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  1. 41chevy, this lot may interest you.. https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/truck_Chat/2943-old-race-trucks?limitstart=0 https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/truck_Chat/12595-detroit-devil?limitstart=0 http://www.gregwapling.com/hotrod/land-speed-racing-australia/land-speed-racing-australia-waltzing-matilda.html https://www.bigrigs.com.au/news/the-man-behind-the-mean-machine-bill-gordon/3012230/
  2. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    That makes Two of us..
  3. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    I'm well aware of the advantages (& agree with them All) of 24 Volt Systems. I'm also old enough to remember the Problematic Series Parallel Switchs that every Kenworth & Atkinson Truck had back in the 70's & 80's That mostly once the Truck was out of warranty were tossed in the Bin &had a 12 volt starter installed.. I agree with the above Statement. Also 24 volt systems only have half the Amperage of 12 Volt systems. With far less drain on Batteries/Bulbs ect. They All last longer. Plus the universal Acceptance of Multivolt LED Trailer Light systems have rendered Void the biggest bugbear of having Mixed voltage Fleets. No I don't. Sorry. Here in Australia Mack were exclusively Air Start until the early 90's & the release of the Ch & CL range of trucks. When Air start was an Option. However I'm fairly sure (But happy to be corrected) that the E9 powered CLR's were Air start..
  4. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    A quick search on the TTR Forum seems to concur with Dirtymilkman's assessment of the MX.. Kenworth here in Australia use the European Built MX. I got quoted on a MX powered KW recently & it has got 24 Volt Starting & Chassis Electrics With 12 Volt Cabin Electrics which seems a convoluted way of Doing Things to Me...
  5. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    I see where 43% of 2017 sales were DAF powered. (Or I should say Paccar MX13 powered).. What's the general consensus on the MX engines?? Good Bad or Indifferent?? There's very few being sold down here, But You never hear any mention of them.So Can't be Too bad.. As Bad news travels faster than Good News..
  6. 47 EF New here

    That's reasonably common here, amongst the Stationary Engine Crowd.....
  7. Weatherman is wrong again

    This was taken a Friend of a friend last Week. Ground temp of 67 Degrees Celsius.. (152 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  8. Never seen one like this before.

    I can't see that Radiator keeping the Dog Cool for Too long either ... BISTBC.
  9. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    Hi Slug, Thank you for letting Me express My Opinion.. "Driptroit" is a Slang term Or nickname given to those Old 2 stroke GMs. As they were notorious for leaking (Or Dripping) Oil everywhere. Just because It hasn't been doing anything, Doesn't mean that things DON'T deteriorate.. It's being touched on By others here. But before starting the GM ensure that the Emergency Stop Flap in the Air intake is set properly & the cable into the dash is set & working . I'd also remove both rocker covers & ensure that ALL the Injectors & the 2 Racks Are free & not Stuck.. Otherwise you'll have a runaway engine that will grenade itself before you even Start.. 12 year old Tyres put back to Work will more than likely be flying to Bits the first time they get Warm. Every Oil seal will be Dry & brittle .. Ditto for all the rubber Brake lines Air valves ect. There will be fair chance there's a mouse nest (or 3) under dash in amongst the wiring. You will most likely (In my Opinion) need to budget on within the first 12 months, doing 12 years worth of Maintainence to the Air system & wiring. I hope for your sake I'm Wrong. 41chev has covered this. But the point I was trying to Make is that Marmon Specific Parts will be far harder to source than a more common Brands.. Sorry to come across So cynical. It's just that after nearly 35 yrs I've seen countless examples of ; Not just in transport either.. But almost without exception, they will end in Tears.. Odds are; (From My observations) Within 12-18 months you & your Friend will hate each others Guts, & no longer talk to each other.You'll have a Large tax write you don't really need. Plus you'll have an asset that Owes you far more than It's market value.. Sorry to coma across so Cynical. But gaining Experience in the Transport Industry is Hard Work & expensive.. Good luck & I sincerely hope your venture is one of the few Exceptions to My observations..
  10. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    1) A 43 yr old Driptroit that's been sitting for 12 yrs.... 2) Marmon Stopped truck production over 20 yrs ago. So quite few parts will made from "Unobtainium" 3) Doing Business with a (for now) Close Friend... What could possibly go wrong..........
  11. Actually, you have Helped Me. With giving your real world hands on, opinion of your twin Y in What appears to be similar type of Operating Conditions..
  12. I agree..They're only only available here in Australia with Kenworth though. The other 2 Truck manufacturers (Mack & Iveco) Fit Hendrickson Primaxx suspension for those Applications..
  13. Not here in Australia.. The twin Y is only available on the Granite, & only with the S40 Axles & In a single trailer (50,000kg) Rating.. http://img06.en25.com/Web/VolvoAUS/{23b2ee29-64e1-48d0-8b50-d52a1ffefcc2}_granite_distribution.pdf https://www.macktrucks.com.au/-/media/files-au/brochures/axlessuspensionbrochure122015.pdf?as=1&la=en
  14. GoldDog, Whats your opinion of the Twin Y Suspension?? I've been pricing up a new truck lately, & Mack have been refusing to Quote Me a twin Y.. Plus It's only available here with a 50,000kg (110,000lbs) Rating...