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  1. It's not even worth my effort to explain because it appears you already have your preconceived notions. I don't know what base you were at? This isn't the place to have this discussion because things could get ugly.
  2. Wow, wow, wait a d*mn minute. FACT CHECK.. I'm a retired Federal Firefighter that worked on a Navy Base. We ran on average 500 plus calls a year on Base and off Base (Mutual Aide) to cover or assist Volley (Departments) Companies out in the civilian world. Not to busiest house compared to some larger city's. We worked 24 hour shifts every other day with a Kelly Day (one day off) every two weeks. We did our own desk watches. We had a structural side and an air field side in our house. Some shifts I worked 20 hours of my 24 hour shift. Nothing cush about it. We didn't get much down time. I guess I didn't kill myself because I'm still here. But, I worked for every penny I earned. I retired from the fire service as a Battalion Chief for a municipal Fire Department. And, I didn't earn anywhere near $170,000 a year.
  3. I like DOGS. Even though my dogs are democrats.
  4. Predictable response. Arguing with idiots will get you nowhere but to the funny farm if you can stand to listen to the rhetoric long enough. When my son was an adolescent into his teens he would argue and could all most have you convinced the sky was plaid when you knew better it was blue. I'm glad he grew out of it but he can still argue with you for hours over stupid nonsensical bull crap. He is still a major pain in my ass but at least now he can recognizes the sky is REALLY blue.
  5. Some people are easy to make look silly. I'm not as dumb as you look.
  6. Pure entertainment. Predictable response. I can tell you what the reply will be before its even given. This is better then going to Disneyland.
  7. Yeah, like we can really trust or believe anything WHO has to say.
  8. Avoid drooling, slobbering and spitting in public. Cover sneezing with the inside of your elbow might work better or just as well as a mask.
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