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  1. Hayseed

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    Just wait 'til all those autonomous trucks start showing us how It's done//
  2. Hayseed

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Plus 1 to what he said..
  3. You forgot, the "Bourbon & Beefsteak".. Or hadn't It opened when you were on R&R...???
  4. The Grille is no where near as overdone (My opinion) as the Grille in the LDV T60 That was released here 4-5 Months ago..
  5. it has the ISF 2.8.... https://fotonmotor.com.au/
  6. Thanks, I knew you'd know.. As an aside.15 months ago i bought a Cummins powered Foton Ute (Pickup). & so far I'm more than happy with It..
  7. Cummins already has a Substantial Joint venture in China With Foton.. Kevin, is there any current connection between JAC (just a copy) & Foton ??
  8. Hayseed

    Ford Market News

    I don't doubt that for a Moment..
  9. Hayseed

    Ford Market News

    The Cargo is probably a decent Truck.. It's just a shame they hit It so hard with the "ugly Stick"
  10. i wonder what Chinese or Asian truck they've rebadged here.. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1805/daysworth-resurrects-diamond-reo-brand
  11. It's a shame that Volvo don't give Mack in North America the same Autonomy & R & D capabilities as they've given Mack Trucks here in Australia...
  12. Hayseed

    Need more power e9 500

    Considering that Parts are becoming more & more unobtainable by the Day.. I'd leave It alone & enjoy It for What it is.. A Classic Old truck.. Just MY 2 cents worth...
  13. Personally I Can't see what they've gained (or why they'd bother) Doing that,, It never worried Freightliner, & they sold heaps of these Down here!!
  14. A six foot high Fence.. If they can't see it? They can't complain about It!
  15. I'm Gunna air My Ignorance here.... & ask a "dumb" question.....But. Have they swapped the Doors from Side to side on that Midliner cab.. We only ever got the COE version..

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