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  1. Back in the late 70's we ran those block booms. How long is your bed? I spec. the triaxles for 25 foot beds and for years we used hiab booms then I mounted princton forklifts on the back of the trucks and i moved over to moffets. We always had tractors that we made delivery's with but we used 35 foot and 38 footer's. the last trailers were 45 foot spreads. they were ok to do plant runs but a real pain to try to do any deliverys. We lost 2 cubes on average if we did a full load of bricks between the triaxle and trailers . We always belly loaded the trailers and it was just aggravating we had to run the long trailer to meet al the laws in pa.
  2. davehummell

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1930 Indian Chief

    My friend had one of those baja 100cc and I rode one of those 350's what they could do every one else could do better.
  3. davehummell

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1930 Indian Chief

    My first Harley was a 125 two stroke it had a girder front end and a ridged frame 3 speed and it was my trailbike when I was about 14 now wonder my back is screwed up.
  4. davehummell

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    Or how about when a trailer is unhooked from log rubber and the next guy goes under with short rubber and a lower 5 wheel and overshoots the wheel and hooks the front of the plate with the trailer pin. We rented out a trailer to another company and the driver was bragging how great a driver he was, backed into the trailer and didn't tug the pin and he left the trailer laying on the ground he came back in the office and we made him crank the trailer up and fix the air hoses and cord . We had a good laugh over his misadventure.
  5. davehummell

    Liz Warren

    If I Remember back that one female country singer tried that angle about being indian if I remember there was a stink about it.
  6. davehummell

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1930 Indian Chief

    I putted around on a 34 vld and a 40 80 flathead both restored I liked the 34 a lot. I always had a Harley around but I bought whatever caught my eye. I put a mikuni on my 63 sportster it started better than the tiltson.
  7. davehummell

    B61 fender

    Call Kevin All 1-607-434-1063 he is in new York and he ships parts
  8. davehummell

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1930 Indian Chief

    Them foot clutches are some fun when your on a hill at a light and you want to turn left and that left throttle took some getting used to. I like your Indians I had a couple like the red and white one I got an eighty and put it in the one. they were faster than the Harleys of the day. the indian oil pump system was not as good as the Harley if you rode hard so said my uncle and grandfather.
  9. davehummell

    1984 Mack RD800

    Years ago I vacationed in the paper company's lands up in main up past kattaden park I know bad spelling , on their roads the triaxle loads looked like that top heavy and the last thing the guy told me at the check in gate if you see a truck coming get the hell off the road they have the right of way it's their roads and the trucks really rolled on those dirt roads.
  10. Back a few years I sent the triaxle from our other yard over to the tire shop for a steering tire the driver came back with made in china printed on the tire I told him take the truck back and get a good tire he didn't want to so I told him it's your life and you could be putting someone else's life in trouble. I was shocked that tire lasted as long or longer than any other we had installed on that truck. Jump forward to my new job and the owner put double coin steers on all the trucks we were in the trash hauling and it was ruff on tires. His reasoning was we had lots of flats and always cut tires so we never saw any real tire life. He had 10 trucks and 6 trailers and we spent a lot on tires every month. I moved over to a can am spyder and the back tire was made in china or god know's where it didn't last over 8000 miles go figure
  11. Why can't a person look to a machine shop that does shaft grinding make the pins for you they should be able to find the right grade of steel and have it hardened ? Bushings should be cake for most shops. you could find tie rods that are close and have machine shop open the taper to fit, then go to a good truck junk yard and match up a tie rod to fit the ends. When I put a 292 chevy engine in my fj45 pickup I put a chevy power steering setup on it and I had to scrounge around to make things work.
  12. davehummell

    55 B85 With EN707 rough running

    Don't forget to hook up a vacuum gauge to the intake make shure your vacuum advance is working on the dist.
  13. davehummell

    Cure for Cancer

    If you ever spent any time around a working dragline you would soon learn all about open gear lube ten times worse than any chassis grease to get off.
  14. davehummell

    Air assist clutch

    Did someone over grease the throwout bearing?
  15. davehummell

    Air assist clutch

    Should be an adjustable end on the air cylinder someplace. Its 35 years ago I had the white with air clutch.

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