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  1. The truck junkyard I go to for parts had a real nice 3408 setting and I was up two sat. ago and jay said someone bought it to put in a truck I should of asked what they got for the engine. Dave just got an e-6 300 hp that looks pretty clean in with a trany on the back I couldn't make out the year jay was busting me to bring back the one I got off them and put this one in I told him I got what money can't buy poverty. The last place I worked we run cat engines the company went down to two tractors one had a c12 and the other c15 the trucks were freightliners and the drivers liked to run the bigger engine of the two. I always use to spec 3406's in the triaxles and the tractor trailers years gone by but moved over to the c12's and c13's
  2. That same engine started out in scrapers and if memory serves 773 or triple 7's they worked for years you just had to do take care of them. they were also used as powerplants for gen sets. Same as the 343 I used to work on air compressors powered by 343 engines lots of air. 16 graders had them in 769 off road trucks some scrapers and 983 loaders. Every engine made you can find some fault with them its just what you want to put up with as far as quirks each makes have. the 3408 was a big engine heavy it pulled good what engine from that era got the fuel mileage of today's engines.
  3. I had to change the compressor on the mp7 at work it was in a frontloader took me over half the morning very tight area to work in. The compressor would pump just fine for a given time then just wouldn't pump I tried to get the valve kits but I was told not available pretty expensive pump on exchange. That sob would pump and then quit and would start pumping again about as bad as when a starter gets a bad spot in it and once a month it wont spin the engine but by the time I show up I turn the key and off it starts.
  4. You used to be able to buy the tool on the order of those at Cleveland brothers from the one safe source book did the same type of rubber in the old cabs on equipment.
  5. The local cop was telling me an idiot was playing hockey using his car to hit the garbage cans set out for pickup one local filled a can with concrete There he set stuck on the can the cop said the car had to be towed and the guy had a nice bunch of tickets. I got a car stopped in the ditch against my 4 or 5 tons of barrier at the end of my drive way the driver was pissed and wanted the statey to get me in trouble over my rocks statey said he was over the white line and if the driver didn't shut up he was going to write some more tickets told me in front of the driver If it was his property he'd have more rocks. Marianne was standing at the kitchen table and two high school kids came around the corner and lost control and ended up on my front porch about 5 feet from her the little shit tried to drive away the driver was texting she saw him. had one hell of a conversation with the father of the one boy they thought they were special and rules didn't apply to them I thought Marianne was going to rip the guys face off they ended up paying for all the damage I explained to him I don't give a shit who you are make it right pay now or pay more later.
  6. Some years ago my cousin and I was out in front of my garage about 20 ft from the road and an idiot came down around the corner and threw out a beer bottle and just missed us I looked at my cousin and he nodded and we found the guy and I smashed the bottle on his car I told him that would be unwise to meet me again never saw him on my road again. I pickup beer cans and food papers all year. A few years ago the kids were doing the bat against mailboxes and I found my box out in the yard 2 or 3 times so I went in the shop and made one out of 1/8 plate they came back and I heard them hit the neighbors the girlfriend said you going to do anything and I said I took care of it they stopped out front and I heard the aluminum bat hit the box and then all kinds of cursing never had any one hit my box again I bet that stung pretty good.We had a good laugh when I told my buddy's what I did.
  7. I use gulfway insurance out of Florida I thought the price was ok and fairly easy to get the coverage I needed in my state
  8. In years gone by Cleveland brothers would keep a can of Bonomi if the rings didn't seat quickly when Kenny would run in an engine on the dyno. he would take a little and throw it in the intake on old style engines.
  9. Glue the gasket to the pan with contact cement I just payed 84.00 for a pan gasket so you don't want to buy two of them.
  10. That video brings back what I knew years ago and forgot kind of makes me feel like an idiot for forgetting something that I did so often years ago.I really liked the video thanks
  11. When I was still in school there was a trucking company about 2 miles from my house and I went to school with the owners son they hauled ash out of the harding power plant with a fleet of b's later on I got to know the one mechanic and he said it was a constant ring and liner problem from the ash they had oil bath air cleaners maginelo trucking if memory serves. They went out in the 70's
  12. When I was in caterpillar school I had a course on air filtration and it was a real no no to use any more than 10 lbs. to blow out an element. Better yet change the filter.
  13. The anti rust quality's we all like is due to the amount of chromium and some other added materials. For instance 18-8 is the go too for average hardware it is stronger than specialized aluminum but not as strong as hot rolled. 400 stainless is what your average guns are made of lower chromium easier to machine most custom ss rifle barrels fall in that category. 304 some say machines better than 316 they are gummy when you work it. I had some contracts I had to use ss and always a letter of origin to prove what material I provided. 12L is a dream come true for machining but you have to be careful when welding makes great hardware if you don't need ss. You can go nuts trying to keep up with what engineer's request. My cost for a an aluminum 4"x6"x48" for one job cost 1,000.00 thank god I didn't screw up. I had a shaft on my bigger lathe that I had to fix, someone didn't read the blueprints that shaft was 5000.00. If you ever heard of golden technologies lift chairs every one of those chair subframe's went threw my shop for over 15 years.
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