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  1. Hauling coal

    Look after it very well so you can also pass it on to someone in the family down the road.
  2. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    What are you asking and location
  3. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Strange world.Buying things you do not need while there is a great need this side of the pond.
  4. Volvo introduces new Mack “Anthem” on-highway tractor

    This truck will eventually win a lot of people over.
  5. Wish I could save it

    This one not on a boat.Scrapped
  6. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    I have personally never considered your views extreme. My point on this thread was let us keep the issue at hand in focus. As to foreign Mack fan, Mack is a worldwide brand and America's gift to the world. Just in case you have forgotten it, now a Swedish owned brand based in the US and a few other countries. BMT of course is for all lovers of anything Mack from all parts of the world. Let's keep the thread on track.
  7. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    Please for the love of God let us not turn this thread into the usual Red versus blue,Liberal Versus Conservative rant on BMT.Too much life has been lost.Let us respect them.Condolences to their families
  8. NFL What a disgrace !

    There is no watering down ethnic differences,we are what we are.The most murderous dictators in history have certainly not been black.It's good to know someone understand my position on certain stereotypes.
  9. NFL What a disgrace !

    Please try to find out a little bit about the Nigerian community in Houston and their achievements and education.Most of that education is even before they come to the US.This is just one example.Some of the views written on this thread shows that inside most of us lurks a dictator or tyrant given the opportunity
  10. Pictures of the Week

    Just because a dog runs after a car does not mean it can drive the car when it catches up with it. hahaha
  11. Face book R model

    You will be suprised.
  12. NFL What a disgrace !

    I disagree. The Currently employed baits people and picks up so much quarrels you wonder if it is out of lack of something to do.
  13. And you still have people whining about sleepers even today
  14. KS

    Difference of opinions will always exist where you have a group of people together. When I joined this forum, I encountered some very uninformed views simply because I expressed interest in a truck that was for sale, the most interesting one been "with a name like that" of course I took the higher ground and moved on. For those of you who live in a 200+years plus democracy who are intolerant it just reminds me of Despots on my continent. No one should insult anyone for whatever reason,military members or not and in same line intolerance breeds dictators and one notch below bullies. Differences in opinions on things that are not truck related adds a lot of spice to BMT.