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  1. No I don't. I wish I did. I had the opportunity to by one but at that time I thought the price was a little steep. I don't know whether the fellow still has it or not. A friend of mine had one but I think he sold it.
  2. 1956 RDFC-402, factory, to allow for Cummins 743, turbo'd, 335 hp. Built for Halliburton oil, not many built. Sole survivor? Maybe, I haven't seen another one running. But, there's probably one sitting in the weeds somewhere.
  3. I checked the book out on Amazon and it's really pretty interesting. You can preview the book and I read several pages which were really interesting. I'm going to order from him rather than Amazon. Thanks Odog for posting the info.
  4. Odog, That redhead is a very nice lady. You should really try to hang on to her. I really enjoyed talking with her and I look forward to seeing the both of you at Macungie. The show was really nice also. Something for everybody to see and do.
  5. If 343-4025, Check Ebay, $34.95 with free shipping.
  6. I hope to be there with two IH's. Registration for me was also smooth. I haven't received anything in the mail yet but it hasn't been that long since I preregistered.
  7. I saw this at MATS today. I loved the long curvy lines.
  8. Odog, Glad you're going to wear it. I'll be looking for you. Dan
  9. Hey Odog, You gonna wear that "Deputy Dawg" hat to Macungie this year? Ha!
  10. One thing for sure, if she falls down she won't bump her chin on the ground.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't get it. If a group decides to protest, which is a right, that I don't agree with, let them protest. They are entitled to their beliefs. Those who oppose, stay home. The protesters will go away and life will go on. Those who disagree can protest another day.
  12. I was there also with a buddy of mine. Missed the picture because my buddy had to get back home. I saw otherdog and was within 15 feet of him but didn't recognize him wearing that "Deputy dog" hat. I looked for Maint1 but didn't see him. Also was by Brocky's truck several times but there was a lady sitting in the cab yelling "look but don't touch". Just kidding.
  13. Dave, I'll probably be looking for you to check in on the live feed like last year. I don't know what route you're taking but if you come I-64 thru Ky., I could jump in the sleeper on the L and ride out and back. Looks like you've got some nice trucks loaded. Maybe I'll see you at Macungie. Dan
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