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  1. The Classic White Truck Group is having their annual truck show (the Bash) at Jerry's place on Sept 21st. Bring out those nice trucks again.
  2. MHfred


    These 2 beauties belong to Jerry Howard. The picture of the black truck was taken at Macungie.
  3. I think they are still here. I found it by clicking on your name and some of your recent posts showed up.
  4. Nice find and good looking old truck. Some polish on those tanks and wheels will do wonders for it. Long live cab overs!!!
  5. Very likely there is no cord. You power the heater by plugging in a cord but it may not have a heater installed. On my MH the receptacle is under the driver side door in plain sight.
  6. Wow. It looks like it will be better than when new. Keep us updated.
  7. I exchanged some texts today with my friend in Wyoming and he told me he sold his MH to someone in PA who said he would bring it to Macungie. Have you seen it? Did someone on here buy it? I did not ask him when he sold it. Thanks
  8. MHfred

    Mack MH

    He lived in WEST Virginia, didn't he? I think I talked to him once on the phone but have not seen the truck. EDIT: Keg1 beat me to my post but I think he is correct.
  9. I do not use much diesel but when I do my annual fill up in my MH I stop at a local farm co-op who sells 50 cetane diesel with additives already in it. They call it Super Gold premium and their price is good. Supposedly usual diesel fuel is 40 cetane.
  10. I thought turn signals must be optional on newer vehicles since they are not used very much. HA I really hate it when I am sitting to wait for a vehicle to pass an intersection and the sucker makes a turn on the road I am sitting. ERRRR!
  11. Is it temperature related? If so, set a heater in your garage and see what it does.
  12. When I suspect you have your high beams on and you don't dim them or put on high beams after I put on my high beams I leave my high beams on. Apparently some vehicles require a lot of work to dim their lights. As irritating as the bright/improperly aimed lights is the fool who runs around in the dark because he can see. DUH?? We would like to be able to see you.
  13. I am undecided about which is more irritating- the political ads with all their lies and crap or the Medicare open enrollment lies and crap. I will be glad when both are over.
  14. They said this morning on CBS news that the horse was "bar hopping". HA!!
  15. I had some bugs on my wind shield the other year that I tried to remove with a blue (?) Scotch Brite pad or something similar. NOT good!! It turns out that pad was for sanding or something else and scratched my windshield terribly. I lived with it for years but recently had to replace it because of cracks.
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