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  1. Pictures of the Week

    OD, I think you are like Johnny Cash, you have been every where. Thanks for the pictures.
  2. Happy Birthday Superdog!

    Mike, Happy Birthday. Hope to see you in Lexington.
  3. Happy Birthday Vlad

    Vlad, next time you come here I hope to meet you. Last time I had to go to museum for some information they had for me and I missed you. Hope you have more great days with lots of sunshine and warm weather. Happy Birthday !!!!
  4. Price?

    It appears to me that the hours do not match with the miles. My MH with 262 K miles has 4K hours?????
  5. Insurance in VA for Private Trucks

    Whether your load is owned by you does not matter. Even if you are not for hire does not matter. If the truck is used to transport for business purposes, it is commercial and insurance is expensive. Also, in VA and probably all states, you cannot haul commercial with antique plates.
  6. 1993 MH E9

    Did you buy it from BC Mack on here? If you did, he had done lots of work on it.
  7. Other Dog

    How about a paint removal technician? That might be a better job.
  8. Other Dog

    Sounds like someone photochopped someone else out of the picture.
  9. DAMMIT!

    I did not leave a message. I thought you were probably at work. I will send you a PM.
  10. DAMMIT!

    Willie Dog, I called you on Feb 21st around noon to see if it was ok if I stopped by. You did not answer but I would have been glad to help you turn over your hood.
  11. Road Closed

    I rode the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago in early January of 2017 and hoped to see some of that but only got some flurries and there was snow cover but nothing like the pictures. It sure was cold though. I think that back in early winter the Empire Builder was shut down because of deep drifts.
  12. Air to air cooler

    My garage cleaned with gasoline and then blew out with leaf blower. I think it was off the truck when they did this.
  13. Fuel Tanks

    I know that many of you have coated your tank internals but I cannot bring myself to put anything into my tanks except the fuel that is used. I feel the odds are against me because there is too great a chance the coating will come off and cause more problems than the tank not being coated.
  14. Need Eaton Brake Shoes

    Jim, I think you are correct. I have looked a little here locally for used shoes but nothing yet.
  15. Need Eaton Brake Shoes

    Glenn, thanks for the reply but you apparently missed the sentence where I said I have only 1 good shoe.