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  1. Swishy, Thanks for the photo's the last cat bulldozer I drove was a twenty I showed the owner how to start it and operate the tractor. Kind of an odd model lots more 10's around or the d-2's or d-4's. Back in the early 70's I worked on a 20 old logger run it and a 933 track loader no one would go near the 20 hand crank start everyone was afraid to try it just pull up and keep your thumb out and no problems.
  2. Frank I see you're in Lehighton I'm about 1and 1/2 hours away there is a truck junkyard up from me that will probably have the rims and tires used that you need Summit core supply 570-983-4105 the owner is Dave Drake and he sold me quite a few items for I thought a reasonable price. He had the last time I was to his place a big pile of mounted tires I got four aluminum hub mount rims with three about brand new drive caps and one about 3/4 tread for I thought give away prices. There is a large truck yard at around Hazelton A-1 I think they sell tires and rims you will pay a lot more.
  3. I followed your ordeal of changing over to the 237 and you are running the triplex is it a double over? I threw one in my b after I slid in the newer 673 engine and I am really liking the hot stick reminds me of my old 4x4 in my old autocar. You said yours's is noisy so is mine but for what I do with mine I think it will last as long as I can still drive the truck.
  4. I have a good air compressor it has the mount for a power steering pump I know it's good because it was on my truck. Make me an offer.
  5. There was a cylinder on the frontend that acted against the rack and a line over to the intake. I just plugged the cylinder off. It just holds back a little fuel when you press on the throttle peddle. That end cover has a oring where it is mounted on the pump and mine started to leak you have to pull the pump off to change a 1.00 oring.
  6. I talked a little with the guy that had that mack with the planetary rears he said they were 70 ton rears wow!!!!
  7. I have seen some wobbly wheels on trucks lazy tire guys. I always used a block of wood next to the tire you can get the tire running really straight. I have a real distaste for the bud wheel lugs. If you watch tire guys how many tighten the hub pilot wheels lugnuts way over tight and not crisscross tightening. How many innertubes have been ruined because the wheel wedges bottomed out on the hub?
  8. I have a etz673 engine that came out of a 1980 mack fire truck. I thought they were using 675 from 66 or 67 on I know the fleet I took care of were early f's and r's all had 675 engines.
  9. My cousin and I were setting on the bed of my truck at Gerhart's on sat. and a young fellow walks up and says this truck use to belong to his dad and says he's going to get his dad to talk with us. Joe had the truck almost 40 years ago he used it as a gas dump truck then he put the red cab and 673 and trans and the rear on the old frame and used it for a yard truck then the father and son started to restore the truck and named the truck after Joes wife May. He sold it to a friend and later it ended up at Jerry Peters truck company were I purchased said truck. What are the odds of that connecti
  10. My b cab is rather cramped but it is really bad for my cousin who weighs over 300 lbs. Same thing with my 31 model a coup very tight fit for the driver and passenger. I remember the older peterbuilt conventional had a fairly small cab.
  11. First they played our national anthem then they played Canada's national anthem thought that was a nice touch.
  12. Well I guess my truck made the photo shoot but I got in between two beauty's so it made mine look fairly shabby.
  13. My lights were crap and I spent some time researching the lights different places sell for my b model and got on the grotte site and found the same lights for a lot less money they look close enough for me I'm probably somewhat less fussy about oem parts on my truck but the new lights looked like the ones that was on the truck.
  14. I remember watching that Ingersoll engine running at a hit and miss engine show years ago it looked a lot better back then. When the guy run the rpm up just off idle it made that trailer move pretty good. Did you get to see it run? Thanks for the photos very nice.
  15. The 1674 was the little brother of a 1693 twin cam the ones popel had were 270 hp if i remember right. I bet that engine would almost fit in a b model.
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