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  1. I messaged him a week or so ago. Never heard anything back. If he sees this message please contact me. Or if someone can get the two of us together somehow it would be appreciated. I'll be glad to give him my ph#. Thanks Frank
  2. Can someone please tell me how wide a standard B bumper is. Looking to purchase one but understandably nobody wants to part with one. Thanks Frank
  3. Looking for a driver side headlight panel, plain steel bumper, and parking lights. If the parking lights come in the headlight panels, I would be willing to purchase a set. The closer to eastern Pa the better. Thanks Frank
  4. Pair of spot mirror brackets. Plated steel. New never installed but out of box. Extends from 12.5" to 15.5". Make offer.
  5. A friend "sold" this to me last week. It came with the front end he has displayed in his yard. We both thought it would fit my B61 but the outlet is on the opposite side. Possibly a gasser radiator. He told me to figure out what its worth and that would be the price. Brass radiator with steel brackets...weighs 75lb. The top tank has a crack about an inch long, and the front corner supports, along with the driver side mounting bracket at the bottom is rotten and pulled loose, but it has the fan shroud. Any interest? I hate to see it scrapped. If no interest, it goes back to him to decide its fate. I would also be interested in trading for parts that I need.
  6. Thanks, I see what you mean about the "notched around the 5/8 bolts". Any idea what side the bottom outlet comes out?
  7. Is there anyone making new radiators for the B models? I have a radiator but the steel brackets are pulled loose from the tanks and the steel is rotted away. Theres a radiator shop about 45 miles away but not sure if this one is worth saving. Also, are the radiators from a end673 and a 711 the same? Yes, Im getting manuals for the truck. Just trying to get a jump on parts. Thanks in advance. Frank
  8. I like the truck 66dc, but I LOVE the trailer. Only thing better for me would be if they made a single axle detachable lowboy. That would be the nutz for me. Whats the difference with the longer frame, or is it my imagination? Seems like the rear axle is further back on the truck.
  9. I'd be interested too, but need pics and prices.
  10. It would look even better in MY driveway. Bill (previous owner) said it was a Leeman (sp) chemical truck. Bill bought it in poor shape from the Bloomsburg PA area from an ex carpet mill?. He redid it with air ride driver and passenger seats. His wife wanted them, and air conditioning. Then she decided it rode too rough for her. I think he liked it, but it wasnt long after that, that his hip started getting REAL bad and had surgery a few years later. Then back surgery so it was probably good he sold it.
  11. I have this posted on FB SteelDash Macks so please excuse if you've seen it there. A friend fixed up this '66 R about 12 years ago and sold it about 7 years ago. It was sold through "oldmacks.com". It was sold from PA, but he doesn't know where it went. If you have this truck or know of its whereabouts, I would be interested in talking to you. I didn't have the funds or storage at the time it was for sale but things have changed for the better for me, and would like to have a chance to possibly purchase it if its not being used or is for sale. I have other pics and the serial number if you're not sure if its the same truck. It was a twin stick and quite possibly had an air problem under the dash when it was sold. Just something to jog a memory. Thanks everybody.
  12. Thanks guys. Next time Im there ill pull the steering wheel and any other parts that may look decent. I think the truck is missing its wheels so most likely engine parts are going to be difficult. Does the cab tip on these or does the doghouse get removed to access the engine?
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