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  1. There might be a number some where on the housing did you try cleaning it up. Usually there a makers name and numbers stamped on it
  2. The new one may not look identical but they function the same. Air in. Air to open. Air to close and exhaust air out That should be easy to find at a local shop
  3. Looks like your standard control valve any dump body dealers or hydraulic shops out your way they should have one
  4. That truck is beautiful. But for some reason can’t get used to those new style head light Just not a fan of them
  5. I’ve seen that truck ya it’s bright
  6. That want to much money last week up there. 200 bucks for for a couple of passes. Lebanon valley is doing the same thing just test runs no racing yet
  7. Probably. 22.5- 315 thats what they look like to me
  8. Yup thank you emissions they killed mack engines
  9. I love the look of the lone star. They look great going down the road For some reason they remind me of that movie maximum overdrive
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