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  1. My MH driver side door has never latched properly-needed to be slammed to latch. Also I could not lock and unlock the driver door with the key. I replaced my exterior latches and lock sets. The passenger door works like a charm but I still cannot lock and unlock the driver door. I think the latch is adjusted too tight and there is too much tension for the key to unlock the door. The latch on the door seems to have a fixed position (not adjustable) and I am having trouble with the post on the jam. It appears to be adjustable and I finally have it loose but it does not want to slide away from the cab to lessen the tension on the door. Suggestions??
  2. Big Muskie Bucket

    I have a friend who was a welder for the Big Muskie. He had a small section of one of the electrical feeders to it and it was big. He told me when they moved the shovel that they pulled the electrical cables with a bull dozer.
  3. Greg, that is a very nice looking MH. Hope to see it in Winchester.
  4. I thought of your MH when I was at a local show and saw this snorkel on this F model. I estimate the bottom of his snorkel sits 14 inches above his cab. He thinks that it is factory. It may need to sit that high to get into the air flow coming over the top of the cab. If it is too low it will be in a negative pressure area but I do not know how much that would affect engine performance.
  5. Will we see your truck at Winchester on Sept. 21st thru 23rd? It is looking good.
  6. A little about the D.O.T.

    Had to give Chris Christie a foot rub. That is funny.
  7. Cruiseliner windsheild

    I needed a windshield for my MH and found one because it is the same as an MR, so I was told. My friend just pulled both sides of an MH going to scrap. Let me know if you are interested. He is 7 miles south of New Market, VA. I do not know if an MH windshield will fit your truck.
  8. Chasing COE parts!

    Hello. I like your cab over. I think if you pull those cylinders and take them to a hydraulic shop they can fix them. Welcome to BMT. Where are you? Looks like flat land.
  9. I did not know what you meant by "6MF". I thought that might be a diagram number. Here is a picture and there is no 6MF series number. Thanks for your input.
  10. The part number is "50908 RH".
  11. I have a lower right (?) hand grille section for an MH. This is for a single round headlight. I would like $25 for it plus shipping. I would like it to go to someone who needs it rather someone who wants it for a spare. The part number is superseded by "RH" so therefore I believe it to be for the right side.
  12. Pictures of the Week

    I am waiting to see shots on Little Beaver Blvd.
  13. My vote is for the full fenders also but here is what I have on my MH. They were about $13 each at my Mack dealer.
  14. Always have to sign in now?

    That happened to me yesterday also but today all seems normal. I did not need to sign in today.