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  1. Aaahhh, but was that his Real Name..???
  2. First Time you Change a Tyre, They'll get flung in the Bin.. I'd reckon.
  3. It's NOT a Mack Pickup conversion. But, here's a Nicely Done (apart from the Colour[My Opinion]) Aussie Pickup conversion.. https://www.truckinwithkermie.com/blog/laurie-reads-inter-difference?fbclid=IwAR2BQIDc0VrAek9_gY0fspusRHFlBNHGL74K25AEIR_UGXQXKIZXFhdMWSI
  4. Yep, remember them Well. & in the Winter time All rugged up & wearing a raincoat. No half Windscreen down here.. Most of 'em wore a Motor bike Helmut to keep the bugs out of their eyes..
  5. Welcome Ozark, Best thing to Do. would be, to Post some Pictures of what You have.
  6. No need for you to take Your Bat & Ball Home just Yet.. There's a Wealth of Experience here, That WILL help you get Your Truck Going... It's just that We're a; Straight Talking Straight, Shooting Bunch. That may (sometimes) be a little rough around the Edges..
  7. ^^^^^^^^^My Money's on this being your problem. But, as has been said. Best to Pull the head & have a Look..
  8. Danny, Try Here...https://www.gleeman.com.au/ For years & years they were the go to place for aftermarket Mack Parts, & ran an extensive Mack only Wrecking yard. However they got Taken over/Merged a few years ago & seem to be a mere shadow of their former self..
  9. https://www.trucksales.com.au/editorial/details/karreman-quarries-tops-500-macks-126649/
  10. I'm led to believe, that here in Australia. The Constellation Cab will be sold here for quite a While. It will be several years before We get the X series.. But I guess Time will Tell...
  11. Correct. Our loss is Definitely Your Gain.. Here's an interesting article (By the same journalist) on Volvo in Australia.. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/2009/volvo-dumps-brisbane-truck-show-under-the-cover-of-covid
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