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  1. You just noticed? This shi_ has been going on for decades. Our liberty's are being taken away slowly and methodically a little at time in the hopes no one notices.
  2. News from Philadelphia: The city murder rate is at 100 the year to date, the highest it been in 13 years. Apparently the homicidal maniacs and criminals in general didn't get the Governor and State Health Directors memo.
  3. WHAT'S for DINNER? The latest NEWS OUT of CHINA: The Government unveils new list of animals that can be farmed for MEAT, classifieds dogs as PETS. I wounder were bats, cats and monkeys are at on the list?
  4. A few weeks ago, we had one death in our county attributed to this. The corpse was tested days later while in the morgue and the results were positive. The person who died was a woman 94 years old. More recently the death toll was up to (3) three. AS since, I've stopped counting or paying attention. The other two deaths were persons who do not even reside in our county. They just happened to die while they were staying here (I'm guessing) while escaping the scourge. One-person lived-in NY and the other person was from Connecticut. Bill Gates says he can implant or chip (ID 2020) all those who have been vaccinated. Does anyone else see what is possibly happening to our civil liberties as a result of all this bullshi_? China is the model for the new Society. If you descent in anyway your social credit card get cancelled. There are people in China who cannot get on a bus because they have been deemed not worthy of travel in their own country because they have objected against government oppression. Ponder this or give it a thought? If you are not vaccinated and you do not carry a (social credit card) chip will you be allowed in your local grocery store if the alarm sound when you pass the scanner at the door?
  5. Toques and back bacon..
  6. I don't think he/she hasn't fully transitioned yet. You got to have balls to to show your face in public if you look like that.
  7. I live in the Liberal Governor stupidity triangle in PA to close to NY and NJ. It's like a three ring circus. I think between Wolf, Murphy and Cuomo it has become a competition who comes out of this looking like the bigger idiot. So far PA Governor Wolf is the ring leader of the circus. What he's done and doing will be hard to beat. Cuomo so far is close second behind but it will be hard to overcome Wolf. In PA the state health director is transgender. What a freaking joke.. it's hard to take anything our state says seriously with the daily clown show. All Hospital elective surgeries have been cancelled or halted. I can't even get a vet appointment for our dog. I think our health director should have been halted long before the pandemic from any elective surgery. I'm not even sure what's been done was done in a Hospital? Whatever has been done and where it didn't take well. It might have been a hack job to begin with or the totally transition isn't completed yet. Maybe a local butcher, dentist or barber shop in Harrisburg did the job. It's obvious, a wig or hair cut, makeup and pearly white teeth isn't enough to hide the fact something went wrong or is wrong. I wounder how much it cost and who paid the bill? Regardless, I'd refuse to pay anything further or be demanding a total refund. Disclaimer: Nothing against Butchers or Dentists.
  8. Biden doesn't know where he came from or what day it is.
  9. Hey A__HOLES do the WORLD a F___ING favor stay the F___ home if you are F___ING SICK. I need to leave the confines get gas and go food shopping. I assume that's okay. I'm confused, I thought my chances of getting the virus were worse at night. It's okay to escape after 6:00 AM if I'm not sick as long as I wear a mask, gloves, keep my distance and return to Internment by 8:00 PM for bed check. If I get sick as a result of my falter to the gas station who do I sue? Be kind of hard to prove where I might have picked up the virus. To be fair I guess I'd sue both mutually because they must have really good insurance to be aloud to continue to do business. .
  10. How unsafe can it be outside if we kept our social distancing? Shouldn't be to hard to do. It isn't like we'd all be stuck on a cruise ship locked up in a confined space and the only way off would be a life boat. Sink or swim. There is more to this whole situation then just not being able to attend a truck show. We are no longer being given choices. I don't always go to church but I'm no longer being given a choice if I wanted to attend services this weekend. I hope this all ends soon and we recover a better nation, but I afraid of the freedoms I'm losing as a result or some might be willing to give up for a sense of false security.
  11. I don't have anything freshly painted, shiny or worth looking at but I will miss a good accuse to take a few weekends off.
  12. While FOLLOWING ORDERS and OBEYING RULES I'm not leaving the confines preforming traffic stops to check for out of state license plates. It is the least of my concerns where legal US Citizens are coming from or going to with in our country while social distancing. If someone stops while on their way and pitches a party tent in my vicinity and invites 100 of their friends and family we are going to have a problem.
  13. The longer this shi_ goes on the Chinese people might figure it out on their own. It will becomes harder and harder for the Communist to keep a lid on what's been happening within their own borders. Iran has 15,000 dead including Mullahs and Government Officials. (If you can believe what is being told to US on this end?) There is fighting, rioting and rebelling in the streets. True or not I'm grateful I don't live in Iran or China. I'd like to believe there are still some Americans who don't intimidate easily themselves. If China could get away with what they have been attempting to do for decades (own this Earth) with physical aggression do you think they'd try? They have the worlds larges standing army. They have taken over every aspect of our existence with out firing a single bullet. The Japanese knew better during WWII then to try that tactics on US soil. My father fought in the Pacific during the WWII. Who saved China from Japanese aggression? I am pissed off (as an example) I no longer have a choice to go to Sears and buy affordable Craftsman's wrenches. Companies and CEO's in the United States over the years sold out for profit hoping America wouldn't notice to willing Chinese Communist partners laying in wait. I could buy Snap On tools but if you haven't noticed some of their tools are made in CHINA also. So why support them? I suspect Snap On is selling tools at an inflated rate hoping no one notices. I guess I'm part of the problem buying imported Harbor Freight tools I'm a notorious cheap ass so I guess that makes me a hypocrite and I shouldn't be bitching. I accept it might not be perfect in the United States but I have to believe I'm still better off here then anywhere else. Good will overcome evil. Do you think any Governor in China could stand up every day on national TV and criticize their President? The Wuhan Doctor mysteriously disappeared. If don't agree (blah, blah, blah) I won't be part of the audience. I refuse to be indoctrinated because I'm not being forced to listen. If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?. How can sound exist if there is no one to hear it? "China owns this Earth" by their own design because it's been allowed to happen.
  14. For a bowl of rice and a fish head a days pay with a population of 1.4 billion they can afford to pop out masks or what ever else by the millions daily. While in the process if a few of the 1.4 drop off the planet they're just added to the false body count they're not telling you about. But, there are a million other peasants waiting in line for the jobs of the ones that died in the process. Everyone's expendable to feed the machine in the conquest of world dominance. The Chinese Communist Party have a HUGE problem feeding every body and trying to keep them busy, working or otherwise occupied in the process. If the people are left hungry with idle time to long with nothing to do I gives them a chance to think about how much life sucks living under Communist rule. It's all part of the plan. While the resent trade deal is good for US Agriculture and our Farmers we are helping feed the machine. We should be applying leverage holding them accountable for their continuous lies, current and past history of human rights abuse.
  15. Whistleblowing coronavirus doctor at Wuhan hospital mysteriously vanishes. No way, I can't believe it. I wounder what happened? Edit: Another BIG F-ING surprise. China accused of (body count) Covid-19 disinformation campaign.
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