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  1. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    Here in Australia, there is quite point of differentiation between the 2. The most obvious one that Volvo only sell COE's & Mack only sell Conventionals. Mack also seem to have a pretty strong independant team of Executives intent on keeping Mack true to it's roots..But for how long? I'm not too sure. i see They're now fitting the Volvo 8 bag suspension (& Volvos 500000lbs Diffs) to Macks. It's UD I feel sorry for,I reckon It'll be killed off before Mack will be....
  2. Bumper cars at the loading dock

    Shouldn't have one at All, In My opinion... Most likely a 2 pedal automated "thingo" judging by the way the Steering wheel attendant was hitting the Dock, & said SWA was unaware of the creep or inching function..(also unaware of heaps of other things Too)
  3. I'd leave the "French Poodle" where It is...
  4. how often to grease

    I personally think you should be under there EVERY Week. Even if you only give everything 1 pump of the Grease Gun. it's all the other little things you can pick up on, & correct there & then, Whether It's just putting an Extra Zip tie somewhere or Nipping up a Loose fitting/Nut or Bolt,can avert bigger problems down the track. A stitch in Time saves Nine Just My 2 cents worth..
  5. Careful what you guys wish for... I've seen what Swishy's taste in Women Is...LOL
  6. That's alright, You Guys can't pronounce Tomato Properly either........
  7. It's still listed as an Option, here http://www.kenworth.com.au/ across the entire Model range & is very popular with Livestock & Heavy haulage Operators....
  8. New anthem

    Sorry for the Hijack, But What's your opinion of the Chinese "Clones" ??
  9. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    Didn't Cat have that HEUI Bizzo Too?? 3126 or C10 rings a Bell !!
  10. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    I'm surprised they haven't gone Camless...& Actuate the valves By Solenoid.. But as Swishy is wont to say.. Waddaeyekno...
  11. Kenworth Here in Australia still sell a 6 rod Suspension. They call It KW6-60A But It looks identical to the Rockwell 6 rod in Kevins' Diagram/Brochure. Those Spring packs in the OP look More MACKish to Me than Rockwell...
  12. New anthem

    Well Snow is definitely a Non issue where I am..... But have been there done that with the other 2..
  13. New anthem

    I doubt if the Anthem ever makes it here to Australia, But if It did,This would be a NON issue.. 99.99% of Australian Tow Trucks are underlifts...Which render Tow Hooks Obsolete..