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  1. Odog, Thanks for the pictures. I wanted to attend the show but health issues are keeping me close to home. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. What's really amazing is the people who worked there and their stories. My grandmother boarded a train in Hazard, Ky. along with my mother and two aunts, leaving behind my grandfather and three other aunts. My grandmother, my mother, and one of my aunts worked as "Rosie the riveters" building aircraft while my second aunt maintained the house. My grandfather, who stayed behind with the younger children due to their illnesses, joined them later. Here's a picture of the "Delzie Bowen" family outside their little employee house. What a story of sacrifice!
  3. Pretty funny!!
  4. I read a news release out of Fla. this morning saying one of the big problems they're having is people who have been tested and have the virus are not staying home or in quarantine. They're out running around. It would be that way at the shows.
  5. I was really hoping the decision wouldn't be made until May 1st but I'm not involved in the scheduling and set up. I'm sure the Board had to make a timely decision. I was really looking forward to this years show.
  6. Harry, I'm pretty sure everything is original. I've seen a few other trucks with the Budd drive and the Dayton pusher hubs. I've only seen pictures of the single wheel pushers. I've only seen single wheel tags on buses and RV's.
  7. Here's the back end of my truck plus some info.
  8. Friend of mine has one. Hasn't made up his mind on what he's going to do with it.
  9. If I can find the info I'll pass it along. American Iron Auctions, Shelocta, Pa. Maybe this phone number, 724-422-4643.
  10. I can remember Gene Tracy giving the "Hennis" drivers hell. He would have a field day with the "Swift" drivers.
  11. Rob, I can't remember for sure but York rings a bell. I'll check tomorrow.
  12. Has anyone rebuilt the AC compressor on a 4070B? Is it hard to do?
  13. A friend of mine has what is supposed to be the sole survivor H-61 with a Cummins engine according to the Mack Museum. Only 4 were built with the Cummins.
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