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  1. Alabama

    What does the election of Doug Jones say?
  2. HELP

    Well 50 years is a long time for a manufacturing defect to show.
  3. My E9 collection

    Good pack.Welcome
  4. Chinese truck journalists introduce Mack 2-stick transmissions

    There is no denying that China is now an technological giant with their advances in railways,ship construction,and everything hi-tech.China also still engages in barefaced theft of intellectual property partly because they are now the workshop to the world.I have seen Chinese cars that from 10 metres away you assume they are Mercedes sedans until you get close and discover they are Chinese clones with model names like XY45.TS7653K, to the i phones that are identical to the original except what is inside them.Nothing wrong in basing your diesel on the original Karl Benz design but also spend your money and ,burn the midnight oil in improving it ,that is why there are engines that still go strong 50 years later while some can not even make their own warranty period.
  5. Chinese truck journalists introduce Mack 2-stick transmissions

    For the major Truck manufacturers that are in joint ventures with the global heavyweights like Iveco,Mercedes benz and Ford that could be said for them but the bulk of the market for now is held by the Local Chinese brands like Howo,Shacman,Dongfeng and any name they choose to call it they still practice Relevant and basic copy technology.Infact there is a blasphemous joke about a Chinese artisan asked if he knew Jesus Christ, he replied no but promptly added if you show me sample I can copy it.
  6. Chinese truck journalists introduce Mack 2-stick transmissions

    Those who long for R model Macks coming back should watch out,this might be the start of their prayers been answered albeit Chinese style.
  7. Urinals in the garage?

    I go behind the shed put both hands behind as a support for my waist and enjoy a good one.I call it been a member of the "freedom party".
  8. That unit is so rare that a lot of people here don't even know about the model,those are the ones that all efforts should be made to save regardless of their condition.Just my opinion.
  9. 1980 R model shocks

    I didn't know I had a taste also........Gabriel
  10. How many here would scream blue murder if it was a scraper or an exporter who was going to do this?
  11. New anthem

    Will try to start a thread on this.While they are many Brands and models here ,will just give you a spec for the most popuplar brand,SINOTRUK and model HOWO. HOWO model ZZ3257N3447A1 Engine Type WD 615.69 336Hp or D10.38-30 380Hp. Turbo charged and Inter cooled. Steyr Technology Transmission HW 15710,10 forwards and 2 reverse,Fuller Technology. Will try to start that thread soon let's not hijack an Anthem thread with cheap Chinese Trucks,people might not know the difference.
  12. New anthem

    Steyr 6 Cylinders in line.
  13. New anthem

    Truthfully they make their owners money.The Dangote Group which is owned by Africa's richest man and in fact the richest black person on earth got tired of ordering them in 2000 units batches that he went into a joint venture with CHNTC manufacturers of Sino Trucks for their assembly in the country so that he can get more units more quickly.
  14. New anthem

    Here 99.5% Class 8 trucks are stick,which is why the Chinese are penetrating the market with clones of popular European trucks.Imagine buying a brand new truck with technology from the 60's and 70's for 30% the cost of an American or European truck.I see fleets selling off 3-5 year old Mack trucks that nobody will touch but scramble over 40 year old R's.We love to keep it simple.