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  1. What does it read if you just turn the key on without the truck running Does it still peg the meter
  2. aahh just give the old panicked stop brake job and get it over with quick.
  3. What’s he smoking there ? Must be good stuff
  4. Looks like an old pete buy the dash late 60s early 70s can’t remember when they stopped putting the breakers on the dash. After a longer look maybe late 70 early 80
  5. Sorry for the confusion we all ways called 5 x4 a quad and 5x3 a Tri no matter what it was in most the ones I drove were 5x4. Didn’t get drive one with Eaton very often. I always drove heavy one usually in a dump or mixer or low bed tractor
  6. That picture has an automatic in that can’t be an autocar. Real auto cars have quads Tri's and road rangers. How things have changed
  7. He put a phone number to call Give it a shot
  8. Not much help but the only time I had a won’t communicate with Ecu I checked harness and grounds pulled a load through the harness with a head light both pos and ground had nothing coming out of ecu It was a bad ecu. That’s all I have for you
  9. Are you losing as much engine oil as you are taking out of power steering pump. Is the pump bolted to the accessory drive
  10. I’ve seen radiator hoses collapse inside that will drive you crazy also. With no external signs at all. Have you check the hoses inside top and bottom
  11. I’m not a big fan of orange trucks but that one just fits. I like it👍
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