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  1. 1 check tank for crap. 2 check fuel lines. 3 check lift pump 4ckeck filter housing for crack 5 check fuel tank or fuel cap for ventilation 6 if it has a fuel tank shut off valve check that also I’ve seen some with rubber in them fall apart and cause a problem but that was usually on old ones that people changed
  2. They are good and heavy but when you have guys that can’t keep their foot off the floor and eat up clutch brakes the newer ones that just have a pop in pin are easier to do
  3. I thought I was the only one that hates that style put a new clutch in a truck last weak we had that style on the shelf I said oh no threw it in the trash my boss thought I was nuts he said but it brand new. nope I won’t put that in
  4. Well then that was a waste of good crack cause that idea is terrible I’m my opinion
  5. I went through the same thing your going Thru one time. Did everything you did and the last thing I did cured it. Changed the air dryer and all was good. Pulled the old dryer apart and it must have froze at one time it had a crack where the filter cartridge went on it I found it by putting a torch over the whole body and in about 1 minute you could see the crack. Other than that don’t know what to tell you
  6. The breather filter. Unscrew the top cover and there is a steel filter element inside
  7. Nice picture are you a professional??
  8. What’s old is new again!!
  9. Oh boy!!! Your stirring the pot lol
  10. The unloader valve in the comp head
  11. I saw another one today looked like an old jb hunt international. Seems like they are coming out of the woodwork
  12. Don’t know how that thing stays in the air when the rotor isn’t turning. It must be a blimp. Lol
  13. Maybe there’s a new cab over club we don’t know about. Saw a couple more today one looked like an old Werner tractor. It just seems like this summer they are coming out to play. I like it. Don’t now how you guys snap pics cause I can’t do it that fast. By the time I get ready they’re 5 miles down the road
  14. I hate when that happens
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