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  1. Maybe there’s a new cab over club we don’t know about. Saw a couple more today one looked like an old Werner tractor. It just seems like this summer they are coming out to play. I like it. Don’t now how you guys snap pics cause I can’t do it that fast. By the time I get ready they’re 5 miles down the road
  2. Maybe it’s just me but up here in New England mostly NH. MA and RI I’ve been seeing a lot of old coe trucks out on the road and they look all dressed up Nice to see the out there. In the last couple months they seem to coming out. Anybody else notice this. Or am I seeing things Mostly freightliners Pete’s and KW sorry haven’t seen any Mack’s
  3. If your talking about the fuel shut off actuator I did one on a p series pump on a John Deere with a p series with the pump on. You need to solder the wires on to it it was pretty easy. Should be the same style
  4. There is no tubeless substitute for 1100 or 1200 24 tires and rims you can not put tubeless 24.5 in their place unless you change the wheel hubs I’m guessing they ate Dayton’s cause you don’t see too many buds style anymore
  5. No 24.5 is a smaller tubeless rim basically the tubeless version for a 22 a 1200 or 1100 24 is a class all by itself There is no substitute Like a 24.5 for a 22
  6. Not to my knowledge. But that ain’t saying much. Those tires with tubes and flaps aren’t cheap there are some cheap Chinese ones out there available
  7. Got e7 460 that has a hum to it been there since new 400,000 on it and it still hums away I thought it might be the power steering pump humming It’s not really loud but does hum
  8. The person that posted that 3 years ago hasn’t been on here since according to his profile
  9. I get them from mack buy them 12 at a time cause it seems my local dealer doesn’t even keep them in stock
  10. I tried it didn’t like it. The site works fine on my iPhone and iPad no problems here
  11. http://www.phillips66lubricants.com.hk/products_diesel.html 55 Gallon Applications • On-highway diesel trucks equipped with cooled-EGR, ACERT or other technologies to meet 2004 and earlier exhaust emission standards • Older diesel equipment with conventional, non-EGR engines • Mixed fleets with both diesel and gasoline-fueled vehicles • Off-highway construction, earth moving and mining equipment • Farm equipment with diesel or gasoline engines Hydroclear Power-D meets or exceeds the requirements o
  12. Those are some big long curved peckers I’ll give you that. But that’s not what I’m looking for. Lol
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