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  1. 24.5x8.25 demountable rims.

    I also have 8 rims, but have never shipped overseas either.
  2. Windshield needed

    I agree, but that's what the parts system shows.
  3. Windshield needed

    Both pieces of glass are NO longer available from Mack, at least using the part numbers listed above. 124SX44 is the LH replacement for 9QT516A and Watts has 4 in stock. 124SX45 is the RH replacement for 9QT515A and Watts has 1 in stock
  4. Fault Code 2012 MP8

    Its the square module that is mounted directly behind the ECU towards the fire wall. It has a pressure sensor in the top of it that can be change out. Sometime though, the whole module may need replaced along with the sensor. Also make sure your fuel supply inlet isn't clogged with debris, which can reduce pressure. If you don't replace this, eventually you will clog the DPF and a regen will be prohibited. SPN3471 FMI 7 = After treatment injection shut-off valve, Shut off valve stuck, AHI fuel pressure too low.

    That is John Chalmers'....if you look at the 2nd photo, you will see him sitting next to it on the drivers side.
  6. Happy Birthday Greg! 

  7. I have roof panels, cowl panels, and other misc. sheet metal, some doors but they're not in the best shape. I have a crate of different air intake to turbo boots and elbows. A set of 5.73 rears. If there's something your looking for let me know I might be forgetting something. Thanks Kevin

  8. MH Parts

    Can you PM me what you have for R parts please?
  9. front shock part numbers

    14QK373 Monroe $53.06 each 14QK2133M2 GABRIEL $65.71each Price is at Mack dealership
  10. B-61 Headlight Panels

    I'm looking for a left and right B-61 headlight panels. I prefer them to be in relatively good shape...no rotted through or bent up ones please.
  11. Mack branded gas golf cart. Lifted, off road tires, roof, windshield, air horn, lights, and aluminum bed. Needs nothing $4,900.00 OBO Cart is located in the Chambersburg, PA area. Josh 717-816-6927
  12. Lost E9 Engines

    As an employee in Hagerstown's E&R lab, I know they were all delivered to the museum along with a trailer of other engines (707C , EN431, ENDT 676, etc and transmissions. And YES, a prototype Bosch electronic unit pump (EUP) injection V8 was actually built and installed in a test chassis.
  13. Hello, I would be interested in a few more photos of the AC (email douglas.dj.jones@volvo.com) as well as talk with you more about it.  Could I give you a call sometime?  phone # ???





  14. Looking for a Mack Fire Engine

    Try contacting these guys. They are quite active and my be able to help you out. http://www.texasfiremuseum.org/