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  1. Hayseed

    Scania V8 slashes fuel bills

    I reckon a Scania V8 powered IH 9900i would sell well down here in Road train & heavy haulage work... Wishful thinking I know........
  2. Hayseed

    Dodge Market News

    I agree,, They've got more than TWICE the Horse power & Torque of the First Semi trailer I owned & operated........
  3. Hayseed

    R model plowing thru water in Aussie

    Remote Diff & gearbox breathers are almost Standard fare in My part of the World.. Whenever I buy a S/H truck if It doesn't have 'em?? It very soon does.. i got a Quote on a New Mack back in the Winter Time, & the salesman & I ticked the Box for the remote breather package, can't remember how much extra I twas though...
  4. Hayseed

    Beautiful Catastrophe III

    Pure W.A.G. is that the "dog" or some other "wildlife" walked over the Top of everything on the rack & shorted a Battery out causing a Spark & a chain reaction.. maybe???
  5. 296 million for 683 Trucks is $433,382.14 Each... Kevin, would that figure be the up front cost of each truck?? Or does It include Parts support/ect for the life of the Contract??
  6. Hayseed

    another Jake brake question.

    Paul, I have a sneaking suspicion that "Newto" used to be the Australian Distributor for tecbrake..... Might be worth chasing up??
  7. Particularly Now when they're all Busy. I was quoted 16-18 weeks wait on a fairly standard Mack back in Sept. Start ticking Too many option Boxs or asking for something a bit "odd" They get a bit shirty with you for slowing the line down too much. unless of course if you want a batch of 'em....??
  8. Hayseed

    another Jake brake question.

    Paul, pretty sure these guys sell a Copy of the Jake.. http://pacbrakeoem.com/products/brakes/compression-release-engine-brakes/ Cummins used to sell a "C" brake which was also a Knockoff of the real thing!!
  9. Hayseed

    Mack Anthem Veteran Truck

    Like Kevin said, only grossing a Max of 36,287Kg. Also bear in mind It's Direct drive transmission. if an overdrive was used(.73) a 3.66 rear would give the same overall gearing in Top.. The main reason those quick Diffs aren't used here is that "Startability" is compromised too Much At our weights.
  10. Hayseed

    Pictures of the Week

    Apples Don't fall far from the Tree in your family, Hobert62..
  11. Looks a bit Too neatly Parked for a Swift truck...........
  12. I had a good laugh at this Guys Surname... Very ironic...
  13. We had them here Too.. Here's one i had way back when.
  14. Hayseed


    Was pretty common here to Tack Weld a bit of 1/4 inch rod around the outside of a spacer. if you needed one a bit wider that what you had..
  15. Hayseed

    truck spec sheet

    How many Revs are you doing at 60mph? is your Tranny direct or OD?

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