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  1. Hayseed

    GPS said to go this way....

    She might be Brazilian, Swish..??
  2. Hayseed

    Ford Market News

    looks like they got their inspiration from Toyota..
  3. Hayseed

    Flywheel bolt torque

    Do It up until It Strips, then back It off one flat...😰
  4. Hayseed


    Read your warranty document that came with the truck for a list of exclusions...!!!
  5. Hayseed

    Ford Market News

    I Hope Not.. they we're a seriously Sh*tty Car..
  6. Hayseed

    Took A Fine Ride in Toowoomba with a V8

    'cause It's a 'ken Steep bit of road... It averages out at (I think) at 10% incline for the 10-12 mile climb. But In places it's 17-18% grade..
  7. Hayseed

    IVECO introduces new Stralis X-Way in Australia

    Just a shame they've stopped producing the Powerstar...
  8. Hayseed


    I've told My Wife, she has to play this at My Funeral as I'm going down the Hole..
  9. Hayseed

    A mans apron

    Maybe if you wear just the Ribbon in the Kitchen, She might take the hint...
  10. Hayseed

    A mans apron

  11. Hayseed

    Hendrickson AIRTEK

    Pretty sure this is Ovlov suspension Swish.. They do a Bit more that That Mate. Like most clever Ideas it's; very simple what they do.. (They even have a Worldwide patent on It) They connect the Air bags together via Large Air lines & install a valve that isolates the Air bags once the Height control Valve is Level. Then (for instances) if you're reversing up a kerb when the rear Axle starts to rise air is transferred to the Front Air bags making It a true load sharing Deal Similar to a Walking Beam. As apposed to normally when the rear axle starts to rise Triggering the height control valve to Dump Air & Whilst your waiting for this reaction to happen your front axle loses traction because It's swinging in the Breeze being Lifted by the rear axle..
  12. Hayseed

    Hendrickson AIRTEK

    I'll second this Lot Swish.. i have HAS460 under My (as you call it) 2 Story Renault & suffer from the same problems. Giving serious consideration to letting these Guys have a Play with It.. http://www.thehairetruckandbusrepairs.com.au/hairebag-suspension https://powertorque.com.au/the-haire-haire-bag-suspension/
  13. Hayseed

    Conventional Contenders

    No 15 Litre Motor, Though you do see quite a few Tridents on 34 Pallet B Double Work.. Mack also do a Superliner with 30" Bunk that's 34 pallet capable.
  14. At least the Mack has a bigger rear window then either a Louisville or KW of that Era.... 28-30 inch Sleepers were pretty standard fare here in the 60's right up until the early 80's.. Even today 36" are a very Common sight on our Highways....
  15. All Freightliner Sales are in the Doldrums.. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/product-news/1810/tic-notes-softening-sentiment-in-commercial-vehicle-segments

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