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  1. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Can you imagine being married to her ?
  2. Antique Truck Show Harford PA Sept 3rd

    I will be wandering around up there I will look you up underdog.
  3. I spent many hours in a Brockway triaxle with the lowly 318 with a 13 speed I thought it did real well, I had a coal box and I would load that truck up with crusher stone dust.
  4. Big Muskie Bucket

    I just remembered I bought a book called giant earth-moving equipment and it covers all the big shovels and the largest straight front shovels if you like this sort of thing you will find the book fascinating.
  5. Big Muskie Bucket

    In hazelton pa. there is a marion shovel it had a 97 yard bucket now it looks like a 15 or 20 yarder on it. pegnotti owned it years ago. down the road is the anthrusite king it pulled a 50 or 60 yard bucket. I have been all through the marion and that is something to see. When I was around them electric shovels I was told to jump from the ground onto the step never touch the ground and metal of machine stray voltage could get you the big ones run on upwards 6,000 and up volts I was told. In hazelton and surrounding towns there were hundreds of draglines that pulled 15 yards or more buckets
  6. b model brake shoe wear plate.

    Tom call jeff or tom at cook brothers in Pittston if you can get them they will help you out. If not get one made out of hot rolled and dip it in casenite it will harden the out side but keep the inside softer so it won't shatter or get a chunk of ar plate you can drill it and it be hard
  7. 2000 Mack rd 688 tq rod

    You can get a universal one that you have to copy the length from your original one and weld it together with a sleave but I don't think they hold up as good as the original mack part. That is my opinion after 3 macks at work. How bad is that to drive on wet pavement with the two lifts down? I drove a Brockway triaxle and it had 10-24s on the front I liked it better then the 425s on the newer trucks at work.
  8. Kevin all has done this very conversion on 2 0r 3 trucks you want the early r box it is shorter. I think it would be a real sob to get the box in between the block and frame . I wanted power steering to help with my back problems and I didn't want air assist. I got a box off a mack firetruck and made up brackets and mounted it up front. I took a sliding steering shaft from a freightliner and used the one end that fit the box and got a steering wheel and shaft out of a old r model and used the spline end that the wheel fits on because bs are larger and I wanted a smaller wheel. I then made a new steering collum assm. I got a newer style air compressor with the flange for the pump. I mounted a vain pump on it I got off kevin. I had to make an adapter for the dipstick and make a mount for the tank. In the end it works with one finger standing still and I got a sharper turning radius. I own a machine shop/ welding shop so it was something I could do, if i had to bill for all that work a customer would shoot me. Good luck with your project.
  9. Pictures of the Week

    underdog thanks for the photo's I really liked looking at them
  10. I think I looked at that truck over a year ago I could of had it for 8500. then but I didn't want to repair the floor and I didn't want another cummins. the guys name was jerry peters and he had a nice trucking company.
  11. The Battle of Gettysburg 2017

    I would like to add this little fact about northeastern pa. the coal mines were just as bad if not worse than slavery . It was normal back in the 40's and 50's for your dad to die young from black lung or die under ground happened every day. The coal companys owned you body and soul. then they got greedy and cut to close to the river and flooded the mines it was called the knox mine disaster. The unions came to the valley it helped some and others not so much. My girlfriend works in a union shop. the union protects the ones that should be fired.
  12. 1988 RD 690 Mack axle seal

    Make sure you check the ring were the seal rides. get some emory cloth sand paper and make it shiny clean you may have to get a sleave and seal combo. if you go to a good truck parts store ask about different seal options there are many. I always used libriplate motor assm. grease in the white tube on the bearings it stays put and it is thin enough to be washed out after a while from the oil. pay attention when you get to the axel nuts are they loose? I always try to figure out why a seal goes I am lazy and I don't want to do it again. I used to put a flat steel plate on the floor and spread some oil on it and slid the wheels out on it.
  13. Wheel lift toter

    those reamers are a real labor saver but you have to hold on to the drill sometimes it gets bound up. I always used good tapping fluid. If you can find it Castrol makes this black colored stuff that is the best I have ever used had to power tap 8-32 holes in hard stainless steel for a job I forget how many but it was the right stuff. That is a nice job on that truck.
  14. 42 ED on Ebay

    If that's kevin's I wish knew he had that truck I would of loved to check it out. That looks like joseph the dog by the truck his job is to pee on all your tires when you pull in his driveway.
  15. I have seen that mod. done on the draglink on many trucks. If it is done right the repair is just as good as the original part. I have done that more than once and I thought little about it. As far as the dot half of them wouldn't know what to look at and the other half would be to busy checking that your license plate light is working. Hobert I like what your doing to that truck now you need to add powersteering .