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  1. Fahrvergnügen Because it just sounds COOL.
  2. I don't make friends or shake hands with those types because I heard somewhere that don't us toilet paper when they wipe their ass.
  3. I guess my first mistake was changing the fluids along with coolant when I first got the truck because it was purchased without service records. Stirred up the shi_ as they say. Dissecting and getting deeper into the radiator removal I notice the radiator might have been living on borrowed time. I can now see where the core meets the bottom tank there are signs of corrosion. If there was easy access I might have given a try to pinching off a row to try and by some time and limp around until spring. The truck is stuck outside and the current weather isn't cooperating or conducive to being warm a cozy.
  4. I've had my CF-600 for 1-1/2 years and its been "time to fix up" since. It has been NOTHING THE EASY WAY.. Have you ever looked at something and say to yourself if I ever need to do that it will be a REAL PITA. Well that is the case with the radiator in my truck. I figured 48 years old perhaps the radiator might be an issue but I was hoping it wouldn't be. Have you ever heard the saying I feel much better since I've given up hope. Well that isn't the case. I have to be an odd ball and I like to be different but it all come at a cost. The radiator in a CF-600 is in the worst possible place imaginable buried and stuffed in the middle of the truck with no easy access. I guess should consider myself lucky because I've had a choice of about a half dozen different shops to do the re-core when the radiator is finally removed. After a few phone calls and interviews I've narrowed it down to a few shops I'd trust to do the work. Both are not small time operations mom and pop local shops. When I told one smaller shop the radiator has aluminum tanks he had no idea what I was talking about. Next on the list. I don't want to do this job twice and find out after I put the re-cored radiation in the truck it has a leak. Next on the list of "time to fix up" things that need to be done are the wiper motors. I tried removing the air lines and squirted WD-40 in the motors and air lines before reattaching. No Luck. The wiper might be slightly better but not by much. I looked at that wiper issue for the past 1-1/2 years and was hoping it wouldn't come down to removing and dismantling them but I've given up hope and I still don't feel any better.
  5. My CF-600 sprung a radiator leak. Tried to find a new one but no luck. Finding a radiator shop for a re-core isn't to big or a problem at least in my area. Getting the radiator out for repairs is turning out to be a major PITA.
  6. Kano Laboratories http://www.kanolabs.com/ Kroil You can buy it by the gallon.
  7. I add Walmart two (2) stroke oil to my fuel every time I fill. I only use two (2) stroke for the claim and benefit of adding lubricity. It is blue in color so there is no worries about turning my fuel red. I don't know what if anything it does to prevent algae but if it helps as the OP might indicate then so much the better.. I notice when I do not use two (2) stroke in my Chevy 6.5 Diesel the pump and top end appears to clatter or make more noise. So far I've had no adverse side effects and one thing for certain there is mileage per gallon increase using the two (2) stoke oil as an additive. I'm not condoning, advising or advocating anyone the use of two (2) stroke as a diesel fuel additive but it appears or seems to work for me. I don't have any diesel powered equipment newer then 25 years old and it might NOT BE ADVISABLE to us two stroke oil in new equipment specifically designed for to use of Low Sulfur Fuel.
  8. I've been using 2 stroke oil in all my diesel powered equipment for years with no adverse affects. I mix it at a rate of 1oz of oil per gallon of diesel.
  9. I do not post here for approval from anyone or to validate anything I do to my truck. I'm just adding to the conversation for someone who might be pondering a Jake to drawl they’re on conclusion. I do not reside in the Rockies but I do in a valley on the south side of the Blue Ridge. Exiting off the interstate to my shop it is a downhill run most of the way with some steep hard curves. There is no way to avoid the hills so in my instance and opinion an exhaust or engine brake is a somewhat of a requirement to avoid gaining speed while descending. If not a Jake, then something else. I'm not considering it a novelty and perhaps it might not be a necessity, but it does add some functional cool factor however limited it might be.
  10. Sharing a link that might be of interest to someone with a Jimmy. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/351362385535820/?ref=feed_rhc
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