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  1. They do sell an untreated filter with no sca in it tell them that’s what you want I know Baldwin Donaldson and luber fiber sells them untreated don’t know if Mack does
  2. What no U models guess you don’t like them lol sorry had to throw that in
  3. You left out patience. If you want it right you need that too. Truck looks great Been following it since day one I’m always waiting for new pics and updates. Thanks for the ride.
  4. Where can I buy a can of that elbow grease you use. That stuff works great 👍
  5. Check the directional switch and brake light switch
  6. Probably to make the corners more ridged and stiff so the won’t distort or pop over time and bumps
  7. Them is trucks with some big fog lights
  8. Did you pull the stick and check oil level is it full. Hey ya never know
  9. Do you have the numbers off the original seals that you took off
  10. Have the oil sampled maybe fuel adding to the oil Does the oil go up every day or just the once after you change it Hey maybe you have a cash cow oil well
  11. I have big fat hands and fingers I’ve had to pull the clutch fork and shafts out of the housing for extra space most the new ones you just loop over the top of the shaft or where ever the ears line up and pop the button in to locks it
  12. I have an 05 CH. if you pull the front cover off in the cab where the cup holder is there is a filter in font of the evap and heater core if 99 is the same
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