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  1. mrgumby

    GPS said to go this way....

    I never would have thought a bus weighs 35 ton
  2. mrgumby

    1983 Mack MC611F

    I thought it looked like the old power steering ram. Not a good pic but he said fuel was leaking
  3. i had bridgestones. changed all last week that stopped it.

    1. mrgumby


      That’s great   Post your fix I’m sure other guys are curious what was wrong.   Glad yo got it fixed

  4. mrgumby

    Truck shake

    Are they good year tires I know a guy who bought a brand new mack ten wheeler with good year tires mack tried everything to stop the cab and truck from shaking. They spent weeks on it. Then then owner said you’ve done everything but new tires. Well thet was it Bad Goodyear tires. It was like a new truck
  5. mrgumby

    Info needed

    I drove a truck with one of those motors in it about 30 years ago.after 12 hrs of driving my ears were ringing. It was a screaming mother loud as hell
  6. mrgumby

    Type 24 maxi cans for sale

    I did a quick look about 7 1/4. I also have 7 brake shoe lining with some mounting bolts
  7. mrgumby

    Type 24 maxi cans for sale

    They were for a68 dm that we had those type 24 on originally had the old hand parking brake on it and then put maxis on it the 30 cans are to big but these ones fit. I’ll get you some measurement later when I get back to the shop
  8. mrgumby

    Type 24 maxi cans for sale

    2 type 24 maxi cans never used asking $125 each in Boston ma
  9. mrgumby

    Type 30 Chambers on 1978 R

    Looks like a regular 30/30 air can
  10. mrgumby

    Engine ID & intermittent issue

    I’m guessing a turbine tip 300
  11. mrgumby


    You could have a bad directional switch
  12. mrgumby

    Stop off in Mass Monday

    Going to johns racecraft? The wiff does great work
  13. mrgumby

    Maxi cruise

    Yup find a better dealer that’s bull crap.

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