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  1. Iran plans to enrich Uranium 20% at underground Nuclear facility as soon as possible. Hum - wonder why they waited until now?
  2. Your forum your rules. I don't think any of life's rules are that difficult to follow. I don't know why or who was banned. If I don't like what is going on here I'll simple ban myself and no longer participate. There are lots of things done or said that I do not agree with that I chose to just ignore. I have pretty thick skin and it would take a lot more then name calling, stupidity and ignorance to piss me off. I'm just pointing out what a slipper slope we as Americans are facing.
  3. Chocolate or vanilla? I'm all for lively debates as long as they do not turn disrespectful. I have no idea why anyone or who was banned nor do I really care. It's your forum and your rules. But, like I said this is American and we as AMERICANS are all on a slipper slope being lead by TYRANTS. Other county's that stood back and let their freedoms slip away are the model we should NOT follow. The 1st, 2nd or any other amendments DO REALLY COUNT if you are an American citizen living in our country. Our freedoms are being taken away little by little every day and there are those in our Government
  4. Censorship - This is still America. There is a war being waged in the country on free speech. If you don't like what someone has to say no one is forcing you to listen. At least we are not being forced yet.
  5. Is that dog smiling? I'd be smiling TOO.
  6. When I pulled in after registering I was directed to park were I parked by the yard attendant. I guess they didn't know where I fit in. The redheaded stepchild. No problem, I'm use to feeling a lot more strange then a little. The truck still serves - it purpose for me. I'm not looking for anyone's approval other then my own.
  7. The CF-600 Hauler off the leash today at the dog park.
  8. Old traditions (habits) die young. I'm a retired Firefighter and traditions are very hard to break in the fire service. Still to this day I cannot wear brown work shoes. Black shoes and white shocks are part of the uniform. One tradition I found when I first became a Firefighter was every time we returned from a run we'd wash the wheels of our equipment. If we left the firehouse and got recalled a block away before we backed the trucks in station we'd wash the wheels. Clean or dirty the wheels always got washed. The rest of the truck could be filthy and put away but the wheels had to be washed
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess you need two to get one good one. I like the early Bronco body style but if I had one I'd put Chevy running gear under it. Ford TUFF with CHEVY STUFF.
  10. I sent you a PM. It happened to me twice from to different user names.
  11. Oil blends and technology has come a long way in 40 years. My last oil change was with Rotella but I think I'm going to give Mobil Delvac a try next time in my ENDT-675.
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