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  1. I probably should've called this Thread the Brisbane Truck Show..Her's a pic (Not Mine) from there..
  2. https://www.trucksales.com.au/editorial/details/bts-mack-anthem-draws-a-crowd-118537/
  3. ^^^^^^^^What Model Starcar is this?? ^^^^^^^^^ The ones We get down here have a Wider Bonnet (Hood to you) than this..
  4. Start building them to a Standard & not a price would be good start.. In my opinion. Either that or sell it back to Terry Peabody. He knew what it took to build a Great truck..
  5. That's how it works here, I still have a a couple of L series & It's surprising what they still have in Stock. Though lately I do get told a lot "that part is NLA"
  6. Think someone has beaten Him to It...... http://dashdesigncorp.com/
  7. This Guy does quite well solving this issue.. http://sterlingdashreplacement.com.au/
  8. True, for a lot of the compactor work the ISL would be more than enough. !!
  9. https://www.ownerdriver.com.au/product-news/1905/volvo-unveils-super-sized-xxl-sleeper-cab?fbclid=IwAR2UkLhBMyScfQgKu6dKboTKjXUznUl5kjXVqH4kb_YODpU_9j222UAA17Y
  10. You'll have to find a School Kid, & ask him/her. probably have it done in less than 30 seconds...LOL
  11. Paul, up the top RHS of your screen where your username is. Click on the arrow pointing down. (a drop down menu will appear) Click on My attachments.. What does that tell Ya... I think you have a 500MB limit (Quota) of attachments.. Sound like you may have to vaporise some old attachments to make some room for new ones.. BISTBC
  12. The trouble is ; that Kenworth refuse to Fit it to anything.. They've just released 2 new Models at the lower end of their range. The T410 is MX13 powered only & the new T360 is ISLe5 powered only whereas the previous T359 also had the ISMe5 as an option. which was very popular with car carriers & quarry companies.. Freightliner will (I suspect) use the 11litre Benz Motor. Which leaves Western Star,& since Roger Penske has taken over the Distrubution rights here. Is a Mere Shadow of It's former self. They do however Sell X15 powered versions of the 4800& 6900 here. So a X12 powered 5800 is a possibility ...& would sell well, in my opinion. Foton (Who build the X12) have had a Small presence here for a few years selling ISF powered Utes(pickups) & light Trucks, & have just released a medium Truck powered with the 6 cylinder version of the ISF maybe some time down the Track they might bring their X12 powered Primemover down here..
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