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  1. I have 2 10-00 20 aluminum bud rims and tires nice shape b model steering box good it felt good when I drove the truck. b model steering wheel and a r model steering wheel. fuel tank steel of a b model needs to be flushed out old fuel was in it. I have a power steering box off a b model needs the arm same box was used on some brockways. best offer on the parts I hope someone can use them.
  2. I bought a motorcycle jack from harbor freight and I found it did real good for doing spoke hubs used it for years.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. The system I would want to go with is a ductless unite where the compressor is mounted out side and you have a wall mounted unite with the pressure and return lines through the wall. I can't afford the inground heat transfer setup. I have two friends that are heating and air conditioning tradesman I had the one guy get all the figures to tell me what one that was correct and he can get me the newest fujitsu for contractor cost I am chicken about spending money on something I know very little about.
  4. Hi I figured some of you guys have heat pumps on your house and I am thinking about a set up for my little house as a helper for my oil burner hot air system. The house is so old I have plank walls and no cellar. I have a moble home unit and have to burn kero in it I just payed 3.16 a gallon so I am thinking a heat pump would be a good idea. I have no room for a wood burner and I don't want to run a bunch or base board heaters that would be costly to power them. When I was alittle kid we had a kitchen range wood and coal gram would cook on and in the living room we had a parlor stove if you got up early enough an fixed the fires it was a good steady heat the hot air system is hot and then cold and I find it cold longer then hot so she turns the heat way up and then it get to hot and then I turn it down and then she turns it back up. I am figuring maybe the heat pump would give off some heat all the time for cheaper than the oil burner? Thanks if you can tell me your thought's
  5. Must of happened on a road in Luzerne county.
  6. Was that picture in an old roads and streets magazine?
  7. I have a motor generator monarch 10 ee and it is such a nice lathe to run. there is always some one needing something made or modified . When you have a lathe and a mill in your garage I am always making something for myself.
  8. You would of thought twice about thinking that 955 or 977 h's were the best when you had to do steering cutches or tranny work. I worked on all of them models at a cat dealer.
  9. The older 977's had a 318 6 cylinder engine not rated for much power the same engine used in trucks were 215 or 250 hp. the 983's had a 343 and was rated about 275 hp same engine in trucks was the 1693. the 983 was a beast didn't see to many of them.
  10. I was 10 years old when I ended up living next to the susquhanna river up past the mines in the wilkes-barre valley . At that time my friend and I would fish all the time in the river but we would never eat the fish catch and release only. You should have seen the water running in the river all along Pittston and down past Plymouth all mine runoff. In Luzerne and wilkes-barre it was a common thing to read about sinkholes opening up all over the place after the nox mine disaster. Up in oldforge the creak ran redish orange up till about 8 years ago.
  11. His cousin's book shit on wall by ho flung po
  12. Back in the late 70's we ran those block booms. How long is your bed? I spec. the triaxles for 25 foot beds and for years we used hiab booms then I mounted princton forklifts on the back of the trucks and i moved over to moffets. We always had tractors that we made delivery's with but we used 35 foot and 38 footer's. the last trailers were 45 foot spreads. they were ok to do plant runs but a real pain to try to do any deliverys. We lost 2 cubes on average if we did a full load of bricks between the triaxle and trailers . We always belly loaded the trailers and it was just aggravating we had to run the long trailer to meet al the laws in pa.
  13. My friend had one of those baja 100cc and I rode one of those 350's what they could do every one else could do better.
  14. My first Harley was a 125 two stroke it had a girder front end and a ridged frame 3 speed and it was my trailbike when I was about 14 now wonder my back is screwed up.
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