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  1. Walk softly and carry a BAR.
  2. That is a nice looking truck. I like the looks of the old split wind shield trucks.
  3. Vlad, thanks very much for taking the time to type your story and post pictures. Very interesting and beautiful country.
  4. It would probably be a good idea to find a parts truck for all the things you need. Good used grille pieces are few and far between though.
  5. Even though the Mack Museum is closed they MAY answer an email. Please send a donation if they do assist you. mack.museum@macktrucks.com
  6. I am quite certain the disconnect is manually operated only by the red knob on mine. I would find the fuses or circuit breakers and check for voltage. You never did show the back side of your solenoid. What is there?
  7. I finally remembered to get you some pictures of my 1989 MH. It sat for 8 or 10 years and needed an injection pump, injectors, turbo, air receiver and of course tire$ and batterie$. It appears you are luckier than I was. One picture is the front of master disconnect switch and the other is the back of it. The red knob controls it. The other picture is the back of it. I took the picture of the knob with the camera resting on the left front tire and based on your pictures this is about where the solenoid you posted is located. Like Vlad posted the other day, the disconnect kills everything
  8. Hi, saw you had couple MH parts... Any chance you'd have any leather interior trim for MH sleeper cab??

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KiwiAs


      That's cool. Thanks anyways. Hey while I'm here, any chance you'd know where I can buy radiators to suit an e9 v8 going into an r chassis? 

    3. MHfred


      No, I do not.

    4. KiwiAs


      Ok, thanks for that. Have a good one

  9. Mike, the piece I have is the passenger side or right hand side. Send me a PM with your address and I will send it if you want it. It is in good shape.
  10. On my 1989 MH the electrical panel is in front of the passenger seat behind a panel cover.
  11. Mike, I think I have the head light surround. I will get back to you on a PM. I thought no one would ever want it. It is yours for shipping if it is what I think it is. EDIT: Mike, it is good to see you back on here.
  12. Ed. That is a great looking B and place that you have. I have a 1940 B that my father bought used in 1951. I love the sound of the old putt putts and spent many hours on it as a kid. That is my grandson on it.
  13. Very nice. Has a rugged look like the old power wagons.
  14. My favorite that he starred in was Centennial where he played the part of the French trapper, Pasquinel. I never thought he was a good actor but played the trapper well. I have seen Centennial several times and am due to see it again soon. RIP, Robert Conrad
  15. If you run for long time on flat ground, does it over heat? The symptoms are similar to my VW diesel when I a bad head gasket. I tried all the remedies you mentioned but with no success. The coolant system gets a air bound from the gases. Let us know what you find.
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