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  1. New Mack owner

    Super looking truck.Would give an arm for a work truck R in that shape.
  2. $4m is no small money in Eastern Europe.
  3. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Start the fixing from the home front.If not fixed you can only imagine what your society will become when these kids become parents who have no values.
  4. chalmers suspension crak

    Should have let him know you won't be driving it until fixed the moment you saw that.I will not risk my life to save someone a couple of bucks for a couple of weeks.
  5. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    How sad.America needs to wake up to the reality of gun violence.Yes ,the right to bear arms but how about the right to live safely.My thoughts are with the families of the victims.
  6. Happy Birthday Barry

    Happy Birthday.
  7. Weatherman is wrong again

    Not challenging your well articulated points and certainly did not imply you coming across as you know all.In my corner of this earth there is a Lake called The Lake Chad bordered by 4 countries Nigeria,Niger Cameroon and Chad,which has all but dried up in the past 30 years leading to current bloody clashes between cattle herdsmen who are moving southwards in search of pasture and water for their animals in Nigeria and farmers whose crops are been destroyed by this migration.In fact if you google Nigeria today that is what you are most likely to see and it has also been said to be responsible for the Boko Haram terrorists been able to thrive in the area because of the availability of idle young men who can't use it's water for irrigation or fishing anymore been recruited easily by the ISIS affiliated group. Like i said earlier I do not Know for sure but climate change might just be responsible..Bringing it nearer home to you the US lost some special forces men in this area some weeks ago in the fight against these terrorists.
  8. Weatherman is wrong again

    Don't really know anything about the politics of climate change but do certainly know the climate now is different what it was 20 years ago.I know the migratory birds that occupy marshlands here during the winter months certainly come at a different time now and stay longer,but hell what do i know.
  9. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

  10. Superliner question

    If there is a waiting list please put me on it and if none why don't you start one with my name first of course.I can wait for quality work.
  11. Superliner question

    Some of us are waiting for when you will be less busy to take on some work.
  12. New tractor

    Well Paul said very nice.
  13. New tractor

    So the hood mirrors look nice on this but not on the Anthem?
  14. Mack 5speed swap

    We are all here because of our love for mack trucks or the fact that we use them,you might not like every opinion you get but be rest assured it is given in good faith.Wish you luck with your swap.