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  1. J Hancock, I must say you have really nice pictures thank you for taking the time to show them for everyone to see.
  2. That whole driverless bullshit is just about as stupid as some of the gun control laws.
  3. davehummell

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    That is something I have never seen before you would have the coolest welder in the state. Thanks for the look.
  4. davehummell

    Pictures of the Week

    Those two trucks of Tim Hoover's are something to look at I talked to him about the repairs done on them and It wasn't like doing a b model. If you get the chance it's worth hearing about the work involved.
  5. davehummell

    1977/78 Mack factory A/C unit plastic shroud needed..

    Mark is very good on macks but Jeff is super smart and Tom is very very good . I have been dealing with them from the time Rodger left franconi's And Micky and her aswipe husband run the company in the ground and Lee and Jerry sold out McGeorge's truck parts. Bryan is the driveshaft guy and he is always willing to help out a person. Cook brothers bought out mack up in Dunmore but I always went to those guys up in Pittston they just gave more of an effort to find the parts I needed.
  6. ITs been years ago when I changed the parallel switch on my white cabover and it was not cheap then god only knows what it costs now. That system really worked very well if everything was in good working order.
  7. davehummell

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Joe I live a mile from Harveys lake now but years ago I lived in harding for time.
  8. If you want to be very smart you will take off the side plate on the fuel pump and make SHURE the 6 injectors are free. This stuff is very costly and hard to replace. If you do pull down one of the bearings make shure you don't take the shell out of the cap. I looked long and hard for a set of 20 under rod bearings. Those 5 ring pistons are going to be a real treat to find rings. You should soak the injectors with a good brand off liquid wrench even if they aren't stuck but they will be if it sat for a long time. Get some good batterys and spin the engine over until you have oil pressure with the fuel knob pulled out. Good luck
  9. davehummell

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    I had a 65 I think chevy short bed with coils on the back when I got it the shocks were wore out and it rode just like the pogo stick I had as a kid we had a lot of fun cruzing around with it till I replaced the shocks. It had a 235? six and 3 on the tree it burned so much oil I would dump gear ninety in it and we would go down that hill out of scranton pa and see how bad we would smoke out the road.. the one that singer did the 30,000 lbs of bananas song about. My parents never understood me in my youth???
  10. On that second truck problem I had a mack engine that ran along alright till it needed to be rebuilt it started to use oil so we pulled it and did the engine up with new parts. Started to run it in the fleet and it would overheat and push water out??? After screwing around for days I figured out it had a pinhole threw the block so I had to put all that stuff off the one engine onto another spare block then it was ok odd the way it went I would of swore the deck was screwed up.
  11. davehummell


    That reminds me I was hauling riprap up in conn. and the shifter broke about five or six inches up from the top cover we didn't have a welder and no one would weld it for me so I found an old pipe and jimmied it on and drove that old brock for a month like that. What a pain but you sometimes have to make it work.
  12. davehummell

    What kids heard at the farm

    Until I was 10 years old the house I lived in had just a sink with a hand dug well with cold water only no bathroom. Everyone used a metal washtub for bathing. Out back of the house was the outhouse we used it all year long spiders and snakes you just got used to it I didn't know any better. In the summer the well would go dry and down the road was a little pond we would fetch water from I bet that water was sanitized? We never new any different and most of the kids I was in school with didn't have it much better. We lived threw it fine and dandy. I don't ever remember going to a dr. Gram had a cure for most of the ailments we got. My mother did take me to see about my crooked back and my hands but back then the dr.? said just live with it there was no money for stuff like that. Sure is different today for the youngsters.
  13. davehummell

    Should not be a quiet passing

    I am so sick and tired of the news shows???? I will not watch any of them what a bunch of assholes wasting everyones time. This is my rant for the week.
  14. davehummell

    What kids heard at the farm

    That doesn't sound like my trips to the dairy farm my uncle Andy worked on. I was about 7 or 8 and he had me driving the tractors at hay time..In the winter they used two draft horses and I was told to be very careful of their feet so I couldn't go in their stable without Andy. Never get in the sillo it had poison gas. And stay away from the bulls they took no crap from anything. Every thing else was ok even the bottling plant I could go in and grab a little bottle of milk. Every kid should have the experience that I did at that farm that was 50 some years ago and I never forgot the stuff I got to do there.
  15. davehummell

    Jury awards $101 million in truck accident lawsuit

    You think that is a crazy amount maybe it is but what about that guy trying to return home from church. Pattersons lawyer with suck up a lot of the settlement if it is ever handed out ? Now I can tell you from my own personal experience no money is worth what you lose after getting injured. I had to retire early over screwing up my back at work now I have to watch what I do every day it puts me right down for at least two weeks I can't do anything and every time it goes that way it takes longer for me to get back on my feet. i'm not looking for sympathy just you have to think about what it would mean to you if you got injured on the job or any place else. every one has to make a living.

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