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  1. Cassidy and lee the case dealer you speak of ?
  2. How many hours on it. I had one once with about 20 thousand hours had a couple worn exhaust guides had blow by under load something else to check
  3. If I was sitting inside watching my neighbor shovel my old man would have givin me a boot in the ass and said don’t watch get off your ass and go help.
  4. Don’t know have you looked in your manual
  5. Is it kind of a rattling vibration sound when the transmission is not under load when your just at the right rpm with your speed
  6. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas or what ever holiday you celebrate stay safe stay sober and enjoy.
  7. Yes it’s true did that to one I used to drive
  8. Did you just replace the inside drive cable or both the drive cable and the housing for the cable I always put a little oil or light grease in the cable housing
  9. 4:17 will give you more highway speed no matter what size tire you put on the 24.5 will give you the most high way speed
  10. Wow you need to poke a hole in that Thing you got a nice goiter there
  11. Wow Chevy cab over can’t be many of those left on the planet
  12. I could never understand why they drive with their leg like that Anybody ??
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