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  1. macks in nigeria

    Ever wonder what trucking in Africa is like....?

    Even for Africa these trucks were pieces of junk.Watched this a few years ago and wondered how the UN could be scammed like that.
  2. macks in nigeria

    Ford to run DAKAR 2019 with two 4x4 Cargo trucks

    I don't understand why this is still called the Dakar rally
  3. macks in nigeria

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th to all Americans on this site.
  4. macks in nigeria

    Had some spare parts............

    Will make it someday
  5. macks in nigeria


    Some idyllic time coming up for you
  6. macks in nigeria

    72 and 73 Mack VIN

    We love to see pictures of trucks too
  7. macks in nigeria

    Daysworth Ressurrects Diamond Reo Brand

    Looks was like one of the Chinese Ford truck that put up here sometime by Kscarbel2.Soon there will be a White House replica in one of the Chinese provinces then someone will wake up.
  8. macks in nigeria

    Where’s 41chevy?

    He is in mine.Hope not what I am thinking.
  9. macks in nigeria

    Prayers for mike69mackman

    My Family and I's Prayers are with you.Sometimes you just can't believe certain behaviors from the animal called Man.
  10. macks in nigeria

    Pictures of the Week

    As usual everyday view of America
  11. macks in nigeria

    VIN nunber

    Check passenger side on the frame frame inside the front tire well.
  12. macks in nigeria

    Happy Birthday Vlad

    i hope the Ram was grass fed.here the taste of the ram depends on the pasture it was fed on.As for pork a lunatic was asked what was the tastiest meat and he said he did not want to get into arguments with different people over what meat was the best but all he was sure of was that pork would be the second best no contest
  13. macks in nigeria

    B61 Oil And Fuel Filter

    The owner dosen't deserve the truck.
  14. macks in nigeria

    Happy Birthday Vlad

    Happy birthday Vlad.Hope the weather will stay warm for the World cup.Who knows Russia might be possible in June for me.Remember to share pictures of the Barbecue.
  15. macks in nigeria

    power divider dash switch

    Do not forget to ask for a BMT member discount

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