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  1. I didn't sign up for the show now I think I can take my b down to it. If I show up on sat. will i be able to join in event by parking with the rest of the trucks?
  2. Franconi's used to bush front axles, they had a setup that clamped over the pin hole and pete would bore it out and press in a sleave then ream it out to fit the pin. The local ups used this on all the delivery trucks. It didn't hold up for more than 1 or 2 years. Pete and I always figured it was a real crappy fix but mikey bought the set up just for doing ups trucks.It didn't do anything over a 6 or 7 thousand lbs. axle.
  3. The air is piped through the cab. I had thought there would be a restriction with the old oil bath filter, I was going to fit up something larger. I do like to tinker I stuffed a 292 worked over chevy engine in a fj45 Toyota very tight fit.
  4. I got up today to look at the engine it is a 285 hp. tip turbine block plate states it is a 1979 engine but it also has a pedigree sticker on the rear valve cover and t676 and 4-85 . Will this fit under my hood with the intercooler mounted the way it is. The guy said he will start it for me on Monday. He has about 5 or 6 675s from real early on up and I seen 2 or 3 two stick trans laying around. I was wondering how heavy this engine would be I know my forklift will lift it but I'm just wondering.
  5. Yes I bought it with the 673 and 10 speed already in it. Do you have to modify the 673 bellhousing or flywheel?
  6. Thank you for getting back to me. IT's the larger trans that is for the diesel engine. Didn't I see pictures of you drilling on a flywheel on a boring machine was that for your truck?
  7. Hi I have a chance to get a low mile 675 engine I haven't seen the plate to tell what year but I want spin on oil filters. Now I am thinking about putting it in my b 42 to replace the old 673 .I am looking for info. on the whole job . I am going down to the mack show if anyone has this setup I would like to see it. I have a duplex will this work ok? I have pulled loads with the 675 and this is just a single axle flatbed it should run along fairly well. How bout you freightrain was there any little parts that was a pain to get?
  8. Thank you I tried the phone this morning and no good must of been some glitch in the system.
  9. Boy I hope so I have a 2 and 1/2 hour drive I would be pissed if I drove down there and nothing going on. How bought it anyone is it on? Thank you
  10. Years ago I got a call from a car repair garage that they took in an old 53 ford dumptruck and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the steering so I took a look and the steering was so stiff it was worse than loosing your powersteering in a big truck. The owner and his father before him never greased the front end. That was one of the worse king pin jobs I had ever done. That family was something his sister bought a new Toyota car and never changed the oil she showed up at the garage and wondered why there was noises coming from the engine no oil !
  11. I read that someone stated outside handles from a 47-51 chevy truck is the same as my handles on my 58 b. My question is has anyone tried it and is there any other options other than having them rechromed. A few years ago I restored a 1934 vld Harley and the nickel and chrome was really expensive.
  12. It is nice to get something repaired in a timely manner and not having to rob a bank to pay for it. The lady there probably knows more about pumps than a lot of mechanics today. My buddy asked about a problem with his pump on a 410 loader-backhoe and she told him all about the things that go wrong on a rusamaster.
  13. There was an old kw or pete at Harford truck show with I think the same style engine?
  14. Tom out to that injection place there is a woman at the counter and I think just the one guy I never got his name. If you call at about 4:30 I got the guy and he was good to talk to he didn't talk down to me. the phone number is 800-326-9785. I have bought parts off airbrake in the past but them and heavy duty parts always slip my memory. I see in you picture the shoes are bolt on back in the day I got pad kits from McGeorge's and you had to bolt them on the bolts were brass bolts.
  15. I was wondering if there was someplace that did that sort of thing in todays throwaway thinking. I used to deal with franconi's and they would do all kind of relining of brakes and clutches. Back in the day around here when the stripings was still big I used to reline shovel brakelinings for different coal companys when I worked at Cleveland bros.
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