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  1. All Good Redhorse.. If All your Wheel Studs are the same length, & Nuts identical. You Can get it Damn Close just by having the same number of Threads sticking through each of the Nuts..
  2. Too True Paul, I've done It at 2.00am with a Torch in my Mouth (Pre head torch days) & got them to within a couple of Bee's Dicks..
  3. Yep I do... The Tyre Fitter has NFI what He's doing.. Go to the 11.00 mark here & Watch..
  4. Is it the Odometer or the Trip meter that's returning to Zero every Day.?
  5. No more Granite in Australia Paul.. been dropped & replaced by the Anthem..
  6. I'm with You tjc.. As far as I'm Concerned, Its nothing but an Urban Myth.. When hauling machinery/Equipment, I always ask the Customer if they would like the exhaust covered or Not. (purely as Professional courtesy) I can Honestly say that I don't know of a Turbo Failure caused by this..
  7. The whole thing'd be overweight... A bare D7G weighs 44,600lbs add the Scrub Canopy & Blade . You're at 50,000lbs (or more) They'd be Grossing at least 135,000lbs I would Think..
  8. 2 D7G's Melbourne to Brisbane, Bit over a 1,000 Miles.. The Blades are on the Floor between the Tracks..
  9. Vlad is correct Brocky..Mack Australia used the R Model chassis for everything.. Vlad, I own one of those COE Magnums. They came into the country as Glider Kits. Cab, Chassis & Front Axle.& were fitted with the entire Drivetrain Here. It has the euro 335pcd Wheels all round.. The Quantums were a little bit Different. The early Ones came in as Glider Kits, & were quite problematic. the Later ones were CH Chassis fitted with the Quantum Cab, & where a far better Truck by All accounts.. Pretty sure there's a Thread (or 2-3) here about them..
  10. I'd just use 3-4 N70 Batteries, they're as Common as ars Bellybuttons here in Australia.. Aussiemack, Back in the day EVERY Mack was Air start & they all carried a big long Air Hose with a Tyre Chuck one end use the Air in Your Tyres to charge the Start Tank.. Assuming all your Tyres have 100psi in them & the Air Tank equalises with the Tyre. 1st tyre give you 50 psi 2nd gives you 75psi. 3rd gives 87.5 psi which will(should) be enough to start the Old Girl then turn around & pump You tyres back Up..
  11. Ring the Phone Number on this Page... https://www.macktrucks.com.au/parts-and-services/support/gvm-gcm-upgrade-letter/ Make sure you have all the Numbers of the Plate inside the Cab. The Most Important one seem to be the M.S.R. (Mack Stock report) Number. I haven't done one for a fair While, But I have always found the Blokes who answer that Phone Number to be Approachable & helpful.. Is that Blue the Original Paint?
  12. Very Nice Truck, Tom. You & your dad did a Great Job on It..
  13. ^^^^^^ This Truck would put a Horn on a Jelly Fish, I reckon..
  14. Volvo definitely threw White under the Bus...& appear to be giving Mack the same treatment.. Death by a thousand Cuts..
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