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  1. This could be a very shrewd Move by CNH.. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/product-news/1909/nikola-gains-huge-cnh-investment-injection
  2. My 2 cents worth is.. IVECO should've beat VW to the punch in Buying a stake in Navistar...(would been a sentimental reunion) But Now I reckon IVECO will wither away to nothing over the next 10 or so years..If not sooner
  3. if they're Air wipers??? Wherever they Stop.....
  4. Looks Like It's only The Bonnet & Quarter Guards that need Shaving a bit, Swish...
  5. & still running Tube type Tyres Too.............
  6. They do that so they run Cooler, As those Rooftop units are, a combined Condensor/Evaporator. Therefore can remove the Condensor from in front of the Radiator.. Makes a big Difference particularly with the EGR POS engines... Very common Mod here, particularly with the Roadtrain & Heavy Haul Operators..
  7. Got any more pics of the Deere..??????
  8. can you get something like this around It..????
  9. Use a Ringfeder & you won't have worry about It...
  10. That's the LAST thing you want to do, (IMHO) Do that & "Snowflake's" won....
  11. ^^^^^^^ I second this ^^^^^^^^^^ Enjoy your Old Truck for what it Is.. Take all the back roads or old Highways, & enjoy the scenery...
  12. I think that the cab comes forward like a parallelogram in front of that Frame for the driver to Enter........(I think..maybe)
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