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  1. The switch on tr pump needs to be pushed in to complete the contact when you take you foot off the throttle it rests on the switch to push it in to complete the contact. Now you said one wire on the pump switch is aground? You don’t have 12 volts going through the switch to a ground. Not correct. Usually on the wire going to the head they put a bleed off resistor to ground along with the 12 +volt wire going to the head You should have 12+ voltage going through the switch with the pump linkage resting on it to close the switch to complete the circuit When you step on the throttle the switch open breaking the circuit
  2. The aliens have landed
  3. If it’s on the internet it has to be true
  4. Did you check the passenger side under where the glove box would be or on the fire wall Not much help never worked on a cxu.
  5. And a parachute if she had to jump off a plane.just flip it up over her head Multi functional
  6. Are those store bought floatation devices ? You seem to be all about safety with air bags and flotation devices Thanks
  7. I wish I could buy that. Extremely fair for the work you put into it one of a kind truck
  8. When it happens again take the air line that goes from dryer to the tank and see it flows air at good pressure and rate if it does then check the check valve on the air tank. I’ve had air dryers crack internally from winter freezing do what you described before. Or just try bypassing the dryer with a makeshift hose and try that Go over all your lines to recheck plumbing. Could also so be a sticky govener Oops just saw you replaced gov. Scratch that
  9. Swishy has it right. Not just trucks not just girls. But trucks and girls together 👍👍
  10. What no girl drinking beer in this post?? What a rip off I want my money back
  11. I know all about the tubeless and tube swaps have done many of them but the tires on my low bed aren’t just a normal 15 in they have very tall sidewalls every tire guy I’ve talked to 4 in all said the same thing The 36 inch height 15 inch tire doesn’t swap to a 17.5 tubeless height wise I need the 36 inch height or a little more so the low bed stays off the ground so it doesn’t belly out. Now they all run 22.5 low profiles for that height
  12. But the tubeless 17.5 are 31” tall and the 15” tube tire are 36” tall that’s all I could find and in a lowboy those few inches make a diffence in the ground clearance That’s all I could find
  13. I’m trying to do the same thing local tire guy says no interchange for tubeless cause the sidewalls are so tall. Was told need to change wheel hubs to go to tubeless I’ve been doing research and it looks like he is correct Tubeless tire are much lower profile and less weight ratings at that size
  14. Nothing like a car equipped with air bags Great option
  15. Also did both engines use the same harmonic balancer or did the new engine come with it own. I’ve seen some where you reuse your old balancer
  16. They do sell an untreated filter with no sca in it tell them that’s what you want I know Baldwin Donaldson and luber fiber sells them untreated don’t know if Mack does
  17. What no U models guess you don’t like them lol sorry had to throw that in
  18. You left out patience. If you want it right you need that too. Truck looks great Been following it since day one I’m always waiting for new pics and updates. Thanks for the ride.
  19. Where can I buy a can of that elbow grease you use. That stuff works great 👍
  20. Check the directional switch and brake light switch
  21. Probably to make the corners more ridged and stiff so the won’t distort or pop over time and bumps
  22. Them is trucks with some big fog lights
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