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  1. I will be interested in it.please send me a phone number let's talk
  2. Sounds interesting. Can i see the video please.
  3. E6 and E7 engines wanted any condition.
  4. Just got here but nice to hear you are better,take it easy there will be enough time for the 3 engines once you are fully recovered.
  5. I could really say what I think about all the baseless should have been that are posted here but I might get banned and in the end what is really my business. Reminds me of how America was denigrating the Chinese in everything but today China has the most modern rail system in the world. Once more a colloquial saying where I come from" I get am before no be property " meaning I used to own this kind before does not translate to current ownership. The earlier you guys realise all politicians are the same the better.McConnell must have spoken to Biden at least 10 times since the elections and yet you guys are here whining about a train that has already left the station. Each time you caricature Your President it says a lot about you been led by him.I am out on this subject with this.
  6. When I was growing up over 50 years ago we had a saying"come and see American wonder"meaning anything that was amazing and outstanding had to be American. Americans are the same people demarketing their nation in the sight of the world. Everyone knows why there was no audience at that inauguration and I think that speech should serve as new beginning for Americans because like it or not you are stuck with this administration for at least 4 years.
  7. 5 to 6 trips per truck per month.There are expenses getting in and out of the port of course. If the traffic is standstill as it mostly is getting into the port I put the truck on a barge into the port.
  8. Not really,too much money to be made here.I can have a 50 year old mack R model deliver a container from the ports to a destination less than a 100km away for $4000 why would I want to go elsewhere or the US that is so divided and Toxic right now.
  9. For those of us in "shit hole" countries it nice to have the US join us as a country where elections are rigged and Tin pot dictators now have no moral compass pointing accusing fingers at them.Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who has been in power for 36 years and just this week won another term of 6 years at 76 years old told the opposition to stop crying rigged elections like Donald Trump with no proof.
  10. Maybe he is working on that book I always encouraged him to write.
  11. If I were you I wouldn't go to no sh*t hole countries to earn any sh*t hole dollars.
  12. Even for Africa these trucks were pieces of junk.Watched this a few years ago and wondered how the UN could be scammed like that.
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