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Community Answers

  1. According to the owner it is a 1958 with a 6V92 and a 15 speed with a 4 speed O/D box.
  2. I sorta like this truck also.
  3. Didn't see that. I guess I've got tunnel vision. Ha!
  4. Checking out the patina.
  5. For some reason I've always been partial to this truck.
  6. I'm sure the Bluegrass Chapter made around 1,300 of them. I would hate to have to make 2,600 so that each truck could have two with all the hand work involved. I think the host chapter is responsible for the expense. A lot of time and materials gets donated by the members and it's a matter of pride. I saw some fellow at a show display about 20 of them in front of his truck.
  7. Wheel chocks from Lexington were pretty nice. A lot of work went into them.
  8. Odog, you missed this one. Wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the floppy hat next to the "Superliner" in your pictures. This retirement is causing you to lose your edge. LOL I guess that black truck is a Superliner. Since no girl in car pics, i thought you were trying to sneak one in on us.
  9. Love that floppy hat. LOL
  10. Only problem with that is you can't sit on your rear end and do nothing to receive it.
  11. H67, your are correct. I have two of the day cabs and one sleeper cab and where isn't much room in the cab especially for a fat boy.
  12. The owner, who is now deceased, pulled the sheet metal off the single axle chassis and put it on a later freightliner chassis. I took a few pictures as he was building it and after he completed it.
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