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  1. ^^^^^^ We posted this nearly 18 months ago....!!!! & here we are still talking about the Same Thing...
  2. Robinvale Transport Group (RTG) & I shared a Depot facilities for a while in Sydney back in the early '90s. I have a Feeling that the Cordoma family took over the remnants of RTG, They ran It for a few Years & sold out to Lindsay Brothers.. But happy to be Corrected..
  3. It's not an option here at All..!! I suspect Western Star might offer it. But they've lost the Plot a bit, since PENSKE took over the Distribution rights Down here..
  4. I wonder how long It'll take TRATON (VW) to kill the Scania Culture????
  5. I can See X12 powered Starcars taking a fair few Sales from PACCAR due to their refusal to use the X12..........
  6. This Truck At one stage was in the Guinness Book Of records for the Longest roadtrain in the World..
  7. Just think though,........ Those Driver have probably sired Children Too........
  8. Does DAF (Paccar) have a Financial interest in TATRA??? Or do they just supply Cabs & Engines???
  9. You can still buy a Titan down here.........https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/titan/
  10. Hayseed

    More BS

    Yeah, We've noticed..........
  11. I'm under the Impression that the Proposed new Medium Duty for North America will/should be very similar to our "Metroliner".... But am happy to be corrected...... https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/metro-liner/
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