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  1. Got an asset 460 that smells with fresh oil in it always did for some reason. 310.000 on it and it always smells with fresh oil but not like rubber Have you cleaned the breather element? Don’t know about the noise got a video of it. Smellavision would be good Couldn’t help myself
  2. I’m getting that warm and fuzzy feeling again👍
  3. II know the older Mack’s used the same pick up for every pan I’ve changed some deep pans for the smaller one and all the pick up were the same I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t use a longer pick up for longer pans but it made it easy to swap Don’t know if they still do that
  4. I bought a stainless pan from snow depot for isc cummins. Nice pan fit good and no leaks I like it
  5. I watch his videos all the time and a few more of Guys getting old cranes and cable machines out of the woods good stuff
  6. Have you checked the turbo I’ve seen bad compressors cause blow by just a thought
  7. Have they checked the turbo vtg seen that happen on a Cummins They ran a turbo sweep test and the vtg was sticking just a thought
  8. I’m famous I made the cut. Wonder if I can sell my autograph naw it’s still worthless
  9. Looked like pelosi or what ever that bitch name is. Looked like she was ready to break out in laughter when she read it. She’s gotta go
  10. Good thing he had his seatbelt on. Maybe an air bag would have helped
  11. What does it read if you just turn the key on without the truck running Does it still peg the meter
  12. aahh just give the old panicked stop brake job and get it over with quick.
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