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  1. It wouldn't be surprised if the workers in Macungie show up for work one day and the gate is locked without any warning. Get your tools and go home. I've seen it happen to many times to US Industry. I hope the day never comes but it wouldn't be surprised at all if things got tough I wouldn't doubt Volvo to bail on Mack.
  2. I was at my local Mack parts counter. We had a brief discussion about Renault and Volvo. He said it wasn't bad when Renault owned Mack but he said Volvo sucks. It seems to be the general consensus and I'll agree Volvo SUCKS. It appears to me Volvo is using Mack as a punching bag to keep the market share the name brings.
  3. I had a 1937 Chevy two (2) door Sedan that had a 283 in it that was taken out of a bulldozer. Pretty sure a 283 engine was not original or stock in the bulldozer. I'm guessing a previous owner retro fitted the engine in the Dozer. Another die hard engine Chevy (GM) 283 Small Block. I can not say with 100% certainty but most if not all 283's were factory equipped with Power Pack Heads. Can't say at all what head was fitted to or on the Iron Duke.
  4. I had know idea John Deere had any involvement with GM and the Iron Duke. That might explain why they were such a great little engine.
  5. I was going to say tooth picks With a GOLD STAR.⭐
  6. Ring-A-Ding-Ding! Do the Stegmaier Thing. I Did the Ring-A-Ding-Ding Thing - once. It rung my bell and I had a hang over for a week one day. Nice Truck but not so much on the beer.
  7. Mack-Pierce, 1972 Mack CF-600 after Pierce Refurb. Not sure the exact (circa mid 1990's) year the truck was refurbed but it was still complete Mack Chassis and Running Gear. Great truck and I remember it fondly.
  8. They build and sell COE over there. What about the States?
  9. Upon closer inspection, before taking the window out it was noticeable cracked as shown. That is the left side the worst of the leaking. The screws being well lubricated from leaking is perhaps why they came out without to much difficulty. Not done yet. I ordered two (2) window kits still need to do the right side. My luck the right side will fight me all the way. I'll spray Kano Kroil on the screws overnight before trying to remove the right side. Any recommendation on what weight oil should be used in the hubs?
  10. It appears neither side of the inside oil seals are leaking. When I first noticed a leak earlier in March it was on the right side. Currently the left side has become noticeable. It appears the right side leak was reduced or eliminated when I tightened the six bolts holding the Stemco on to the hub. I can't remember when I tightened the right side if I did the left while at it but I'm 99.9% pretty sure I did. The leak on either side has only appeared or shown evident on the outside of the hub with no signs of oil behind the wheel when inspected. If it is just a matter of replacing the Stemco hubcaps, I'll give that a try before pulling the entire hub assembly apart. It seems like the easiest solution at this point to just replace the Stemco. I can see how oil instead of grease could be problematic. Switching to grease might be something to consider but right now I'm not prepared to take on disassembling anything further if the Stemco is the only issue causing oil to escape. I’ll do the left side first for now to see if the problem is remedied. Until this issue was brought to my attention, I've only known front wheel bearings to be packed in grease. I was not aware of oiled front wheel bearings. That was the cause for my initial query to the forum. I didn't want to tear into something I was unfamiliar with causing a bigger issue. Edit: After a closer look this afternoon I found the problem. The plastic window is brittle and most definitely CRACKED.
  11. Still leaking and I guess I'll be replacing the Stemco hubcaps.
  12. I was leaning towards eventually investing in a Bendix AD-9 air dryer. But for now don't fix what isn't broken if I can squeak by with the way it is for now. It's works or has worked the way it is for the pass 47 years and 38,000 miles. There are other pressing (time and money) issues with the truck I need to invest in before an air dryer. In the meantime I'll keep on a look out for a reasonable priced dryer because it is something that needs attention.
  13. I bought the truck last August with 37,000 plus miles on the odometer. I've only put about 700 miles on it since I've owner it. Today was the the first time I drained the tanks and I got around a cup of water. I have no idea when or how often the tanks were drained before I bought it. The wet tank and primary tank 1/4 turn drains are in an awkward position. I might put pull drains on the wet and primary tanks so I won't have to crawl around in the dirt to drain the tanks regularly.
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