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  1. davehummell

    Cure for Cancer

    If you ever spent any time around a working dragline you would soon learn all about open gear lube ten times worse than any chassis grease to get off.
  2. davehummell

    Air assist clutch

    Did someone over grease the throwout bearing?
  3. davehummell

    Air assist clutch

    Should be an adjustable end on the air cylinder someplace. Its 35 years ago I had the white with air clutch.
  4. davehummell


    A few years back I did a 18000 lbs axel and in the kit was those bushes with nylon coating I had to use the reamer setup from the dealer I bought trucks and parts from. you can't hone the nylon like the brass lined ones I didn't have a reamer large enough and I wasn't going to screwaround and set it up on my bridge port to bore them out. I didn't care for that setup but the bushes held up. Now I think back getting them pins out on the front axels were a real pain in the butt I never had a pin press at the different shops I worked for. Back in the early 70's I worked for Cleveland brothers and we had to pound out the track master pins fun times. Now they have a pin press for the job
  5. davehummell


    FJH I think they were the kind I used back in the day on the rs and f models when I worked at a all mack fleet garage. they were pretty slick for getting the truck back on the road.
  6. davehummell

    Rear brakes seem to be hanging up....

    try chocking the wheels and then releasing the brakes and get down and give the shoes a wack with a hammer you don't drive the truck everyday maybe the shoes are sticking a little. have you greased the fittings a lot on the s cam? you got air there pull the lines off the chamber and put the air to to it and see what happens. you should have q quick change shoes.
  7. davehummell

    5th wheel, replace or rebuild?

    Don't forget to check how much it's worn across the face and how worn is the plate and pin on the trailers.
  8. davehummell

    1957 autocar free

    I owned and drove a 1959 acar it had a 262 with a 4x4 aluminum frame, aluminum tanks and hood and aluminum buds on front axle it had a built in bunk small but usable. If I rember right it had fiberglass front fenders? Very cool truck still love the look of those older acars.
  9. J Hancock, I must say you have really nice pictures thank you for taking the time to show them for everyone to see.
  10. That whole driverless bullshit is just about as stupid as some of the gun control laws.
  11. davehummell

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    That is something I have never seen before you would have the coolest welder in the state. Thanks for the look.
  12. davehummell

    Pictures of the Week

    Those two trucks of Tim Hoover's are something to look at I talked to him about the repairs done on them and It wasn't like doing a b model. If you get the chance it's worth hearing about the work involved.
  13. ITs been years ago when I changed the parallel switch on my white cabover and it was not cheap then god only knows what it costs now. That system really worked very well if everything was in good working order.
  14. davehummell

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Joe I live a mile from Harveys lake now but years ago I lived in harding for time.
  15. If you want to be very smart you will take off the side plate on the fuel pump and make SHURE the 6 injectors are free. This stuff is very costly and hard to replace. If you do pull down one of the bearings make shure you don't take the shell out of the cap. I looked long and hard for a set of 20 under rod bearings. Those 5 ring pistons are going to be a real treat to find rings. You should soak the injectors with a good brand off liquid wrench even if they aren't stuck but they will be if it sat for a long time. Get some good batterys and spin the engine over until you have oil pressure with the fuel knob pulled out. Good luck

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