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  1. I just noticed This ^^^^ it needs to be sorted our First.. In My opinion..
  2. ^^^^ Plus one to this..^^^^^ Is It going to be a Toy..?? or a Work Truck..?? if your Going to Work It? I hope you're Handy on the Spanners.! 'cause you'll be spending all your weekends (& then some) Keeping It up to scratch.. i can't see the Spoke Wheels causing you any Dramas at all. I'm with alex g when It comes to Brakes though..
  3. I would Check that the Airline from the Compressor to the Wet Tank isn't carboned Up..
  4. You could just about pull Christ off the Cross with That Paul...
  5. Disc Brakes are nowhere near as popular here, Today than they were 10-15 Yrs ago. For the Simple reason that they're substantially Dearer to Maintain.. Drums, Shoes, S cam & hardware Kit will be in the low to mid $200 range. per wheel end Whereas Discs Pads Ect will mid to High $300(& higher) range per wheel end.. & because the total Friction area on Disc Brakes is Smaller than on a Drum setup, They run a softer compound that wears out quicker so you're replacing Pads more often that your replacing Linings.. Though in Fairness. The aftermarket range of Di
  6. Correct GA_Dave,Here in Australia, member Countries of the British Commonwealth had far more free-er (if that's a word) Trade agreements. Hence anything that came in through Canada (IE; Mercury) was substantially Cheaper than the same thing that came in from the U.S.A.
  7. Either that, or; Life has got in the Road of the Toys. !!
  8. You'd have to wonder about the Long Term Future of UD.. Volvo Stuffed up a Damn Good Truck & p!$$*d off a Lot of Good Dealers when they took over UD Here in Australia..
  9. You do realise you've revived a Seven & a Half year old Thread...????
  10. No, Not to My Knowledge.. MR yes, the LE/LR Not that I'm aware of.. Bit of useless Trivia. The parent Company of Cleanaway (Trans pacific Industries[TPI]) at one Time Owned Western Star Trucks . Before getting an All Cash Offer they couldn't refuse from Freightliner.. They also retained Australian/new Zealand Marketing rights for Western Star. Much to Daimler's Disgust. TPI were Also Australian Distributer for the English garbage Truck Chassis Dennis..& MAN Truck & bus. TPI sold the Truck division to Roger Penske a few Years ago. & is now a m
  11. Here in Australia the We get a MP8 with 535Hp & 1920ft/lb of Torque.. https://www.macktrucks.com.au/powertrain-and-suspensions/engines/mp8/ Whereas I see, you guys only get 505/1860...
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