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  1. Hayseed


    Top RHS of any Post ...
  2. Hayseed

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    These might Help.
  3. Hayseed

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    Too True, & unfortunately Are more the exception than the Norm Today..
  4. Hayseed

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    It'll depend on how many Clearance (chicken) Lights you have Paul....🐓
  5. Sounds like the Pressure switch is Faulty.. Or at least that's where I'd Look First..
  6. Hayseed

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    You Forgot the 8 inch Exhaust Stacks...
  7. I'd imagine Swishy's Biggest Problem would be finding someone willing enough to Drive a Truck that's Older Than Him/Her...! Good Staff are very hard to Find, & harder to keep in this day & age..
  8. Here in Australia, The CH was available in either ELITE or SELECT models . the Elite was ALL Mack Driveline, & the Select had Series 60 engine, Roadranger G/box. Rockwell or Eaton Diffs & Hendrickson Air bag suspension. The Long bonnet CL was available with Cat or serie60 engine Options as well as the V8. From the early 2000's until (I think) 2010 the Signature was available in the Superliner & TItan.
  9. Ford threw the baby out with the bathwater back in 1997 when the gave the HN80 away to Benz. They've got 23yrs of catching up to Do, & It Ain't gunna happen.
  10. I Didn't realise Kodak was still About. I thought that they went Bankrupt 10 (or so) years ago..
  11. It's being available here in Australia for over 12 months. & the latest Sales figures I've seen are they've only delivered 3 across the entire Country in that Time..!!
  12. Those Chonda's are almost as good as the real thing...!!
  13. Hope the Drive Axle doesn't have Wedge Brakes Too..
  14. Those Riveted (Or I should say Huck Bolted) Cabs, never stood up to Our Road Conditions very Well...!! Every one I've ever Seen all the Rivets around the Grill holding the engine Tunnel in. Were ALL either Loose & sloppy or had being repaired..
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