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  1. I'll be firing up the forge and putting the Nazel 2B Air Hammer to work making a slot tool out of 5160 7/8 inch or 1 inch heck alloy steel. I'm be attacking the threads with some Kroil to hopefully loosen up any corrosion that might have accumulated over the past 46 years.
  2. I contacted Zero Start this morning. They sent me an pdf installation guide for a block heater for a 673, 675 and 676 engine. I can confirm my truck is not equipped with a block heater. Where is should be on the engine there is only slotted screw plug. The fun part is going to be trying to remove the plug I'm guessing to install the heater.
  3. That would make sense. I believe you are correct. When I got my truck the pump panel was removed. The stud without the wire attached probably went to a temp gauge to the pump panel. At least I can give myself credit for not hooking up AC power to the studs. Notice how I didn't say I was smart enough.. I'm going to have to look closer and crawl around to see if the truck might have ever been equipped with a block heater. Could anyone direct me were to look if there is or was a block heater.
  4. Winter has arrived. The last few days the temps in this area of the planet have been about 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. So much for global warming. I've been making slow but steady progress getting my CF road worthy. Working out the bugs since August. Tracking down some wiring issues and fixing lights. I blew and oil line and a coolant hose. Lost two gallons of oil and six gallons of coolant. Blew the oil line on October 28th and the coolant line a week later. Fixed both problems with a new line and hose. Also new front wheels and tires mounted this past Monday and state inspection Tuesday. Overnight Monday into Tuesday morning the temperature got down in to the high 20's. Tuesday day morning starting the truck to get it to the state inspection station the truck struggled to start with the temperature so low. It definitely needs the assistance of a plug in block heater when starting during colder weather. I've looked the ENDT 675 engine over and I can't find an obvious location where there is a block heater. There is a plus and wire that leads to nothing that has been obviously cut and terminated by a previous owner for whatever reason. I’m not sure if the plug and wire even went to a block heater. The only thing the wire might have connected to is shown in the attached picture. Is this the block heater or something else? I don’t want to hook up 120 volts of AC power to anything without definitely knowing what I’m hooking up to. The result of not knowing could be SHOCKING.
  5. TRADE - Two (2) Federal Signal Twinsonic Red lenses/Domes for Two (2) Federal Signal Twinsonic Amber lenses/Domes.
  6. The elections are in a few weeks and don't forget to go to the polls and VOTE.
  7. It looks like the flag out of the hood was photo shopped.
  8. How did it make its way to a junkyard if it's worth so much to be sitting in a junkyard? Just saying? Just because it says what it says doesn't mean it's what it says it is. I'm just saying.
  9. Hate GPS. Tells you how to get there but you have no idea where your at.
  10. Now, now every idiot has a right to vote. It's the process of dumbing down American. First we'll help you with your ballot next they'll be telling you who to vote for. The dumbing down starts in our schools. Our youngest graduated or should I say he got a diploma for participating. A gold star for everyone. He wasn't taught anything about the Constitution. He left school with ZERO life skills. He can't read a ruler, balance a check book let alone write a check.
  11. It ain't OVER YET... More of the same crap today.
  12. IT'S ALL PLAIN AND SIMPLE BULL CRAP. This have all been noting more then a power struggle by the hierarchy and elitist in our government who think they are entitled to do our choosing. I have no sympathy for any of them. Ford and Kavanaugh allowed themselves to be put on stage and used as Pawns in the game of politics. Really the Supreme Court. The name alone Supreme conjures a vision of dominance over us all. The proceedings were a shame and it shouldn't have came as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what our country has become over the past few decades. It's a sad state of affairs, a disgrace and embarrassment to our country whichever side you chose. I'm not choosing sides and I don't give a crap. I don't have a dog in the race. I just struggle with the mess the government leaves us to deal with everyday. Do you really think any of these turds who believe themselves to be superior or supreme over us all care or give a crap about the hoi polloi? We are only considered deplorable servants who are left with the crumbs they chose to leave us after they pick the bones clean. The principles and values this country was founded on have been trampled and our founding fathers are surly rolling over in their graves.
  13. What the heck? Poor person he hit unsuspected out minding their own business and an idiot just plows into them. Was not the driver in the the passing lanes fault. Perhaps, he should have slowed further but who would suspect the idiot in the dump truck to do what he did. Clearly even if he gave the dump driver space or room it wouldn't have changed the outcome. The dump didn't notice the vehicles in front of him until a slit second before impact judging by the time his brake lights came on. Give credit where it is due at least the passing lane drive avoided getting involved in the collision.
  14. Needing king pins could be a safety issue.
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