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  1. Hayseed

    B model Grille shell

    I know It's a loooong way from your House,😃 But Ian Lee lists a couple in His B model Parts Catalogue.. http://www.tyldenheritage.com.au/
  2. That Rattle or Squeak would drive Me Nuts...
  3. Hayseed

    Did you know this ?

    True story, Paul.. I write right handed but do everything else Left handed. The Teacher used hit you on the Back of the Fingers of my left hand with a Ruler, Until My hand was that sore you had to write Right handed.. On a side Note. I'm led to believe that Womens Clothes have the Buttons the Opposite side to Mens, So when you're getting a bit Frisky yuo can unbutton each other without getting in a tangle..
  4. Hayseed

    MP8 Broken Crankshaft

    I think , They're only legally obliged to provide Spare part support for 10 yrs....
  5. Hayseed

    MP8 Broken Crankshaft

    Here in Australia "vomack" have their own used Parts division.. https://www.vmrtruckparts.com.au/
  6. Hayseed

    Liebherr introduces 5th generation concrete mixer

    We Ausssies Haven't either... The next one I see, will be the First..
  7. Hayseed

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    You still see a fair few down here,..
  8. Hayseed

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    That's how It works here in Australia.. It's surprising What Parts Daimler can still supply !! Prices can be a bit random though. can vary from "reasonable" to "bend over & grab your ankles" !! Have to admit to having a soft spot for The Louisville I've owned 6 over the last 30yrs & in fact still have 2, with one still working fora living. Ford squandered a massive opportunity with their Handling of the HN80 project..
  9. Hayseed

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    Fords Decision to sell their heavy Truck division for a mere fraction of the HN80's development cost, would rank as one Fords Dumbest decisons.. In my opinion..
  10. Hayseed

    H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    Iveco do 2 different width "Stralis" Cabs.. The Australian Designed & built Powerstar uses the narrow version.. And there's a large dealer Group in Europe that Convert Stralis's (with the Aussie Hood)to what they call a "Strator" & they Use the Wide cab..
  11. OK, I'll air MY ignorance here... WTF izit...
  12. i wonder what Western Star think of them using the "Constellation" Model designation???
  13. Hayseed

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    Sounds Like you had a good Soul Mate..
  14. Hayseed

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    As long as your Wife Doesn't sell them for the Price you told her you Paid for them...
  15. Hayseed

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    Nice Little Retirement Fund for You....

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