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  1. Probably not.
  2. Yes, open flywheel. No electrics except magneto.
  3. Here is the one I rode before school and on Saturday discing. I could never use the cultivators because I did not have enough ass to operate them up and down. That is my grandson on it. It is a 1940 B which my father bought used in about 1952. It came out on steel.
  4. If it were mine, I would remove the air line and put some light weight oil in it and operate it several times by hand and then try to operate it with air as normal.
  5. OD, if you are in OK on Tuesday you'd just as well swing up to Des Moines to the truck show.
  6. Mike, it is good to see you on here. I will attempt to be there for the picture but I have an old mind.
  7. I use IE 11 and am having no problems.
  8. I would run non ethanol fuel if it were mine and use a stabilizer, at least in the winter months.
  9. I don't know how they are powered but that looks like the Golden Spike Monument in Utah. I thought they were steam but don't remember.
  10. Mr. Choo Choo, I am jealous. I have ridden the J611 here in VA but only in coach. The J611 is owned by the VA Museum of Transportation in Roanoke. I have ridden cross country 3 times on Amtrak and like it but don't ride it unless you have spare time on your arrival date. EDIT: THE J 611 was built in 1950 by N& W and could move 15 cars at 110 MPH.
  11. Here is a White I posted before. The owner said he needed to put smaller wheels on it to slow it down. He said something about it cruising good at 80 MPH.
  12. Paul, I think this is a very good idea. I was thinking of doing something for him and now I am sure I will.
  13. Mr. P.L. Duncan of Columbia, VA passed on Feb.12, 2017. He was 84 years old and was the owner and operator of P.L. Duncan Trucking. For the last few years his sons had run the business. He was a member of ATHS since 1986 and held the office of RVP for VA and WVA for several years. He had a large truck collection and over the years many of us had visited with him and his collection. Here is a link to his obit:
  14. Carl. Is Macungie going on Sunday this year? I see you listed the 18th also. I know it has not in the past because I stayed a Saturday night and then saw about 3 trucks at the park making preparations to leave.
  15. When I lived in CA back in the 60s & 70s the people knew the cops could not see them in the fog so they could drive faster. LOL