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  1. Hayseed

    China Bombs:

    I've had a very Good run out of Triangle Tyres From China.......
  2. Pretty sure All the Guys with those Long tall gear sticks are compensating for something else NOT being Long...🪕 As for Power, well... I did a HEAP of work with an 8V71 powered Truck. 320Hp & 800ft/lb of Torque.. Now doing the same sort of thing with 580hp & 1850ft/lb.. Progress isn't Too bad I reckon..
  3. No your 100% correct Steve.. i was just Too lazy to type Freightliner/Mercedes Benz & Fuso..
  4. My experience going to Truck Shows here in Paul, is.. All the Historical/Vintage truck Shows Don't charge An entry fee.(or I've never been to one that does). The only ones that Charge an Entry fee are the Shows with all the Modern Trucks that give out heaps of Prizes. & are (in My Opinion) Nothing more than Appendage Measuring Contests....!!
  5. Velocity Truck Centres have just bought out the largest Freightliner Dealer here in Australia Too.
  6. Glad you're both Ok Paul.. Good luck with the insurance Company, They're a law unto themselves...........
  7. Do they only issue you with One..? if so wouldn't that be a waste of Time..??
  8. The bit that the Chrome Extension fits into is(I Think) a Donaldson Cyclopac Precleaner.. Ads for buying Them I'd guess either as Spare Parts, or from a Wrecking Yard..
  9. You Need an Australian Built Mack Titan............. https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/titan/
  10. ^^^^ pretty good Thread Mine.... The OP hasn't logged in since December 2016.. Fair chance We'll never know..!!
  11. At least you lived to tell the tale Steve... I lost a Good Mate 17 Years ago who didn't....
  12. You can go down a Hill Too slow every Day of Your Life... You will only ever go down a Hill Too fast, Once....!!
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