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  1. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    And how about the others who crossed the line of reasonable behavior and language?While i do not sympathize with her more people should have gone the same way.Be rest assured the Phoenix will rise again.
  2. Charlottesville

    The search for things MACK brought most of us to this forum.The people who created BMT in their wisdom chose to have sections that were not Mack related to obviously make the forum more engaging.Today those things that are not truck related have brought the most division here and sadly the insults and all that comes with it are being spearheaded by very senior members of this forum on both side of the divide. Please let us think more of the common things that brought us here rather than the ones that divide us.It is normal to hold opposing views but some of the things written here are just not worthy of any decent human being.
  3. Good things come to those who wait,I am waiting for the next episode of Season1.
  4. Mack Warranty

    He will come around.
  5. Some things can't be measured in monetary terms, like the experience, pride, joy and sense of achievement. You have done very well so far and it will give a couple of us here the courage to take a plunge too. Thanks
  6. Mack Warranty

    If I were you I will let it go,sometimes experience can be the best Teacher.
  7. Question for married members

    Your problem solved
  8. Mack Warranty

    It's good to see your faith in them pay off.Goodluck
  9. Good work,was actually looking forward to this video,just like i will be looking forward to the next before the spray job.Keep it coming.
  10. Question for married members

    Heads you lose,Tails you lose.Good luck
  11. Hello I'm new

    Welcome to the family.
  12. You are finally dressed properly for the job at hand ha haa.Good work looking forward to Monday after the paint job on Sunday. Good luck from another sunny part of this earth.
  13. My trip to the junkyard

  14. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Controversy

    All Latin to me
  15. A call for riots

    A s to ethnicity,color, shape and size, kids are always blind to all of those until we adults bring our prejudices into play.Sent my kids to boarding school in a neighboring country made up of kids from 43 Nationalities across 5 continents and never saw any differences at play during school visits and events.The same blood flows in all of us,color RED.