for me and I see no abnormal wear on my steers. When I was done with the front and after I slid in the air ride rear I aligned the front my way. I had training on front alignments sometime in the years past.
  9. I used to work on cat.d-3 at Bethlehem steel back in the 70's if I remember the main building it seemed like a mile long when you drove along side.
  10. I run a b model with a 10 foot flatbed and I have an air seat and an air ride rear axle and when I came home from Macungie I hit a bump that I bottomed out on the seat and was driven up against the roof hurt my neck and my head has a bump on it. Anything with no weight on the back is going to buck. I had 6500lbs on the bed and that helped some. These trucks are not pickups. A tandem will ride a little better. If your running the truck in Pa. god help you.
  11. That fox firetruck was really nice that paint job must of cost a good penny. What an engine it had in it. I got to look over an old kt 450 you just don't see them much even when they were currently used in trucks. The barbecue stand had really good brisket sandwiches. I was told by a vender Jesse James tried to bargain a rebuilt model a tranny off him for cheap.
  12. I bet they will use all that revenue for road improvements. A guy in a 1 ton dump with a load of cold patch and a pointed shovel will fill 14 potholes and they'll tell every one we're broke we have to soak the trucks some more.
  13. We have the big Marion shovel it did swing a 90 yard bucket but today it swings a 12 or 16 yarder it is still working at Hazleton Pa. Down the road is a fairly well known shovel the Anthracite king another walking shovel that swung about a 75 yard bucket for stripping. Just down the road several miles is the town they rebuilt for the movie The Molly Maguires starring Sean Connery and Richard Harris. We have another famous town Centralia the coal vein run to the surface and someone was burning their trash and ended up making everyone move and almost every structure razed I think one or two family's stayed. the whole land under the town was on fire from 1962 till a few years ago. You could drive down one of the roads and the ground would be smoldering and smoking on both sides they finally shut that road down. I would guess if you could do a survey years ago the Macks and Brockways would outnumber all the other brands in my neck of the woods.
  14. I had problems with the gaskets splitting and I took a good look at the tin covers and they were warped I used one of my belt sanders and straitened the base were the gasket goes no leaks when I was done. I worked in a fleet garage and we had 27 macks with the 675's under the hoods and I don't remember finding that problem when I worked there or any of the macks I worked on after. Live and learn ready for macungie now.
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