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  1. Soft flame on a torch played around the area? I dont believe the mesh is fine enough to catch fire but should withstand the torch flame and debris flame. Then an air hose to backwash. If theres pieces of fabric or insulation then this probably shouldnt be used.
  2. Looks like the reman pump is the better way to go. Bearings themselves are close to the cost of the rebuilt pump.
  3. Same here. 3 chain auto places literally within 100 yards of each other.
  4. Anybody have part numbers for the replacement bearings and seal for the water pump. I think I have a bad pump so I want to rebuild it and rule it out. I'm getting air entrained in the antifreeze that is not overflowing the filler neck at 2000rpm. No water in the pan or oil in the water. Antifreeze stays green when settled. Thanks everyone!
  5. Why polish it? It's got beautiful patina IMO.
  6. Son of a gun! Mystery solved! Thanks JBushneck. I wasn't convinced that it was a Mack part, and now I really dont feel bad about making it into something else. I used a different bracket to attach the trailer valve but will now be modifying this bracket as it will work and look better. Thanks again JBushneck!
  7. So the creeper that I am, if you look up the sign place in billings mt, the IBEW office is next door. That looks like the parking lot the truck is in. But yes it looks like the tire is flat-ish. Probably went in to pay his union dues.
  8. And for future searchers, 1000-20 for the 20" spiders and 1000-22 for 22" spiders. I guess spiders and spokes are regional terms like soda and pop.
  9. My spokes measure 21 3/8 across. Or more specifially the inside of the open rim. The tires on it now are 22s. The rear was apparently changed to a new-er rear. The speedo is off by about 15% even with the small gearbox.
  10. But apparently that would mean changing the hubs also iffin you have spokes. Pilots may be different. D/k
  11. Thanks everybody for your knowledge. As suggested I'll be dropping the 22s and looking for 24.5 rims and tires. I have a few leads in my area. Hoping one will pan out. Frank
  12. But just to confirm, the 24.5 tires will not fit on the 22" rim?
  13. I will be needing new drive tires on the truck for next year. Old ones are cracking crossways in the tread cap. The tires that are on the truck now are 11.00-22. Im having a heck of a time finding anyone who has 22" tires and no luck finding used ones, in any condition. Is it correct that with dayton hubs that fit a 22" rim, 24.5" rims will also fit? Would I be time and money ahead just dumping the 22's and finding 24.5 dayton rims and tires? I know the 22's and 24.5's are not original to the truck, but I would still like to keep the spoke hubs, and I like the slightly added road speed. S
  14. Dont want to hijack the thread but can someone link me to the simple way to disassemble a B inner door? I need to change my d/s latch and fought to get everything apart the 1st time.
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